To the moon (Muke Clemmings) completed

What if you had the chance.
The chance to do something worth saving someone you love or yourself?
What would you do?
When band mate Michael Clifford decides to stand up to his abusive dad. Things take a turn for the worst. When he is placed in a coma.
Whilst in the coma Confessions are made between close band mate Luke Hemmings. Although Michael can hear and see everything.


2. barely alive

Michaels POV

Sirens, the high pitched noise of sirens return to my ears. I'm able to see everything. Including myself?

I look down my lifeless body plugged into several different machines. Nurses screaming at each other.

'He's not gonna make it!' One nurse screams out.

'He's not going to die, not today.' Another pushed forward giving my body a shock with compressors they give when someone is dead.

Dead!? Wait I can't be dead? I'm right here? I continue to watch as they shock my body back to life.

'He's got a heart beat!' They continue to work on my damaged body.

'Good boy Michael, keep fighting.' A nurse takes my hand and looks at my bullet wounded head and black eye.

'God damn it Michael! You helped me through my rough times, I'm gonna get you through yours! I can't do this on my own, keep fighting!' Another screams. Obviously a fan.

I wish it didn't have to end like this. I wish I had a chance to say goodbye. To the boys, to mum, to the fam, and all my friends. I don't regret taking the shot for mum, and i never will. She didn't deserve to die.

Mum is such a nice person, she's loving and caring, and has always been there for me and the boys. Even know I was a little shit, she cared for me.

One more chance, just to get up on stage again. Or to do things properly.

I continue to watch several nurses now pulling my body out of the ambulance and into a hospital.

They shout medical terms to one other. As they race me in for surgery.

'He won't make it through surgery!'

'If we don't get the bullet out he'll die without a fighting chance.'

'No, we will end up stuffing it up and instantly causing something to rupture in his brain! He will never be the same!'

'At least he won't be dead Irene!' The male Dr snaps.

How am I hearing this? How am I seeing myself being carried into surgery? I'm so confused!!!

I watch as another ambulance pulls up. Mum?

'Where's Michael?' Her panicked voice and tears break my heart.

'His in surgery mam.' The nurse says.

'He is going to be ok?!?!' Mum becomes pail and frightened.

'I don't know mam, I don't know.' The nurse looks down at mum and sighs sympathetically.

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