Halo: The Unchained

Going to summer camp is just about the worst decision Ryan Winters has ever made. Spending three months with a bunch of idiots who think "tru dat" is correct grammar is certainly not his idea of a good time. But, according to his adoptive mother, he isn't good enough at pretending to not be a mutant. So, off to summer camp, trying to spend more time with the human persons so he can learn how to be a human person. There is only one problem:
Ryan isn't who he says he is.
In a desperate attempt to keep his past hidden, Ryan tries to navigate life at the campsite while drawing as little attention as possible. But, when an unlikely person discovers the truth, Ryan is forced to choose between the fate of the world and the life he has always wanted to live. Now, Ryan has never thought of himself as the type to help people.
Little did Ryan know, all it would take was an interdimensional messenger, his ex-best-friend, and a giant robot from hell to prove him very, very wrong.


13. Not Your Average Demon Spawn

Not Your Average Demon Spawn

Nothing surprised him more than when he looked into the eyes of Natasha when the police arrived.  It would have been nice for them to let him know that Jared was the son of the woman who took him down to the literal underworld.  She looked a little different on Earth than she had before, actually.  More… human…  But there was still something black in her eyes.

Something evil.

Not that it mattered much to Tyrin, since he was pretty much the son of the devil.  According to Lucifer, that is.  But he could trust Lucifer—probably—no, definitely.  Lucifer hadn’t given Tyrin any reason to not trust him. Other than being the literal devil—but that was irrelevant.  So, he planted the locket like he was told to.  It hadn’t taken long for Gigi to find it.  But he wasn’t prepared for the publicity of it all. 

That probably would have been nice to know.

His eyes tore over to Ryan, almost against his will. He couldn’t help peaking at nervous little liar-liar pants on fire over there.  He could literally see Ryan sweating bullets.  Honestly, it amused him.  Lying bastard was getting exactly what he deserved for hurting those kind people.  But what if he had no choice? What if there’s more to the story—something they aren’t telling me?  No, Natasha seemed like such a nice person—you know, besides the whole servant of the literal devil thing.

He looked at the FBI agent quietly through his hair, struggling to get a good look as black chunks of bangs attacked his eyes, not saying a word to anyone as he just sat there and watched the scene unfold.  That was what he was there for, after all. His part was done. Hopefully.

Natasha stepped forward to give her little speech.  “As many of you know, I lost my little boy ten years ago.  All I want is to find him…”  And kill him. Seriously, that was fucked up. Why was I helping them? They want to kill people, am I insane?! No, no, that wasn’t true. The memory of Jaq—Ryan—planning on releasing that thing on the universe. He forgot. It was for the good of the universe. But he remembered now.  “I remember when he was just a little boy…”  This is such bull shit. You just want him for yourself.

            Ok, maybe it was time to tune her out. Listening to her speak was kind of giving him a head ache.

He shot a little glance over to Ryan—Mr. Runaway himself—who sure as hell did not look like he was buying it.  Well, there’s a red flag. Wouldn’t Jared know his own mother better than anyone? If he’s not convinced, then…

But it wasn’t like Tyrin could read their minds. He was just going to have to act on instinct.  There was no reason to not trust Natasha or Lucifer, so really, what was the harm?  According to them, he was doing the right thing, and if he was destined to spend the rest of eternity in the Realm of Insanity or whatever with his father, then he might as well be actively working to make his stay as pleasant as possible. 

As they were ushered into the cafeteria, he bumped into someone accidentally.  He looked down, recognizing the brunette as one of the soccer girls.  Bell.  “Oh, sorry…” His own voice sounded foreign to him since it had been so long since he had spoken to anyone at school.

“Oh, it’s no big—” She looked up at him and gasped dramatically, her eyes widening in and almost… adorable way?  “Woah, you talk?!  I’ve never heard your voice before!  It’s so pretty!”

He blinked at her underneath his curtain of bangs.  Pretty?  That was one he certainly hadn’t heard before.  He wasn’t totally sure how to process that. Flattery won’t make me keep talking to you, he wanted to say. Instead he settled on not being a jerk. “Um…  Thanks…?”  Smooth.

She giggled, not phased at all.  Bell took a step to the side and indicated Tyrin to follow, encouraging a longer and slightly less public talk.  That was weird.  Most of the school thought he was a vampire or something- not that they were that far off.  A vampire is probably a type of demon, anyway.  It was only a matter of time before he really did sprout fangs and started begging for blood.  Now that would be a sight to see.  “You’re Tyrin, right?”

He raised an eyebrow in surprise.  “You know my name?”  That was almost more surprising than her lack of fear, and want of a private conversation.  He was 95% sure his cabin mates didn’t even know his name.  They just referred to him as “The Goth Kid.”  Walk over to her. She’s actually being nice! His feet didn’t move. She walked over to him again.

Bell flicked her hair over her shoulder and rolled her eyes.  “Of course I do, silly!  I know the names of everyone here!”  She grinned and turned around, pointing a finger at various classmates.  “That’s Gigi, and over there is Josh, and that’s my friend Stephanie, and over there is—”

He stopped her, gently pushing her finger down. She was just showing off at that point.  “Okay, okay, I believe you.  You don’t have to prove anything to me.”  He was almost… Intimidated by her intense aura of happiness.  How could one person hold that much happiness?  He didn’t get it.

She spun back around to face him, her wavy pigtails bouncing.  “Alright, fine, Mr. Pouty-Pants.”  She put her hands on her hips.  “Why are you always frowning?  I don’t think I’ve ever seen you smile.  Not even once!”

“Well, why are you always smiling?  I don’t think I’ve ever seen you upset over anything,” He challenged. What did it matter to her, anyway? Why was he even still talking to her? Then again, there is… something about her…

“That’s because there’s too much to be happy about!  Why would I sit around feeling sorry for myself when there’s so much more the world can offer?”  She put on a large grin, spreading out her arms as if she was putting the whole world on display.  “Being negative all the time is boring anyway.”

He smirked.  “You saying I’m boring?”

She rolled her eyes, her arms dropping to her side in a huff.  “No, dummy, I didn’t say you’re boring, I said being negative is boring.  I’m sure you’re not negative all the time.  There has to be something that makes you happy!”

He pretended to think for a moment, tapping his chin a little as he turned his attention to the ceiling. After the comedic affect had probably passed, he shook his head.  “Hmm… Nope.  Nothing.” Hey, what do you know? He could make a joke.

Bell, however, looked much less pleased with his answer.  “You’re just being a little sour puss. Happiness is an emotion everyone has.  You’re just refusing to tap into it.”

He crossed his arms.  “Maybe I like it better that way!”  What did she know about him, anyway? They have never spoken before! Then again, she is making an effort. Most people don’t do that. Not for me. But she was clearly just playing around with him, like they all do. All the popular people are all the same. They all just use people. Yet… she doesn’t seem like that. Call me crazy, but… She felt familiar.

Yeah, that was definitely crazy.

“I bet I could make you laugh!”  She rocked a little on her feet in a surprisingly cute manner as she said that.

Tyrin scoffed, shaking his head.  OK, now she was just being ridiculous. “I bet you can’t.”

“Challenge accepted!”  She grinned and started tickling him, somehow getting him right in his only ticklish spot.  It was almost like she knew exactly where she needed to target. He recoiled and tried to hold in his laughter, telling her playfully to stop as they wrestled over the tickling.  And it felt like… home?

Bell’s hands slid down his back as she continued to tickle him, brushing against where his wings tucked underneath the skin.

No, it felt like a fraud.

Tyrin moved faster than light as he whipped around, grabbed her hands and yanked them off.  “I said stop!”  His voice came out more sharp and angry than he had wanted, and he couldn’t help but feel guilty as he looked into her big, round puppy-dog eyes. They stared at each other in awkward silence for a few moments. I should say something—apologize. She would understand. I didn’t mean to snap at her. But she could have felt something. She could have exposed him. No, there is no way to know that.

Better to be safe and not take the chance.

“Tyrin Wilson! We need you for questioning!” One of the camp councilor’s voices cut through the crowd, drawing his attention away from Bell’s hypnotic eyes. He felt Bell pull her hands away and step back, murmuring a small apology and a string of other mumbles Tyrin couldn’t recognize as words. He turned, opening his mouth to apologize—against his better judgement—but she was already being pulled away by one of her team mates.

“What were you doing with that weird goth kid?  Aren’t you scared his vampirism is contagious?”  The teammate asked in disgust.  Wonder how she would feel about knowing he was the son of the actual, real life devil.

“I think he’s kind of… interesting…”  Bell’s response came as a little whisper, but he was still barely able to catch it as he watched her walk away. Interesting. He was… interesting? Maybe she isn’t so bad. No, she was distracting. And distracting was definitely bad. He had a job to do. But a little distraction every once in a while isn’t the end of the world.

Although, the whole ‘literal demon’ thing would be kind of a deal breaker.

Finally allowing himself to move, he turned and started to walk out of the cafeteria. He followed the councilor to the tent marked interrogations. The tent was small, but it took up a large majority of the center of the camp, which was where they had been having the campfires. It was unimpressive, if he was being honest. 

Out of the corner of his eyes, he spotted movement. He turned in curiosity, watching Ryan and Gigi take off into the woods. He knew that path. It was the path to the lake just outside of the camp grounds. What could they possibly be doing out there?

On second thought, he didn’t want to know.

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