Emma Rose Berry is the drum line Leader or should I say Drum major. she is the first girl at Australian High school. She was the boss. she bossed all the guys around. no matter what. she was the LEADER. what happens when Ashton Irwin comes and try's to take her place?! Will she Handel it? will she let him take her spot? or will she fall hard for him?!


7. 7.0



"ASHTON YOU CAN DO SO MUCH BETTER SHE'S A SLUT!!" i heard Devin say behind me 


"it doesn't matter" which it really didn't.. I liked her! i don't care if she's a slut.. Im gonna be the person who changes her! it will be the last thing i do. if i have to. I have feelings for her..that i haven't felt in a long time..


I love her. 



now that the whole school calls me a slut.. i get bullied by girls who ARE  SLUTS!! i hated it.. i wasn't happy here.. I only had one best friend.. His name was Michael Clifford.. he was there for me thru everything! I love Michael.. but our friendship was VERY UNIQUE.. We always hug,hold hands.. Michael is the only reason i smile.. he is MY OTHER HALF.


I saw michael at his locker and ran up to him "MIKEEEE"  he jumpedand pulled me into a hug "hey loser!! WHY ARE YOU YELLING IT'S 9:45 IN THE MORNING?" Michael jokes.. 


"I AM A MORNING PERSON!!!" i laugh and look at the picture in his locker.. it was of his mum and I.. We are all Michael has..


"SOO wanna sleep over at my house?" he asked me taking out his english book. "is your mum okay with it babe?" i ask.


"Mum's outta town babygirl and I'm having one of my band mates over? I nod.. "sure then." he smiles widely and closes his locker "see you later" He smiles pecking my cheek.. 




I was watching the Simpsons while eatting popcorn with my head on Michael's shoulder..


There was a knock at the door.. "I'll get it" michael says getting up.. I couldn't see who was at the door 


"Hey mate!!" i hear michael say.. "HEY!! SLEEPOVER!!" i hear a guy say.. i see the door open and see Michael walk in and Ashton followed him "Emma!! meet Ashton!" my jaw dropped


Ashton is Michael's band mate?!!!



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