Emma Rose Berry is the drum line Leader or should I say Drum major. she is the first girl at Australian High school. She was the boss. she bossed all the guys around. no matter what. she was the LEADER. what happens when Ashton Irwin comes and try's to take her place?! Will she Handel it? will she let him take her spot? or will she fall hard for him?!


5. 5.0


it was monday morning.. i hated school!! but i guess bossing those idiots around in Band was my favorite part of the day.. I walked into the percussion room and rolled over a 36 inch timpini.. (if you dont know what that is.. Its a classical music drum they use it all the time in movies in stuff to make it dermatic) 


I pulled out my timpini mallets and started to play a beat and the guys looked at me "what the fuck is that?" carlos asks.. "well.. since we have a all state drummer here with us.. i wanna see if he can keep up with me" I smirk and see Ashton walk into the room



*** so how do you guys like it so far?? if you read this comment your fave character soo farrrrr xx****

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