Emma Rose Berry is the drum line Leader or should I say Drum major. she is the first girl at Australian High school. She was the boss. she bossed all the guys around. no matter what. she was the LEADER. what happens when Ashton Irwin comes and try's to take her place?! Will she Handel it? will she let him take her spot? or will she fall hard for him?!


11. 11.0



"GUYS PIZZA AND BURGERS DOWNSTAIRS" Michael says. I pull away from Ashton.. "fuck that was close!" Ashton says.. i nod my head and kiss ashton's cheek and walk downstairs to see Michael with a mouthful of pizza. i sit down in front of him and see Ashton sit next to me. i bite my lip ad watch them eat "Babe? your not gonna eat?" i nod my head and look away from michael.. 




Emma wasn't eating.. why? she is already skinny.. why was she doing this to herself? I look at ashton.. his face said it all.. what was he hiding from me? what were they hidding from me? I had to find out.. "Babe your not gonna eat?" i say softly.. Emma nods her head.. i try to give her a slice o pizza but she wouldn't take it.. I gave up.




We finished eating..well michael and I finished eating.. Michael wanted to play his xbox so I guess I'm playing with him.. we went to the living room and i sat on the love seat while Emma Rose and Michael sat on the much longer couch.. i grabbed the camo remote and michael started up the xbox.. i saw Emma Rose put her legs on michael's lay while she layed her head on the pillow on the couch.. "I love you baby girl" Michael says kissing her cheek.. "I love you Mike." she says smiling before she started to fall asleep..






well it's another day for me.. I get my drumsticks out of my bag and walked into the room.. I look up and see Jerrick and Devin.. "so babe" Jerrick starts to say. "what do you want?" i moaned.. "Your spot in drumline" Devin smirks.. i cross my arms. "I don't think that's possible guys" I saw about to say something else until Jerrick and Devin started to walk to me and started to punch me.. I tried to fight back.. but i couldn't thats all i remember..

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