Emma Rose Berry is the drum line Leader or should I say Drum major. she is the first girl at Australian High school. She was the boss. she bossed all the guys around. no matter what. she was the LEADER. what happens when Ashton Irwin comes and try's to take her place?! Will she Handel it? will she let him take her spot? or will she fall hard for him?!


10. 10.0


i looked at the blade in my left hand.. shit where am i gonna hide it? i bit my lip and looked in my bag and quickly put it in the little pocket i had it in. I though i was safe.. thank god.. 


"Was that a blade I saw?" ashton spoke up.. I look at him clueless "No no blade" I was  A bad lair.. "That was a blade Emma Rose.. I'm not stupid!!!" Ashton says raising his voice.. a tear slipped down my face.. i felt ashton's around wrap around me..i felt save for once..



she's a cutter.. thats something I would never have though she would do!! I still love her either way.. I need to show her.. but how? "Babe.. it's gonna be okay. I'm here for you." i felt her nod her head.. "are you sure ash?" i kissed her neck softly "I'm 100% sure baby" "I'm not gonna leave you. NEVER" i was about to kiss her lips until Michael walked in "GUYS PIZZA AND BURGERS DOWNSTAIRS" FUCK that was close

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