The Dreamers Club

Six teens--six different dreams.

Arabella, Walt, Anderson, Marin, Sadie and Blake were six teens from different worlds. They all may have been exceedingly different but they did have one thing in common; they fall asleep nearly every day during class.

With teachers and guidance counselors, sleeping was something they didn't take lightly. So together they've stuck these kids into a room where they were able to share why they sleep in class.

To the teachers, this was a great experiment as to see if they could help these students say awake. But to the teens, this was something much more.


2. Walt


Walt's Pov

A person was sitting at the same table as me voluntarily, this didn't happen too much. I think she felt me basically staring at her because she looked up at me and said.

"Is there something you wanted to tell me other than your name?"

I knew she wasn't trying to be rude when she said that, I think she was just curious to why i was staring at her.

"N-no." I stuttered, mentally slapping myself. I'm might be a loner but I don't have a speech impediment. "It's just rare that someone chooses to sit with me."

She raises an eyebrow at me and asked "why is it rare? You seem like a nice guy."

"Well I tend to stick to myself most of the time."

"Oh okay." She said before taking a bite of her chicken.

"Is that good?" I asked

"The chicken?"

I nod

She smiled and swallowed what she had been chewing before she said

"Yeah it's really good."

I smiled softly at her before I started to eat my sandwich again. I looked over at her and I noticed she looked tired. She had semi-noticeable bags under her eyes. At least I'm not the only one that doesn't get any sleep here. About ten minutes later Marin says that she had to head to her next class since it was on the other side of the school and she didn't want to be late. I said goodbye and she smiled at me before she said it back. After she left I got up to to go throw my trash out. When I turned around to go in the direction of the exit I was going to go to. I slammed into someone, which ended up getting in their lunch getting all over me.

I just had to wear a new white shirt on BBQ chicken day didn't I?

"Oh god man, I'm sorry." A guy said sounding geniuly sorry. I looked up at the guy and saw the guy that had slammed into me was Blake Ashford. He was in my math class.

"I-it's fine." I said as I  brushed  some bits of chicken off my shirt.

"I ruined your shirt didn't I?" He said as he looked at it.

"Well... kind of , but I can just soak it when I get home. It's no big deal." I replied

"I have a clean shirt in my locker that you can borrow."

"No, it's okay I'll just put my jacket on."

"I think I owe it too you since I ruined a perfectly good white shirt, follow me." He said as he started to walk towards another exit. "My locker isn't that far." He added

I just followed him, I didn't really want to walk around in a dirty shirt for the rest of the day. He wasn't lying when he said that his locker wasn't that far from the cafeteria. It was only a couple doors down from the exit we went out of. When we got to his locker he quickly put in his lock combonation and opened it. His locker was pretty bare, he had a couple little posters taped to the door. The all were video game posters, there was one that made me smile. A super smash bros poster. I used to love that game when I was little.

Blake pulled out a somewhat wrinkled black Mario Brothers shirt. He turned to face me and said

"Sorry it's sort of wrinkled, but it's all I've got at the moment." He said sheepishly when he handed it too me.

I smiled at him a little bit before I said "thank you, I'll get this back to you as soon as I can."

"Keep it as long as you want, I've got tons of t-shirts." He said as he smiled back at me.

"Thanks again." I said

He closed and locked his locker before he said "see you around Walter." And with that he walked away.

The fact that he knew my name made me blush.

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