The Dreamers Club

Six teens--six different dreams.

Arabella, Walt, Anderson, Marin, Sadie and Blake were six teens from different worlds. They all may have been exceedingly different but they did have one thing in common; they fall asleep nearly every day during class.

With teachers and guidance counselors, sleeping was something they didn't take lightly. So together they've stuck these kids into a room where they were able to share why they sleep in class.

To the teachers, this was a great experiment as to see if they could help these students say awake. But to the teens, this was something much more.


1. Marin

~~Marins pov

I was up late again last night,That was the third night this week I was up past eleven-thirty. I could barely keep my eyes open on the bus.

Now I'm on my way to first period and I've almost bumped into about five people. Two of those people were a couple making out in the hallway. It was seven fifteen in the morning and there was a couple making out. When I passed them I had rolled my eyes. It wasn't like they could of seen me do it, they were too busy sucking each other's faces.

When I finally got to my first class I opened the door and went to my seat. In French our desks were in pairs, and every quarter of the school year our seats and seat partner would be changed. I went and sat down in my assigned seat, two rows from the front and three from the window. My partner for the current quarter was Alana Caldwell. She had long straight brown hair that almost went down to her waist, It looked to be a couple inches shorter than that. She also had pale skin brownish-green eyes. Alana was a very nice girl who actually did her share of work when we worked together.

A minute or two after I sat down Alana walked into the classroom. She smiled at me before sitting down. I smiled back as I got my notebook and binder out of my backpack. When I looked back up I saw that Madame LaFleur was typing away on her laptop in the front of the class, she was probably sending some last minute emails before the second bell rang. A couple minutes later the second bell rang and Madame got up from her class.

"Bonjour Class." She said smiling.

"Bonjour Madame." The class replied.

Madame was a pretty woman. She had medium length wavy black hair and brown eyes, plus she was tall. Unlike me, I was short for my age. I bet a couple of guys in the class found Madame attractive.

"Today we will be going over passé compose" Madame said as she walked over to the chalkboard. She started to write something down but I couldn't really pay attention.

I felt my eyelids start to get heavy again so I rest my head in my hand. I try to pay attention but it's just not working out. I decided to close my eyes for just a minute. The next thing I knew I was being shaken awake, my eyes flutter open and I saw Alana shaking me gently. She stopped and I looked to the front of the room to see Madame looking at me.

"Is my teaching boring you mademoiselle Grey?" She asked

"No Madame, I just didn't get that much sleep last night." I said

"This is the third time this week you've fell asleep in my class."

"I know, it won't happen again." I said quickly.

She nodded before she went back to teaching. I managed to stay awake for the rest of class but it was a bit of a struggle.

The walk to my next class was pretty uneventful until I got to the hallway that my study hall was in. That's when I saw Arabella Chambers and her friends standing in front of Arabella's locker. She was one of the popular girls in the school, but unlike the other girls she was actually pretty nice. At least she was nice to me. We talked once in the bathroom while we were washing our hands, she said that she liked the top I was wearing and I said that I liked the bracelet that she was wearing. That was pretty much it.

I couldn't hear what arabella and her friends were talking about until I got closer to where they were standing. I tried to make it look like I wasn't listening.

"So what did you and Carson do this weekend?" One of her friends asked

"Uhh... Not much." Arabella said

"No Details? Come on Bella! Spill." Another one of her friends said

Arabella shut her locker a bit loudly and turned to her friends.

"It's none of your business Carrie." she said. She looked kind of angry. I quickly made my way to class before I could witness anything else. I got a pass to go work on my stuff in the library, it's way quieter in there than in my study hall. There's too many people in the class that use their study hall to all instead of doing work.

When I get to the library I find an empty table in the corner that is somewhat hidden.I got out the homework packet we got in french and some other things before I started to work. I had trouble staying awake but I managed to get the packet done. The handwriting may have been a bit messier than my usually handwriting, but I don't think Madame would mind if it's messy. At least I got it done.

After I worked on my math for a little while I had to stop because I could barely keep my eyes open. I looked around me to see if anyone was near. No one was, so I decided to lay my head down on the table and take a quick nap until lunch. The next thing I knew the bell was ringing. I packed up my stuff before heading to lunch. I went straight to the lunch line in the big cafeteria, they were serving barbecue chicken today. The week's most popular lunch. The line was always longer than normal on the days they served it. I was glad to see that when I got to the line that it was pretty short, thank god that I have first lunch today. I get the chicken and some other things before going to find a table. The only one that didn't have too many people was one by the window. Only one guy was sitting there I decided to join him. I walk over to the table and ask

"Can I sit here?"

"Sure." The guy says looking up from his book.

I smiled at him before sitting down.

"I'm Marin by the way." I said

"The names Walter, but I like to be called Walt." He said smiling softly at me.

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