A Modern Fairytale

Girl goes off to college, meets boy, falls in love. Such a cliché. Yet studies say that is how most couples first find each other. Somehow, having your fairytale relationship, that you've spent all of your childhood dreaming of, be considered such a boring stereotype is just so saddening. People don't understand the beauty of living it. No study can take away the feeling of your heart beating a million times a second, just because you're lying next to the man of your dreams. The one man who could make you feel needed, wanted. The one person who wants to keep you in their life just as desperately as you need them. No one can explain how much it hurts to feel your heart break. When your entire world is shattering around you, and the only person who could make it better is the same person who broke your heart into a million pieces. When finally, having everything you ever wanted means giving up everything you've ever had, you really have to wonder if there was ever a right choice to make.


1. Presenting The Past

I can't believe it's been over a year since it all started. So much has changed.. So much has happened since last - what was it? - June. Yes, it was last June. Coming to the end of the month, when I was about to leave for college.

~June Of Last Year~

Ugh! I can't believe that stupid jerk is still putting me off! It's bad enough that I'm supposed to be moving a whole state away, on a permanent basis, but him being here.. I'm going to miss him so much, and I'll be all alone.

Jason doesn't have time for me anymore. It's always work, work, work! I haven't had a single date with my own boyfriend for over a month now. Not that I've had many in the few months I've known him. It's almost all just talking on Facebook, which I hate so freaking much. The sad part is even on facebook, he still isn't talking to me much. I try to strike up a conversation, and hours go by before I get a response. Yet, when it takes me a while to respond to him, he gets upset.

Yesterday night I got into a disagreement with him over something stupid. I was joking about how he seems to cuss a lot lately. He went exploded at me and started saying all kinds of nasty things. I tried to apologize, but he made a big deal out of it and stayed angry, said goodnight and refused to keep talking. So, I apologized for being "ridiculous", and deleted my account.

I mean, the only reason I made an account on there in the first place was so I could talk to him. Yet, he used it as an excuse for not talking on the phone with me so much. He said it was easier for him and he'd rather just message me. Social media is so over rated. Factors such as tone of voice are ruled out and it's so easy for things to be taken the wrong way.

Besides, he could always call me in his free time if he wanted to talk.

*brrrrng, brrrrng*

My step-dad picks up the phone, and I hear him ask who it is. I'm then handed the phone. I'm sure you can guess who it was; Jason.

After a short conversation I hang up, feeling much happier than I was before. He apologized for last night and was worried that I deleted my account because of him. I lied and told him it wasn't, I was just aggravated by family members I didn't like, that I just didn't feel like having an account anymore. He accepted the answer and finally arranged a date with me at his house on Saturday.

It's funny how you can go from being miserable and hating someone, to being over-the-moon happy. I guess that's just how life can be.

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