A Modern Fairytale

Girl goes off to college, meets boy, falls in love. Such a cliché. Yet studies say that is how most couples first find each other. Somehow, having your fairytale relationship, that you've spent all of your childhood dreaming of, be considered such a boring stereotype is just so saddening. People don't understand the beauty of living it. No study can take away the feeling of your heart beating a million times a second, just because you're lying next to the man of your dreams. The one man who could make you feel needed, wanted. The one person who wants to keep you in their life just as desperately as you need them. No one can explain how much it hurts to feel your heart break. When your entire world is shattering around you, and the only person who could make it better is the same person who broke your heart into a million pieces. When finally, having everything you ever wanted means giving up everything you've ever had, you really have to wonder if there was ever a right choice to make.


4. Ice-Cream Social

Sullivan was turning out to be pretty interesting. In fact, every day this week there has been a ton of fun stuff to do. Tonight, there was an ice cream social. I mean, who doesn't like free ice-cream?! Plus, I might be able to polo give to Joe for the millionth time, and convince him to be friends with me. I mean, at least, it would give us both someone we already know, who goes to Sullivan.

Since I'd already met my roommate, Bethany, I decided to go with her to the social. We both got our ice-cream and went to sit next to Joe, and someone who turned out to be his roommate. We all conversed about random things for about an hour or so, before deciding to go back to our rooms. On the way out, I stopped Joe to ask for a private chat.

I told him about breaking up with Jason. Then, I explained that I'm sorry for how things went with us, that I really am sorry and that I hope he will forgive me. I knew it was a long shot, and his just nodding and walking away wasn't helping either.

So, I just went back to my room, and continued unpacking my things. My mood was a bit down after our talk and it was just continuing to drag me down as I unpacked. I felt exhausted, so, I decided to go to bed. However, my roommate decides to then tell me she'd just gotten a text from, guess who? It was Joe saying he'd enjoy hanging out with either of us again. I still wasn't sure if it meant he'd forgiven me, but it's a start.

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