A Modern Fairytale

Girl goes off to college, meets boy, falls in love. Such a cliché. Yet studies say that is how most couples first find each other. Somehow, having your fairytale relationship, that you've spent all of your childhood dreaming of, be considered such a boring stereotype is just so saddening. People don't understand the beauty of living it. No study can take away the feeling of your heart beating a million times a second, just because you're lying next to the man of your dreams. The one man who could make you feel needed, wanted. The one person who wants to keep you in their life just as desperately as you need them. No one can explain how much it hurts to feel your heart break. When your entire world is shattering around you, and the only person who could make it better is the same person who broke your heart into a million pieces. When finally, having everything you ever wanted means giving up everything you've ever had, you really have to wonder if there was ever a right choice to make.


3. College Life

Everything is finally packed up and loaded into my parents' car. We reached about halfway to the school when a red car honks at us. Then, Joe and his girlfriend drive past us, both waving. I wave back and smile as they pass us. I guess things might be looking up after all. Of course, I feel a little bit sad that I'll be on my own from here on out, since my parents are a several hours drive away.

Still, I can make new friends, work towards a better future, and I will have enough room to start to become my own, independent person.

I'm living in housing and once all of the scary paper work is filled out, I get the joy of lugging all of my stuff up to the top floor of the building. Luckily, it's only a one time trip. The building has four floors, but the second floor is the ground floor, the third floor is the basement, and the fourth floor is actually between the ground floor and basement, and is exclusively for meeting rooms and suchlike.

I finally got to my dorm room and found that my roommate wasn't there yet, which means I got to choose which side I wanted. I open the curtains to see what sort of view my room offers. Below me there is a huge patio with a pool. A giant pond after that, and then a small forest of trees. I smile, feeling lucky to have such a great view.

I don't have many things and since I want to grab some lunch with my parents before they go, I just pile everything on my desk, bed and closet area, I could sort it out later. Since I was wearing a pair of leather ants, a lace tank top, leather boots, and a leather jacket on the way down here, I'm covered in sweat. It was much cooler in Ohio this morning, but here in Kentucky the sun makes you want to pass out. So, I decide to ditch my jacket and put on a short black skirt. Luckily, the skirt, tank top and boots go fairly well together.

Since it's move-in day, the dining hall is open to all parents and students for a free buffet meal. There are several stations to choose from. There is a deli with sandwiches, a grill station for burgers, fries, a buffet with meat, veggies, a potatoes, a salad station with soups on the side, and even a dessert area.

My parents and I decide to sit at a small table by ourselves. We enjoy our food and drinks with some light conversation. Of course, the first thing my parents do is joke about how all the students here are bound to gain a lot of weight with all the food they offer and the fact that our meal plan allows us to eat as much as we want three times a day.

Sadly, after food, it's time for goodbyes. My parents have a long trip back home and our family friend can only watch over the dog for so long. I can't help but tear up when i see my mom and step-dad crying. However, I know they need to go, so I dry my eyes and tell them I'll be okay. My mom reminds me that I can call any time and my step-dad reminds me to make sure I apply to get a job as soon as possible. I wave them off and then head back inside to do some unpacking.

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