Michael clifford imagines;-)

This is a Michael Clifford imagine book

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7. your pregnant


You woke up with Michael lightly snoring beside you and you couldn’t help but smile. Today was Father’s Day and it was the perfect time to tell him that you're pregnant.

The other day you found these mugs that said “Proud Father” and “Proud Mother” you slipped yourself out of bed and went down to the kitchen and started up the morning coffee.

As you started to pour the coffee in the mugs, two strong arms wrapped around your waist.

"Morning babe," Michael whispered in my ear and kissed your neck.

"Morning," you smiled and turned your head so you could kiss him on the lips.

"I have your coffee oh and Happy Fathers Day." you handed him the mug and he looked at you weirdly and looked at the mug and his eyebrows furrowed together and then he looked at your stomach and back into you eyes.

"You mean…" Michael started.

"Yes. I’m pregnant." His features softened and he placed his coffee back on the counter and hugged you and buried his face in your neck

"I love you so much." He said.

"I love you, too."you said to Michael kissing him passionately


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