Michael clifford imagines;-)

This is a Michael Clifford imagine book

I'll update sooner or later just when I have time I have to suffer thru school


This is fúcking shit school why sorry for the language

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16. you guys getting a kitten

You guys had already had a kitten she was black^^^

Michael wanted to get a nother cat so he could dye it's hair he wanted to get a white one.

You and michael went to the pet store and he got all exited when he found this white one with green eyes and said that 'we had to get it'

So we did just that we got the kitten^^^^

Michael also got some green food coloring he was also very surprised that you would go thru with it but it mad him happy so you want thru with it.

We dyed the hair of the cat and michael named it clifford

since you named the other one Stella



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That would so happen I jut wish life was a fanfic.

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