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8. you give birth


You were currently sitting in the tub, sipping on some water and were watching an episode of Law and Order. Michael was currently in LA, supposed to be home next week sometime and you were on your last leg of your pregnancy. He hated to be so far away, and he wanted you to come with, but you didn’t want to risk anything. You were due next week as well, which excited Michael because he wanted to be home before the baby was due. You got to the last episode of the series, running more hot water when you felt a rather large pain in your lower abdomen. You jolted forwards, letting out a low groan as your mom was downstairs. You had been in the tub for an hour or so now, re-running the water when needed. The pains started to increase and you knew you needed to go to the hospital. You got out of the tub, putting on some comfy clothes and grabbing your phone. You dialed Michael, waddling down the stairs, the pain intensifying. “

Hi babe! I did so—” Micheal started, but you cut him off

“Yeah that’s nice, but i’m going into labor.” He started choking and you saw your mom, nudging towards the hospital bags as she jumped up. “You’re kidding?” He said

“No, i’m on my way now. I’m sorry.” The call ended and you sighed, holding your mom’s hand as you two went to the car. You started to tear up, not going to have Michael here for the birth of your first child would be such a bummer.

You arrived minutes later, getting into the gown and getting your IV in, now letting the contractions take over. You rolled around in bed, grabbing the bed posts because of the pain. You started to cry, your phone ringing.

“Hello?” You answered, tears falling down your face as your breathing picked up.

“God I wish I was there. Listen to my voice, breathe in and out, in and out. Think about how beautiful she will be when she comes out. Don’t focus on the pain.” You cried harder, moving again.

“I need you so bad.” you cried out, the pain was to much.

“I know baby, i’m on the flight now. I’ll be there soon.” He said then hung up.

You were in another 4 hours of labor, until it was time to push. You held your mom’s hand, her coaxing you through it all. After 30 minutes of pushing, you finally gave birth to your precious baby girl. She looked so much like Michael, from the lips to the facial features. After they cleaned her up, took her footprints and cut her cord, she was placed into your arms.

“She’s beautiful.” You smiled, your mom kissing your forehead as you both admired your beautiful baby. It was later on when Michael arrived, your baby asleep in her bassinet as you sat up, watching tv.

“Oh my god,” You smiled, seeing Michael hovering over her, rubbing her face with his index finger. “I hate I missed it.” He sighed, holding you in his arms as you kissed him.

“You’re here now, that’s all the matters.” you said with a smile. He sighs.

"What's her name?" He asks.

"Elizabeth Clifford"



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