Michael clifford imagines;-)

This is a Michael Clifford imagine book

I'll update sooner or later just when I have time I have to suffer thru school


This is fúcking shit school why sorry for the language

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6. wedding


Wow! Today's the day if my wedding to the love of my life Michael clifford.

Luke,Ash,and Cal are Michael's best "men" as he couldn't just choose one.i find it really cute. My maid of honor is Zariah (my best freind)

And my brides maids are Zoe (ash's girlfreind),My friend Madison and my friend Ariana.

My dress is a floral lace design that goes from my chest up and also my sleeves with a simple flowy part from the waist down.i don't have a train. I wanted my dress to be elegant but simple. The theme is white and lavender so my bridesmaids have white dresses with the lavender sash thingy. Just trust me it's cute. Mikey is wearing a black regular suit with a lavender bow tie.my hair is in a messy cute up-do and I have a little flower crown....that's yep you guessed lavender. My bridesmaids had their hair down and curly.

I'm all ready mikey is waiting at the alter,showtime....

I was ready to walk down but since my father passed away when I was a teenager, Luke is going to give me away because I was always closer with him. 'Here comes the bride' starts playing and me and Luke walk down the aisle. Tears are forming in my eyes already as we get to the alter,Luke kisses my cheek and whispered good luck.

The priest did all the normal stuff, we said our vows and the ring-bearer gave is the rings and we said the two words that would bound us for life 'I do'.

With that the priest announces us man and wife and we shared are first kiss as a married couple.

The kiss was sweet and passionate I could get used to this :-)



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