Michael clifford imagines;-)

This is a Michael Clifford imagine book

I'll update sooner or later just when I have time I have to suffer thru school


This is fúcking shit school why sorry for the language

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2. how you meet

You never know what hair he gonna get next XD I freaking love Micheal XD


You were at your favorite pizza restaurant with (Y/B/N) You were having a good time eating pizza and chatting, when your best friend gasped and leaned in as if she was about to tell you a secret.

"(Y/N) that cute guy over there is totally cheeking you out!" She squealed. You gave her a funny look, before scanning the room, your eyes landing on a table of guys.

One bright red hair boy was looking right at you, and your friend was totally right when she said that he was cute. When he caught your gaze he quickly looked away, his face bright red. You decided to brush it off, and continue eating pizza. When you and your friend were about to leave he approach you guys' table., his hand stuff in his jean pockets,

"Uh...Hey" He began, giving you a cute smile. Your friend quickly slide out of the booth, telling you that she/he will be waiting in the car. You silently curse for at her/him for leaving you alone with such a hot guy. "I was wondering... if eh... I could have your... eh number" He stuttered out making you giggle. You nodded, he sighed in relief and he gave you his phone.

"I'm (Y/N)" He smiled.

"I'm Michael"


Heyy lovelies

Thank you for ready f I hope you like it I love freaking Michael but anyway

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