Michael clifford imagines;-)

This is a Michael Clifford imagine book

I'll update sooner or later just when I have time I have to suffer thru school


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3. first date


After your encounter with Michael you guys keep texting and you sorta develop a crush on him. You found out that he was in a world famous band. He took you to a couple of there concert and stuff and at one of them he asked you out after his show. He always like you and his adrenaline was high so without thinking he asked you out. At first you didn't answer which made him a bit worry and made him stuttered, but you of course accepted it.

So here you are now bored out of your mind watching this crappy ass movie that Michael took you too, he seemed bored too. He leaned up to his ear and whispered.

"Do you want to leave?" You question.

"I'll do whatever you want to" After that you stood up and grabbed Micheal hand leading him out of the theater.

"So the cinema is totally not our thing." Michael runs his hand trough his hair.

''We can go to our place but the boys are home and they will annoy you.''

''My parents are gone, so.. my place?'' Michael nodded and you headed to your place.

After a few minutes, you arrive home.

''Hungry?'' You ask when you walk in to the kitchen.

''A little bit.'' He said obviously lying.

''Lair. Do you like nutella?'' Stupid question I know, who doesn't like nutella?

''I do.'' He said while smiling.

"Good cuz I don't think that we could of been friends if you didn't like nutella" You both laugh and headed towards the kitchen. You make a lot of bread and give him some.

''Cool you have a PlayStation!'' He sits down and turns the TV.

''Yeah but I don't really use it, I'm not really allowed its my brothers.''

''Can we play?''

''Why not?'' you said giving in. You both sit down and play until he really has to go home.

''I wanted to ask you on a second date but you didn't let me win.'' He leans against the wall and you stare at the ground.

''Sorry..'' you mumbled, wow that was low...

''(Y/N), I was joking, I will text you.'' He hugs you and then walks away.


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