Michael clifford imagines;-)

This is a Michael Clifford imagine book

I'll update sooner or later just when I have time I have to suffer thru school


This is fúcking shit school why sorry for the language

Please read and like and comment thank you



10. dancing

Michael asks you to prom

You go to prom with Michael

And dance do all of the couplet stuff

Since y'all don't do it much

When love me like you do by Ellie goulding

Michael dragged you to the dance floor

When the song started he put his hands on you waist and you put your hands around his neck and your hands in his hair and your head on his chest so you can hear his heart beat.

It was very fast because he was nervous.

When the song ended you guys shared your 'I love you's'

And kissed the kiss was sweet and passionate.<3


Hey lovelies

Sorry this is a short imagine

I hope you like it thoo

Please like comment and fan or whatever

Thank you:-)


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