Looting The Ballroom

Ella Veal couldn't imagine life on land, sea was all she knew. But, when the age of pirating ends, and she's forced to live with her cousin, what happens?


1. Chapter 1

If you've never stood at the lookout post at night, with the salted sea air slapping your face, you are most definitely not a pirate, and are missing out on a lot. This is the best part about being a pirate, getting night watch. Most of the crew on board this ship tend to complain about it, but I love it. Nothing ever happens during night watch, I'll admit that much, but there's still some sort of beauty to being alone. You can think, about anything you want, and everyone else is fast asleep down in the quarters so they won't go about bothering you with extra chores to do.

I stood there until I could see the first rays of sun peaking through the low fog we had that night and reflecting on the ocean. This meant I was done with my watch, so I scurried down the post and woke up Garrick who had morning duty for the day. Garrick mumbled a stream of curses and walked out onto the deck. I descended to the lowest level where my bunk was. 

I shared my room with Vera Jones, always had. Vera was like a mom to me, since I never met mine. Dad was always busy too, being the captain and all, so I had Vera, who was fast asleep at the moment. I opened my trunk and looked for the book I had been reading. It was King Lear by Shakespeare. Not many girls could read, but my Dad taught me when I was little. I didn't have much time for it anyways, pirates were very busy, but I liked to do it whenever I got the chance. 

"Ellie, did your father ever tell you where we're headed?" Vera asked from her bed, I felt bad, I had probably woken her.

"Well we were headed towards Royal, but apparently that's been shut down, but there's something a little farther north, I think he called it Nassau, and apparently it's run by some pirates who raided a sunken treasure galleon, so there's bound to be trade there." 

Vera was sort of a housewife on board, which wasn't exactly a respectable job, but a necessary one. The men on board would never think to tell her what was going on. Vera really just cooked and cleaned, she wasn't much good in a fight, but she was the one keeping us all from getting scurvy.

"Wait, what? They closed Royal?!" Vera asked in astonishment.

"Yeah, apparently, the government's been giving them a hard time about trading in pirated goods. So they shut the whole thing down." 

Of course Vera was surprised about Port Royal being closed, most people would be. Royal was the biggest pirating port, they had everything there. We hadn't been there in a while, it was a bit of a treat to go there. We usually went to smaller ports and stayed a few nights on shore then set off again. 

According to my father, Nassau was supposed to be an independent port, and no government interferences. This was better, at least for me. Honestly, all the talk about the government gave me a headache. First it was "no peace behind the Line", then suddenly it was screw that peace to everyone then peace to no one, then pirates go to hell. Plus, pirates were out of the loop, since we couldn't technically make treaties with other countries.

Soon, after talking with Vera about her memories of Port Royal (She had been going there since before I was born) and reading King Lear, I drifted into sleep. I woke up in the afternoon, we never really bothered to keep time, but I assumed I had slept for a few solid hours. I was excited at the idea of a new port. We were supposed to get there in a few days time. 

When I was younger, there were lots of kids my age at the ports. Now there were only a few left. Most of the parents sent their kids to Britain so they could lead proper lives. My dad saw how much I loved the ocean however, and let me stay. He always told me that my mom loved the ocean so much it went right into her eyes, making them sea green and that it happened to me when I was little too. 

Of course I knew this was one of my dad's stories. He tells me them still, even though I just turned 17. I never get sick of them though, I'm really just a big child. Vera refuses to tell me made up stories anymore though. She's set on me growing up a bit. I'm set on staying a kid forever. 

My door flew open, and my dad stood in the doorway. He looked stressed and worried. I walked over to him cautiously. Sometimes when he was angry, it was best just to leave him alone. He gave me a small smile. 

"We're making a short stop here for the night, get changed then come up to the deck." He said.

I knew we were close to land, but I didn't think we were close enough to hit land today. We must have been traveling fast. I quickly got changed. Vera walked in just as I was pulling on my boots. She looked at me strangely, Vera knew better than anyone I was on night duty for the week, and when I didn't have to be out of my cabin, I rarely was. 

"Where are you going Ellie?" Vera asked.

"Dad wants me out on deck." I told her.

I didn't really have time to stay and chat, when my dad wanted me on the deck, shit was going down. I climbed up the stairs, careful not to make them creak. Some of the crew was always sleeping, and they were grouchy if I woke them.  I managed to get to the deck without a gang of angry pirates chasing me, which happened more often then I'd care to admit.

On deck, there was my dad encircled by a group of high class women. I hate their type. All they did was drink tea and talk about their stupid money. They thought just because they were rich they had to spend all their money  on ridiculous outfits and act better than everyone else. Truth be known, I was probably just as rich as them with all the loot we'd brought in this year, but you don't see me prancing around in powdered wigs and suffocating dresses.

My dad looked at me, then quickly beckoned me over. I cautiously walked over. This did not seem good. I walked over to my dad, making sure to keep a safe distance between me and the ladies. From my experience, they were always spraying some weird stuff on them, and it made them smell weird. It usually gave me a headache. 

The women stopped talking immediately once I got there. I'll bet my cutlass they were talking about me. I wasn't exactly dressed in my best attire, just some boots, a loose shirt and some jeans. They looked like they were ready to go to a party, and they definitely noticed judging by the looks they were giving me.

This was going to be bad, I could tell. The ladies looked at my father expectantly, I just looked down at my shoes. I could tell my father wasn't happy about whatever he had to say, but I wished he would just say it, the less time I had to spend with these women the better.

"Ella, I've been thinking, piracy is coming to an end, I mean Royal is closed, there's hardly anywhere to sell loot anymore, it's just not a life anymore. So, I've decided that after we hit Nassau, you're going to your cousin Ainslee in Great Britain to lead a normal life. She's got a lovely house in Whitby." My dad said, refusing to meet my eyes.

I looked at him in shock, the women smirked at me. I wondered what they had to do with all of this. Suddenly the idea dawned upon me that they were the ones who had put this god awful idea in his head in the first place. Don't get me wrong, when I was little, I used to fantasize about life in Britain or France or the colonies, I had stories written about me becoming a princess. But I had grown up a bit, I knew about what happened over there, and I for one, did not want to be apart of that. 

I wanted to protest, but my father didn't want to hear it. He was really set on this. I had to get out of it. I don't think my father realized how hard it would be for me to change. Especially since paleness equals beauty over in England, and I've got that Spanish tan, since my family comes from Spain.

I thought by the next day he'd come to his senses, but I was not that fortunate.

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