Living as the younger twin sister of James Potter was not a good thing at Hogwarts. In fact, she was bullied everyday without knowing that James was her brother. Their characteristics were exactly the same, just that through all the bullying, she became a soft-spoken girl who was shy and hid her face. There was one word to describe her- lost. She had lost her memory. As for James, it was the same for him. Both of them did not know that they were siblings until... ...


1. Prologue


        A breeze blew at Jennifer as she stood in the playground near the Potter manor.  Her older twin brother, James, crept up to her and shouted," Boo!"  Jennifer screamed and smacked James on the arm.  He wailed dramatically and his sister laughed.  They were seven at the moment and were still defenseless.  Nevertheless, their mother allowed them to go to the playground on their own as it was very near their home.  They ran around the playground like birds.  They were so carefree.

        " Jenny, what do you think it would be like if we went to Hogwarts?"  James asked his sister. 

She shrugged and replied," I don't know. The only thing I worry about is what if we don't have each other?" 

James smiled at his sister,  " You will always have me."

        Suddenly, a strong gust of wind swept the two children off their feet.  Jennifer felt a strong pair of arms grab her and lift her into the air.  She could hear James shouting her name repeatedly and saw him rush home to get their mother.  Jennifer bit the pair of arms as hard as possible and she felt herself free of any grasp. 

Within seconds, she spotted her mother running towards her and breathed a sigh of relief.  "Mum!  What's happening?"  Jennifer asked, just before a pair of arms grabbed her again.  She kicked and screamed, making her mother rush to the snatcher who was trying to kidnap her precious daughter.  She shot spells at him and found many other people flying on brooms towards the playground. 

James tried to run towards his sister but was held back by his mother.  Brooms- people flying on them.  By the looks of it, she could figure out that the people were Death Eaters, followers of none other than Lord Voldemort.  No matter how hard she tried, Dorea Potter, the top of all her classes in her time at Hogwarts, could not defeat the Death Eaters and get her daughter back.  In the end, she had no choice but let the Death Eaters take her daughter away.  She could only wish that she would be safe and neither die nor be tortured.

Jennifer flailed her arms wildly for a moment, before plunging into darkness.  The last thing she saw was her mother crying and falling to her knees, clutching her heart.  The voice that called her name repeatedly would never be mistaken as anyone else- it was James.




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