Living as the younger twin sister of James Potter was not a good thing at Hogwarts. In fact, she was bullied everyday without knowing that James was her brother. Their characteristics were exactly the same, just that through all the bullying, she became a soft-spoken girl who was shy and hid her face. There was one word to describe her- lost. She had lost her memory. As for James, it was the same for him. Both of them did not know that they were siblings until... ...


2. Chapter One- Hogwarts!


        "Darling, be quick!"  Jennifer's mother called. 

"Sure, mum!"  Jennifer replied.  She skipped down the stairs cheerfully.  She was going to Hogwarts, a magic school for wizards and witches!  Her older brother, Lucius, and her held on to their mother and they apparated to King's Cross Station. 

        Jennifer was stunned when she saw the gleaming red steam train.  Hogwarts Express!  She was turned around and engulfed into a large hug.  "Mum!"  She exclaimed. 

"I'll miss you, dear.  You too, Lucius."  Jennifer's mother said and embraced Lucius too.  "Stay out of trouble, alright?  One more thing.  Try your best to get into Slytherin.  Your father will be extremely angry if you don't."  Jennifer could not answer to this, while Lucius nodded. 

" I know what you're thinking of, Jennifer.  Just try." Her mother told her. 

"What if I don't?"  She asked, tears starting to form in her eyes.  She already knew the answer.  Her mother hugged her again, causing her to cry more.  "I'll miss you, mum."  Jennifer said. 

"Me too.  Lucius, if your sister does not get into Slytherin, treat her the same, alright?"  When Lucius nodded, she continued," Goodbye children."  With that, she apparated home. 

"Come on, Jennifer."  Lucius said.

After finding a compartment on Hogwarts Express, Jennifer asked her brother," What if I don't get into Slytherin?  Will you still treat me the same?  I have a feeling that I will not be sorted into there... ..."  "Jennifer, I will.  Besides, I'd already promised Mother.  I also have a feeling you will not be sorted into Slytherin too.  I think... ...Gryffindor."  Her brother replied.  "Father?"  Jennifer asked.  Her brother said, " I know.  He'll be very angry."

        Suddenly, the door of the compartment opened and in walked two boys.  Both of them were very fat and they held loads of sweets and chocolates.  However, upon seeing Lucius, the 'ran' back to the doors and asked," Can we sit here?"  Lucius smirked and gestured to the chair opposite his sister and him.  "You are a Malfoy, aren't you?"  The two boys asked.  "No, we're not."  Jennifer said sarcastically.  Lucius slapped her playfully and said, "Yes.  Crabbe and Goyle, isn't it?"  The two boys nodded.

        After a few hours, Jennifer looked out of the window and saw an enormous castle.  "Is that... ..."  She breathed in a gasp of surprise.  "HOGWARTS!!!"  She shouted.  She hugged her brother and he smiled at her.  "Yes."  Jennifer put on her robes and when the train stopped,  she pulled her brother out of their compartment and down the train.  When she looked behind,  Crabbe and Goyle were running extremely slowly.  They were panting a lot and seeing them, both brother and sister both laughed.

        "Firs' years over here!  Firs' years over here!"  A voice called out.  Jennifer turned around and saw a giant of a man waving his arms, trying to get attention.  Due to his large size and loud voice, he obviously got it.  All the first years looked at him and he asked them to follow him.  Soon, they reached a lake with boats in them.  "No more'n four to a boat!"  The man said.  Lucius and Jennifer got in a boat, along with two other boys.  One of them wore glasses and the other one did not.  The first one had messy hair and hazel eyes.  His eyes are just like mine.  Jennifer thought.  He looked extremely familiar to Jennifer but she could not remember who he was.  The boy wearing glasses was also staring at Jennifer, as if he had seen her before.  The two stared at each other for a moment before looking away.  Apparently, Crabbe and Goyle had got on the wrong boat.  They ended up with a pair of twins.  They had mischievous looks on their faces.  The prewett twins.  Jennifer thought.

        "Yeh will se yer firs' sight of Hogwarts in a moment!"  A voice shouted.  "Hold on, Lucius.  I think that's Hagrid, the gamekeeper."  Jennifer told her brother.  His face showed a look of disgust before changing it to awe.  Hogwarts... ...  Jennifer thought.  It was magnificent!  The sky was dark, causing the surroundings of the castle to be dark.  However, the candles around it illuminated it and all the students were gaping at the amazing view of Hogwarts.

        As they neared Hogwarts, Jennifer asked Lucius the same question she had been asking.  Lucius replied," I've told you, Jennifer.  I don't care what house you get into.  I will still treat you the same.  Alright?  Now stop asking this question."  Jennifer asked," What house do think I will get into?"  "Gryffindor.  Jennifer Malfoy, stop asking me questions related to this."  She looked at the boy whose eyes were same as hers and saw that his face was scrunched up in disgust.  Ignoring that, Jennifer asked Lucius again," Sure you won't abandon me or hate me or any other bad thing?"  This time, Lucius looked extremely annoyed and exclaimed," YES!"  However, upon seeing that many faces turned to him, he turned red and mumbled," Sorry, too loud."  Jennifer laughed, making Lucius glare at her.  She feigned shock and pretended to cry.  This made Lucius laugh and smack Jennifer lightly.  When Jennifer looked up, she saw the boy who had the same eyes as her laughing as well.  Shyly, she said, " I am Jennifer."  The one who did not wear glasses sneered," Malfoy, isn't it?  Sirius Black."  Lucius turned to look at Sirius and used the same tone he had used," Black, is it?  What are you doing with this blood traitor?"  Sirius replied," Excuse me?"  " Potter."  Lucius spat.  Potter spat," Malfoy."  Jennifer watched the scene uneasily. 

        Just then, an extremely large tower was seen just a few metres away from them.  They had reached Hogwarts at last.

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