Austin Smith


2. Chapter Two - Charlotte

"How could you do this to me! To us!"

I scream, stepping away from him,

"How could you just throw this all away! You said you loved me. What happened to growing old together?"

Tears begin flowing down my face. My vision is so blurred I can barely see. Everything just seems so surreal.

"It was a mistake! It didn't mean anything." He says, moving towards me with his arms out.

I push him away and move back further.

He can't continue doing this. He's cheated on me more than once, I've had it. I can't do this anymore.

I honestly just want to curl up right here and die.  My heart feels so heavy. Being betrayed by someone you trust is the most painful thing there is.

"Charlie. Please." He says, grabbing ahold of my arm.

"Jace, stop." I say firmly, trying to pull my arm away.

He grips me tighter and pulls me into his body.

"Let me go!" I yell, shoving him away.

"No, please. It won't happen again. I do love you."

I laugh and shake my head.

"No you don't. Don't even try to repair this. It's over for good." I pull the stupid necklace he bought me for our one year anniversary and throw it on the sidewalk. 

"Don't even try calling me, you asshole." I say, turning around and walking away.

I quickly walk down the street.  Leaving him and all our stupid memories behind. 

I turn a corner and start to slow down, now trudging. 

I kick the red and green leaves out of my way, as tears continue to fall off my chin.

I loved him. I gave him everything I had to offer, and he still needed to go and fuck all these other girls.

He said I was the one. That I was all he'd ever wanted. We planned a future together. A good one. We would move far away from here, build a small house on a farm and start a family.  Two children, a boy and a girl.  Matilda and Jeremy. 

He just threw this all away. I should have listened to my friends, they were right.  He was a conceited player who only wanted me under the covers.

I ignored them, I told myself repeatedly that he wanted me for more than my tits.

He was definitely rough around the edges when we got together. But like every girl, I thought I could change him, make him stick around. A bad boy gone good.

It hurts to think that all this time, he was just acting like a good guy for some action.

God. You think you know someone.

My phone vibrates in my coat pocket. 

I pull it out and check the caller ID. It's my mom.

"Hey mom." I say, wiping my eyes, I'm sure there's mascara all over my face now.

"Charlotte. I need you home now, Grandmas been in an accident."

My heart drops.

"What? Is she okay?" I ask, starting to pick up my pace.

"I don't know, she's in the hospital. Just hurry and get here."

I hang up, and put my phone away. 

I'm only a few block from my house so I begin to run.

I get to my house, my lungs hurt and my legs are sore.  I manage to pull myself up the stairs and through the door.

"She's home!" My dad calls to my mom.

My dad rushes over to me and puts his arm around me.

"Come on, we have to go." He says pulling me out the door,

My dad runs to the side of the car and gets into the drivers seat.  I climb into the back seat and buckle myself in, still terribly out of breath.

My mom gets in shortly after, and my dad immediately backs out.

He practically speeds all the way to the hospital.

We all hop out and rush through the doors.

My mom and I wait by the elevator while my dad gets all the information.

"What happened?" I ask her,

"She was pushed down the stairs by one of the other residents in her home."

"Oh my god. Is she going no to be alright?"

"I don't know, they just called to tell me what happened and that she was immediately rushed here."

Her eyes start to water, I put my arm around her and lean my head on her shoulder.

"Jace and I broke up." I say,

"Why? What happened?" She asks, shocked.

"It was a mutual decision..." I lie.

My dad walks over to us from the desk.  He pushed the elevator button,

"She's on the second floor. Room 98." He says,

We all step into the elevator and go to the second floor.

I follow my parents to her room. A nurse is already in it adjusting her bed.

She turns around and sees us standing in the door way.

"Are you family?" She asks,

"Yes we are." My mom says stepping in.

"Alright, she's just out of surgery. Everything looks good and we're just stabilizing her, she'll wake up at any moment now." She said smiling

"Oh good. Thank you so much." My mom says, rushing to her bed side.

I follow her and look over the bed at my Grandma.

Her wrinkled skin is paler than usual and she looks older than she's ever looked. The home must be really draining her. I didn't want her in that stupid place, I begged for her to come live with us. But my parents said it'd be too crowded. Which is ridiculous, our house is huge.

There's a sound at the door, I turn and look. A nurse is wheeling in a second bed. A boy who looks about my age lays upon it. Various tubes in his mouth and nose. He's covered in blood and just looks on the verge of death.

I want to look away, but I can't help but stare. I've never seen anyone in such a state.

The nurse catches me staring,

"I don't think he'll cause you any trouble..." She chuckles,

"Is he okay...?" I stutter,

"Not really." She says, "he was in a really bad car accident, it's unlikely he'll make it through the night, but we're trying." She trails, looking at him thoughtfully.

"Oh..." I say, this time looking away.

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