Austin Smith


1. Chapter One - Austin

I open my eyes to nothingness. Everything's white. Perhaps a blank canvas? A wordless page?

No. It's my fate. Death.

I'm dying.

Shouldn't I be scared, my heart should be racing right now. Wait. I'm dying, my body vitals must not be working. This could be why I feel no fear. That, or the fact I'm I'm not going to be leaving much. I have nothing to live for.

But wait. How did this happen to me. Why am I here. What happened. Was I murdered. Did I commit suicide. I don't know. I don't remember.

I hear a sound.

A quiet buzzing.

The sound gets louder and louder, then fades back away. Like a tide. They waves creep into the shore than pull back, pulling me win it.

The buzzing turns to a high pitched ring. This time only getting louder.



Then nothing. Not even the whiteness anymore. There's nothing.

Just blood.

My ears are bleeding. I'm bleeding. I'm covered in blood. My heart. I can feel it. It's beating. I'm not dead.

"Austin." A calm, women's voice continuously repeats this foreign word.

Slowly, colour starts to appear in the nothingness. Like god creating the world. Like Jason pollock crafting a masterpiece.

A figure stands before me. Then slowly they multiply.

"Austin." Again this word.

Soon everything comes into focus.

Three woman and a man stand around me. Looking at me. Touching me.

There's yelling, and crying. The air is thick with hysteria and sorrow.

I want to go back to the nothingness.

The high pitched ringing returns. I sit up and grab the side of my head. Immediately a wave of shock and dizziness over comes me, and I topple over. I fall. Far. I fall for miles. Until I hit a hard surface.

A women dressed in a floral pattern, leans down and lifts my back, propping me up.

"Where am-" I don't finish, this voice. I don't recognize it. How could I produce such a sound.

"You're in the hospital. You are going to be okay. Don't worry." She says quickly.

I look around at all the contraptions surrounding me. Beeping and flashing lights. I don't like this.

The woman manages to put me back on my mattress. She checks each machine that stands around my bed.  She looks back at me and gives a small smile.

"Why am I here?" I ask slowly, trying to come to terms with my own voice.

"You were in an accident." She says, writing things onto a clipboard.

I nod. Not asking any further questions. But I want to. I just don't have the energy.

She leaves the room. And I'm left to myself.

I look down at my body.  Against the crimson blood my skin looks fluorescent white. Purple veins and vessels line my forearms. I feel weak. I wish I didn't come back.

I hear yelling outside my room.  Two women run through the door, pushing a bed with what appears to be an elderly woman.  Two men run in after them, pulling machines, and a cart full of shiny metal objects. 

Another lady walks through the door, the same one who picked me up off the ground.  She quickly unhooks everything from me and pulls my bed out.

"What's happening?" I force from my mouth, looking around.

"You have to move rooms."

She pulls me out the door.

There's a long narrow area. Lights line the ceiling while doors line the walls.

The woman stops at one. She walks around my bed and opens it.

She pushes me in and wheels me to the furthest end of the room, right in front of a window.

"This should be a little better." She says, smiling.

I nod, and peer outside. A small parking lot full of cars, and green and red leaves lies directly beneath the window.  Behind the parking lot there are hundreds of trees.  They go all the way back into the horizon, where grey mountain occupy the sky. It's rather attractive scenery. I'm glad I was moved.

But a million questions still consume my mind. All of my thoughts end in question marks.

Who am I?

Where am I?

What happened?

My heart. It stars to beat. Fast.

It feels as though my heart is going to break through my chest. It hurts so badly.

A loud beeping erupts, making my heart pound harder.

I can't breathe. I can't think.

Everything's gone. Everything's white.

I'm back.

Back in the nothingness.

Here is where I feel safe.

This is where I belong.

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