Meant to Be

Mikey and Luke have been best friends with Bella for as long as they can remember. But what happens when they leave for a six month tour and they both confess there love to her? Who does she choose? Who ends up heart broken?


3. "Friend"


I wake up to the annoying sound of my alarm clock. I quickly shut it off and get out of bed. I take a shower, straighten my hair, do my make-up, get dressed in a Green Day muscle tee, black shorts and tie a flannel around my waist.

Once we get into school we see Calum go off. Down the opposite hallway. I ask the guys "Where is he going?" They shrug and we head to home room. Good thing I have history first then I can ask Calum what that was all about.

*skip to history*

I go sit down in the back where I usually do and wait for Calum to walk in. When he walks in I see him chatting with a girl. Is this right? Calum Hood talking to a girl?

They both walk over to me and Calum says," hey Bella this is my friend Jerika" He gives me this look I've never seen before. I think he likes her

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