Inuyasha and Kagome have traveled a lot together and it is time to say farewell. Or is it. Read and find out!


3. Kagome's Choice

"Okay. I guess she's yours Koga. I have no reason to fight you anymore. But you need to make Kagome happy. And if you don't, so help I will hunt you down and tear your throat out." Inuyasha threatened. He looked over at Kagome and just gave her a smile. Then Inuyasha felt something wet on his cheeks. He felt them and looked at it and saw it was tears. He was crying. The great Inuyasha was crying. He looked away from Kagome and Koga and jumped into the forest. After that no one has heard from Inuyasha since.

2 years later

Kagome was running away from Koga because he was trying to make her do all the chores and do all of the cooking and cleaning. She had enough and ran away. She stopped in a familiar looking forest way. She realized that it was the path to Kaedes village. She hasn't been in contact with them for 2 years now. She stumbled up the path and got to the top of the hill. And when she looked down, she was terrified at the sight. Inuyasha was running away with food and blankets. But Kagome thought Inuyasha lives there. Then he looked up at the hill and froze. There she was. Kagome. After 2 years, she finally returned. He ran up the hill and embraced Kagome with such love. Then Kagome felt him trembling. She looked up at his face and realized that he was crying. She embraced him back, but right as she was about to say something she felt herself be knocked unconscious. But before she was fully unconscious, she heard Kogas voice say to Inyasha

"Give me my good for nothing wife back,muttface."

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