Inuyasha and Kagome have traveled a lot together and it is time to say farewell. Or is it. Read and find out!


1. The Sacred Heart

 Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, sadly. On with the story…

"KIKYO!!!!" Inuyasha yelled. KIKYO had died in Inuyasha's arms. He thought that no one was watching...

Kagome P.O.V.

​Kikyo had died and Inuyasha was holding her like they were an old couple. And I was heart broken.My heart was shattered into pieces. I ran to Kaede to mend my broken heart or have her remove it, something to stop the pain. Crying I ran to the village and found Shippo and told him what happened. When I was done, he had made the most beautiful painting of a broken heart.

I looked at it and hung it on my back, making sure that everybody saw it. But that's when Inuyasha came...

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