Hey There Madison (H.S)

Madison her name is sweet but she isn't she is a vampire along with her 2 bestfriends Aaliyah and Bella she has ginger hair and ginger eyes/orange she's beautiful but she love being a Vampire but she also needs too act normal what happens when Madison goes too school with her friends a school only filled with humans or so she thought 5 boys one problem they're vampires too. But when a vampire starts falling in love they become more and more human this story includes Hurt,Betrayal,Vampires,Fear,Trust,lust and most of all LOVE.



2. human






I walked down the hallways of the school on my phone i heard whispering so i looked up i saw everyone looking me straight in the eyes with their mouths gaped a little okay this make me uncomfortable i smiled showing my sharp teeth while one girl stopped me "You have a beautiful smile" she said i smiled "thank you love" i said and waved walking off into class. Art.


I really like Art because that's one thing that i'm not bad at it's a place where i could be Half human and Half vampire i sat down and look too my side too see Harry sitting there unpacking his bag i smiled and copied his actions. Once we both finished unpacking the teacher still didn't come in so everybody was talking "Hey" i heard a soft whisper i turned my head in Harry's direction biting the inside of my cheeks "Hey What's up" i asked putting my phone away and turning towards him i flashed him and smiled and he looked down from my eyes too my cheeks admiring my deep dimples then his eyes traveled back up too my eyes "Nothing i just wanna get too know you, i mean if that's okay with you" he said nervously. I smiled and turned my head alittle just alittle bit too the side while squinting at him "I'm guessing your half and half?" i asked he nodded "smart eh?" he said i shrugged "I just thought so because me also being half vampire and half human we get nervous but still not understanding why you should be nervous talking too me" i chuckled softly he chuckled also "i always get nervous around gorgeous girls i mean who wouldn't" he said looking at the ground i raised my eyebrow up at him and waited for him too catch on too what he said "i m-mean well..i.i see what had happen was" he trailed off i bursted out laughing watching Harry struggle is funny he stop trying and inhaled a breath and cracked a relaxing smile "Relax curls it's pretty funny how you get nervous so easily" i replied laughing alittle bit "Oh, You think i'm pretty" he said doing the cupcake face "No but i think you hear what you wanna hear" i replied he put a hand over his chest acting hurt "So i'm ugly, do you know how long it takes too look ZA-ZAM" he said pointing too his face "your not ugly but your not pretty in a good way i guess i could say your gorgeous and i think they agree" i said pointing too girls who is staring at him like he's a peaice of meat as soon as we looked their way they all said "Hey Harry" in unison then shotted me a glare i shook my head pathetic girls these days (no affense too girls because i'm one of course if i wasn't then i don't even know because i love gay people but i'm not gay okay i'll shut the hell up keep reading).


The teacher came in after the pathetic girls finished killing me with their eyes "okay everybody i need you too paint a picture of anything how you feel,yeah yeah okay chop chop go you have the whole period" he said i barked because he was treating us like dogs 'chop chop' i would 'chop chop' your pretty little mexican head off okay okay. The class laughed at me barking and i just smirked and started painting.


I painted a girl that was in the woods and the sun was shining on her and she has orange eyes then on the top i wrote 'LOST WITH NO DIRECTION' (tbh i tried so hard not too write one direction because no direction i was damn) she had ginger hair and if you didn't tell that girl is me when i was finish i heard a gasp i turned around too see the teacher he had his hand over his heart with a joyfull look on his face Harry leaned over and looked and gasped too "this is beautiful madison" Harry said i looked him in the eyes and smiled but i felt some warm feeling going down my spine when he smiled back flashing his teeth beautiful i then felt a craving for chicken my eyes widen i shot up out of my chair grabbing my bookbag and rushing too the most near cupboard i went right in and got the book from my bag i read the title out loud "turning into a human" i opened it and began reading.


1.starts too get a warm feeling inside while staring at the person the vampire is falling for.


2.starts too have a craving for human food 

example,fries noodles spicy chicken,chicken and etc

if you feel these too you are falling in love quickly and hard your human rate is 55%.


i screamed and ran out the closet everyone looked at me weirdly and i ran out the school running too my car this time with superspeed.


"MADISON" i heard that all too familiar voice i turned around he ran too me and was there less than 4 seconds "wh-" i cutt him off by grabbing his hand and running home forgetting my car i unlocked the door and threw him in making him fall too the ground i shut the door and locked it and closed the giant curtains "WHAT THE FUCK MADISON" he whined "HARRY I'M  55%!!" I growled his eyes widened "i'm 78%" he said my eyes widened "were falling for eachother HARRY WE CAN'T IT WILL TURN US HUMAN WE DIDN'T KNOW EACH OTHER FOR A WEEK YET" i paniced pacing "HEY WE ARE COMPLETELY HUMAN WHEN OUR HUMAN BLOOD IS 110% I'M GONNA TURN HUMAN BEFORE YOU SO WHY THE FUCK DO YOU CARE!!" he screamed i stopped and ran towards him tackling him "BECAUSE I'M FALLING FOR A STRANGER A STRANGER HARRY WHAT THE FUCK WHEN WE TURN HUMAN WE DON'T TURN BACK" i said h was currently on the ground and me on top of him pinning his arms down harry studied my face and smashed his lips into mine my heart started racing and i started too kiss him back i stopped relizing what i did i grabbed my book and it said when the lovebirds kiss it increases too 110% i dropped the book and tried too run but i couldn't run fast anymore i ran too the mirror and saw my eyes turning too there blue color i collasped and turned into a deep deep sleep

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