Nowhere Boys and Their Nowhere Girl

Blake Wesley is a goth, but a goth with a big secret. She's a witch. But is that all she is?
After being saved by someone she desperately needs, what happens when they all disappear, from this world... The other she left with, are living in a shack, fighting demons and stealing. While Blake is living the life, she always wanted.
But when it's time for the boys to come home, what happens when Blake doesn't want to go home?


9. Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Crows, Police and what I really am?

Blake’s P.O.V

“I LOVE YOU FELIX!” I only just managed to say it before the boy was running out of the house, and back to his shack… wow, that sounds so weird, ‘his shack’, I laughed at the thoughts running through my head right now.

Now, I know there was something I was meant to be doing… Phoebe, right. I need to tell her to help the boys. Great she is soooo not going to be happy about this…

*10 minutes later*

“Sure Blake, I’ll be happy to do that,” what the…

“Phoebe are you sure you’re okay?” I heard silence on the other end of the phone,

“Yeah, I’m fine Blake; I’ll do anything for you and your mat… I’ll do anything for your friends, so, you want me to go back to the shack, surrounded by boys who think I am the reason why we’re here, and you’re going to save Jake, get him back to the check place, and get Felix to use the talisman, and get rid of the crows?” I nodded. Oh right, she can’t see me,

“I know you nodded Blake, god you’re so silly sometimes, I’ll be at the shack in about half an hour, you have the outfit right?”

“Yeah, if I run, I can be at the station in 5 minutes. If we head off now, we should be all good, we should be able to make it seem like it wasn’t planned. Okay see you soon, hopefully Jake won’t recognize me too much. Bye Pheebs,” I hung up the phone before she could respond and start towards my dresser, I pulled out a blouse, it was a medium blue around my chest down to just under my ribs, then there was a white line, then it was a sky blue, with another white line, it was the same on the cuffs, I paired it with a black pencil skirt and a pair of black pumps. I quickly cast a spell to make my hair a light cross dark brown, I put on new make-up to make it look natural and make myself look older. I looked in the mirror, deeming I didn’t look anything like myself, and ran out of the house, down to the police station, I didn’t tell Felix that the first thing I saw was Jake arrested. He didn’t really need to know, Andy will tell him.

Felix… I can’t believe I let him see my birth mark, I never knew what it really meant, my mum would never tell me, and I begged Phoebe to tell me, but the look on her face told me not to push it, the spiral meant something, and if it was in Alice’s book of shadows, then it has to be something bad, everything in that book that has a symbol is normally a demon… god I hope I’m not right.

I started to run harder erasing the thought from my head. When I saw the station, I slowed down to a walk, I saw an open parking space, I quickly cast a spell making the car so it helped me pretend to be a social worker, and I gripped the keys in my hand, placing them in between the folders in my arms. I walked in the front door, letting out a breath I didn’t realize I was holding in. I walked up to the front desk; the man looked up at me,

“I looking for Sargent Riles, I’m from child protection services,” the man nodded and let me past, I walked up to Gary,

“Hi, Jenna Hawkins from Child Protection Services,” putting my hand out for Gary to grab, he stood up grabbing my hand slightly shaking it,

“I’m going to get that can,” and walked off, good, now I have Jake alone,

“Come on Jake, let’s go into this room,” he stood up following me into a sound proof room, he sat down and I closed the door, sitting down in the chair opposite Jake,

“Now Jake, you can’t tell anyone who I am, I’m here to get you out, it’s me, Blake,” Jakes eyes widened and his body stiffened,

“Blake? Is it really you?” I nodded,

“Yes, now sorry, but I have to do this by the book as much as possible, so I have to ask you the normal questions to make sure you’re sane, I don’t want to get caught trying to get you out so we have to be able to pull this off,” I calmed my body and breathing down, I reached over grabbing Jakes hands, going into my acting mode,

“Now Jake, you must know, this is a safe place, what is said in here stays in here, now tell me the truth,” Jake raises his eyebrows,

“You want the truth?” I nodded, and he continued,

“Well, it started with this school excursion into the ranges…”

Phoebe’s P.O.V

I was speed walking away from the shack with the three boys following,

“Phoebe, what’s the plan when we get there? I mean we can’t just barge in demanding Jake, that won’t work,” God that kid is weird, I rolled my eyes and said nothing, Felix spoke up next,

“Why are we trusting her? She has been stalking us…” I almost laughed at that, Sam spoke next,

“Well, I am pretty irresistible,” I growled at that,

“Get a move on air heads!” Felix spoke again,

“I think she’s resisting you,” I almost laughed again, god these boys just don’t shut up do they, hmm, tell them the plan and hopefully they will.

“Okay so the plan is, I talk, you say nothing,” Andy and his annoying nerd personality spoke again…

“What are you going to say?” good question, what am I going to say? Oh whatever,

“I talk you say nothing…” Andy spoke again,

“But…” I cut him off,

“I talk… you say nothing, want to practice?” Andy shut up after that.

I looked up to the sky and saw the crows, lots of them. And they started swooping. The four of us started running towards the car; we got in and closed the doors. The birds started to attack the roof of my van. I heard Andy scream like a girl, and Felix spoke up,

“Another attack?” I nodded, Sam spoke to Andy,
“Did you just scream like a girl?” Andy shook his head in disgust; I turned around to stare at the boys,

“No. But how are we going to get to Jake in time?” all of the boys started talking at once,

“We can’t let him be fostered out,”

“If he does we have no chance at getting home,”

“We can’t let that happen!” I wanted to smile, but I had to stay passive around these boys,

“Aww, I’m touched… by nausea,” I turned away from the boys and started the car up, it took a bit, but we go going, and soon the forest and crows were behind us.

Blake’s P.O.V

I walked out of the rooms, still pretending to be gobsmacked; I walked over to Gary and sat in the chair Jake was sitting in twenty minutes ago,

“Gary, this is actually more serious than I thought it would be, sometimes, a bad home life, will cause children to have delusions of  different life, to them, a better life, but trust me, I have never seen one, this crazy,” Gary looked a bit sad,

“Are sure you need to take him?” I nodded vigorously,

“This boy has some mental damage done to him, I can’t let him stay here, he need to be monitored by professionals,” Gary shook his head,

“But I… fine, but will he be safe in there?” I nodded,

“Perfectly, we will try to make him as comfortable as possible,” Gary nodded and went to go get Jake.

The pair of them walked out of the room, I put my arm on Jake’s as we got outside, I saw Phoebe and the boys show up, oh thank god, I don’t know how much longer I would be able to stay in this outfit. I walked off around the corner, and changed back to my normal self. I spelled a hoodie, to put on over the blouse and pulled on some jeans, I walked back around the corner and pretended to be shocked at seeing the boys. I heard cawing, I looked up at the roof and saw hundreds of birds trying to land another loads of others already on the roof. In the corner of my eye, I saw Felix look up as well and gasp. I looked down and saw Sam staring at me… oh right, this is the first time I’ve seen the other boys since I ditched them… crap.

I snapped out of my trance when I saw all of the boys and Phoebe going inside, I followed them, I don’t know why… but I did. When we got inside, we all stood around Gary’s desk, while he had a cocky grin on his face. It looked like he was trying to play a video, but it glitched and disappeared, I saw Andy put a large magnet on the back of the hard drive of the computer, I knew it didn’t do anything, I saw Felix casting the spell to make the talisman work its magic. It glowed a bright yellow and all the noise outside stop. I looked to Phoebe who was staring at Felix; she knew he was a witch. But I don’t think she knows just how powerful he actually is… maybe she does. But I need to get her to tell me about the birth mark, and ask her why Sam won’t stop staring at me; I looked at him, and mouthed,

‘What’ to him. He shook his head mouthing back,

‘Never mind’ I rolled my eyes, and as I did, I saw Sam’s board over in the far corner of the room. I clicked my fingers to get his attention, he looked at me, and I nodded my head in the direction of his board, he smirked and nodded, sneaking off. I walked over to Felix and put my arm around his waist, he put one over my shoulder, I leaned my head into his chest,

“Hi, sorry about earlier, I hope I didn’t freak you out. I can understand if you don’t want to talk to me for a while,” he pulled me from his chest putting me an arm’s length away. He pulled my hood off a little, but I stopped him before he could, I don’t look like myself right now Felix. And with saying that, I reached into my hood, grabbing a bit of my hair, and pulling it into the light, it was still brown. Felix grabbed it out of my hand and laughed,

“You were the chick that was trying to take Jake away?” I laughed and nodded,

“Blake, I love you no matter what you look like, what you do, even if you scare the living daylights out of me. Blake, I have said it before, you are perfect, god, I cannot stop thinking about you, every second, of every day. You are my world, I will love you to the stars and back, you are my guardian angel, you are my other half, I feel like you are the source of my magic, I love you no matter what happens. Please don’t ever hate me if I fuck up, I don’t know what I would do without you,” I smiled at him,

“Oh Felix, I love you too, I smiled, leaning up, and gave him a kiss. One of his hands sat on my hip, while the other sat on my cheek.

When I pulled away, Felix tried to pull me back but I laughed and pulled my face away from his hand,

“Come on, we better go outside, we’re all clear now,” Felix nodded and followed me, not letting go of my hand; we all climbed in the car. I was stuck sitting in between Andy and Felix. I almost laughed when Jake turned around to thank Andy,

“It was the least I could do, you saved me, I just returned the favour,” they were both smiling. Actually, everyone in the car was smiling except Phoebe. Of course. Phoebe turned around to face us,

“So… who wants to come to my house for tea?” I almost burst out laughing at her question. Jake and Andy wanted to say yes, but Felix said,

“No, no… absolutely not. She was stalking us… remember?” Phoebe… what have you been doing lately? Phoebe’s eyes turned from kind to curious,

“Wait, aren’t we missing one?” I nodded remembering that Sam was still inside. We all turned to the station to see Sam running out past Gary, with his board in hand. We all laughed as Gary didn’t even bother trying to chase after Sam,

“Okay, there’s Sam, now can we go? Sam will be fine,” Felix nodded and that was enough for Phoebe.

Phoebe started up the car, and pulled out of the park, and drove on to the shack. I curled into Felix, wrapping my arms around his body. I buried my face in his chest; Felix wrapped his arms followed mine, grabbing one of my hands he put it around his neck. He let go and put his arms around me.

I pulled my other hand from him and wiped it along one half of my face with my sleeve; I pulled it away and saw a truck load of make-up, wow, I didn’t even realise how much make-up on, it must of made me look so different. I wiped off the other half, I pulled my hoodie off and sat it on my lap, I got back into the spot I was in before I took my hoodie off, smiling as I inhaled Felix’s sent, although he didn’t smell completely clean, I could still smell a little bit of soap from when we showered at my house, back when the bees attacked,

I looked up at Felix, and smiled when I saw he was already looking at me, I had to ask,

“Felix, I need to know… did the birds get you at all?” he shook his head,

“Not this time,” I cocked my head to the side,

“What do you mean by this time?” Felix visibly winced when I ask; I wasn’t sure if it was because he thought I was going to be angry because he didn’t tell me, or because the thought actually hurt,

“When we were attacked by the bees, Phoebe tried to get me to activate the talisman, but it didn’t work, so when Oscar and I stepped outside, we were attacked. The first activation didn’t work, but we went back to the shack, Phoebe drove us. And when we got there, I got the elements from the other boys, Jake was earth, Sam was air, and Andy was water.” I smiled,

“And what were you?” Felix smirked,

“Fire,” I laughed at the way he said it,

“Fire that will burn and make you so hot…” I burst out laughing as soon as Felix stopped; he started to laugh with me. We were laughing so hard, we didn’t even realise we were back at the shack. It was Jake pulling me out of the back seat that got my attention,

“Oi, asshole get your filthy hands off of me!” I ripped myself from his grip, Jake looked down on me, shit he was pissed… maybe I shouldn’t have called him an asshole?

“You need to go,” I looked at him like he was crazy,

“Umm, Jake… are you okay? I don’t think you’re really yourself right now, I think you need to go inside and get some sleep,” I looked up to his face to see his eyes turning from an earthy brown to the bright blue they normally were. What the… it was just like Felix’s eyes, except his looked like they were on fire… IN THE CAR! Felix said that Jake was Earth, then… what made his element want to come out? This is hurting my head,

 I walked over to Felix, who was now lying on the ground from me being pulled over him, stupid Jake; I squatted down to him,

“You all good?” he nodded stiffly, wow, he must of hit the ground pretty hard to not be able to move right, I grabbed him around the waist and pulled him up,

“Come on, you need to walk, it will get rid of most the pain,” I knew this because I did a course back when I was in primary school, in first aid, it was for the whole class, but I think I was the only person to pay attention for the whole thing… but that doesn’t really matter, Felix is in pain and I didn’t really like that, then I remembered something he said in the car,

“Felix, you know how you said this time? I mean this time you didn’t get hurt by the crows,” he nodded at me,

“Yeah… what do you want… to know?” whoa, Jake really winded him, must have hurt his back,

“Can you show me where the bees got you? They mustn’t of gotten you as bad as Oscar because he had stings everywhere,” Felix nodded again, pulling away from me, he pulled his bag off his shoulder. Hmm, I didn’t even see him carrying it, but he pulled it off and his jacket followed, he dropped them on the ground and showed me his arms, I gasped when I saw his arms were all red and blotchy in some places,

“Felix… these look… uhhh, umm, a lot like mine, a lot a lot like mine,” I picked up his things and walked us over to a secluded area where no one else could see us. I started to undo the buttons on the blouse; so once they were all undone, I pulled off the blouse, leaving me in the blue singlet top Felix made me try on earlier.

I pushed my arms up so he didn’t have to bend over to see them, the stings from my vision were still majorly visible, but they were now mostly hidden by the bites and scratch marks of the crows.

I looked at Felix’s face and saw fear cross his face,

“Blake… did these happen to you in your visions?” I gulped and nodded,

“I don’t know what happening, at first, my visions only happened when I was asleep. But lately they have been happening all the time, and I can’t control them anymore. And in the last two I have had, I’ve gotten hurt. BUT LOOK AT THE STINGS FELIX! They’re… they’re the same, exact same. I don’t know…” I trailed off not knowing what to say, I defaulted to tears, I felt like it was the only thing I could do, I just felt so useless. I dropped to the floor before Felix could catch me. He came down with me pulling me into his arms, leaning against a tree.

So I just sat there, in Felix’s arms, crying my eyes out, because that’s all I’m good at, crying. If Felix was talking to me, I couldn’t hear him. I guess I still hear my blood pumping… but it wasn’t going fast, like it should be if I was crying… this happened last time.

Back in Phoebes shop, after Felix and I kissed for the first time, and I ran into the back room crying, the blood pumping and rushing wasn’t in beat with my heart… at first it was going fast, really fast. Then it slowed down, a lot, and then I heard and felt Felix. He climbed on me and I stopped hearing the sound.

I pulled my head away from Felix, and the beating stopped. What the hell? I put my head back and it started up again, holy crap. I pulled from Felix properly my heart racing a mile a minute; Felix stood up and started for me

“Felix… don’t come near me…” I was going to say more, but what was I going to say, I didn’t actually know what was going on,” Felix stopped a metre away from me,

“Blake, what’s going on? You know you can tell me,” I shook my head, taking a step back, Felix followed, but towards me. I was trying to keep him safe. I didn’t know…

‘Kill him… he must pay… silence shall fall.’ What the holy mother fucker!? It was another voice, this time, it was a man. Old, at least fifty or so, maybe younger,

“Felix did you hear that?” Felix eyebrows furrowed,

“Hear what?” damn it, he can’t hear it,

“Felix, I gotta go… and you have to stay away from me, I can’t risk hurting you,” I swallowed; I felt like I was drowning in my own spit, I swallowed again, what’s going on? Felix had the same thought as me,

“Blake, what’s going on?” I shook my head, confused and scared as hell,

“I don’t know Felix, just stay away from me, I’ll tell you when I’m safe again, something just tried to get me to kill you, something about making you pay, Felix, that just scared the living shit you of me, and guess what… for some reason, I felt like you should pay, but I don’t know why. Just stay away from me as long as possible, god, Felix I’m not safe… I gotta go,” I ran over picking up the blouse and ran back to the car, leaving Felix alone.

When Phoebe saw me she was so scared, she ran straight for me,

“Blake, are you okay? Tell me what’s wrong,” I nodded,

“I wanted to kill Felix, I almost did, but I stopped. Phoebe, some things wrong with me, I want to kill Felix, and it was all because a voice in the back of my head told me to. Oh Phoebe, what am I? Phoebe, I know I’m not human, or just a witch, I know there something you’re not telling me. Phoebe, MY BIRTH MARK IS IN ALICE’S BOOK OF FUCKING SHADOWS! I KNOW I AM NOT HUMAN… am I a… a… a demon?” Phoebe winced as I said demon, so did I. She nodded,

“Yes, god I am so fucking sorry Blake, I didn’t want you to find out this way, I actually hoped you were never going to find out. Look Blake, I don’t really want to talk about this out here, can we go back to the shop, I can explain more there,” I nodded and climbed into the car.

*20 minutes later*

I hoped out of the car and went straight inside to the back room; I sat down at Phoebe’s desk. I didn’t really want to know, but I had to, I need to know if I was a danger to the boys, to Phoebe, to Felix. Phoebe came in,

“I had to make sure no one was here and all the door were locked, I don’t want this getting out, okay?” I nodded, partially scared for my life, but more scared for everyone else around me, Phoebes tried to smile at me, but it came out as more of a grimace,

“What do you want to know?” I knew my first two questions,

“Am I dangerous?” Phoebe nodded, of course that was the answer, how’d I know?

“What am I?” Phoebe took in a sharp breath at how direct I was being, she looked around the room before getting up, searching for something,

“You are what people would call a halfa…” when she found the book she was looking for she opened it up, the page was bookmarked, she knew,

“You were right though, you are not human, at all,” she placed the book in front of me; this is what you looked like when you were born, you and your brother. But the brother I am talking about is not ------, it’s…” I looked at her to continue,

“It’s Sam, he’s your twin brother,” what the hell?

“Nice joke Phoebe, but I want real answers,” Phoebes winced at my tone, but I didn’t even speak that rudely. Wait, what the hell?

“Phoebe, god I am soooo sorry, I didn’t mean to speak to you like that, just how is Sam my brother?” Phoebe shrugged,

“It took me awhile to figure it out, but your birthday is the same, he seems oddly possessive over you, not like the way Felix is, but in a sibling way. He’s older than you, not by long, but he is, the only difference between you and him, is… well, halfa are always born in twins for a reason, the first born, to be a symbol of good, hope and light, and the other…” I rolled my eyes at Phoebe,

“Oh just say it already!” Phoebe sighed at my impatience,

“The second to be the end, the end of good, hope and life its self, but, what is unique about you and Sam, is that, Sam, was never raised to use his powers, to him, he has never had any and magic doesn’t exist,” but wait, if Sam and I… oh god,

“What about Roland? Is he not really my dad? Is ----- not really my brother, if Sam’s my brother, does that make his parents Wiccan, or demonic or whatever the hell I am?” Phoebe shook her head,

“When Sam was born, your father, you birth father, didn’t want one of his children being good, your father was… I mean is, one of the most dangerous demons out there, so when he found out what Sam would be, and what you would be, he tried to kill Sam, but your mother was a good witch, she never meant to fall in love with a demon, she knew of the prophecy, the one you and your brother was destined for,” I cocked my head at Phoebe,

“What the hell is a fucking prophecy? And what does it have to do with me and Sam, and what about -----? Tell me about him first, is he really my brother?” Phoebe nodded,

“Half-brother actually, after you and Sam were born, your mother escaped to another world, in that world, your father couldn’t find her, or you. When Sam was born, she gave him away, well teleported him away, she had someone cast a spell over a family, made him look like them, so it wouldn’t seem like he wasn’t really theirs. So Tahlila, your mother, started a life with you, and then she met Roland, who was ----- father, but your real father…” I cut her off; there was one thing I needed to know before she kept on talking,

“What’s my father’s name?” Phoebe shrugged,

“No one actually knows, but he was known as the black knight, everything about him was black, except his skin, which was pale white. Turn the page of the book in front of you, that first picture is what you and your brother looked like being born,” Holy crap, I looked at the first picture properly. There was a woman, she was now smiling as she looked at her two children, one of them was glowing, they were surrounded by a bright light, Sam. And the other child, a little baby girl, was cowering from the light, she had small horns poking out from the top of her head, her nails were like claws, yellow and rotten. Oh my god… that’s me, I gulped,

“But anyway, after he showed back up, looking for you and Sam, who he was trying to kill, he was mad at Tahlila, he forced her away from Roland, ----- was already born at the time, but he was young, just a few years old. He was left with Roland, so he could stay safe, Roland’s memory was swiped of you, so he would not come looking for you, you were about five or six, so I guess that’s why you know who ----- was when you saw him,” so that’s why Roland never came looking for us, I nodded in understanding, and let Phoebe continue,

“Why did your mum tell you why you had to leave your old town?” I rolled my head back and stood up, tired of being in the chair,

“She said it was because I was becoming too known in that town, because of my powers, I remember shoplifting, I almost got caught, and that was when I first glitched, I glitched myself up onto a roof top, away from the cops. So the police were after me after that, so that why I believe the story of me becoming too known, I questioned why Roland and ---- weren’t coming with us, but mum just said to forget about them. So I just shut up about them, I guessed Roland did something mean to her, but I never thought she was forced to leave him, but finish your story now,” Phoebe nodded and continued on,

“So once your father got rid of Roland, he did everything in his power to try and get you to come over to the dark side, he gave you your powers, he put demonic thoughts in your head, but nothing ever worked, but I guess, there was something good in you, that just suppressed everything he was doing to you, and now that you found your mate, everything’s decided to come out and…”

“WHAT THE FLYING FUCK IS A MATE!? I’M NOT SOME KIND OF DOG AM I?” Phoebe shook her head at me,

“No, you’re not a dog, but there are werewolves out there, but they are normally on the side of good, but you are the daughter of a restoring demon, they restore order after a magical disturbance, and you five traveling to this world is what I think set it off, all of your father words were free as soon as you and Felix kissed the other day in my shop. I thought that if you kissed Felix, it would cause your halfa side to go away, but, it didn’t go as planned,” What the hell is this woman going on about?

“Phoebe, you still haven’t explained what a mate is, and is Felix my… mate?” Phoebe nodded at me,

“Yes Felix is your mate. But there is something you must know, don’t get mad at me when I tell you this, but, only good people are supposed to have mates. But my guess is, because your mother was actually good, and was good to you for most your life, my guess, is when she tried to talk to you earlier, she was trying to bring you home so your father couldn’t get a hold of you. And when she made you stop seeing me, when I was training your powers or something, it was to stop you from become strong, like your dad wanted, a strong evil warrior. But mates are something entirely different, they are witches or wolves born of pure good, they are tied to one person, it is a deed done by the moon goddess, and my guess is, she knew you were born to be a good person, not evil, but when she paired you up, she didn’t know that part of your destiny is to… is to… crap I can’t say it,” I looked at her funny,

“Why not?” Phoebe sighed,

“Blake… you have to kill Felix,” What? I knew instantly that she wasn’t lying, Phoebe never lied to me, I stopping pacing, which I never noticed I had started doing, and collapsed onto the floor, I screamed my heart out. I laid there sobbing, Phoebe didn’t come anywhere near me, I was grateful for that. I went to open my eyes, but all I saw was black, great another stupid fucking vision, I closed my eyes again, and calmed myself down.

When I re-opened my eyes, I was back in the Bremin ranges. I tried to look down at my body to see if I was corporeal or not. But I couldn’t, I was… in the form of my future self? No, impossible, there was only one time where I was corporeal, and that was back in the past, now I am in my future body, great, what am I going to do now?

My body kept on walking; I saw Sam, Jake, Andy and Phoebe up head. My body yelled out to them,

“GUYS! PHOEBE! WAIT UP!” they all stopped walking and turned to see me running towards them, I ran straight into the arms of Sam and whispered into his ear,

“Brother, I missed you so much,” he hugged me back holding on tightly,

“Please tell me you’re not here to do what I think you’re doing sister?” I gripped him tighter and nodded slightly,

“I don’t want to, but it’s my destiny, then it is you’re to kill me after. We cannot change fate, dear brother,” he nodded back,

“Sadly, I know, and I really don’t want any of this to happen, Felix is my friend, and now technically family, he is your soul-mate, how can you kill him?” I shook my head, burring my head into his neck,

“I don’t know, I think I just to look away, and pretend its Dad, but as soon as I do it, you guys can’t go home, you know that right, so I’ll shoot as soon as the spell will be cast to get you home, then you have to stab me before you go, that way, you can still get back to the life you deserve, you’ll need it after these past few weeks,” I pulled away from him, turning to the others,

“Let’s go save Felix and get home!” we all cheered, I could tell both Phoebe and Sam’s were forced, well of course they did, they both knew I was going to kill Felix. How could I do something like this? It will not happen.

My body had stepped back to walk with Phoebe, who was carrying a basket full of items, one of which was a dagger with the words ‘Occideretis daemonem, ut mecum sit ad infernum’ carved into it. That must be what Sam has to use to kill me, I know what the words mean, ‘kill this demon send her to hell’ this must be the only thing that can kill me. Hm.

I was snapped out of my trance at the sound of Felix’s voice, I wanted to run to it, to touch him, to kill him… HOLY MOTHER FUCKER! NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! I can’t fucking want to kill Felix I can’t, no, it’s just the body I am in right now… wait, I’m in my body. Crap, maybe the more evil side of me is taking over a bit in the future.

I didn’t realise I was thinking for so long, I saw Oscar was trying to untie Felix. NO! I couldn’t let that happen, I saw Bates start towards Oscar, so Oscar ran off in order to get Bates to follow him, it worked, now Andy was in front of Felix, he was looking for his phone in his bag, I walked up to Felix shortly after Andy ran off after being chased, I started to heard the song, and I turned around to see Sam staring at me. He nodded grimly at Felix. Felix saw but looked confused as fuck,

“Blake, untie me!” he tried to shout over the storm and his music, I shook my head,

“I can’t Felix, I’m so so so fucking sorry, but this is the only way, I am so sorry you paired with me to be my mate, you need to die, Felix, and so do I, but you must go first… and I have to kill you. Order must be restored!” Felix shook his head; he thought I was joking,

“Now’s not the time to be funny Blake, now fucking untie me,” I shook my head pulling a gun out from my hoodie. Holy crap, I actually have to kill him, I actually will kill him, and I don’t think I can change this. I have changed every other vision, I made Felix and Oscar come inside with the bees, I stopped all of the boys getting mauled my birds, so why can’t I stop myself from killing the one I love,

“Blake, why are you doing this?” he was in tears now, I gulped,

“Because it’s my destiny,” I lifted the gun up to his head, and pulled the trigger. Blood spraying all over my body and his. I heard everyone else scream except Sam, I couldn’t even see him.

I screamed myself, as I felt burning hot metal rip through my skin. I felt it be ripped out, and felt the cold metal, as it was moved to my throat. I felt a hand move to my head and pull it back,

“Thank you Sam, you were the best brother I could ever ask for, even though we were only siblings for a few days, see you in Hell,” I coughed moving my throat into the dagger a bit, I tasted blood in my mouth,

“I am so sorry little sis,” I started to cry,

“Oh Sam, don’t sorry, this is how it was always meant to end, I just wish I didn’t have to kill Felix, tell Oscar, to always remember his brother is a great person, and that he did find love, but it killed him. Show Oscar his powers, he will help you all, so keep him safe… for me,” Sam nodded and ripped the dagger across my throat. He pushed me forward into Felix, who was bent over still tied to the tree. One of my hands found Felix’s still warm one, and the other gripped my throat, I kept on coughing and choking, it was less painful than I thought, well, I guess Hell is what will really torture me. I slid to the ground closing my eyes, I guess this is it.

I ripped open my eyes, and sat up, I was on the floor of Phoebe’s back room, and I watched as Phoebe came back into the room, she looked concerned, I rolled my eyes,

“How long this time?” Phoebe sighed,

“It wasn’t too long this time, only an hour,” I nodded, and stood up, but went straight back down, clutching my side,

“Crap, not again… Phoebe help me up,” she nodded and walked over to me, pulling me up from under my arms,

“Take me to the mirror,” she nodded and we slowly walked over to the mirror, with the hand I was using to clutch my side, I pulled up my shirt and saw there was a straight line. It was a flaming, blazing red, and had words forming around it. It was the same words on the dagger that killed… future me. Phoebe’s eyes were wide,

“Blake… what is that?” I turned to look at her in the mirror,

“That Phoebe… is what kills me in a few days… right after I kill Felix, Sam kills me, that’s what I saw, but I am going to change it,” Phoebe tried to rip herself away from me,

“What Blake, what you saw wasn’t one of your visions, it was fate. It has to happen, otherwise nothing will be right,” I nodded and smirked,

“Oh don’t worry Phoebe, I’ll still be dying, but no one else will be, Felix and everyone else will be safe, I have to make sure of it. And it will be the last thing I do.

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