Nowhere Boys and Their Nowhere Girl

Blake Wesley is a goth, but a goth with a big secret. She's a witch. But is that all she is?
After being saved by someone she desperately needs, what happens when they all disappear, from this world... The other she left with, are living in a shack, fighting demons and stealing. While Blake is living the life, she always wanted.
But when it's time for the boys to come home, what happens when Blake doesn't want to go home?


8. Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Oscar, Felix and Learning

Blake’s P.O.V

Twelve hours? But that’s the time in my… holy shit, my should actually left my body, I actually time travelled in my vision. So that’s means I was in another time where I was just a few metres away from my other self… freaky. Phoebe had calmed down now. It had been an hour and 20 cups of herbal tea (All of Phoebe of course). But she seems pretty fine now. Actually she seemed too normal…

“Blake you know you have to start school tomorrow right?” I nodded, as much as I didn’t want to, I knew I had to. It was the only way I could actually stay here,

“Yeah, but I need to fit in more, I should probably go get ready, I still need to buy some more things. If I head off now, would you be good by yourself? I know that shook you up a bit?” she nodded,

“Yeah, go, I have work to do,” I nodded,

“Okay, be good and stay safe, I will see you later tonight, Bye,”

“Okay, bye Blakey girl,” and she smiled as I walked out of the room. And as soon as I walked out, I started crying, Papa called me Blakey girl that was always my nickname from my parents. Wait… that’s means my dad almost killed me… and Sammy saved me, shit SAMMY! Damn it, I have to put up with him from now on, god I hope I can still climb trees… I if cant I’m dead, I need to be able to hide.

I walked about the streets quietly, no one looked and no one stared, I better get some food before I go home, I don’t actually know the last time I brought food, okay, I don’t remember the last time I ate. But I guess that’s a good thing, so I don’t actually need to buy food goodie.

I kept on walking till I was out of town and surrounded by houses, I check my pockets to see if I had my phone and earphones. Yay, I do. I pulled them out putting on P!nk,  who knew came on, and I started to sing along with only one earphone in so I could still hear if anyone was nearby,

“You took my hand

You showed me how

You promised me you'd be around

Uh huh

That's right

I took your words

And I believed

In everything

You said to me

Yeah huh

That's right

If someone said three years from now

You'd be long gone

I'd stand up and punch them out

Cause they're all wrong…” I stopped singing when I saw Ellen walking up the road in front of me, she was a fair distance away, but even from here I could see it. The massive as school bus changing lanes. HOLY FUCK!

“ELLEN, MOVE!” I threw my arms up in the air, trying to get her attention, crap it not working, and great more running. I dropped my arms and started up the road,

“ELLEN!”  She had earphones in, that’s why she couldn’t hear me. Duh, geez I needed to get a brain. I stopped thinking and put all of my concentration on running to Ellen, when I got to her I fully ran into her, knocking an earphone,

“Bitch, what’s wrong with you?” I shook my head,

“No time to explain, just get off the road,” she looked at me quizzically,

“Why?” I rolled my eyes,

“You have to trust me,” she scoffed and kept on walking, shoving herself past me, I growled in annoyance I ran back to where she now was, she had put her other earphone back in and was blasting the music, I put both my earphones in, less distractions easier to concentrate on Ellen.  I kept on yelling her name, but she kept on putting the music on louder. I rolled my eyes and touched her shoulder, when I did, she shrugged me off.

I heard a faint voice in the distance, but I knew it was nothing, I tapped Ellen’s shoulder again, and when I did, I saw a pair of arms wrap around the two of us and pull us off the road. I screamed as I thought someone was trying to take us.

I made an uff noise as my body came into contact with the ground. Shit, twice in one week. I lifted my head up to see the bus pull back over to the right side of the road. My earphones were knocked out and I heard a voice to my side, it was mostly moaning, but I couldn’t talk, I was too, and my head hurt, I must have smashed it on the road when I was knocked over, I turned my head to the voice only to see Andy staring at Ellen… eww.  I rolled my eyes and sat up to see the other three boys come running up, I saw Felix and my heart skipped a beat. He was all dirty again; Jesus that boy took a shower less than four hours ago. Idiot, he saw me and his whole face lit up, but he frowned when he saw something around my stomach, shit, shit, shit, did my jumper and shirt roll up, I looked down to see Andy’s hand across me body… my face turned to absolute horror.

I jumped up straight from my spot on the ground, standing up, dusting myself off and walking straight over to Felix,

“Hi?” he looked at me as if asking why I was questioning myself,

“Hi yourself, are you okay?” he brought a hand up to my head and caressed my cheek, I moved into his hand, wanting more of him. I nodded,

“Yeah, I’m fine, but how come you’re all dirty ag…” I didn’t finish my sentence as I collapsed into Felix’s arms, his eyes widened as he caught me,

“SHIT, BLAKE!?” he sat us down on the ground my head on his legs, his heads went around to the back of my head, his face turned to pure and utter fear, he pulled his hands close to his face and stared at them, I sat up to see what he was staring at, I pulled his hands to me face and saw them crimson red. Blood red, I looked at his pants and saw the slight discolouration to them. Blood, he is covered in my blood, but how is that possible; I didn’t hit my head that hard, did i? I put down Felix’s hands down and put one of my own to the back of my head, I cupped it and felt the blood pouring out of it, it felt like a small gash, about 6cm long, it didn’t feel too deep but it was having too much blood coming out,

“Felix, calm down okay, I’m the one bleeding here, I need you okay?” he didn’t respond, he was infatuated with his hands, which were covered in my blood, great, in front of everyone… I crawled onto Felix Straddling his waist, that pulled his attention away from his hands to my face,

“Felix, I need you to talk to me can you do that?” he still didn’t respond, crap. I rolled my eyes and leaned over, putting my mouth to his ear,

“Felix, please…” he shivered, I quickly pulled back,

“Felix?” he just blinked, damn it, oh well, here goes nothing… and I leaned over kissing him on the cheek (Shiver), Nose (Shiver), corner of mouth, he shivered a third time but a small moan came after it, this time I fully kissed him on the lips and he responded straight away, kissing me with what seemed like most of his strength, I pulled away and he growled at me, pulling me back,

“Ahh, shit…” damn it, that wasn’t meant to come out. Felix stopped instantly. He shook his head as if realizing what he just did,

“Damn it Blake, I am so sorry, I didn’t mean for that to happen, we need to get you to the doctors,” my face went blank,

“Really, you just noticed?” he narrowed his eyes at me,

“If it weren’t for me you wouldn’t even be here,” that hurt like a punch to the chest, it hurt more than losing my brother, the first time. I scoffed and got of his lap,

“How fucking dare you? You know what, come find me when you stop being an ass Felix,” I leaned up giving him a kiss on the lips but not letting him kiss back and with that… I stalked off.

I kept on walking till I got home. I wasn’t too far but it was far enough to make me dizzy. I was amazed no one tried to stop me from leaving. Assholes… I walked up the path to my front door, when I looked up from the ground to see Oscar sitting there; he had little spots all over his face and hands. Eek, looks like the bees got him.

Wait why is Oscar here? I thought he hated me? I furrowed my eyebrows,

“Oscar, what are you doing here? I though you hated me?” the boy stood up and cleared his throat,

“I… I. Felixaskedmetocomeandapologisebecauseiwasbeingadickandwasreallyrudeandsoimsorry,” I shook my head, trying to stand up straight,

“Oscar, all I got out of that was Felix, dick and sorry. Can you say it again?”  His eyes widened in defeat, he nodded,

“Felix asked me to come and apologise because I was being a dick and was really rude and so I’m sorry. There… was that better?” I nodded, but winced. I put a hand to my head,

“Yeah fine, perfect, umm,” I couldn’t keep my eyes open, “is there, urr, anything else?” I opened my eyes again, he was quiet for a minute, and then shook his head,

“Nah that’s everything,” I smiled,

“Thanks but I have one question for you, do you know first aid?” he nodded, my smile left,

“Well, do you think you can help me?” and I pulled my hand away from my head and showed him all the blood, his eyes widened, and ran over to me,

“Holy hell! What happened?” I winced as he grabbed my head,

“I got tackled off the road, because I was almost hit by another car, and i…”                           

“Another car?” I nodded,

“Yeah, I was almost hit by one about three or four days ago, and Felix pulled me off the road… wait, there was earlier today when I collapsed on the road and this guy named Sammy came and picked me up, because the guy in the car didn’t see me, wow, cars must love trying to hit me… three times in one week, oww. Oscar…” I growled as Oscar touched the back of my head where the cut was,

“Come next door and I’ll fix it up the best I can,” I put my thumb up saying yep, and followed him, trying not to move my head.

When we got the house Oscar stopped me,

“My mum will get mad if I get blood all over the place, wait here and I will go get some tissues to stop the bleeding,” he didn’t give me a chance to respond as he ran off into the house. My legs left like jelly and I couldn’t stand up anymore. I leaned against the door and slid down it. Sorry about the blood Oscar. I closed my eyes and I felt like I was going to sleep, I felt like going to sleep. My head got more drowsy and my eyes started falling, when I heard footsteps, I turned my head to see Oscar coming back. He looked to see where I was meant to be, but saw me on the ground,

“Shit, Blake, you gotta get up,” I nodded,

“Yeah, I know, but its comfy, I want to sleep,” Oscar nodded,

“You can sleep once we clean you up, okay?” I nodded and used the door to push myself up, I saw a small puddle of blood sitting at the bottom of the door and sliding marks, all up and down the door itself.

“Sorry,” he rolled his eyes,

“It doesn’t matter right now; do you think you can hold your arm up long enough to make it to the bathroom?” I nodded and took the tissues from his grip, placing them on the back of my head, making sure to apply pressure.

Oscar wrapped my left arm around his neck, over his shoulder, holding onto it with his left, and putting his right around my waist. He practically dragged me to the bathroom; I couldn’t get my legs to function right.

I kept on apologising and didn’t stop, well, until Oscar threatened to put tape over my mouth… I then shut up after that.

Oscar made me sit down on the toilet, lid shut, and made me lean forward to he could get a good look at the gash. I winced as he touched certain spots, and fully cried out for others. Now it was Oscar turn to keep on saying sorry, and I let him because he felt he needed to, anyway, I was apologising for getting blood everywhere… stupid reason.

I started to get really drowsy again, but I guess it was good timing because Oscar asked me to sit up,

“Stay right there, and don’t fall asleep just yet,” I nodded and realised it didn’t hurt as much, wow, he’s good. When he came back, he was holding a small hand torch, a packet of something; I didn’t see what it was, and a cup.

When he came back in front of me, he put a finger up and asked me to follow it, as he said that, he shined the torch in my eyes. It didn’t really do anything except annoy me,

“Oscar, turn the torch off, it’s too bright,” he nodded,

“Okay, Blake, I think you have a concussion but I am going to give you some pain relief, is that okay? Can you take the tablets or do you want them in the drink?” I shrugged,

“Whichever ones easier,” he nodded and popped the pills in the cup and filled in up with water from the tap next to us. He held the cup to my mouth, making me take small sips until it was all gone. It felt better, I looked up at him, and he was taller than me now,

“Nap time?” I asked him, and he nodded,

“Yeah, nap time Blake, can you walk to a couch?” I nodded and stood up.

“Thank you Oscar, for everything.” I walked out of the bathroom, I walked into what looked like a lounge room, hmm, couch. Sleep, I laid down on the couch and let sleep overcome and start to make me think or magic and unicorns… weird, but nice, must be the meds…

Oscars P.O.V yay

I watched Blake stumble into the lounge room, and lay on a couch. I let out a breath; man that girl is so weird. Earlier today it seemed like she was trying to kill me, now she was basically begging for my help. Man, in the few days since I first saw her with Felix outside my house, she has gotten it pretty bad. I better go clean up the blood, before it stains.

I went into the kitchen pulling out a stain remover bottle and some wipes. It’s good she only got blood near the door. I furrowed my eyebrows; well I guess it isn’t good that she bled at all…

10 minutes later

I stood up; I’ve gotten most of the blood off now. There’s only a little bit up at the top, I sprayed the door when I heard yelling coming from next door, wait, not just any next door, Blake’s house… but who is it?

I walked out the front door walking over to the fence that divided my yard from Blake’s and saw Felix pounding on her front door,

“BLAKE LET ME IN! I KNOW YOU’RE IN THERE, JUST COME OUT, I NEED TO TALK TO YOU!” he kept on yelling the same thing over and over. I rolled my eyes, but when I did, I saw red all over Felix’s hands. No… is it? I walked around the fence and walked up to Felix; I stood about two metres away from him, and spoke up,

“She’s actually not in there. She isn’t ignoring you so stop being a dick,” Felix lashed around to see me standing there, his face changed as he became confused,

“What do you mean ‘She’s not in there’?” I rolled my eyes,

“I mean… she’s not in there, she over at my house, sleeping on the couch. I was sitting on the steps waiting for her to come back so I could apologise like you asked me to, and she was talking to me. Then she asked if I knew first aid, I nodded and said yeah. Then I took her next door and fixed her up, she may have a concussion, but she’s napping until it goes away. I was cleaning up the blood on the front door, when I heard you yelling. I came to see what it was; I saw your hands were red, so I wanted to know. Is it Blake’s?” he nodded,

“After Andy saved her and Ellen, she came up to me. We started to talk but she collapsed, I caught her, found what was wrong and… I dunno, I was like unresponsive, but she kissed me and I came out of it, then I accidentally hurt her head, and I said she needs a doctor, and she said no shit and got pissed and left. I didn’t know what to do. It was the third time she had left me just sitting there. She left me once, on this street, a few days ago. She said I had to forget about her, and then the next day I found her in Arcane Lane, in the back room, she was staying there for a bit. And we kissed for the first time and she then left me for a second time then, while we were kissing… then I went and got her back, but that was the only time I went after her straight away, well, actually, if you count a five minute delay as straight away. Then this last time, she left me sitting there, while she was hurt, and it was the first time she left me by being mad. I must have gone into shock or something because it took the boys a while to pull me out it, and so now here I am, coming to talk to her, but she isn’t here…” I nodded my head trying to take it all in. I closed my eyes trying to understand, but it was a bit too confusing for my liking,

“Are you okay Felix?” the poor guy was so hurt, nearly his whole body was shaking, he shook his head,

“Can I go see her?” I nodded,

“Sure, just don’t wake her up, she needs the sleep,” Felix nodded and lit up slightly, he smiled as brightly as a sad man could,

“Thank you Oscar, you’re a wonderful person.” I shook my head,

“No… Blake is,” and Felix smiled, a proper one this time. One that made me smile.

Felix’s P.O.V

I swear Oscar has kept me going for so long, I don’t know what I would do without him. It’s cooler now that he can walk. I missed this Oscar, he was never as happy in a wheelchair, and it was because of me.


I was sitting in the best spot ever. There’s tree at the park near mine and Oscars house, and when we can, we go and climb it. And from this spot, you can see all of Bremin. Only a small part of it was city. Most of it was forest, but it didn’t stop it from looking nice. I looked down to see Oscar just a few branches away from me,

“Come on Oscy, just a bit more, there’s the best view up here. KOREE!” I looked back down on Oscar, seeing him struggle a bit. He was up more than he was before,

“Come on, what’s there to be afraid of?” Oscar looked up at me and grinned, I grinned back at him. Its good having my brother be my best friend, he’s my only friend other than Ellen. But all of my thoughts came crashing down as I saw Oscar reach for a branch, but his hand slipped and his foot couldn’t find the lower branch again. My eyes widened and terror struck both of our faces. We both yelled out each other names simultaneously, we both reached out for each other grabbing each other hands, I tried to pull him up but I didn’t have the  strength, I could only hold on to him. Oscar looked down to see that both of his legs and arms weren’t touching any part of the tree,

“FELIX! Don’t let go,” I shook my head,

“I’m never letting go,” but I couldn’t say that, I could feel his hands sliding out of mine, not willingly,

“OSCAR!” I yelled out as I watch my best friend and brother plummet to the ground.

*End of Flashback*

It was all I could think about now a days, it’s sad because he doesn’t remember it. Well he does, just at home, where he is still in a wheel chair. Being pushed around by us all. I never wanted any of this to ever happen. As I walked up to the door, I saw a massive smudge of blood on the front door, shit, it must have been worse than I thought. I walked in to the familiar house, one that I was just in earlier today, it looked the same aside from the blood and a small smell of lemon, okay… it wasn’t small, it was huge, and it was burning my nostrils. I walked into the lounge room to see Blake splayed out like dead person; she sleeps so weirdly, when we first got lost, she had herself splayed out then. But I cuddled up to her and she went into more of a normal position. I smiled as she made a weird sound in her sleep.  I sat where her head was on the couch, slowly lifting it up, making her wince… crap. I sat her head back down on my lap and sat there, I brushed her hair out of her face,

“I am so fucking sorry Blake, I didn’t mean to hurt you,” a single tear ran down my cheek as I said this, I kissed the top of her head. And getting comfortable on the couch, being considerate of Blake’s head. And with that, I fell asleep, and it was a good sleep.

Blake’s P.O.V

My head was pounding, and there was a smell burning my nostrils and another one that was making my stomach growl. I could feel pain all over my body, it hurt… a lot, I felt something move beside me and I sat up. It was Felix; he had had one arm around, over my back and waist, and the other I was laying on like a pillow. He was so cold. But how? I was overheating in my jumper; I pulled it off and laid it on Felix, like last time. I smiled and got up off the couch, Felix stirred and mumbled out,

“Blake… don’t go,” I shook my head and smiled at him, I fully got off the couch and Felix flipped,


“I LOVE YOU, I CANT LIVE WITHOUT YOU BLAKE, PLEASE DON’T LEAVE!” my eyes widened as I stared at the poor boy, I leaned over wincing at the pain but ignoring it, I placed my heads on the sides of his head, wrapping one in his hair and the other stroking his face,

“I can never leave you Felix, please believe me. I can’t live without you,” my poor boy stopped freaking out and calmed down,

“Blake…” and fell back asleep. I got off Felix and walked into the kitchen, only to see Oscar arguing with Kathy, his mum. I cleared my throat and the two Fernes turned to stare at me. Kathy’s face turned from one of anger to one of force politeness,

“Hi, you must be Blake, Oscar was just telling me about you. Did you have a nice sleep?” I nodded but winced, Oscars eyes widened, he ran over to a cupboard pulling out some more pills, and then went to the sink to grab a cup and fill it up. I smiled,

“Thanks Oscar, you’ve been a great help. For everything today, I really needed it,” Oscar smiled back,

“Anything for a friend,” both his mother and I were taken aback. Wow… just earlier today he hated my guts and now I’m his friend? Oh brother… Kathy’s face turned truly nice after she heard Oscar’s words,

“Sorry, young lady, I haven’t introduced myself, I’m Kathy Ferne, sorry about our argument, did we wake you?” I shook my head,

“No Kathy, it was the pain. See I’m a bit accident prone, I was walking with a friend down the road, and a bus had swerved into the lane I was on, and both pair of us didn’t notice, but someone came and pulled us off the road, but I hit the ground a tad harder than my friend, and I hit my head on something. And it turned out my other friend Andy was the one that saved me, and then my other two friends and boyfriend showed up, asking if we were okay. Then I got angry at my boyfriend, who is now in the lounge room asleep on the couch, I don’t actually know when he got here… Oscar, when did Felix? You know, rock up?” Oscar furrowed his brows in thought,

“About 10 minutes after you fell asleep, so… about three hours ago.” I nodded taking it all in,

“Thanks, and so I woke up a few minutes ago, and I smelled food so I came to find it, but was also looking for more pain killers and Oscar, so he could give them to me, and so now here we are. But I better be getting home now, I have been here too long. So thanks Oscar, for the first aid, probably wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you. And sorry about the mess,” Oscar waved my apology off,

“It doesn’t matter, I got rid of it all anyway. But what are you going to do with Felix?” I turned my head in the general direction of where my sleeping boyfriend was residing,

“I’ll just wake him up and take him home, he needs the sleep but I don’t want to dump him on you, so I’ll see you later Oscy. Thanks Mrs Ferne,” I waved them as I walked out of the room and into the lounge room, where I saw a very cute boy stirring. Great perfect timing; I walked over to him and sat next to him,

“Felix, wake up, it’s time to go home,” Felix reached his hand out searching for something, I picked it up and put it to my cheek, he brushed his thumb across my cheek,

“Blake,” he moaned… what? He started to get fussier and was making more noise, they were moans and grunts, and they were the bad ones too. I accessed his body, it was all dirty and lightly covered in light brown dirt and on his shirt and jacket little drops of blood, but what stood out on his shirt was a necklace. He didn’t have it earlier, it looked familiar, I picked it up and held it in my palm, and this caused my dreaming boy to wake up. He turned his head to stare at me and he blushed, I smirked.

“Nice dream?” he thought about what he was dreaming about, blushing again he nodded. I put down the necklace and accessed the rest of his body, his pants, even though they were black, you could see where all the blood was, it was right near his crotch, and so I thing I also saw was a little visitor… whoa. I had to bite my lip from letting out a moan then and there. I composed myself,

“Felix, I was just waking you up to tell you we were heading back home, you coming?” he nodded; he didn’t seem to be doing much talking. We got up and walked to the door, I yelled through the house a good bye and followed Felix the few metres to my house, I opened the front door opening it and walking inside, I held the door open for Felix, when he was in the house I closed the door, locking it. I turned around to face Felix to only come face to face with him. Whoa, he was close. He took a step towards me and I took one away, but I couldn’t walk all the way because the door was stopping me. I lifted my head up the tiny bit I so that I am able to look Felix in the eye. He place on arm on the door next to me and the other went to my waist. I resisted another moan,

“What are you doing to me Blake?” I shook my head,

“I don’t know, what am I doing Felix?” he smiled,

“You make me feel complete, don’t ever leave me,” I frowned,

“I won’t, its hurts me to leave you too you know,” he nodded,

“But now I don’t have to worry about that anymore,” I cocked my head confused,

“Why,” he smiled,

“Because your mine,” I smiled too at his words,

“Let’s go upstairs,” Felix nodded and let me go from the wall, I walked down the passage to the rope in the roof, pulling it down and climbing up, Felix quickly followed.

I moved out of the way allowing Felix to come into my room properly, I smiled as he looked around amazed, and I think it’s all the Wicca. My room wasn’t small, but it wasn’t large either. There was a queen sized bed in the far corner, it had black doona cover with dark blue sheets and pillows, and it wasn’t made so it was a mess. In another corner there was a tall dresser and a small one next to it. Felix started to walk over to it.

Felix’s P.O.V

I was amazed in what Blake’s room looked like, it was dark, but there was fairy lights hanging around most of the place, in places there weren’t, there was candles. The room smelled of honey and peppermint, like Blake. I smiled, I saw some draws in the far corner of the room, I started to walk over to them, I wanted to know if she had any other clothes other than her black hoodies and band t-shirts.

I opened the first draw and closed it instantly. Underwear… woops, I opened the next one and saw a bunch of band t-shirts. Not what I was looking for. I closed it again and opened the third draw; the first thing I saw was a sky blue singlet top, perfect. I pulled it out and threw it towards Blake,

“Put it on,” I demanded. She shook her head,

“NO! I can’t. I,” she was going to say more but cut herself off,

“I don’t want you to see me… I… I just can’t,” I looked at her,

“Blake, you are perfect, please just try it on, for me? If you own it, it must fit you.” I was pleading. I don’t know why, but all I wanted was to see her in this shirt, stared at her. She caved, ripping the shirt from my hands, I smirked. Blake rolled her eyes at me,

“Turn around Felix, I’ll show you once I have it on.” I shook my head, what the hell is wrong with me, this girl, standing in front me. All I can ever do is think about, and when she’s with me, I just don’t want to let her go. I feel like this girl is the cherry to my pie, my guardian angel, my heart, my soul, my gift and my curse. I feel that if I close my eyes close, for just a bit too long, all of this would be dream, I feel that show would never of come with us. I smile, this girl is my everything, and I have to tell her. I will after she gets the shirt on,

“Okay, I’ll turn around, but be quick,” she nodded and turned her back to me, I followed. I heard the shuffling of her feet moving on the spot, I heard something drop to the floor. I knew I shouldn’t, but I took a peak over my shoulder, I looked at her back, she only had a black bra on. I smiled as my pants became tighter, she had a pale body, and she had small curves, but they suited her. I looked all up and down her back, but I saw something I would never expect to see, the spiral… WHAT THE FUCK! How does she have that? It was mostly on her back but went over onto her arm a bit; I never saw the bit of it on her arm, that’s why she always kept it covered up! I vaguely remember seeing her always pulling down her sleeves whenever her hoodie wasn’t on. It’s not something I remember well. Wait, I think I remember seeing it, it was just a little black curve, I remember asking her about it, I think she said it was just a birth mark, yeah, she said it was a birth mark.

I got up off the bed and traced it; I couldn’t let her know that I had seen it before,

“Is that your birth mark you were talking about?” she turned around, eyes wide, she pulled the shirt in front of her, as to cover the front half of her body. She nodded,

“Yeah, you remembered,” she smiled slightly, I smiled too,

“Yeah, I could never forget anything about you. Everything about you is perfect, and that birth mark, just shows how perfect you are. But I have one question, do you know what the birth mark is, because I have seen it before, multiple times actually, I saw it once, in Phoebes book, and again around my shack. Tell me, do you know what it means?” she shook her head vigorously, she knows. The way she reacted to me asking,

“Yeah, but it’s…” she stopped… looked up into her eyes, HOLY FUCK THEY’RE BLACK!

“BLAKE, WHATS GOING ON?” she was so calm, how?

“Felix, calm down I’m having a vision, please don’t freak, everything is fi… AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Blake was pushed back by an invisible force,

“BLAKE HOLY FUCK!” I ran over to her, getting on my knees and sitting her up. She groaned, and it was music to my ears, thank god she’s okay,

“Blake can you hear me? What happened to you?” I noticed as I looked down her body, I saw scratches and spots; it looked like she was attacked by birds or something,

“Blake, tell me, what did you see?” Blake opened her eyes, they were back to her normal, thank god, and she looked at me,

“Crows, lots of them, they are going to attack, soon I believe. Felix, you have to go back to the shack, I will be fine here, just that’s where you have to be, act surprised when help shows up, okay, you’re the only one other than Phoebe and Alice, that knows I have magic here. Please be safe, I will fine as long as I don’t leave the house,” Holy crap, do her visions always hurt her? I looked at her arms and saw familiar bumps, it was the bees, but, she never got stung, me and Oscar didn’t get stung until after we got to Phoebes, so how did she?

“Blake, how did you get stung by the bees, your spell lasted till we got to Phoebes, but then the stupid talisman didn’t work so we got stung, but how did you? None of the bees even got inside,” Blake rolled her eyes, it doesn’t matter, she went and picked up the shirt I was going to make her wear, and put it on, whoa, the blue made her pale skin seem brighter, move alive, and it brought out her violet eyes,

“Felix, stop staring and get back to your shack, now go before I turn you into something gross.” Crap, she didn’t sound happy, she actually sounded really serious; I nodded giving her a peck on the lips, wanting it to be more, and ran out of her room, and out the house. And right before I went through the front door, I heard the one thing I love coming out of her mouth faintly,

“I LOVE YOU FELIX!” I kept on smiling as I ran all the way back to the shack, and hopefully, Andy and Jake will be back with food, I saw the shack and started to walk, I got rid of the smile, and walked up to the shack, dreading having to be back, wow, I guess that thought made it easy to stop smiling, well. Here goes nothing.

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