Nowhere Boys and Their Nowhere Girl

Blake Wesley is a goth, but a goth with a big secret. She's a witch. But is that all she is?
After being saved by someone she desperately needs, what happens when they all disappear, from this world... The other she left with, are living in a shack, fighting demons and stealing. While Blake is living the life, she always wanted.
But when it's time for the boys to come home, what happens when Blake doesn't want to go home?


7. Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Visions, Tears and the 5th boy

Blake’s P.O.V

“PHOEBE!” I ran straight into the beads and into Phoebes room, I stopped and screamed myself when I saw a young boy standing there, he had a white sleeveless hoodie that was on his head covering his face, like me, a long sleeved red shirt on underneath with dirty faded blue cut off shorts. He looked familiar, and he had the same blue aura

“You pushed me on to the road earlier, you tried to kill me, kid what’s going through your mind?” the kid lifted his head up to look at me,

“Wait, you’re alive? And you can see me? But she said no one can see through tears, but if I can, that means only some people can, and that means… wait, you, the normal looking one that isn’t in pain or the one I tried to hurt, I recognise you,” the boy furrowed his brows, thinking hard, his head popped up in realization,

“You look like the woman in the puddle, and the talisman, you sound kinda like her too, how is that possible?” Phoebe stared at the boy,

“What’s her name?” the boy was silent,

“I don’t know, she never told me, but she’s nice, she’s trying to help me get out of here. I’m in the negative space, I don’t belong here and something is trying to kill me, the darkness said if I kill you I can go home, but my attempt failed, the woman told me not to, but all I want to do is go home, I miss my father and all I want to do is see him,” the boy began to sob and his pocket started to glow,

“Alice, my name is Alice, Phoebe is that you?”  Phoebe stared at the boy’s pocket, a hand came to her mouth to cover her sob, and her eyes welled up in tears,

“Alice is it really you?” the boy pulled the glowing object out of his pocket and showed us the talisman,

“Yes my dear sister, is Blake with you?” my eyes widened at her mentioning me,

“Alice? I got your letter, I’m here now and… and” I couldn’t finish my sentence because I too was crying; Phoebe knew what I was going to say,

“And you can come home now right?” every though we could not see her, we could tell she was shaking her head,

“I don’t not know if I can come home yet, I have been trapped by the darkness, in its lair and this young boy will save me, I should be able to get us home I must use the talisman he found, it is the only way. But please my dear sisters, both you and Blake Phoebe, family and bond, I love you both,” both Phoebe and I were weeping, we looked at each other, and said,

“Perpetuas aeternitates Alice, you love you too,” just as the portal started to close, the boy started freaking out,

“Wait what I grab her and swap places with her, will that work? Please, I just to go see my dad help me Bla…” but the end of my name was cut off by the portal closing. Man, that kid actually wanted to go home, but how did he get to where Alice did? I turned to look at Phoebe, but all I saw was blackness, Phoebe saw me and started freaking out,

“BLAKE, WHATS GOING ON?” I tried to talk but it didn’t work, I just pushed her away, and I was sucked into my next vision.

I opened my eyes, to see I was lying on the ground in an unfamiliar room; I sat up and saw most of the room was covered in black. It’s a bedroom, weird; these dreams are getting so annoying. I stood up and walked over to the door, I tried to walk though it like I can normally do, but I walked straight into in and it shook. Wait… I’m corporeal? But I can do anything in visions, how is it possible?

I put my hand up to the door and pulled the handle, the door slid open and I walked out, wait, I was here earlier. Its Felix’s house, and that was his bedroom, I see it now. But wait, that means I’m having a vision of the other world. Okay… this day just get weirder and weirder. I saw Mrs Ferne coming up to me,

“Hi, are you a friend of Felix?” I nodded, my eyes widening, freaky, she can see me. She nodded her head to me, as if to say, name? I shook my head in realization,

“Oh, sorry, my names Blake, Felix invited me over the other day and said to go into the backyard where his room was, but he mustn’t be here yet, oh well, I’ll just go,” and started to walk off my Mrs Ferne stopped me,

“Oh it’s okay Blake, he’s just taken Oscy for a walk or a push,” tears welled up in her eyes and she almost started crying, “He will be back soon, so just go wait in his room, I will tell him you’re here, kay?” I nodded and walked back to his room. Wow, I never new such a kind woman, can be broken down so easily. I felt sorry for the poor woman, my eyes widened,

“Mrs Ferne, sorry I’m so stupid, I’ve forgotten the date, could you please tell me; I’m a bit daft sometimes.” She nodded and smiled,

“Yeah, don’t worry I forget too sometimes, it is… the 21st of June,” WHAT? I WENT BACK IN TIME?!

“Okay, thanks Mrs Ferne,” on the outside I was calm, but on the inside I was freaking out, how the hell is it 5 months in the past?

I re-opened the door to Felix’s room and had a look around, the walls were a creamy white, and obviously he wasn’t a loud to paint them. But there were Black posters coving most of the white walls of bands and photos of him and his family. Wow, even though they seemed like the hated each other, he still loves them; I noticed there were barely any photos of him and Ellen. Weird, I thought they were going out?

Other than the posters and photos, they were the only interesting thing in Felix’s room. I sat down on his small double bed, which had Blood red sheets and a black doona cover. I laid back and smiled, his bed smelled like him. My eyes widened, that doesn’t at all sound weird… but it did, and it was nice, man I miss that boy.

I sat up as I heard noises coming from outside, Felix and Oscar must be home, I hopped up off the bed, fixed it up and quickly ran outside and sat on the chair on the little front porch, I made sure my hood was covering my face and I looked up to see Felix staring at me, he was glaring at me,

“Who the hell are you and what do you want?” I gulped, scary, shit, I have never seen him this mad… who is he and what has he done with Felix?

“My names Bla… Wesley, Wesley Brown,” he didn’t believe me, shit,

“Whatever, just leave, I don’t want to even know why you’re here,” and with saying that he pushed past me, damn it, I must be corporeal for a reason,

“I can make the spell work!” shit did that actually come out of my mouth? His eyes lit on fire and he grabbed my arm, pushing me up against the wall, throwing his forearm over my neck. Shit, I can’t breathe, crap, mad Felix and powerful Felix, he really is a witch, so it wasn’t just me that sent us here, he did too,

“How the hell do you know about that?” I was running out of breath and my hands went up to his arms and pulled them down,

“I’m a witch too, I can get the spell to work but you have to trust me. But that i… mean let… me go…” my vision started to become black and I started to fall to the side, damn it that stupid boy.

The fire in Felix’s eyes stopped when he realised I wasn’t faking it, he pulled his arm away, grabbing a hold of my shoulders and pulling me into his room, setting me down on the bed. I sat there waiting until I stopped seeing double. Felix pulled up a chair and sat in front of me, and he just sat there, not moving not blinking, just staring.

When all the oxygen had returned to my head, I nodded at Felix and he knew what I meant,

“How can you help my spell to work?” he cocked his head at me as if even in the back of his brain, alarm systems were still going off. He had never seen me before; he didn’t know how to react,

“First we’ll try it at dark, that’s when the spell works, and then we’ll see what else needs to be done,” Felix nodded and stared getting some stuff ready.

I laid down on the bed and waited in silence until sundown, I sat up and stared at Felix,

“Let’s try it,” he nodded at me and moved over to a table, must be his altar, on the table was a steel bowl, Must be his cauldron, there was also a candle, unlit with  his lighter next to it, a bottle of water, a small plant, and a Japanese hand fan… hmm, makes sense, air. But he’s missing one, sprit, I moved over to the window to see Oscar had wheeled himself outside and was looking in through the window; I smiled and put my finger to my lips telling him to be quiet.

I turned away and walked from the window, okay, he has all five, and it will make the spell stronger. But Felix didn’t need to know that, he cast the spell without it anyway,

“Okay, first we have to form a circle around the altar, and join hands,” we did as I said, and I shivered when we touched hands, his hands were really hot, I don’t know how but they just were,

“Okay, now what lady?” I rolled my eyes at his stupidity,

“My name is Blake, don’t be an ass Felix or I won’t help you,” his eyes widened and he nodded his head in understanding,

“Good, now we say the spell thrice,” he let go of my hands to grab his book, I grabbed his hand back, I don’t need it, I know the spell,” if possible, Felix’s eyes were wider than before. We took a deep breath in and said the spell thrice,

“'Water, fire, earth and air. Water, fire, earth and air. Are the elements that we all share. Are the elements we all share. Water wash our sins away. Earth guide us to our place. Wind brings with it fear. Flames of fire we must face. Walk upon this earth again. Walk upon this earth again,” we said it twice more. Nothing seemed to of happened, but something did. I could tell, everything felt different, Felix scowled,

“It didn’t work… now what?” I growled at him,

“It’s not my fault, I was just guessing. Okay, take two, we can’t do it here and now, but you need potentials, the other elements, it should be easy, but you have do it yourself, no one can help you, study people, watch them closely, but don’t let them k…” I felt something pulling me, and everything was going dark again. Felix flipped,


“Do worry, I’m going back to where I was, I don’t think you’ll remember seeing me, but you will remember what I told you, Bye Felix, I…” both my leaving and my brain stopped me from finishing that sentence because the scenery changed. Wait what? I’m back in the ranges, how is that possible? Crap, now I have to find my way out of here. Shit, oh well, better start now. I started my hike out of this stupid forest, great and its dark, even worse.

After about ten minutes I wanted to give up, but I found a trial, bingo. Wait, this is where the boys and I got lost last time… huh? There was a thundering sound from behind me; I turned around to see the same tornado as last time,

“AHHHHHHHH, SHIT!” and I bolted the opposite way again. I kept on running till I saw the trail Sam made us run into, good, this is where we lost it last time, and where we found Roland. I stopped for a few seconds; I couldn’t hear the tornado anymore. Good, no more exercise. I kept on walking till I came to a familiar campsite, but it was slightly different, there were tents and more clothes, smaller clothes. Weird.

“Who the hell are you?” I lashed around to see him again, the other boy, wait, he’s here, in my old world,

“Time, what’s the time?” he furrowed his brow, and looked at a small watch on his wrist,

“6:28pm, why?” holy shit, we cast the spell at 6:30, whoa, so this is how he ended up in the negative space, I sent him there, holy shit, I really am a bitch.

“6:29, is there some reason you’re here lady, cause if so, you might want to talk to my dad, I can go get him if you want,” I shook my head,

“I am so sorry, I didn’t mean to do anything, what’s your name?” god I hoped he would tell me. He shuffled a bit, not wanting to tell me his name,

“My names -----, and yours is?” -----, I am so sorry kid,

“I’m Blake, and I am so fucking sorry, please stay strong, and you won’t remember this, but please try to remember, that I am so fucking sorry, I didn’t mean for any of this to happen to you,” as I finished saying that, I heard mine and Felix’s voices float through the air saying the spell,

“Oi, Blake what’s going on?” I shook my head as my hand came to my mouth, I used my other one to pull my hood off, he did the same, oh god, it was him.

The boy had crystal white hair, with a black fringe and two strips in the back of his head, with glowing yellow eyes, he was basically skin and bones on his face, I can’t tell the rest of him, aside from his lower legs which were the same,

“Blake, you look just like me, only opposite, how?”  Tears were falling freely down my face now,

“Oh, god -----, why, how could I do this to you? I can’t believe you’re still alive. Is he okay?” ----- looked at me, confused?

“Who are you talking about?” I didn’t want to say it,

“Papa, dad. Is he okay?” ----- nodded,

“He’s fine, but I am worried about…” as he was talking the tear opened up behind him, “You are everything okay? Do you need help?” I started crying even harder as the tear opened up wider. I pulled ----- into my chest and held him tight,

“-----, I love you, and please god stay safe, I can’t believe I did this to you. I will get you home, and then I will get you back, I promise -----, please say you trust me,” he nodded,

“Say it -----, say it!” his eyes widened,

“Yes, I trust you,” I kissed the top of his head and held him at an arm’s length. He was up to my shoulders, god, he was so big. I was staring into his eyes, when he screamed. Shit the tear! I grabbed a hold of his hands, trying to pull him back,

“NO! -----!”  His whole face was terrified now,

“BLAKE, DON’T LET GO! PLEASE DON’T LET GO!” I shook my head,

“I am never letting you go again, never ----- got it?” he nodded, as terrified as I was. I smiled at him, I saw something to my right move, ----- saw it too, his eyes widened, scared I was going to let go,

“-----, please don’t be sc…” I couldn’t finish my sentence because I was tackled from the side,


“-----------------------------------------, PLEASE COME BACK!” the tear was closing.

I stopped breathing as the tear closed,

“NOOOOOOOOOOOO! -----” I turned to see what tackled me, it wasn’t moving, I moved over to it and started punching it,

“NO, HOW COULD YOU? I HE I he he I just got him back, and you made me let go, I swore I would never let go of him again, but you… you…” I couldn’t finish, my head and heart hurt, the man rolled over grabbing a hold of my wrists,

“Stop it you stupid girl, that was my son, I figured if I made you let go, he would be safe. You made me lose my fucking son you little bitch!” I man tackled me again, I saw his face,

“Papa?” his eyes widened,

“Blakey girl?” I nodded,

“Wait, your names Roland?” he nodded,

“You didn’t know?’” I shook my head,

“Oh papa, so this is who you so glad I found you. He’ll come home I promise, ----- will come home. Trust me Papa. I…” shit every things going black again,

“Papa, I gotta go now, don’t worry about either of us, we will be fine, I promise you. I love…” I couldn’t finish my sentence because I was ripped back to my world and out of my old one, and away from my father. I closed my eyes as I felt like I was flying, I stayed calm, it was easy, simple.

When I opened my eyes I saw Phoebe sitting a few metres away from me on the wall, crying, shit… what now?

“Phoebe?” my voice was horce, hm, weird, I was just using it was few minutes ago. Phoebe looked at me and cried in relief, I sat up, and part of the office was trashed,

“Holy shit Blake, I thought you were dead,” she crawled over to me and grabbed me pulling me into a bear hug. Shit, can’t breathe again,

“Pheebs, kinda need my lungs back to live, but I can’t use ‘em when you’re crushing ‘em,” Phoebe pulled away and nodded,

“Sorry, it’s just… Blake…” she paused, as if she was scared to tell me,

“You’ve been unconscious for twelve hours…”

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