Nowhere Boys and Their Nowhere Girl

Blake Wesley is a goth, but a goth with a big secret. She's a witch. But is that all she is?
After being saved by someone she desperately needs, what happens when they all disappear, from this world... The other she left with, are living in a shack, fighting demons and stealing. While Blake is living the life, she always wanted.
But when it's time for the boys to come home, what happens when Blake doesn't want to go home?


6. Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Visions and demons?

Blake P.O.V

Shit, what the hell is going on with my visions? This sort of stuff has never happened before. Well, I guess it did, but when that happened I was asleep, so I can’t be 100% if it was a dream or a vision. And when it did happen. I thought I was Felix, I felt like I was Felix. Man, I need to talk to Phoebe about this. Maybe she knows something from Alice’s Book of Shadows. I need to get there, and fast!

But wait… she might still be helping Felix and Oscar. Damn it, anyway, by the time it would take me to walk there. She should be done with them, right? Screw it, I need to be there, I need to be there now! I ran over to my front door, ripping it open, grabbing my keys from the table next to my front door, running out it slamming it shut behind me, I don’t care if I locked the door, there’s nothing in there of extreme importance. Other than my Wiccan items. But I there’s a high chance that no one’s going to want to steal any of my Wiccan stuff. Phoebes labelled a freak because of it. But she has the ability to walk about the town and not be scared of anything happening to her, Bremin is the safest place I know. Ok, I don’t know anywhere else so I can’t talk…

I kept on running I never stopped, I kept running through town, I put my hand on my head to make sure my hood was still there, good, still on, so what are people staring at, it’s not like they can see my face. I stopped running to turn and look at all of them; they looked away and acted as if they were never looking at me in the first place. Idiots… I continued my running and they continued their staring.

‘Don’t look at them, they aren’t your problem right now,’ I listened to the voice and kept on running. I rounded a corner and stopped. I looked around to make sure no one was there. I leaned against the wall, winded. Okay, I really want my glitch back now, if I did. I wouldn’t have to do all this running.

I rolled my eyes, making me think back to the voice I heard, I know it was in my head. But the thing is… it wasn’t my voice, I know who it belonged to, I just can’t pin point the voice… Alice? No, she hasn’t been able to contact any of us. How could she do it now? But anyway, I know the voice wasn’t female or male. That’s a fact. But then, who could it of been? I know, for a fact, 1. The voice was indescribable, 2. It was some I knew, but that was it. I have one question though,

Was it from someone I know, or someone from my past? But I know I’ve heard the voice before, it sounded a lot like… Sam or maybe mum? But it wasn’t their exact voices, but close, maybe one of their relatives I met or I don’t know.

All I know is that this thinking is hurting my head. Wait… right now everything’s hurting my head. But why? I have so many questions, but hopefully Phoebe can answer them. I shook my head to get rid of all the unwanted thoughts and began running again, god I hope I don’t make a habit of this. Actually, I think I should, I need to be fit, whoa? Where did that thought come from, I don’t want to be fit. I want to be a couch potato all my life, exercising is stupid; all it does is wear you out. Where are these thoughts and behaviours coming from? I’m not actually a fit person. My visions wear me out enough thanks; I don’t need running to take the rest of my energy. I rolled my eyes, standing up straight, pushing off from the wall, I stared running down the street. I looked at my surroundings as I ran by, good, but a few blocks till I get to Phoebes. Man, I never knew running was so much hard work.

I puffed and pushed myself to run all the way to Phoebes. By now the shop was in my view. I was about to cross the road, when I saw a small figure surrounded by blue, that someone pushed me on to the other road. I was airborne for a bit. I screamed, I was going head first. Wait no stop, I screamed even louder, as my head came in contact with the cement. Shit, I sat up to see down the road with blurry eyes. I saw a shape, I couldn’t make it out. Damn it, my head did a full 360 and I fainted. Shit…

Unknown P.O.V

I was just walking down the street when I saw a black figure run around the corner just in front of me. I stopped to let it pass. Man whoever he was he must be fast, like inhumanly fast. They stopped at the next crossing, and then took a step out only to go flying the other way. I heard him scream… it’s a girl? Freaky, I don’t recognize the voice, but it was flawless. Even when it was screaming, I saw the girl sitting up on the road; she just sat there, not moving. She turned her head down the road, holy shit there a car coming straight for her and she’s not moving,

“OI, MOVE THERES A CAR!” she mustn’t have heard me because afterwards she blacked out. Crap, I looked back to see the car not stopping, shit and the girls knocked out cold, they’re going to kill her… screw it. Dropping my board, I ran out there as fast as I could. I got to the middle of the road and picked the poor girl up… man she’s light. When she was safe in my arms, I pulled her close and ran to the other side of the road; I felt the car skim past me, slamming on the brakes cursing at me. I laid the girl on the grass and sat down next to her. Man, for some reason I felt winded. The man in the car got out and stood right in front of me,

“Oi, kid, what do you think you’re doing running out in front of my car like that, I could of hit you. What was going through your head?” I growled,

“Excuse me for trying to save this poor girls life! You almost hit her. She would be dead right now if I didn’t run and pick her up. She was crossing the road when she g… just collapsed. She sat up so I thought she was fine then she fell again. How could you of not seen it?” the poor man’s eyes widened,

“Wait, I know that hoodie, wait, I know this girl. Her names Blake, she got lost in the ranges a few days ago with 4 boys, I haven’t seen any of them since. She was in perfect health when I last saw her, so I don’t know what could have made her collapse. Anyway, thanks for that kid, if you didn’t save her, I would have accidentally killed her. And it would have been worse considering she’s a friend. By the way what’s your name kid, you seem nice?” I turned my head to look at Blake, she started to stir,

“Sammy, my names Sammy,” the man nodded.

Blake’s P.O.V

I heard voices around me, one of which I recognized but the other I didn’t,

“Mmy, my names Sammy” I kept my eyes closed, and fidgeted again,

“I’m Roland, I need to get home now, so when she wakes up, can you tell her Roland says sorry,” I peeked through my lashes to see the boy, Sammy nod, and smile. I watched Roland get back in his car and drive off. As soon as he did I sat up, opening my eyes, the boys Sammy turned to face me, and a look of relief came over his face,

“Holy shit you’re awake, Are you okay?” I slowly nodded my eyes finally got a good look of him. He had dark brown hair with chocolate eyes, and straight white teeth. His chin was square and he looks familiar… SAM. He looks like Sam? How?

“Sorry, I don’t know what happened, I was going to a friend, I had some questions for her and next thing I know, I was on the road. And my head really hurt, and then I was here… how did I…”

“I picked you up and put you there. A car almost hit you, I saw what happened Blake. You went flying through the air, landing on your head. I was the only one to see, even the man Roland, didn’t see you, he almost hit you. He was the one to tell me your name. Blake, I would of thought you were a guy if I hadn’t heard you scream or talk,” what the hell is this guy going on about? I put my hand up to stop him,

“Dude, chill. I’m fine, so stop freaking out and get on with your life. I guess I’ll see you at school. Bye Sammy,” I got up and started towards Phoebe’s shop, which was right across the street, let’s just hope I can make it this time. I got to the curb, about to step off when someone, or should I say Sammy grabbed my arm pulling me back, I rolled my eyes,

“What now Sammy?” he looked hurt,

“Sorry, I was just wondering if you wanted me to take you to where you are going, so you don’t, you know, hurt yourself again?” my mouth formed an ‘oh’ shape,

“Sorry, I’m not used to people talking to me, so I’m a bit rude. But if that’s all you wanted to do, sure. But our only going to be crossing the street, my friends lives and works just there,” I pointed to the magic shop. Sammy eyes followed my hand and he looked at the shop,

“Hm, it not every day you meet someone who wants to go in that shop for a reason other than candles and beads. My girlfriend Mia goes in there for beads sometimes, but I remember a few days ago, she mentioned something about a girl having a panic attack. That’s also something you don’t see every day,”

“That was me,” Sammy’s eyes widened and he looked at me,

“You were the one who had a panic attack?” I nodded,

“Not that, that matters, shall we go to the shop now? Cause I really need to see Phoebe,” Sammy nodded and we walked the 20 metres to Phoebes shop.

I laughed,

“Well, here we are. Thanks for saving my life, I guess I’ll see you at school yeah?” he nodded,

“Yeah, I haven’t seen you there before so you’re starting later this week yeah? Because it’s a Saturday now,” I nodded,

“Yeah, I’ll see you then, Blake…” I laughed,

“Wesley, Blake Wesley,” I pulled my keys out of my jacket, “later, Sammy Conte,” and with that I shoved my keys in the door and let myself in. Sammy stood outside of the door staring in, mouthing,

‘How’d you know my name?’

“I have a brain moron, Bye,” and with that I walked into the back room. I turned to see Sammy still standing at the door staring at me, I rolled my eyes and pointed my arm, telling him to go away. He shook his head and stood his ground, I pulled my arm down, giving up, damn it, now he’s not going to leave…

I shrugged and walked into the back room without giving Sammy a second glance. As I walked down the familiar hallway, something felt wrong.

‘Blake, come home.’ Holy mother of what?! It’s the voice again, wait a minute. It is my mother… how the hell, how did she find me? I don’t even exist here. How in the name of all things Wiccan did she find me?

I couldn’t comprehend what was going on, I stumbled into the back room, using the walls to support myself, how? Who? When?


Phoebes P.O.V


I just pulled up at my shop to hear screaming. But who could have… BLAKE! She’s the only one who could have gotten in, what happened? I ripped my keys out of my car and tried to open the door. Crap, it’s jammed. Wait, back door. I climbed over into the back seat and pulled the handle, what the hell. Window? I grabbed the trigger, damn it, jammed as well.

I locked in my car, great, this day is horrible, first, I had to save two stupid boys, one of which robbed me, well ‘borrowed’ Alice’s book. That didn’t make me very happy. Then I had to give him Alice’s Talisman, now I have to prove he has magic and I am currently locked in my car, well van. While something is happening to Blake inside. I sat down, resting my back against the door, hitting my head on it, I heard a click. The screaming also stopped. BLAKE! I ripped open the door grabbing my keys from the front and running to my door, it was unlocked. Good, I ripped the door open and did a quick look around; she must be in the back, I dropped everything in my hands, aka my keys and ran straight past the counter, under the beads and into the passage way, where I saw Blake curled up into a ball. I ran over to her, getting on my knees, grabbing her head, I checked her pulse. Good, still breathing.

“Blake, Blake, can you hear me? Come on girly, open your eyes. Look it’s me, Phoebe, your best friend. Come on Blake I need you, but someone else needs you more, Felix, he needs you, come on, you can’t give up on him can you?”

Blake’s P.O.V

“Ome, on Blak… Need you, but… Felix, he need you, come… on, you… up on him can you?”

“Phoebe? Is that you?” I opened my eyes to see Phoebes head above mine almost crying. I closed my eyes and opened them again, for such a dark passageway it was really fucking bright,

“Holy shit Blake you’re alright, I thought I lost you,” she pulled me up so I was sitting and pulled me into her arms. Wow, I haven’t seen Phoebe cry like this since… Alice, poor woman, she’s lost the one thing that meant the most to her. I wrapped my arms around her pulling her close letting her crying into my neck.

We sat there for a good 30 minutes, Phoebe non-stop crying into me, and me trying to sooth her. Wait, what happened to make her cry so bad…

“It was mum, Phoebe she found me. My mum found me, I didn’t know what I was meant to do, I screamed and passed out, but I dreamt I was locked in a room with her, and she just kept talking, so I kept screaming to try and block her out, then I heard your voice in the distance, so I followed it here, I was so scared and all I could think about was missing you and Felix. Phoebe, I am not going to keep letting my mother run my life, I let her do that for too long, I have started a life here, and I am not going to give it away so easily. Trust me Pheebs,” Phoebe pulled away from me and nodded,

“I was just so scared that someone was hurting you, and I already lost Alice and I don’t want to lose you too. Blake you’re like another sister to me, you’re the only family I have left, by blood or bond,” I smiled at Phoebe,

“Thank you, I don’t know what I would do if I lost your or Felix, the pair of you is all I need, forever and always, Te amo Phoebe, perpetuas aeternitates.” She smiled,

“Te amo Blake, perpetuas aeternitates,” I smiled back at her.

And with that, we sat there in silence, thinking about all of the good things that have happened to us. Me coming here, Felix accepting me, finding out that Alice is going to come home, being able to live my life without any worries… wait, I can’t do the last one, my mum found me, she knows where I am, and I don’t know if I will be able to block her out.

“Phoebe, will you be able to teach me how to block out my mum, I won’t be able to live my life if I know she will be coming in to annoy me, either that or coming here. I don’t want to think of my past life but I will have to if she keeps on coming back… and if she comes to… comes to get me…” I was in tears by now, “I don’t know what I am going to do to get away from her. Please phoebe, you have to help me. I don’t wanna go home, I wanna stay here, with you, and Alice, and Felix, please if I go home, I will be in hell, is there anything you can do?” phoebe pulled away and gave me a quizzical look,

“I don’t know, maybe, let’s go check the book.” I nodded and we both stood up, I almost went back down again, I laughed at how I went down, I fell straight to the side. Phoebe was staring at me like I was a complete freak,

“Oh Blake, you’re so weird, do you want to check the book or not?” I nodded and stood back up holding onto Phoebe and the wall making sure I didn’t go down again. Phoebe grabbed a hold of my arm to make sure I was fine. I nodded at her and shrugged her arm off and started down the hallway,

“You coming or what Pheebs?” Phoebe shook her head as if she realized she was zoned out,

“Yeah, sorry, I was thinking about something,” I cocked my head at her,

“What you were you thinking about?” she furrowed her eyebrows at me,

“I can’t remember, oh well it doesn’t matter, let’s go,” and her face turned form a frown into a smile. And she walked past me past the beads and into the next room. I stood my ground, rolling my eyes at how weird Phoebe was being. I stood there waiting for Phoebe to call me, but it never happened, but what I did hear was her screams,

“PHOEBE!” and with that I ran into the room.

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