Nowhere Boys and Their Nowhere Girl

Blake Wesley is a goth, but a goth with a big secret. She's a witch. But is that all she is?
After being saved by someone she desperately needs, what happens when they all disappear, from this world... The other she left with, are living in a shack, fighting demons and stealing. While Blake is living the life, she always wanted.
But when it's time for the boys to come home, what happens when Blake doesn't want to go home?


4. Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Kissing, shopping and partial confessions… wait WHAT?

Felix’s P.O.V

Wait, what the hell did she mean by; she had to make sure I was real? Of course I’m real? Am I? I held onto her shoulders,

“What the hell do you mean? Explain, NOW,” I put her down in shame,

“I wish I could, but there are something’s that I’m not allowed to explain, things right now, and things in the future. But I swear, I wish I could tell you but...”

“Tell him,” Phoebe interrupted Blake,

“WHAT? PHOEBE? YOU KNOW I CANT,” I sat on the sidelines, watching the two girls, bicker like sisters. Weirdness.

“I can’t tell him Phoebe, it could hurt everyone!”

“Fine,” wait what?

“Just becau... wait you said what now?” Phoebe nodded,

“I said fine, but the only way you can save yourself right now is if you kiss him,” my eyes widened, both me and Blake yelled,

“WHAT?” Phoebe rolled her eyes; making me think that she was thinking we were stupid,

“Blake, I just realized something, you don’t have to tell him, you can just kiss him,” what the hell?

“...” fuck.

Blake’s P.O.V

What difference would it make it if I was to kiss Felix, I mean, he doesn’t want to kiss me, not even my own mother wanted to kiss me. I looked to Felix to see him already staring at me; we both looked at Phoebe,

“WHY WOULD HE/SHE WANT TO KISS ME?” we both said it at the same time, awkward. Phoebe grimaced,

“Yeah, I’m just going to go outside and do... something, and leave you two to talk. Oh Mia your here, here, come with me,” she started to apologize to Mia as they left, when I heard the bell go off, signalling that they were now outside. Felix spoke first; I was too scared to,

“So, you don’t want me to kiss you? Do you?” I opened my mouth to speak, but cut myself off, what am I supposed to say, 'I’m deeply in love with you and don’t care if you kiss me!', yeah, sorry but no, as if I’m going to say that.

We spent a good ten minutes sitting there in silence, it gave me time to know what to say, and it was the lamest thing I have ever said,

“Look, I know you don’t want to do this, but let’s just get it over and done with, yeah?” I tried to pulled a smile, but it didn’t happen, Felix frowned at my words,

“Yeah, sure, let’s just do that,” we moved closer to each other, I didn’t want to do this to him, my hood was still up so he didn’t have to see my face, he didn’t have to see that I was crying, he didn’t have to see how ugly I was,

“Just picture me as someone you’re really like, and I’ll do the same,” he nodded and as he nodded our lips touched, but it wasn’t a proper kiss yet. Oh god, I hope this doesn’t annoy him. Finally, our lips touched properly. Wow, his lips were so soft, he tasted wonderful, I moved closer to him and he wrapped his arms around my waist, while I wrapped my arms around his neck. As soon as I did that, he pulled me onto his lap.

We sat there, with me on his lap, gently kissing, then, I felt like I was punched in the stomach, but it was a good feeling, it made me want more of  Felix, god I hope he doesn’t hate me for this. I opened my mouth, and with my arms, pulled his head closer to me, one of his arms wrapped tighter around my waist while the other one came to pull my hood off, I winced at that, god I hope his is thinking of someone good, I’m actually thinking of him, he must be thinking of Ellen or something.

With the hand that he pulled my hood off with, he weaved is fingers through my hair, slightly pulling it, it made me gasp and open my mouth even more, with that he shoved his tongue, the both us, fighting to win. But I couldn’t handle it, the punching was back, but it was all over my body this time.

I wanted Felix, no, I needed him. I moved myself more up his lap, so I was almost sitting on his stomach. I moved my hands, one moved into his hair, and the other went down his chest, over his shirt sadly. For some reason, I couldn’t stop my hand, and for some reason, I didn’t want to, Felix didn’t seem like he was protesting anything I was doing. My hand kept on going down til it was at his belt line, I moved again so my hand could slide under his shirt, lifting it up as I went, he moaned into my mouth. He pulled my hair again making me moan,

“Stop,” I tried to mumble out, but it didn’t matter, he heard me, but shook his head saying no. why wouldn’t he want to stop?

“No, Felix, we... have to... stop... it’s me... Blake your kissing, not your... dream person,” I managed to get out between his kissing.

“Blake… stop talking and just kiss, I don’t want it to stop, but if you keep on talking, and it won’t be as good okay?” I nodded, not 100% sure if he actually knew it was me he was making out with. Whatever. If this is the closest I’m ever going to get to him, might as well, keep going. I started kissing back again, he smiled and moaned again. He moved his mouth away from mine and moved it down my neck, but as his mouth moved around my neck, he found my sweet spot and started to suck and bite on it. I moaned throwing my head back, moving my other hand from his chest into his hair, pushing him on deeper. But as I threw my head back, I opened my eyes to see a cloud, come out of my mouth. But it disappeared as soon as I saw it.

It must have been a trick of the light or something. But as soon as I saw it, I came back down, but I still didn’t stop Felix, I have wanted this for two years. I felt Felix’s hand move from my back to my butt, pulling on it, into his crotch, he was hard... wow whoever he was thinking of must be really hot or something. Whatever, right now, he’s with me. And I am not letting him go anytime soon. His other hand moved from my hair to the bottom of my hoodie, sliding his hand onto my stomach just sitting it there, god; I hope he doesn’t feel my fat... I pulled away from him; it was easier than before because his hand wasn’t in my hair or on my head,

“Felix, stop. You don’t have to do it anymore, I think we went overboard, you didn’t have to keep on kissing me, even more so, I wasn’t the one you wanted to be kissing, just...” I choked, what I was meant to say, fuck it. I gave him one last peck on the lips, getting off of him and walking into the back room, wow. I actually did the one thing I never dreamed I would do. I actually kissed Felix; I actually gave him my first kiss.

God, my mother was right, I really am a bitch. I made out with the person I couldn’t ever hate, and he’s attracted to someone else, AND has a girlfriend... fuck my life. I went and lay on my back, on the bed; it was my bed for a few weeks until Phoebe can find me a place to stay.

I heard the bell chime, Felix left, yep, he really hated me, there complete silence, then I heard two voices arguing, then the sound of someone slapping someone. The arguing started again, and ended with the bell going off again. I closed my eyes and started sobbing into nothing. They were silent tears, but they were real. I heard someone saying my name, but I couldn’t hear them over my blood rushing, it does that whenever I cry, and that’s kinda often... but my tears stopped and my blood stopped rushing when I felt someone hop on my waist, grabbing my arms, successfully pinning me down. I opened my eyes to see Felix atop of me; I closed them again and asked,

“What do you want Felix? I said you could leave,”

“No, I’m not leaving you, look at me Blake,” I shook my head, refusing to look at him; I felt something warm and wet drop onto my cheek. I opened my eyes to see Felix sitting there crying and a red cheek. Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold up, Phoebe hit him? Probably best to check,

“Did Phoebe?” nodding my head at his cheek. He nodded,

“When you left, I didn’t want you to go; I never wanted you to leave in the first place. When you left me the first time, I distracted myself, but when you left me, sitting on the floor, alone out there, just before, I couldn’t handle it, Phoebe came in, told me to man up and come tell you something, and I said no. so she slapped me, then she convinced me of something, so came back here to talk to you, but you wouldn’t listen to me, so here we are now,” I couldn’t stop staring at his eyes, his brown eyes were so warm and beautiful, aside from the fact that they were red raw all around the outside, I smiled,

“Why are you crying Felix? I’m not anything important,” he laughed,

“You don’t get it Blake, I love you and you fucking left me, left me like I was nothing, how do you think someone would feel after, AFTER THE ONE YOU LOVE IS GOne?!” I was outraged but also melting,

“You love me. YOU FUCKING LOVE ME EVEN THOUGH YOUVE only KNOWN ME FOR A DAY! IVE FUCKING LOVED YOU FOR TWO YEARS!” I couldn’t stay under him anymore, I ripped my hands free, it wasn’t even that hard, he was frozen, and he lifted his leg off of me. I slid out from under him.

He moved so he was sitting on the bed,

“You, loved, me?” I rolled my eyes,

“Not loved Felix, 'Love' as in, I love you right now, I know why you did everything in your life, and I know how you hated your parents, because they blamed you for Oscar’s accident. And you blame yourself too. But don’t, he want to be like you, because he looked up to you, he was your brother; did he hate you for it? No, he didn’t care, he loved you, and he loves you. But because of you, the other boys are going to feel the pain that Oscar didn’t feel. He didn’t hate you, But because of one tiny little thing, they are going to hate you. But you've got to go now, please think about what I said.

“Now go, you have a home to get to, and I have a life to start,” and with that he stood up, walked over to me, grabbing my face and kissing deeply, I kissed back. I think I can get used to this, he pulled away and started to walk towards the door, I grabbed his arm,

“Felix wait,” he turned to face me,

“What?” he looked confused,

“Just for a bit, I need you to forget about me, but for a few days, you’ll see me later, but we both have things we need to sort out,” he nodded and started to move again, but I had hold of his arm still,

“Felix, use the back door, is quicker. I love you, and be careful, be very, very careful, and quick, and smart. Now go,” he turned around and stalked to the back door, he was out the door and about to close it when his head popped back in,

“I love you too Blake Wesley,” we both smiled and he dashed out the door, closing it behind him. I rolled my eyes as the boy of my dreams, loves me, well maybe. But right now, I don’t actually care; I just have a life to start, with or without him. I walked into the front room to see Phoebe standing there, smiling; she walked up to me,

“Well? How'd it go?” I laughed at her eagerness,

“Every things fine, but now. I believe I have a life I need to start. What’s first?” her smile went away and her thinking face appeared. Her thinking face was when her forehead was all scrunched up, and she was biting her lower lip slightly.

“Houses first, then clothes, then getting you a job, because I won’t have enough money to support us both. So let’s go,” she was back to being all happy again, I have never seen her this happy, I think it was the fact that we'll find Alice,

“TO THE VAN!” I placed my hand over my chest pretending to be knight, Phoebe laughed at me. I cocked my head to the side,

“What is the matter dear maiden? For I am Knight Blake, rescuer of friends!” we both laughed at me immaturity, walking out of the door, locking it and walking over to the van.

We hopped in the van still laughing, as we drove to the shops. On the way there, we mostly talked about random stuff such as, boys, a.k.a. Felix, what sorta place I want, and where we could get some decent clothes, I had pulled my hood up when I saw we were coming into streets with more people in them.

We were still laughing as we hopped out of the car, we got loads of stares, and that made Phoebe stop laughing and messing about, but it didn’t stop me,

“Come on Blake, we don’t have as much time as I thought we would because someone was having a bit too much fun,” I grimaced at her, but I don’t think she could see it,

“Come on, we need to find you a house, and soon, I don’t want you staying with me for too long, and it’s all because your boring,” she smiled at me walking away to the agency, I matched her pace following her. I stood so close to her it looked like we were joined at the hip of something. I walked in the door or the agency, Phoebe spoke up for me, noticing I was scared,

“Hi, my friend here was looking for a small apartment that she could rent out, preferably, three rooms and with a garage. And a decent sized kitchen,” the woman Phoebe was talking too went in the back and got another woman, Sarah, Jakes mum, I recognize her from the old world, she looked different, she looked better, happier. She came up to Phoebe with a bunch of catalogues in hand,

“Hi Phoebe, I heard your friend here's looking for a house, but not too big, and nice and close to town yes?” Phoebe nodded,

“Yes, ah, sorry about Blake, she doesn't really like talking to people unless she’s known them for a while. So sorry for lack of conversation coming from her,” Sarah nodded, as if she understood what Phoebe meant,

“Well, Blake, if you don’t mind coming forward and having a look at these house as see if there are any worth going to see,” I nodded and came forward, hoping to find my old house. I skimmed through all of the pages until I found it, '1799 Phoenix way' I smiled,

“This one,” Sarah and Phoebe looked at what I was pointing at, Sarah nodded her head,

“That’s a great pick, it is a bit rundown, but it shouldn’t be too hard to fix. Do want to go see it today?” I shook my head,

“No, I want to buy it, now,” Phoebe was expecting this but Sarah wasn’t,

“Are you sure you don’t want to check it out first?” I nodded again,

“Yeah, anyway, I already checked it out yesterday, well, the front and back. I was walking along the street to go to Phoebes here, and it looked like it had a story to it, a life essence if you will, it drew me too it. And so I want it, please,” Sarah caved and gave me the keys,

“Okay, but your rents dew in two weeks, so fix the place up, pay your rent, and you should be all good,” I nodded,

“Thank you for understanding Sarah, you've been a great help, I'll see you around then. Bye,” and with that Phoebe followed me out of the door and down the street,

“Can we go shopping for my clothes now? I kinda feel like a hobo, dressed in these dirty clothes,” she nodded,

“Sure, anything for an old friend,” she beamed and me as we walked down the street to the clothing shops.

We shopped at most of them. My new wardrobe mostly consisted of Blacks, Dark blues, Purples and reds, but there were some other colours such as Green, yellow and... Wait for it... pink... belch. I hate the colour pink with a passion. But after the wardrobe shop, we dumped it wall in the car and got me a job application for the supermarket, Hungry Jacks and Dolly. A clothing store. I handed all of the forms in straight away, getting a job at the supermarket and Dolly.

Both me and Phoebe happy with the afternoons work, we drove to my new/old house. I got the keys out of my bag, which included all the spares and my old ones. I gave one of the spares to Phoebe, just in case she even needs something and I wasn’t home. We went inside; the place wasn't too run down. It was still good enough to live in.

It was just a simple one story building with three rooms, and good sized kitchen, great for when I’m making meals, or potions... a family room, where I might as well but all of my magic stuff, there was also an attic, a lounge room, and a well-functioning bathroom.

Well I hope it still is. I walked into the bathroom, in there, there was a small spa, well it wasn’t that small, it could fit at least 3 people in it, a water saving shower. Hmm, it seems a bit different from the old world, we didn’t have the spa there, and someone must have been living here not too long ago. I turned on all the taps, all of the water ran perfectly. Oh, I better check the electricity; I walked over to the switch and flicked it. The room lit up, good; Sarah must have turned everything on. I walked out of the bathroom and walked into the lounge room, where Phoebe was sitting on the couch. She looked at me,

“Is everything in order?” I nodded,

“Yea Pheebs, everything’s great, powers on and so is the water. I think the old beds still in the attic. No one ever liked going up there, well except me, the attic was my room, and because I had no friends, I didn’t have anyone worrying about seeing all of my Wiccan stuff. Come on, let’s go see if the old beds still there, I am in some real need of sleep right now,” and with that I grabbed a hold of Phoebes hand and pulled her to the rope in the roof. I pulled on it, as the stairs fell down, the light switched on, and with that, both me and Phoebe were gob smacked with what we saw.

Wiccan, Everywhere, and it isn’t mine...

“WHAT THE HELL IS ALL OF THIS!” Phoebe looked to me,

“What, it wasn’t like this when you first moved in?” I shook my head,

“No, it just had an old bed, it was in good condition, and some old boxes, but here there’s all this Wiccan stuff, but none of its mine,” Phoebes eyebrows furrowed,

“So this stuff wasn’t part of the old world. Then who does it belong to?” I shrugged,

“Let’s go see who it belongs to,” Phoebe shook her head,

“Don’t go there Blake, it could be someone that could hurt you. I don’t want to see you get hurt like Alice,” I rolled my eyes,

“It will be fine Phoebe, just chill, Kay, we'll be quick, and they won’t even know we were here. Just stay there if you’re so worried about it,” Phoebe nodded and planted her feet.

I rolled my eyes and moved forwards towards the bench. Phoebe tried to hold me back, but I shrugged her arm off. When I got to the bench, there was a bunch of books, and pieces of paper.

But one piece of paper stood out to me, I furrowed my eyebrows, why was my name written on a piece of paper in a dimension that I didn’t even exist in, in a house that no one has lived in for years why would my name be here. I turned around to Phoebe,

“Pheebs, come look at this, it has my name on it,” Phoebe’s eyes widened,

“What? How is that possible? You said you never existed?” I nodded,

“I don’t? Well at least I shouldn’t. Do you think... it was?” Phoebe nodded, I looked her in the eyes, and we both smiled and said,

“Alice,” Phoebe broke eye contact to look at the paper,

“Read it,” I eyes widened, I nodded and started to unfold the paper,

“Well here goes nothing, I’ll read aloud. Ok, here we go.

'Blake, if you’re reading this, then, I’ve left. But I didn’t mean to, it’s just, my spell went wrong. I’m actually praying you know who I am right known. But if you don’t, don’t worry about what’s going on, I’m an old friend. But still, in every world, you’re still a witch. I was hoping you were going to come to this world. I can’t wait to see you and Phoebe again. I have missed you dearly, now, I know you’re thinking, if you don’t exist in this world, how I can know who you are, but things have happened and I know things that I shouldn’t.

It weird and I can’t explain it, but I set all of this stuff up for you in this world so you would have to go through the trouble of it all. I hope you get this. And tell Phoebe, I didn’t mean for the spell to go wrong. But there is someone who can help you, help me get home. I don’t have much time to write this, but please. Find the one, and he will get me home. Please, gods speed my friend. I love you.' wait does that mean she can be brought back from where she is?” my eyes widened, Phoebe nodded,

“But my big question is who the one is?” Damn it.

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