Nowhere Boys and Their Nowhere Girl

Blake Wesley is a goth, but a goth with a big secret. She's a witch. But is that all she is?
After being saved by someone she desperately needs, what happens when they all disappear, from this world... The other she left with, are living in a shack, fighting demons and stealing. While Blake is living the life, she always wanted.
But when it's time for the boys to come home, what happens when Blake doesn't want to go home?


3. Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Phoebe, Halfas and traumatizing nightmares

Blake’s P.O.V

'Arcane Lane, for all of your mystical needs' wow still here, I just hope it’s still Phoebe who runs it, she’s the only one who can help me now. The only one I can trust, she'll stay here with me in this world, she actually belongs here, and so she can’t leave, unless she moves town or something. God I hope she’s still here in this world... otherwise I'm screwed. If I don't go in that door, I'll be stuck here with no one, but if I do, and she's not there, than I am anyway.

I stood out there looking like a freak, for ten minutes before I finally decided to go in. I walked up to the door and pushed on it. I heard the bell chime and I knew, there was no way I'm backing down now, I walked in the door, and it chimed even more. Phoebe walked out of the back room, took one look at me and said,

“We don't do vampire books,” I rolled my eyes,

“I don't want vampire books, I want you Phoebe,” her eyes widened at the fact I knew her name,

“How do you know my name?” I laughed,

“In another world were friends, it’s my first day here and I need your help,” she didn't understand,

“Help with what exactly?” I grabbed my dream diary out of my bag and gave it to her.

“Look at the last entry,” funny my last entry was a drawing of me, Alice and Phoebe. I started to draw another face, but I didn't get a good enough look at the face. And I couldn't tell if it was boy or girl. But next to the drawing was a blurb of the dream, it was explaining my coming her to get away, and how some others will need her Phoebes and Alice's help to get where they want to go. I looked at Phoebes face to see she was crying,

“How do you know all of this stuff?” I pulled my hood off, knowing I could trust Phoebe, “I’m a seer, you were teaching me how to control it in the old world, but my mother forbid me from seeing you once she found out why we were hanging out, I had other dreams, visions, and I had to get away from my mother but stay near you, so I used some people to get me here, so I can be with you, be away from my mother, and, not have to move. Either one of us. But please, that aside, you've got to help me, my dreams have been draining me more and makes everything harder for me, I didn't think I would have enough power to trick people into getting me here, but the scary thing is, those people are going to come to you for help, it may not seem it, but you are part of something very big in the future, and those boys will bring you Alice, and just because you don't have magic, doesn't mean you can’t help them, if you don't, all will be doomed, please you have to believe me,” Phoebe was fully crying now.

“I will do anything to get Alice back, even if it means getting hurt. In the meantime, we need to get you settled in, we'll buy you new clothes and anything else you may need. You can live in the back with me, I will help you harness your powers, because we don't need too much of the future revealed, so go in the back and get some rest, you'll be needing it if we’re going to start work, but while your here, you will need to take some shifts up here, for return for the accommodation and training,” I nodded, and walked over to her, placing my hands on her shoulders,

“Are you okay, with the whole Alice thing, I know it’s been really hard on you, but we will get her back, I know we will. I've seen it remember?” she laughed and I pulled her into a hug, laughing as well, I kept hugging her even when I heard the bell go off,

“Well, looky what we have here, two lezo witches, ohhhhh,” Trent Long the little asshole, in both this world and my old one. Both he and I were so lucky my back was towards him, and my hair was a mess. He and his mates went outside again. I heard something smashing against the windows and outside walls, eggs. Oh he is so screwed; I pulled away from Phoebe,

“Sorry, but there is something that I have wanted to do for such a long time, and this is my best chance. I’ll be back in a jiff,” I pulled my hood up and glitched so I was standing behind the group of boys egging the shop,

“Trent Long, what do you think you’re doing?” as they turned around and threw eggs at where I was, I glitched so I was behind the again,

“This really must stop, you boys might get into some trouble,” again I glitched as they were turning around, but this time I glitched on to Trent's back,

“I'm on here boys!” I shouted from Trent's shoulders, and glitched off again, right before Trent was pummelled with rotten eggs. I burst out laughing at the sight, I pulled out my phone and took a photo of him, and before he boys could see me again, I glitched back inside to Phoebe, who was watching the whole thing from the front window.

I tapped her shoulder making her scream in fright, I pulled my hood back off of my face,

“Did you enjoy the show Pheebs?” she’s frowned at the nickname, but smiled when she thought over the show.

“Yes, I didn't thank you very much, it was nice not to have to deal with them for once. But if you don't mind me asking, where did you learn to glitch? It not something very many witches have?” I shrugged,

“I was born with it, but you taught me how to use it properly, it was the only thing you taught me, before my mother caught on to what we were doing. You know, magic. But it does... whoa, I feel kinda woozy,” Phoebes eyes widened, and that was the last thing I saw before blacking out.

Felix’s P.O.V

Andy, Jake and I trashed the school, it was so funny, we actually we trashed the gym, after finding out we really didn't exist; we don't have to follow the rules anymore, but Andy and I we given food duty. Andy was a 'Ninja' basically we stole from a Chinese home delivery bike... but it worked and Andy wasn't actually so bad.

The boys and I were in a rundown cabin, out in the woods, it was where we were staying, it was all fine, till a storm came upon us, while I was getting a drink, too cool off from the pepper had, note to self, next time Andy orders Chinese, make sure he doesn't get anything with peppers in it.

Sam and I were locked outside; Andy and Jake were locked in. We were all trying to get the door open but it wasn't budging, I suddenly felt a pain in my head, chest and stomach, I turned around to see a hooded being standing next to the tree a bit away, it was dressed all in black, I turned to Sam,

“Sam, look, “we both turned back to the tree, but whatever was there was gone now, and that mad everything even scarier, and dangerous, for all of us.

Blake’s P.O.V

Man my head hurts, actually, all of me hurts, what happened? I remember saying goodbye to Felix and coming to see Phoebe, then someone showed up and then... I can’t remember anything more than that. I opened my eyes to see a room that I was all too familiar with, Phoebe’s backroom of her shop; this was where we used to train me with my glitching. This room held so many memories, she still even had the shrine to Alice, wow, and she really must have loved her to be trying so hard to get her back. I sat up, my head spinning.

Words started to run though my head, screaming at me,

“PHOEBE!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, she came running in from the front room, her face full of worry, she came over to me at a fast pace,

“Blake, what’s wrong?” her eyes widening in fear that something was really wrong,


Phoebes P.O.V

“It stopped, all, gone, now. Silence, has, fallen. All. Gone. Now.” she kept saying that on repeat, while her glitch, shattered on the spot, but shattered, I mean went into over drive and took over. There wasn't a witch that had the power to glitch, only demons, or halfa. Halfas are cross breeds, between demons and witches; they are extremely rare and almost never survive the transaction. The transaction is where her body will become the demon side, and she has to fill a quota, if the quota isn't finished by the end of the time period, the halfa dies. But what made her going into the transaction, now that's something different, most halfas don't have to worry about their transaction until they're twenty-one, but Blake’s not even seventeen, unless, of course, her quota was moved through planes or worlds and was not meant to be there, oh god that means... the door rang, I looked around the room to make sure Alice's book was hidden and Blake couldn't grab anything that she could hurt herself or anyone else with. Good okay, now to deal with this stup... customer, I walked out so I was behind the counter, I saw two boys, around the same age as Blake. Wow I'm talking about her like I've known her for years, well in another world I did. Hmm, interesting. Now back to the boys, one was a gothic kid, and the other looked like, well a normal kid, he was carrying a skateboard and his helmet,

“We don't do vampire books if that's what you’re looking for,” the Goth kid rolled his eyes at me,

“I'm not looking for vampire books,” I put my arms up in surrender. The Goth boy turned to me and said something I didn't think I would ever hear someone say,

“You used to have and old book back there, hand-bound, tapestry, pretty old. Is there any chance I could have a look at it?” what the hell, how the hell did he know about Alice's book of shadows? I have never brought it out the front, and I have never seen this boy in my shop before, I shook my head,

“Sorry, but no, that isn't kids’ stuff. He nodded his head in realization, pointing his hand to the back room,

“Ah, sealed section yeah?” I nodded my head again,

“Yes, sealed section,” How did he know so much about my shop... unless, he had come here from the same world as Blake, he was one of the people she used as her portal. That means... he’s part of her quota, he can’t go back there, not while she’s coming into her transaction, she could kill him in a heartbeat. But my question is why is he her quota? I go so lost in my thought, when I came back I saw the skater kid leave my shop, if he’s going to... yep he did, he pulled the wind chimes down. Why does everyone do that? I glared at the Goth boy, praying that he doesn't go into the backroom, I walked out the door to place up the wind chimes, at the same time I had a look around for the skater boy.

Felix’s P.O.V

Wow, for once Sam was actually good for something. Once Phoebe was outside, yes I had a bit of a run in with her a couple of months ago so I knew her name, it was back when Oscar couldn't walk, I tried to find something that could heal him, it was in that old book, I snuck in there last time, and I'll sneak in there again. As I walked down the hallway towards the back room, I could hear someone talking, there were saying three words over and over again, I recognised  the voice from somewhere, but I couldn't tell who.

“Silence. Will. Fall. Silence. Will. Fall. Silence. Wi. Who's. Home? Hello. Felix.” what the hell. I got to the door of the back room. I poked my head in the door, looked around to see a figure on the bed, wait its gone, now it’s back, suddenly, the voice became deeper, and more controlled.

Even with the deepness, I actually knew who the voice belonged to, Blake... I burst open the door, and ran straight to where she was, or is? She kept on being there, and then disappearing, then appearing again. I tried to look into her eyes, but she wouldn't stay still long enough of me to see them. I than around the room trying to find the book, when I found it in a draw, I looked to see Blake was gone again, I heard a sound that sounded like static, I turned to look behind me, and there was Blake, she kept on moving like she was a glitch on a game or a TV or something.

“Hello. Felix. Time. For. You. To. G...”she suddenly stopped talking, her head fell down to her shoulders and she stopped glitching or whatever it was. Her head came back up, when she saw me her eyes widened,

“Felix, is it really you?” I nodded; she practically jumped on me pulling me into a hug. I instantaneously wrapped my arms around her, pulling her close to my body, allowing her warmth to calm me,

“Are you okay? You were glitching like a broken TV before, I was freaking out. Did the witch do something to you?” she shook her head, jumping back off of me,

“No the glitching thing was all me, but I don't know how I ended up over here. I remember sitting up in the bed, calling for Phoebe, and she came running in worried, and then, it was like...” I froze in fear,

“Like what? Blake you have to tell me what!” she looked into my eyes,

“It felt like I was being forced out of my body, like it was trying to make me go somewhere I didn't want to go, it was dark there, and cold, and I was all alone, I wanted to come back, but I couldn't, I could hear what I was saying on the outside, but it didn't make any sense. Then I heard it... me say your name, and I knew I wasn't alone, so I fought back, and here I was... whoa,” my eyes widened as she collapsed into my arms, still awake,

“Blake, can you hear me? If you can look at me,” her head turned so she was looking at me,

“Bed, Felix, take me to the bed, and then go,” I wanted to protest, but she didn't allow me to. I took her over to the bed. I laid her down, kissing her gently on the lips, before running back over to the book, grabbing it and taking it out of the room. I ran back to the book section and hid it just as the bell rang.

Phoebe walked back into the room and looked at me in shock, as if she was shocked to see me still alive or something, she made a beeline straight for the back room, as soon as I couldn't see her, I grabbed her book and started to skim through it. Bingo, found it, the symbol that was around our shack. I was just about to start reading it when it was ripped from my hands, damn it, Phoebes back.

“What do you think you were doing with that?” fuck it,

“Please, just can I look at it a bit longer, please?” she shook her head,

“NO, this isn't kids’ stuff,” she walked behind her counter and placed the book under it. Damn it, option two it is then,

“Fine, then what cheap protection charms can you give me?” she lifted her eyebrows,

“How cheap?” I emptied my pockets, damn it,

“35c?” I sighed and walked around looking for a bit, when she came back, she was carrying a box full of charms, I pulled one out as she said,

“I was going to throw these ones away, but you can have them,” I examined the only I picked up and saw on the packet an expiry date,

“Since when do protective charms have used by dates?” she rolled her eyes,

“Since they came from Korea,” The bell rang again and Sam came in,

“Can we go now? This place gives me the creeps,” I nodded,

“Just one second, the charm picks you,” Phoebe rolled her eyes, hmm, she must think I'm stupid, just she waits until I find out what she did to Blake, I will find out. No one hurts my girl and gets away with it... did I just say my girl? Crap, I'm going crazy. She is not my girl.

'But you want her to be,' grr, stupid little voice in the back of my head. Sam interrupted my argument with myself, nodding his head to the door; I nodded to him saying yeah yeah. Fuck it, I can’t pick one, so I just grabbed a handful shoving them all in my bag. With that done, walking out of the shop, so wanting to go back to Blake.

Blake’s P.O.V

“FELIX!” I sat up from the bed screaming it at the top of my lungs, Phoebe came running into the room, worried like a mother, she came over to me, as I was sobbing uncontrollably into my own arms, and I was rocking back and forth. Phoebe wrapped her arms around me, so I was now sobbing into her chest,

“Blake, what is it, calm down, you’re okay, what was it? Did you have another vision?” I nodded, finally calming down a bit. I pulled away from the hug so I could speak,

“I saw Felix and Alice, being... attacked by something... or someone, and... and it... it... it kill... Killed... Fel...” I couldn't finish my sentence, it was horrible, I felt like, I was Felix, being killed. It hurt, I couldn't let that happen,

“Phoebe, please... get him... back here... I need him,” She nodded and ran out of the room, I laid back down on the sweaty bed from my vision, I didn't really care, I felt numb, knowing that Felix wasn't safe, not until I knew where he was. A few minutes later the bell rang and I heard a voice calling out. Great, the minute Phoebe leaves she gets a customer. I guess I can do it.

I pulled my hood up and fixed my clothes, I walked out to see Mia, Sam’s girlfriend, and she looked at me in disgust. I rolled my eyes,

“Can I help you?” her eyes widened when she realized I was working here,

“OH, right, well, I was looking for beads,” I rolled my eyes, not that she could see me do it or not,

“Be more specific...” her eyes widened even more, wow, how stupid is this chick?

“Beads for jewellery, like bracelets and stuff,” I nodded, taking her to the front row of the shop,

“Right here is everything you'll need for making jewellery, and weaving items, call me if you need anything,”

“Wait, you’re a girl?” I shook my head slowly, showing that she was being stupid.

Why is it so hard for everyone to tell that I was a girl... it’s not like I'm fat or anything, well I think I am, you know, fat. So did my mother... I walked behind the counter again sitting down on Phoebe’s chair.

When Mia came up to the counter and laid down the beads and leather strips. I ran them through the register,

That will be $12.75,” she give me $15, when I gave her, her change, I bagged up her items. I smiled at her, having a bit of cheer in my voice,

“Have a good day,” she turned to leave, so I grabbed a hold of her arm,

“Oh, and Mia, keep your mind open to everything, okay,” she looked shit scared but nodded, I shook my head,

“AHHH,” I fell off of the chair my head, throbbing, the voices were back, if anything, Mia was even more scared than before, she tried to come around the counter, but I put my hand out to stop her,

“Go... get he... help-p, p-plea-se?” she nodded running out of the shop.

 A few minutes later, Mia comes running back in with Felix and Phoebe trailing behind her, Phoebe ran straight up to me pulling me into her arms,

“BLAKE, BLAKE, BLAKE, LOOK AT me, look, look, Felix is here, look at him,” I pulled my head up from my lap to see Felix freaking out a few feet away from me. Phoebe shot her hand out and grabbed Felix’s arm, pulling him down so he was on his knees next to me. I pulled away from Phoebe and shot myself into Felix’s arms. The voices stopped instantaneously, I buried my head deep into the place where his shoulder and neck meet, and I kept on digging until he complained,

“Ow, Blake, your kinda hurting me, you can pull away now,” I pulled away laughing,

“Sorry, I just had to make sure you were real,” his eyes burrowed in confusion,

“Blake, what do you mean?”


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