Nowhere Boys and Their Nowhere Girl

Blake Wesley is a goth, but a goth with a big secret. She's a witch. But is that all she is?
After being saved by someone she desperately needs, what happens when they all disappear, from this world... The other she left with, are living in a shack, fighting demons and stealing. While Blake is living the life, she always wanted.
But when it's time for the boys to come home, what happens when Blake doesn't want to go home?


20. Chapter 20 (Last chapter!)

Chapter 20: Finding Blake and Felix and Final Days part 2

Jake's P.O.V

As Sam explained to Mia and Ellen what was going on I continued to help Phoebe gather everything we needed for getting rid of the demon, quite frankly it was beginning to piss me off. Why can't this stupid demon leave us alone?! Us being here was an accident, and if it weren't for the stupid demon, we might actually be home already. I can't believe Bates and Oscar kidnapped Felix... but what about Blake? HOLY SHIT WHAT ABOUT BLAKE?! I turned to face the two girls and walked over to them,

“What happened to Blake? Did Bates and Oscar take her too?” the girls looked sad all of a sudden. Mia couldn't say whatever needed to be said so Ellen said it.

“Um. When we were on the bridge we couldn't see much,” I was getting frustrated,

“I don't care about what you didn't see, what did you see?!” Ellen yelped and jumped back a little,

“... Wesawblakegetthrownagainstabeamandfallintotheriver!” I knew I had scared Ellen and she blurted out what I wanted to know. Andy gasped, him being the only one who actually talks that fast on a regular basis, so I guess it’s understandable that he could understand what she said,

“Andy, what did she say?” I was now pushing Andy for the information. Andy was now upset,

“She said that from where they were up on the bridge, they managed to see Blake get thrown by Bates into a beam and then saw her fall into the water.” I screamed. Okay I'll admit, I shouldn't be reacting like this. But over the past few days, I had slowly grown attached to the oddly tall girl. In truth, I had never seen her around school, well, not like I did Felix. I mean, I bullied the poor boy.

Nowadays, it's hard to believe I was that kind of person. A bully, an asshole, but ever since we went missing, I have noticed different things. Like Andy is a major nerd, but doesn't know anything outside of Bear Grylls and maths and science. And because of that, he really doesn't know what to do in a relationship, well neither do I but still. And Sam, he seems like a cool guy in our universe, but when he lost everything, he turned into an asshole and a selfish gut. But Felix is by far the most interesting of my new friends. The fact that he would go to extraordinary lengths to try and get Oscar to walk again. But still he betrayed us before we were even friends, so I don't really know how that works...

But Blake is such a nice girl. True she can be a scary bitch when she wants to be. But you see how much she is in love with Felix. But lately she has been acting so weird, it's kind of upsetting. And she just got THROWN INTO A RIVER?! IS SHE EVEN STILL ALIVE?! Does anyone even know? I sighed and sat down,

“Look, sorry about your friend but we just watched someone get kidnapped, you all four of you are calm. How is that possible?” I rolled my eyes at Ellen.

“Well, you're not helping at all by just sitting there and making comments. Did you see Blake again after she went in the water?” Mia shook her head,

“Sorry. We were worrying about your friend,” Mia looked like she was on the verge of tears. This confused me,

“Mia... are you friends with Blake?” Mia looked down at her feet,

“She was the one who gave me the courage to break up with Sammy, and then talk to Sam...” Sam gasped and looked both upset and happy. I rolled my eyes at the boy and moved on from Mia.

“What are you going to do about Felix?” I turned to Phoebe asking her. Phoebe shrugged,

“We need to find the demon. We have everything we need,” I sighed nodding but continued looking for things to help. I picked up a box of incense sticks. I turned to face Phoebe,

“Will incense help?” Phoebe made a face,

“No...” I sighed placing the incense back on the shelf. Once everything was gathered and in a basket, everyone, including Ellen and Mia got up and stood with us around the small table. Sam looked to Phoebe,

“So where are we going to find a demon of restoration?” everyone shrugged.

“Demons are creatures of habit,” My eyes widened as the words left Phoebes mouth,

“The forest!” Sam nodded,

“Yeah, that’s where Roland attacked us,” Phoebe nodded,

“And where Alice cast her spell,” we all nodded agreeing on where we were now going to. From here we knew we were going to the forest, but we had no clue what we were going to do when we get there. But whatever it is, we are going to save Blake and Felix.

Felix’s P.O.V

“OSCAR! LET ME OUT!” I could hear the sirens of Sgt Riles car. I kept on wiggling around trying to get me arms lose from the binds. Suddenly the sirens turned off and the sound of Sgt Riles’ voice filled the air,

“Brian Bates, pull over to the side of the road,” I knew that wasn’t happening anytime soon. I sighed and kept on wiggling,

“OSCAR LET ME OUT!” I felt a hand hit me and I cried out in pain,

“Quiet flesh,” I shook my head saying no, but as if he was gonna see… I was thinking of ways I could try and get out of here when suddenly the car slammed to a stop, causing me to slam into the driver’s seat and fall to the ground. Oscar hit me again and I cried out,

“Quiet flesh,” was he just gonna keep hitting me and saying that? I mean seriously. I kept on wiggling and moving when I heard the window wind down.

“Bates, what’s going on? Have you been drinking?” Bates didn’t say anything,

“What’s back there?” both Bates and Oscar said,

“Just a bag of flesh,” I cried out,

“Sgt Riles! Let me out!” I heard the sound of a door opening and the sound of a walkie talkie radio,

“Hello, I need back up. The road to Bremin forest.” I heard the walkie turn off and Sgt talk to Bates,

“Bates, out of the car now.” I then heard a door closer to me open and arms wrap around my body. I fell out of the car with an oomph as my ass hit the ground. I listened as Sgt Riles undid the binds around me, I could feel my body slowly becoming able to move. When suddenly the arms around me were gone.

“Don’t make me draw my weapon,” my eyes widened and I managed to pull the bag off myself the rest of the way, just long enough to see Sgt Riles cornered by Oscar and Bates, start to bend in odd places. I knew in that second, he was possessed. I resisted the urge to scream, and ran for my fucking life.

I stumbled down the ledge and into the forest and away from the demon who had now taken over my brother, Jake’s father and now his step father... kind of. I guess I don’t really care right now I was just kidnapped by a demon and almost killed. And where the hell is Blake?! I really need to know where she is. I was so worried about myself I haven’t even thought about her. The last I saw of her she was falling into the water after Bates threw her.

“AHHHH!” I screamed as I ran into someone attacking me. Thinking it was the demon I turned to try and run when I realised it was actually Roland and not the demon… talk about awkward,

“Roland, you scared me.” Roland sighed and put down his nulla nullla.

“Can’t I get a moments peace in this forest,” I shrugged but suddenly tensed when I realised I was still being chased by a demon.

“Can we go somewhere else?” Roland nodded and gestured for me to follow him. I stood just a metre away from him and I stayed tense looking around for any sign of the demons. How long will I be able to hide with Roland? I can’t use the talisman without the others around so right now that’s useless.

Blake’s P.O.V

I screamed at the feeling of water forcing its way up my throat instead of down. I was on my back but I instantly rolled myself over onto my stomach. The water just kept coming up and out of my mouth, as I coughed at my now very sore throat.

“Are you okay Miss?” all the water had finally been expelled from my lungs and was now able to talk. I turned my head to look at the woman next to me. I nodded my head,

“Yeah… I think I’m fine now.” The woman nodded and stood up giving me her hand. I took it gratefully and stood up with her, I saw her legs were soaking wet.

“Umm… did you go into the water to get me?” the woman nodded,

“Yes, I saw your jacket floating on the water and you lying on the bottom of the river. You must have floated down steam where the water is shallower so I walked in and pulled you out.” I nodded taking the information in.

“Okay, well thank you…” Still not knowing her name, she gasped and nodded feeling stupid.

“Oh god sorry, my name is Desdemona Clemence Dracula. You might know my daughter Raven; she should be going to your school now.” I shook my head, Dracula, that’s a weird name

“No I don’t know her sorry. Thank you for pulling me out, I don’t know how I survived that but thank you. And also, do you know the quickest way to the Bremin forest?” she nodded,

“Yes. All you have to do is cross the river and walk for about twenty minutes and you will come to the main path.” I nodded. I don’t want to get to that so I won’t walk for as long,

“Thank you Desdemona. I hope to see you again,” I waved to her as I ran across the river. I knew I wasn’t going to see her again, but I was saying that to be nice. I didn’t hear her reply because I was already immersed in the bush.

As I was running I couldn’t see or hear anything aside from my panting. I suddenly stopped remembering something. This is my last day… how the fuck am I supposed to die? I sighed and closed my eyes sitting on the ground. I lay back and scream.

Once I was done, I sat up and opened my eyes and was looking at myself… WHAT THE FUCK! I blinked a few times to make sure I wasn’t going crazy. Okay, yep I was going crazy I was staring at myself, who was sitting in front of me staring at me, smiling. I cocked my head at it.

“What are you?” the other me smiled bigger,

“I’m you from in about an hour or so in the future. This is what you become.” I smiled back at me…

“Do they get home?” the other me frowned,

“I can’t tell you. But don’t worry; it’s not too far away. Now come with me,” I nodded and stood up along with the other me.

“Where are we going?” the other me sighed,

“How do you think you’re going to die?” I gasped,

“But how can you do that? Know where something is even though it shouldn’t be there in the first place.” I… she… the other me shrugged.

“I guess because I know it is going to happen because it has happened. I think what you plan to do ruptured time lines and messed everything up, so I guess I was created.” I hummed in agreement,

“So basically, after I die. I keep on living?” the other me nodded,

“Yeah I guess. But that doesn’t matter. We here now.” I looked away from the other me to see we were standing in a circle of trees.

“Where are we?”

“I don’t really know where we are but over there is what you are looking for.” She pointed to a tree. I gave her a confused face, but walked over to the tree and stood in front of it. I turned to face the other me,

“What am I looking at?” she pointed at the root,

“Look down.” I shrugged and looked into the roots. I could see the roots were moved to hide something. I furrowed my brows and bent down to move the roots. Once they were out of the way I was something shiny. It was a gun. I gasped and pulled it from the little burrow it was in. I stood and walked back over to the other me,

“But how is this possible?” she shrugged,

“I don’t know, but it worked didn’t it?” I nodded and slid the gun into the back of my pants and pulled my shirt over it. I turned to face me,

“Can you see it?” she shook her head,

“Nope.” I smiled and turned back.

“Thanks Me. I don’t know what I would have done without you.” The other me smiled,

“You would have thought of something, you are me of course.” I smiled,

“Egoistical much. But I have one question,” the other me nodded,

“Go for it,” I nodded taking a breath,

“Can you travel dimensions?” the other me didn’t say anything. She looked at the ground,

“Bring him home okay? And Alice,” the other me looked up at me, a ghost of a smile on her face.

“Okay,” and with that she faded into nothing. I sighed and closed my eyes. Okay, now all I need to do is find Sam, Jake, Roland, Andy and Phoebe. I kept on running until I found them. I ran straight over to Sam and hugged him,

“Hello Brother,” he frowned,

“You can’t do this Blake,” I shook my head,

“I have to Sam, I can’t stop anymore.” I pulled away after that, to face everyone,

“Come on. We aren’t too far away now. Come on,” everyone nodded and we continued running. In the distance we could now hear Felix arguing with the Demon

“Will my friends go home? They have nothing to do with this,” the demon laughed,

“You think this is just you…” Felix growled,

“But it is just me. They have nothing to do with anything,” it was the demons turn to growl,

“It was never just you Felix. Blake, Alice and you… you have all messed up… order must be restored Felix, there is no changing it,” Felix sighed, we could now see them. Thank god!

“Will my friends go home?” the Demon shook its head,

“Order must be restored,” and they all turned to look at the sky, which was now opening up in the same tornado we had chase us when we got out of the ditch thingy… but this time it wasn’t chasing anyone. It was just sitting there a bit away.

“Holy shit that thing is huge!” I shouted and it got the demons attention, whoops.

“Split up!” Jake nodded and ran over to where his dad was

I watched as the demon swapped Oscar for Roland. Damn, I watched as Oscar fell to the ground clutching his head, crying out. Damn it, I just wanted to run over and hold him and make him stop crying. I sighed as I watched Felix try and convince Oscar to stand up. Oscar just looked at Felix with sad eyes and stayed on the ground. This is what happened last time, but this time I was watching from the good version of my body.

I watched Oscar turn and look at something. Or should I say someone, he was talking to the future me... or should I say the past me... I'm pretty sure it's past me... oh never mind. I pulled my look away from Oscar to see Roland advancing on me just in time to dodge it.

“Roland stop. Mortuus get out of him, I know this is to get back at me!” the demon let out a bark like laugh,

“You think this is for you?!” I nodded,

“Of course. This is your way for getting back at me and my mother.” the demon laughed again.

“Run you stupid girl before I kill you.” it was my turn to laugh,

“No. I am the one who is going to be doing the killing... of myself. After this is done. You will leave the boys alone. I hope,” and with that I ran away from the demon and over to Felix, who when he saw me, smiled lightly, but fear had still taken over his face.

“Blake, untie me quick,” I shook my head frowning,

“I can’t do it Felix. I’m so sorry, this wasn’t meant to happen. There is something else I must do and have you hate me for it, but if all goes well, you won’t ever remember meeting me, you won’t ever remember loving me, you won’t ever remember me existing. Now I'm sorry...” I sighed and turned away from Felix,

“… You won’t remember a single thing about me. And you won’t remember that we were ever together. Good bye Felix,” and with that I pulled the gun out from the back of my pants and slowly started to raise it. Once it was pointed I was now on the verge of tears, Felix decided to make shit worse.

“Come on Blake… you’re my only hope. You don’t have to do this, we can go home. Help us!” I sighed, and began crying.

“Felix, that’s what I’m doing!” and I pulled the trigger. I screamed as the pain ripped through the body, the hot metal burning. I listened and cried out more as I heard Sam scream out in pain.  My head lolled around to see Sam shoving his way past the demons and running to me. I sighed,

“Sam, don't do this. You don't need to remember me,” Sam shook his head,

“Yes I do Blake. I just found you thanks to Felix sending us here, and I am not losing you again,” I smiled,

“You never had me in the first place,” Sam got on his knees holding my body, pulling me close to him as I started to fade away. I could already tell he was forgetting me. Until he snapped out of it. Pulling me away from himself he started saying words, talking to my body,

“Stay with me my dear sister. I call upon the elements, Water, fire, Earth and Air, call thee to keep her with me and staying strong…” I tried to move away from Sam but he wouldn't let go. In the distance, I could hear Felix saying to Andy to get his phone out of his bag and recast the unmaking spell. I smiled,

“He finally learned Sam. Don't let him forget his mistakes,” Sam nodded and let go of me. I felt my eyes closing and my body slowly disappearing. I then felt myself leaving it. I opened my eyes to see myself fading away. And to at last be finally happy. As I watched the boys all sing, I was blinded by a light, and they were now... gone from my sight.

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