Nowhere Boys and Their Nowhere Girl

Blake Wesley is a goth, but a goth with a big secret. She's a witch. But is that all she is?
After being saved by someone she desperately needs, what happens when they all disappear, from this world... The other she left with, are living in a shack, fighting demons and stealing. While Blake is living the life, she always wanted.
But when it's time for the boys to come home, what happens when Blake doesn't want to go home?


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Roland and Home?

*Several months earlier*

Jake’s P.O.V

I slowly counted as I finished my sit ups. They were part of my morning warm up before a footy match. Once I had finished them, I moved onto hand weights. These were harder than the sit up and wore me out quicker. I huffed and puffed while I was doing them.

I was finished with them quicker than the sit ups. I walked out of my small room, all it consisted of was a double bed, a built in wardrobe and a bed side table. I had all my footy gear sitting on my bed waiting for when my dad Gary showed up to take me to my footy game. That’s if he shows up…

I went into the kitchen/Dining room, over to the ironing board, and ironing my mum Sarah, a new cover. She works two jobs, and only just covers the rent. Dad doesn’t bother to do anything with his life. He’s like the world biggest loser, and not as in fat… as in loser.

I walked back into the more kitchen part of the room and started to make mum some breakfast, her favourite, bacon, lettuce and tomato. Or a BLT if you want to be smart… it’s the least I can do for her in the mornings. I’m not normally nice to people, just my mum. She works so hard for me. And there is barely anything I can do for her in return. So this is what I do.

I sat the BLT on a plate nicely, and walked into the lounge where mum was asleep on the couch. She looked so beat, sometime I just never want her to wake up, so she can have a nice long break and not have to worry so much. Or at least for her to give up one of her shifts.

I gently nudge her on the shoulder making her come around. She turned her head and looked me for a quick second before returning to her previous position,

“Hmm, Jakie, I couldn’t keep my eyes open,” I smiled and moved the plate towards her,

“I made your favourite…” Mum turned to look at me with her eyes open, looking both tired and worried,

“… Bacon, lettuce and tomato,” he reached her hand up grabbed the plate, sitting up. As she was moving, she asked me,
“Won’t you be late?” I knew she was talking about my game, I normally walk but…

“No, Dad called. He’s going to drive me to the game,” Mum looked at me with narrowed eyes messing about, I smiled,

“Really,” Mum finished sitting up and looked at me. While she was looking at me, I pointed behind me to show her the uniform I ironed,

“I ironed a fresh uniform for you,” Mum put her plate down on the bench in front of us, coming over to me. She grabbed my head and gave me a kiss on the temple,

“Mm, you are my rock,” smiling as she pulled away. There was something I had to tell her,

“Can’t you just give up one of those shifts? I mean you look so wreaked,” she sighed,

“Oh Jakie. I just want to get us out of this house… get us into a proper place you know? Something big…” She was eating her food as she talked,

“… Get us a car to hoon around in, hmm? Hey?” I smiled as she rubbed my back and pulled me into a hug, sighing,

“I am so lucky to have you,” I smiled a bit more, hugging her back,
“We’re both lucky Mum,” I stated. We only got to have a quick hug as someone knocked on the front door. Mum and I separated and I got up to go and answer the door.

When I got there, I saw a huffing and puffing Dad standing on the other side of the wire door, knocking again. I went across after getting my footy bag off my bed. I went over to the door opening it, moving past Dad to get to the car. But he stopped me,

“Jake, Son… geez, you look well,” I stared at him wondering why he looked to sweaty, I replied shortly with,

“Yeah… you too,” I didn’t really mean it but I couldn’t be bothered doing anything right now. I continued to walk past him, and he just kept on talking,

“Hang on a sec, is you Mum home?” and he didn’t even wait for an answer. He just wiped his feet on the door mat and walked in calling out,
“SARAH?” I was confused,
“Um yeah…” and he just kept on walking… I looked around outside and didn’t see the car… just a bike. What in earth? I walked back in to see ‘Gary’ asking Mum if he could ‘borrow’ some money, I scoffed and called out,

“DAD?!” he turned to face me,
“Where’s the car?” he looked a bit annoyed at the question. He came away from Mum and closer to the front door,

“Oh, umm. Yeah mate, a bit of trouble on the home front. Long story short, no car this week, got the trusty bike though,” I leaned on the door frame,
“You were gonna drive me to the game remember?” now I was pissed. I could tell by his face he forgot,

“Every time, I’m such an idiot,” I pushed off of the door frame and into the house; I shoved past him so I could see Mum,

“Don’t give him a cent,” and with that, I left the room, really pissed. Gary kept on saying things to get me to stop but it didn’t work…


Blake’s P.O.V

“Mm,” I finally came round from my sleep; it was actually surprisingly comfortable, more comfortable than my bed. Wait, that means I’m not in my bed. I sat straight up, but I couldn't get all the way because something was holding my down, I turned my body to see Felix lying next to me, with his arms wrapped around my waist, weird... I don't remember going to sleep like this, I know I went to sleep next to Felix, but we weren't lying like this. I know I was, lying next to him, but he didn't have his arms around me. I didn't want to wake him, so I laid back down into his warm arms and tried to fall asleep again, but was interrupted but slurping, what, the, fuck? This time all of us woke up, I opened my eyes again to see Felix staring at my face, I blushed,

“What?” he shook his head and sat the both of us up. We looked over to see Sam, eating pawpaw cream... gross, Andy spoke up first,

“Sam, what you’re doing?” Sam blinked,

“Eating pawpaw, it a fruit right, so why can’t I eat it?” Andy was really grossed out,

“It’s for itchy crotch,” When Sam heard that he started choking and coughing on his own spit, I started laughing at him,

“Jeez Sam, how could you be so stupid, why would you eat pawpaw?” he stopped choking long enough to say,

“Well, its pawpaw, why wouldn't I eat it, I was literally starving to death,” Andy nerd-ed up and said,

“Do you even know what literally means?” Sam nodded,

“Come on guys, and girl... we better be getting back home,” at least someone here was being smart, nice one Jake. We all agreed and stood up to leave. I grabbed my bag from where I buried it and gave everyone another sandwich each; poop; now I was all out of sandwiches. And they were my favourite. Now I'm sad, Sam ate his so quickly it looked like he never had one. I gave him a bar and pushed him onwards, I walked next to Felix, who was walking at the back, and we kept walking till we came to a path clearing,

“Hmm, maybe if we follow this it will take us home, how about it guys?” they were all about to say something, when the sky opened up, but it didn't rain, a tornado came down, and it was heading straight for us. Jake freaked first,

“RUN, EVERYONE RUN!” we all agreed and ran for our freaking lives, we ended up going back through tree and bushes, getting even more lost than we were.

“FASTER NERDS, FASTER!” man even though we were being attacked he still treated us like, well, dirt. But for some reason, we did what he said anyway.

“IN HERE!” Sam yelled, there was a small path that was too small for the tornado to fit through.

We kept running until, we ran into a camp, and were attacked by homeless guy. All six of us screamed, at each other... when we stopped screaming the man we ran into asked,

“What are you doing here? Why are you attacking me?” Andy commented,

“Wait, you’re the one attacking us aren’t you?” the man looked confused,

“No I wasn't, but if you aren't attacking me, then what are you running for?”

Felix spoke next,

“It was like, a tornado but bigger, and way meaner, and it was following us,” the man looked behind us and all around,

“I don't see anything there, but...” but Sam cut him off by yelling 'FOOD' and the man rolled his eyes and said,

“Yeah just have what you want, it’s not like it matters,” We all looked up to see Sam eat all of the food in the tray, this pissed Jake off,

“Yeah, just don't worry about us, you eat up. We don't matter at all,” man was he being sarcastic... Sam frowned,

“Sorry, but I was literally starving to death,” I rolled my eyes,

“You said that last time you dickhead. And I quote Andy, Do you even know what literally means?” he nodded and looked away in defeat.

We all decided to wander around, I stood still with Felix, while Jake went over to annoy Sam and Andy went over to the solar powered car and asked Roland, the man whose name we found out,

“Where did you get such good solar panels?” Roland stuttered out, liar,

“I-I-I-I salvaged them, Fr-from a junkyard,” pfft as if anyone would believe that.

“Wow,” damn it, I spoke too soon, stupid Andy. Jake spoke up again,

“Hey do you think you could give us directions to Bremin?” Roland laughed,

“I can do better, I'll take you there,” all the boys smiled, but I stopped their parade,

“We won’t all fit into the car, there six of us and five seats, and there’s no way I’m traveling in the boot,” the boys all frowned except Sam,

“Why do you just sit on Felix’s lap, it looked like you guys were pretty close this morning while you were asleep,” I shut up instantly,

“...” was all that came out of the boys while Felix and I blushed, Jake had a weird face and said,

“You guys slept together?” Felix’s eyes widened and I blushed even harder at the accusation,

“What no, we didn't... oh she did sleep next to me, but that was it,” Sam rolled his eyes,

“Your arms were around her when you both woke up, you made it seem like the pair of you were in a relationship. So sweet,” he made a kissy face and walked off towards the car, Felix and I looked at each other, and blushed,

“...” was all that came out of Jake and Andy. I looked away from Felix, pulling my jumper back on and headed towards the car as well,

“Come on boys, if you want to get home. There can’t be any more damage done. Let’s go, because if we don't, I really don't want to be stuck in a car with Sam longer than I have to,” I was standing at the open door, as all the other boys ran and hopped in.

I slid in and sat on Felix, it was weird, sitting on a guy I had known for years, but only talk to for the first time yesterday. I guess you could say, I had a tiny crush on the boy for a few years now, but when he started going out with Ellen, I gave up, she was better for him. She actually knew him. God, some days I actually wish I was her, but I do like the fact that I am way scarier than her. That made me smile. Felix looked and saw me smiling,

“What’s got you smiling?” I didn't answer him, I just smiled even harder. I zipped my lips and turned my attention straight on the road, memorizing the route back. When we arrived back in Bremin, we climbed out of the car, Thanking Roland,

“Just don't let me see you guys back out there again. Scary place that bush is,” gods above, how old did he think we were, 8, or 16? Roland drove off after saying that, we five of us walked up to the shopping path, Sam frowned,

“Not much of a dramatic event, where’s the news reporters and all the cameras?” Felix and I rolled our eyes, but Jake agreed on some level,

“Is it just me or is our disappearance and miraculous reappearance seem like a non-event to you?” we shook our head in agreement, no one seemed to care that we were gone and had suddenly come back. No one even gave us second look. Jake spoke first,

“Oh god, my mum must be flipping out, she can’t do anything without me, I've got to go, see you later geeks,” Andy spoke up first,

“But wait, we just had a major male-bonding experience, you can’t leave,” Jake rolled his eyes,

“I don't care, I've got to find my mum,” Andy frowned, then perked up,

“British man hug?” Did the nerd actually forget that I was here? Felix commented about the fact that I was annoyed,

“Blake’s a girl you geek,” Andy frowned again.

“Look I don’t know you or you or you,” point to Andy, Felix and myself,

“And if any of you try and talk to me, I will crush you got it, “Jake didn't stick around and wandered off down the street, Sam chose to do the same,

“Well I better get home as well, see ya brainiac dude,” and gave Andy a hi-five,

“Goth dude,” putting his hand out for one but only to have Felix place his hand out in front of his. But he slapped it anyway, smiling like a crazy person, creep. He came to me next; opening his arms asking for a hug... doesn't he have a girlfriend? I stepped back, my foot slipping off the curb, but before I hit the ground, my arms were grabbed, by two different people, one Felix and the other Sam.

I pulled my arm away from Sam and hid behind Felix, seeing as he was taller than me and Sam, I figured it would be safest there. Sam glared at Felix, obviously annoyed I prefer Felix over him, and he is so up himself. Why would I choose him, over Felix? Sam gave up, knowing I wasn't moving.

As he walked away I came out from behind Felix now that I was safe. He grabbed my hand,

“Come with me to my house,” I nodded, Andy's frown deepened,

“Bye Andy, just go home, then you won’t be so alone,” I smiled shyly at him and waved goodbye, pulling Felix with me.

We were near our houses when Felix said,

“How the hell do you know the way to my house? And since you know where I live, can I know where you live?” I giggled, yes, giggled, not laughed, giggled. Felix’s eyes were as wide as saucers, I've never actually giggled before, and these boys had only heard me laugh.

“What’s so weird? Do I sound bad when I giggle?” now I was scared. I didn't want to have a weird giggle, weird giggles are scary, and sound really bad. I frowned. It was Felix’s turn to laugh; I perked up at the sound of that,

“It’s not that your laugh and giggle sound bad, it’s that they sound perfect, even more perfect than your normal voice. And the fact you thought it sounded bad made me laugh, someone with such a perfect voice like yours, could never sound bad,” it was my turn for my eyes to widen, and I even blushed, wow, my cheeks have had more colour in them today, then they have ever had... wait he just said my voice was perfection...

Felix’s P.O.V

What the hell is going on with me today? First, I can’t stop blushing, second, I almost got excited down low, because she was sitting on my lap along a bumping road, so she was going up and down on my lap, third, I'm really possessive over her, I almost went off at Sam for even trying to touch her. And finally, I basically just said her voice was complete perfection, which is true... but so is the rest of her. She just stared at me, eyes wide, but now clouded with un-shed tears, she fills the distance between us, wrapping her arms around my neck,

“Thank you,” and with that she fully burst into tears pulling her into me, and burrowing her head into my neck crying her eyes out. I put one of my hands on her waist, and used the other to rub the back of her head soothingly, after a while she calmed down, she pulled her head away from my neck but still had her arms there, I moved the hand that was on her head to her other hip. She looked me in the eye and said something that broke my heart,

“No one’s ever called any part of me perfect before now. Not even my family, and hearing that come out of your mouth made me feel really good, because these tears are for both, sadness, because I am so useless and ugly, and happiness, because, well, I don't actually know why it makes me so happy. It must be becau...” she cut herself off.

“Thank you Felix,” I stared at her as she leaned in for a hug, I pulled her closer, but she didn't give me a hug, she kissed me, on the cheek, but it was enough to make me blush. She pulled away, her cheeks aflame as well. I chuckled at her, grabbing her hand,

“Come on, let’s go. I want to see Oscar,” she nodded and followed me.

We walked up to my house, I went straight for the backyard, but Blake grabbed my hand. I turned to look at her,

“What?” she shook her head?

“Just be really careful out there Felix, and don't let what happens affect you. Kay?” I nodded, not really know what she was going on about, I walked into the backyard with Blake a few steps behind me, I dumped my bag next to the one of the chairs and yelled to Oscar,

“Hey Oscy, how'd your doctor appointment go?” he looked at me like I was crazy,

“What doctor?” I laughed; he must be playing a game,

“Uh, Dr. Seuss?” Oscar didn't look happy at that comment, he actually looked really mad,

“What are you going on about?” and as he said that he stood up, what the holy mother of all things Gothic, what the hell just happened?

“Oscar, you can stand!” he rolled his eyes,

“Yeah, and I can walk. One step. Two step,” he was being really sarcastic... not normal. Maybe this was what Blake was talking about. I turned around to see she was walking away; I turned back to my brother,

“Wait right there, I'll be back,” and with that, I ran out after Blake, but she didn't wander off far, she was standing out the front of the house next to mine. I walked up next to her,

“What are you staring at?” she didn't look away from the house when she answered me,

“This was where I lived for a few years, eight and a half to be exact, but before me and my mum lived there, it was abandoned, do you remember?” I thought as far back as I could go. I shook my head at her. She laughed,

“Yeah, but now it’s still abandoned, my mum only moved her because of me. I became too known where I lived, and had to move. She didn't want to leave all of her friends, but I had already scared them away. It was because of my... you know,” I nodded knowing she was talking about her powers,

“But wait, shouldn't she be in the house than, go see her!” I urged her to go to the house but it didn't work, she shook her head and held onto my arm,

“The thing is Felix, when we see the other guys again, they'll be in the same place as us,” I furrowed my eyebrows at her wording.

“What do you mean?” she turned to face me,

“We don't exist here Felix, all five of us. No one knows who we are. Things are going to happen. And I can’t help you. Good bye Felix, I hope you get home,” she had un-shed tears in her eyes, and with that, she leaned in and whispered in to my ear,

“I'm sorry,” she stayed next to me, crying into my ear

It was only for a short second, but it was enough time for her tears to reach my mouth, I tasted the saltiness, it made me cry myself,

WHAT THE HELL IS MAKING MY THINK LIKE THIS, I don't get upset, or cuddly, and I don't like it when people do anything romantic... fuck my life.

Blake’s P.O.V

I didn't stay around longer than I had to; I came here to get away. Another universe is most likely the furthest I'm going to get away from my old life. If I left my home in the old universe, everyone would find me somehow. But here, I don't even exist here, so how can they find me.

But the only hard thing I had to do, was say good bye to Felix, I must have really loved him, even though he’s only known me for a day. I guess I didn't really want him to know that I did, I can’t accept it, but my heart already did. Even though, I needed him to send me here.

I need to go see the wonderful Phoebe; she was my friend in the old world. She taught me how to use my glitch properly, it was really handy. I hoped not too many things in this world were different, I didn't really move worlds so I could be entirely alone; I knew I would always have one friend. And that was Phoebe.

I kept on walking at a normal pace, when I started seeing more people; I put my hoodie back on. It wasn't covered in too much dirt but there was still a small amount of spicks and specks all over it, that kinda annoyed me, I was never a really big fan of dirt, it must have been because of my mother, she was always telling me that dirt was evil, and the fact that she treated me like dirt made me feel, oh so much better...

As I rounded a corner, I smashed into Andy, who looked like he was looking for someone, but didn't know exactly who he was looking for. He stood up than helped me up as well,

“Sorry, I didn't see you there, I'm looking for someone do you think you could help me?” I shook my head, he frowned,

“Oh, thank anyway, sorry for smashing into you,” after saying sorry he started to run off yell a goodbye after wards, I silently laughed at his weirdness. I didn't want I'm to hear me laugh just in case he knew it was me. I didn't want to see any of the boys again, ever. I came here to start fresh and this is what I'm doing. And that's final.

Felix P.O.V

I was sitting in a chair, out front of my 'house' playing a game of chess with Oscar, this was amazing, and I still couldn't believe he could walk. But the only downside was, they couldn't remember me, and Blake even said so herself

“We don't exist here Felix, all five of us don't, and no one knows who we are...” I still couldn't believe she left me. Her mum moved here for her, and it was the best thing that had ever happened, also the fact that I actually got to meet her.

When I first saved her life, I never knew such beauty could exist. And the more I got to know her over the twenty-four hour time frame, she scared me shit less, but she also made my heart beat faster than ever before. I can’t go back to Ellen with me like this, I thought I would be with Ellen forever or something, or die and old hermit that never fell in love, and lived with my eight cats.

But I could never get over the fact that Oscar can walk here. It was great, this world was perfect, aside from the fact Blake left and my family can’t remember me, but I pushed Blake to the back of my mind to I could think about all of the good times I had with Oscar before he was in a wheel chair.

But I was pulled out when the others rocked up, damn it. Be nice Felix; don't let them know Blake’s gone,

“Hey guys, what are you doing here?” as I said that my 'mum' walked out and said,

“Oh look, hi boys more friends. Well I brought fairy bread, its Oscar favourite,” Oscar came out holding two cups and said,

“Yeah mum, when I was like six. But his stuffs low fat, so we have to drink it like three times stronger,”

“So Felix, its good seeing Oscar have some friends, would you like to stay for dinner?” I smiled,

“Yeah, thanks, that would be great,” After my mum finally left us alone, I said I needed to talk to the boys; we went to the road as Jake rode off, annoyed he wasted his time coming here. Sam asked me what was going on and I smiled,

“It’s weird, Oscar can walk, but my family can’t remember me, but every things great,” I smiled even bigger it was kinda weird. I saw Ellen crossing the street, what was she wearing? I walked up to her, yeah, she didn't know who I was, and I give up.

The other two guys ditched me and went somewhere, I went back to Oscar, but tea was cancelled and Oscar had 'homework' to do. So I left and went with Andy and Sam, but when I caught up with them, they said the thing I had been dreading the most,

“Where’s Blake?” crap... I gulped,

“I don’t actually know her exact location, but she wanted me to say bye,”

“... WHAT?!” damn you Blake, leaving me with these idiots.

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