Nowhere Boys and Their Nowhere Girl

Blake Wesley is a goth, but a goth with a big secret. She's a witch. But is that all she is?
After being saved by someone she desperately needs, what happens when they all disappear, from this world... The other she left with, are living in a shack, fighting demons and stealing. While Blake is living the life, she always wanted.
But when it's time for the boys to come home, what happens when Blake doesn't want to go home?


19. Chapter 19 (Second last chapter!)

Chapter 19: Needing Oscar and the Final Day part one

Blake's P.O.V

“Just shut up already it wasn't his fault!” everyone stopped talking and turned to face me. Sam was beyond furious, while Jake and Andy looked mad but also confused. Phoebe just looked plain happy.

“Why do you care? You're the only one happy here Blake. You don't belong anywhere!” I stood up ready to fight Sam but he just brushed past me and out the door. I sighed and tried to stop myself from breaking down. Andy went to go after Sam but Jake stopped him,

“Just let him calm down. This is big news to him, to all of us... except you Blake. How’s that? No matter what you just seem to continue siding with Felix.” I opened my mouth to reply, but closed it not really knowing what to say. Phoebe saw my hesitation and looked at Felix smirking,

“I knew it. You're a true witch.” Felix nodded lightly and looked at me. He knew I was too, but was right about not saying anything about it. Jake and Andy didn't notice the stare but I sure as hell did. I sighed suddenly feeling drained about the whole situation.

“Why did you do it Felix? I thought we were your friends,” Jake was desperate to understand the situation at hand.

“I only cast the spell to make Oscar walk again. I didn't mean for any of this to happen,” Jake scoffed,

“Well it happened. What do you have to say about it?!” Felix sighed. I grabbed onto his arm and hugged it, letting him know I was there for moral support.

“I'm really, really sorry guys. This wasn't supposed to happen. We were supposed to spend the night out in the bush and that was it, because we didn't actually I led us to that place because there were rumours that it was full of magic essence. Now we know that it was thanks to Alice the bush was like that. But something went wrong, but I know how we get home. We need to reactivate the talisman.” Jake and Andy nodded,

“I'll go get Sam,” Andy quickly muttered before leaving the room. Phoebe turned to Jake,

“Can you start helping me set up?” Jake nodded and started bustling about the room grabbing all the things Phoebe asked for. I pulled Felix to face me on the couch. I could tell he was no longer tired from his sleep and was now wide awake and kinda scared.

“Are you okay?” Felix shrugged and looked down the ground.

“I don't even know Blake. Just, shit has been getting to be too much lately. I don’t want to go home, because I know if we go back, I will lose you because you will stay here, and Oscar will be in a wheelchair, but if we don't go back, we are left with a demon chasing after us because we really don't belong here. So yeah, I am so not okay,” I smiled,

“Well, if you look at it like that, then yeah you are so not going to be okay, but...” I trailed off when I realised there really was no good way you can look at it. A frown crossed my face,

“Okay, yeah never mind with what I was saying, there really is no 'good' way of looking at this. But never mi...” I was cut off by Andy returning with Sam who was by the looks of it, was still mad.

I sighed and stood up pulled Felix with me. We all gather around the table which was now set up and ready to reactivate the talisman. Sam looked up at Felix with hate in his eyes.

“I'm still mad at you,” yep still pissed. I sighed as Felix pulled the talisman from his neck and placed it into one of the bowls. Andy lifted up a bottle of water,

“I'm the water element right?” Felix, Phoebe and I all nodded. Andy's face became confused at how I also knew. I shrugged at him and placed a single finger over my mouth signalling him to not say anything. Andy poured his water in and the bowl was then passed on to Jake who placed some dirt from the bowl which was filled on the table, into the bowl with the talisman. It was then passed to Sam, who glared at Felix,

“Blow Airhead.” I turned to Phoebe who was getting impatient. I sighed and rolled my eyes and Sam blew onto the talisman, once again glaring at Felix,

“I still hate you,” Felix nodded, not surprised,

“Yeah. I know.” Felix picked up the talisman and lightly skimmed it over the candle which he had just lit with his lighter. He placed the talisman back down in the bowl and started to say the spell,

“Divinity of the elements, I summon thee. Earth, Water, Air, Fire. Within this stone I envoke thee place, your greatest strength, and while this stone remains at hand. Thou shall be safe, throughout this land.” Once he was finished, everyone looked at the talisman that wasn't glowing.

“It's not glowing. Isn't it supposed to do that glowing thing whenever we're all around.” thank you Sam, for pointing out the obvious... Felix sighed and picked it up, walking back to his original place on the couch,

“We're missing something. It doesn't make sense, what's different from the last time we did it?” Andy was the first to try and get the right answer,

“The bees?” Felix shook his head. He sighed again.

“The bed?” Felix shook his head at his own words. I was confused, what's going on about a bed? Jake suddenly decided to make a joke,

“Sam farted,” I laughed and Phoebe just looked plain grossed out,

“I don't think that's it.” Jake shrugged with a smile on his face, glad he could make at least one of us laugh. Felix suddenly zoned out. I watched him, knowing he was going to figure it out. Come one Felix, figure it out already! The second I thought it, Felix realised,

“The fifth element. Oscar!” Jake was confused,

“What?” Felix sighed rolling his having to explain his words,

“Oscar is the fifth element,” Phoebe caught on,

“Oscar is the reason the spell was cast. He is the fifth element,” the other three boys were still confused, Andy spoke first,

“I thought there were only four elements?” Phoebe and I shook our heads,

“According to Pagan Law...” I started and Phoebe continued,

“There are four worldly elements...”

“Water, Fire, Earth, Air. You boys are able to represent them...”

“But, then there is a fifth element, spirit...” with hand gestures, both Phoebe and I pointed upwards and finished together,

“It helps to connect to our higher powers.” the three boys nodded and Felix stood up in a rush.

“We need to get to Oscar, before the Demon does.” everyone nodded and we all started for the door, but were cut off by Sgt Riles and the other guy... I never took the time to learn his name...

“Alright, time to come with us boys.” we all took a step back. My entire body tensed and I turned around to protect Felix from Bates... or should I say the Demon. Felix could feel how tense I was, but I don't think he understood why. Phoebe started defending the boys,

“What for?” Gary rolled his eyes,

“We'll explain it all down at the station. But for now, these boys need to come with us.” Phoebe knew that couldn't happen,

“How about I send them to bed without any supper? Will that do?” Gary was about to talk when Bates started to first,

“Sgt Riles, these boys have been trouble since they first came here. Don't let her boss you around. You are in truth... the higher authority. I scoffed,

“Higher authority my ass Bates!” I spat out the name like it was venom, knowing the Demon will catch on to what I was saying. Bates smirked,

“Are you going to let her insult you like that Sgt?” Gary shook his head,

“Miss Wesley, we meet again. I am very sorry but you are now going to have to come with us.” I smiled knowing well that they couldn't see me.

“Aww... really Gary, I thought we were on a first name basis. I pushed Felix forward slightly just to get some more distance between Bates and Felix. I turned back so I was facing Gary again. I wrapped Felix's arms around my waist so I would know if he was to just suddenly disappear. Gary sighed and ran a hand down his face.

“Miss We... Blake, I am sorry must all five of you, must now come with us.” I nodded and started dragging Felix along just so we could get away from Bates quicker.

When we got to the main part of the shop, I moved so I was holding Felix's hand and we were holding the door open for everyone, once everyone was outside Felix and I followed. I could tell Felix was confused. I smirked at him,

“Don't worry; there is method to my madness.” Felix nodded weary. We watched as Sam, Andy and Jake all piled into police car. Phoebe was rambling about calling human services. The other cop wasn't as stupid as I thought,

“Ah Sarge... there's five of them and two of us. We aren't all going to fit.” Gary shrugged,

“We'll squeeze them in.” the other guy shook his head.

“I don't think so Sarge.” Gary sighed and looked at Phoebe,

“Think you can bring them in. Can you manage that?” Phoebe scoffed and turned off her phone,

“Of course. Come you two.” she grabbed Felix's jumper and dragged the two of us over to her car. When we were a few metres away from the car I was grabbed by Bates and I cried out in pain, I suddenly felt the dog bite come back from the other day, weird... how come I didn't feel it when I undid the spell? Whatever, my thoughts were cut for by Bates speaking,

“I can take them it.” Phoebe shook her head,

“No thanks, I can do it.” but this stupid Demon wasn't giving up!

“Please, it’s on my way.” I watched the cop car drive away slowly, but winced again as I was ripped from Bates hold by Felix and Phoebe. Bates then grabbed Felix and pulled Felix around to face Bates. Felix's eyes widened,

“Something is wrong,” Phoebe too realised and the pair of us stood on the both of Bates feet, causing him to become distracted and looked down, causing his grip on Felix to loosen and enable Felix to bolt. The three of us made it inside and locked the door the second Bates made it there.

“BACK DOOR!” I quickly shouted and we all bolted for the second door. When we arrived, we were about to go out the door when the Demon got there first and forced us back in. we started around him when suddenly Phoebe ran up and started trying to push him back,

“Phoebe what are you doing?!” right now I was scared for he life. Right now, I get the feeling this is way more powerful than any other time we have seen the Demon,

“He's not after me now go!” Felix nodded and grabbed my good arm and was out the door. I slipped out of his hold so I could watch Phoebe.

“Phoebe come now, quickly!” she shook her head, when her eyes suddenly widened,

“Oh my god...” she was staring at Bates one second, and was flying through the air and into the bookshelf the next. I gasped,

“PHOEBE!” Bates turned to face me, my eyes widened when I saw the look on his face. I held in the urge to scream,

“Blake come on,” Felix had grabbed my arm and again but this time I ran with him.

We ran as quickly as we could until we got to the Main Street. We leaned against the wall of an alley way as we caught our breaths. I leaned my head back against the wall, resting as much as I could while standing up.

“Did we lose him?” Felix nodded more tired than me somehow, his face scrunched up,

“I think so. But we need to get to Oscar before he does. Where could Oscar be?” I shrugged,

“I haven't seen him since the other day. Let’s check the Main Street and if he isn't there, we will have to go to your place okay?” Felix nodded and we stuck our heads out from the alleyway we were in. Since we were at the top of the street, we could see all the way down the street, and that is where we saw Oscar. He was a bit too far away to be able to see us, but Bates was nowhere in sight.

“Okay, there's Oscar, now where do we go when we get him?” Felix shrugged,

“I don't know but first we need... oh no.” my eyes widened, not knowing what was going on,

“What what?” Felix groaned,

“Bates is back already. And he is right next to Oscar,” I looked a little to my left and saw Bates. Crap, I groaned as I watched Oscar bump into Bates. Oscar suddenly looked up and saw Bates,

“Oh, sorry Mr Bates didn't see you there,” Oscar waited for a response that he wasn't going to be getting any time soon. Oscar made a comment about Bates' lack of communication when he saw Felix whom I didn't see, waving his hands about lightly to catch Oscar's attention. When Oscar reached us he was beaming,

“Hey guys, what's up?” Both Felix and I tried to pull Oscar into the alleyway where we would be hidden by Bates, but he wouldn't budge,

“Can you see Bates?” Felix quickly asked. Oscar turned to look over his shoulder, Felix sighed,

“With a bit of subtlety?”  Oscar just shrugged,

“Oh, never mind. He's coming this way.”

“Shit!” I quickly let out. Felix realised too,

“Oscar run, come on quick!” Oscar knew something was up considering I was shit scared, so this time he did as we said. When we turned around I saw Lily Lau and Nicole, Andy's mum. I yelled a quick hello as I ran past them and down the alley to get to the storage side of Bremin.

As we were running, Felix decided it would finally be a great time to tell Oscar about everything.

“You... can do... magic!” Oscar was confused, but still kept up with us,

“Since when?” Oh Oscar you silly boy,

“Because you and I are related!” what? That doesn't even make any sense!

“I knew it! I'm an alien too! So cool!” Felix sighed,

“Not so cool and not so loud!” Oscar was now confused,

“Why didn't you tell me earlier?” Felix was getting cranky, and so was I,

“It wasn't quite as urgent as it is right now.” Felix stopped next to a roller door and we did the same,

“Urgent?” This was probably the most I had ever seen Oscar. Felix nodded,

“Yes. Bates is possessed by a demon.” Oscar's eyes widened in fear and I tensed,

“And he's right behind you.” Both Felix and I turned around to see Bates coming down the street. He was still a fair distance away but it didn't stop him from being scary as fuck. Felix turned back to us and pointed around the corner,

“That way, go the pair of you,” Oscar and I both shook our heads,

“We wanna stay with you.” I nodded agreeing with Oscar. Felix still said no,

“No, he's after me! You two go that way. Run, Blake and Oscar!” we nodded and ran around the corner. It was still a way away and we could still faintly hear Felix yell out,

“Come here, Bates you freak.” and the sound of the roller door not moving. Once we were around the corner Oscar stopped me. I wanted to do what Felix said, but Oscar wanted to stay and make sure he was going to be fine.

“Oscar, we can't do this right now. We need to go,” Oscar shook his head,

“I don't care what he says, we're staying okay?” I nodded, and then suddenly heard the sound of clanging and the sound of things being thrown around. I then heard the sound of someone jumping from somewhere high.

“Oscar that could be Bates for all we know, we need to leave!” Oscar shook his head,

“Just give it a minute,” I sighed and did as Oscar said, when Felix suddenly came bounding from around the corner.

“I told you two to run.” Oscar was still stubborn,

“But I thought you needed my help,” Felix sighed,

“Yes, but not now!” Oscar got a little grouchy,

“You’re sending me mixed signals. What's going on?” Both Felix and I sighed and I dragged them off the main road and onto a drive way to the river.

“Do it now, quickly before Bates catches up.” Felix nodded and turned to Oscar.

“I need your spirit to activate this talisman,” Oscar looked at Felix funny,

“Why me?” Felix sighed, confession time,

“Because... in another world, I'm your brother.” Oscar gasped and looked at Felix happily,

“You’re my brother? I've always wanted a brother,” Felix smiled back and placed the talisman in Oscar's hands. Oscar closed his eyes and scrunched up his face in concentration, as if he was really trying to force his spirit into the talisman. Felix started the spell,

“Divinity in the elements, I summon thee...” he stopped and looked up when he heard a car tooting,

“...Earth, Water, Air, Fire. Within this stone, I envoke thee place...” he stopped again as another car tooted. Oh my G. O. D just hurry up with the spell already,

“... Your greatest strength your kindest grace. And while this stone remains at hand, thou shall be safe throughout this land.” with the last few words, Felix sped them up so fast I couldn't understand him fully. Felix ripped the talisman from Oscar's hands and put it back around his neck the second a car came zooming around the corner straight at us. To be exact, it's Bates car,

“He's back,” I screamed as we all started down the road. But we were stopped at by a fence. We all groaned and tried to find a way around it, but Bates was already out of the car and coming at us. I stood in front of Felix and Oscar.

“Leave them alone you stupid Demon.” the Demon let out a bark like laugh that lasted for a spilt second,

“Order must be restored, you are not going to change anything Blake,” I gasped and screamed as the Demon grabbed my arm and threw me against one of the beams that hold the bridge up. I screamed as my head hit the beam and as I fell down into the water.

I felt myself being engulfed by the water. Black spots were already taking over my limited eyesight in the water. I tried to scream but all that came out was bubbles. This caused my body to lose all forms of oxygen, and as I passed out. The last thought on my mind was on Felix and Oscar, and hoping, praying that they got away.

No one's P.O.V

Felix watched in pain a Blake flew through the air screaming, hurt, that he could not do a single thing to stop it. He turned to face the being to blame for throwing Blake. In truth, the demon looked like his science teacher, Mr Bates, but he and a few others knew that sadly, Mr Bates wasn't in the body at the moment, for the body had been taken over and is now being used to hunt and kill Felix. Felix growled at what once was his science teacher,

“You better hope Blake isn't dead or so help me. I will find a way to get rid of you once and for all. But for now, take me, leave Oscar out of this.” Felix was practically begging the demon to leave his brother alone, but Oscar was no longer his brother in this world.

When the demon let out a bark like laughter, Felix and Oscar could feel the fear running through their bodies. Oscar feared of being hurt by this demon, whom he also saw as a teacher from his school, Felix, because he feared for all of their lives.

“I'll take you both,” were the blunt and dooming words from the restoring demon hiding in some one’s body. Felix screamed out his brother’s name as he watched Oscar twitch and bend in unusual places,

“OSCAR!' Felix screamed out, praying that Oscar would hear Felix's voice, and be able to fight the demon taking over. Oscar could feel himself leaving his body, 'Is this what death is like?' he thought scared that he would never return to his body. This Oscar had only known Felix for a few days, but he already trusted him with his life, because right now, if Felix and his friends cannot get the demon out of Oscar's body, no one know what will happen to it.

Felix watched with sadness in his eyes as he watched his brother’s eyes glow red, now proving that he was really gone and there was only a demon in there now. Felix slowly backed away from the two bodies the demon had taken over. Felix knew he had no options but he had to at least try, for Blake, whom had now disappeared into the water by now.

Demon Bates had now advanced on Felix, cutting off all thoughts of Felix getting away. Felix knew the only way to get away was to give up, so as Bates grabbed him around the body, locking Felix's arms to his body, he knew that he had to keep fighting, knowing if he played his cards right, he will get away. But as Oscar threw a bag big enough to fit Felix inside, Felix was for once in his life so scared that this is his end, just one mistake after another.

As Felix struggled, being bound into the bag by a belt, he never noticed the two girls watching from the top of the bridge.

When they saw what was occurring, they ran down from the bridge but were too late. Mr Bates and Oscar had already carried Felix into the car. The first girl with to plaits sitting on either side of her head was the first to point out certain things,

“That's my freak of a next door neighbour,” the first girl being Ellen O'Donnell, who has been living near Oscar but hated him in this world, but caring deeply for him in the other world. The second girl, whom had Sam on her mind nearly all the time, yelled out to her science teacher,

“You're crossing professional boundaries Mr Bates! You can't do that!” she cried out, scared for the gothic boys struggling to get out of the bag in the back seat of Sarah's car. Both Ellen and Mia knew there was nothing they could do except let the gothic boys friends know what was occurring.

So the pair ran and ran until they reached Arcane Lane, owned by Phoebe the 'witch lady'. The pair walked right into the shop and into the back room where they heard voices. Once they burst in they saw Sam, Andy, Jake and Phoebe all running around the back room in search of the many things that are able to destroy the restoring demon. Ellen was the first to talk,

“Your friend just got kidnapped by a teacher and my freak kid of a next door neighbour.” Andy was the first to respond,

“Mr Bates, right?” Ellen nodded lightly confused,

“How did you know that?” none of the boys knew what to say without it sound irrational so Phoebe did their job for them,

“Your teacher has been possessed by a demon,” the girls thought it was a joke,

“As in the football team?” Jake shook his head, but Andy answered the girls,

“No. As in a bona fied hell bent on killing Felix demon.” the girls 'ahh'ed thinking the three boys had gone crazy.

“Nice one, but what's really going on. I just watched my neighbour kidnap your friend.” now the four other people in the room were confused,

“Oscar was helping Bates?” Sam inquired. The pair of girls nodded. The three boys turned to look at Phoebe,

“The demons learned to possess more than one body” the boys nodded and got back to work. Mia was getting cranky because nothing was being explained,

“Someone just tell us what is going on! We just watched a student and teacher kidnap your friend and you are all calm about it. Tell us what's going on!” Sam sighed knowing he couldn't hide from Mia any more. Sam faced his two friends with a sad look on his face,

“I think its confession time boys.” the other two nodded and sat the pair of girls on the couch and stood in front of them. No one really knew where to start, so Sam just went from where he thought would be accurate,

“Okay... so it all started with this school excursion.” and from there they started the story.

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