Nowhere Boys and Their Nowhere Girl

Blake Wesley is a goth, but a goth with a big secret. She's a witch. But is that all she is?
After being saved by someone she desperately needs, what happens when they all disappear, from this world... The other she left with, are living in a shack, fighting demons and stealing. While Blake is living the life, she always wanted.
But when it's time for the boys to come home, what happens when Blake doesn't want to go home?


18. Chapter 18

Chapter 18: The casting of more spells

Phoebe’s P.O.V

With the boys and Blake gone, and the shop half cleaned. I let myself rest for a bit. I walked into the back room and grabbed some slices from my kitchen; I walked back into the shop and sat down at the counter, picking up a piece of lemon slice from the container I grabbed. Just a I was about to take a bite I was interrupted,

“PHOEBE, PHOEBE WE NEED YOUR HELP, SOMETHINGS WRONG WITH OUR MOTHERS!” I sighed and put down the slice, throwing my hands in the air in frustration,

“What is it with teenage boys and always shouting?” my door smashed open allowing Airhead, Creepy boy and the stupid nerd to burst in, with Blake following behind them. My eyes widened as I saw how scared they were,

“First the bees, then the dogs, now the demons attacking our mums,” Felix was cut off my Airhead,

“Its pure evil,” I frowned,

“Okay guys. Time to hit the books,” they all nodded and we piled into the back room.

Felix’s P.O.V

We have been sitting in the back room way to long for my liking. We need to help our mothers and there is no way I am just going to sit here while they possibly die. All of a sudden, Jake burst into the back room,

“I need your help,” I frowned,

“Join the party. Help us look through these books. We need to find something, anything to help them,” Jake nodded and joined us.

As time passed nothing happened except for me becoming very frustrated, more time past and I was slowly getting more frustrated but Blake kept me calm.

“Is there anything we can do?” I turned to Blake who looked like she was in pain but more scared. I frowned and pulled her close to me hugging her, but not holding her too tight. I sighed and threw the book I was looking at,

“This isn’t going to work,” I got up, letting go of Blake carefully and getting up and walking over to my bag. I pulled out my book of shadows and walking back to the table. As I was walking past Andy and Phoebe they both pulled the top of my book down and looked in it,

“Is that was I think it is?” Andy… learn to keep your nose out of everything. I scoffed,

“No, it’s I just write everything down,” Andy looked at Phoebe while Phoebe watched me as I walked back to my seat next to Blake re-wrapping my arm around her. Blake leaned into me,

“Do they know anything?” Blake lightly whispered in my ear. I shook my head continuing to look for the right spell. When I found what I needed, I resisted the urge to smile. I stood up bring Blake with me. I swiped off all the useless books and slammed my book down in the middle of the table,

“This is what we need to use. It’s a healing spell crossed with a protection spell. But we need to activate it with powerful ingredients,” Jake nodded,

“Like ourselves?” I shook my head and turned away from the table and then back to it again,

“No this time we need something more powerful than that, something that belonged to our mothers. In this world and our world,” Jake nodded and realised his mistake,

“Does it have to be important or does it just have to belong in both worlds?” I shrugged,

“It just has to be in both. We don’t have much time so we will have to meet at the hospital. But don’t take too long, and we need to be close for the spell to work,” they all nodded and we placed our hands in the centre of the table. We turned to face Phoebe and Blake, who were sitting next to each other and neither of them had placed their hands in. I stared at Blake and she gave in along with Phoebe. They both rolled their eyes and shoved their hands in.

We broke and left the shop, Blake coming with me and Phoebe staying behind to look for a tablet. When I say tablet, I mean the one of magic. I shook my head leaving the thoughts of Phoebe behind and turning to Blake. I wanted to know what had happened over the past few days,

“Blake,” she stopped walking and turned to face me,

“Yeah Felix, what’s up?” I sighed and pulled her close,

“I am so sorry,” I wrapped my arms around her. Blake didn’t hug me back, but she did try to push me away but she didn’t have the strength for it. I frowned letting go of her,

“What are you talking about Felix?” she was confused. I sighed and started to explain,

“You were fine. Then I had a go at you about your lack of pain from your injuries. So you ran off, then suddenly you were sick and in so much pain you couldn’t move. It had to be me didn’t it?” Blake frowned,

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Felix. Look we need to go and find something that belongs to your mother, before she dies. Now come on Felix!” Blake didn’t let me get in another word,

“Fine, but we are so talking about this later,” this time I didn’t let Blake get in a word before grabbing her wrist and pulling her lightly behind me making sure not to grab her too tightly just in case I hurt her,

“Felix let go I can walk myself,” I nodded and let go of her, but I didn’t slow down. All that was running through my mind was exactly what should be running through my mind, my mum. Well here she isn’t actually my mum, but she is and she isn’t. This world’s version of my mum is exactly like what my worlds mum was like before Oscar’s accident. I sighed at the thought of my mum before the accident.

When we arrived at my house, I went straight for the backyard where I knew what I was looking for would be. Sir Weed Killer, weird name I know, but it’s my mother what did you expect. Blake tugged on my arm and I turned to face her,

“What are you looking for?” my eyes widened… right I forgot to tell her,

“Umm, I don’t really know what to say, urr I guess you can call it Sir Weed Killer. He’s a gardening tool, one of the ones that you know gets rid of weeds,” Blake nodded and walked off in search of Sir Weed Killer.

As wondered and wondered but we still hadn’t found Sir Weed Killer. I frowned and suddenly remembered something. I stood up from my crouching position under the cover of the house,

“She would never put it where she would expect us to find it,” my eyes widened as I checked all the watering cans around the backyard when I found it. I smiled,

“Blake come here!” I faintly heard her shouting back but I couldn’t hear her clearly. I turned back to face the gardening tool,

“Ahh, Sir Weed Killer, we meet again,” I smiled as Blake finally arrived,

“Is that what we were looking for?” I nodded,

“Yeah, he is called Sir Weed Killer. But now we need to get to the hospital and wait for the others,” Blake nodded,

“Yeah we better get to the hospital,” that was how our conversation ended. It was kinda annoying but it was nice. Being able to be with Blake and not have to worry about finding a conversation.

Blake's P.OV

When we finally arrived at the hospital Andy and Sam were already there and they were stressing out about Jake who still wasn’t here. I too, looked around worried for Jake. Although I don’t really know him that well, I still cared for him deeply, I mean, if he didn't have any potential, we wouldn't even be here. I sighed and turned to Felix who was gone. I was shocked and I turned again to see him going into a closing door.

I ran over pulling the door open just in time to see Felix turn and face the mothers, asleep and laying on beds. I sighed and walked over to him. I could tell he was stressed so I pulled him into my arms,

“Felix, it is okay to be sad or scared. I'm worried too, but I trust you to be able to pull this off,” Felix wouldn't look at me. I sighed and pulled away from him,

“Felix tell me what you’re thinking.” Felix shook his head, and finally looked at me,

“I can't do it Blake; there is no way I am going to be able to save them.” I sighed an gripped Felix's face in both my hands and held on tightly,

“Felix, if you don't think you can do this, I don't think I will ever be able to look at you again. If you do not go and save their mothers, I will either have to kill you or find some way to never see you again okay? I am not going to let you be responsible for four peoples death, even though it isn't your fault for this happening, you know how to fix it and it will work. So please, do it for me?” Felix smiled and placed one of his leather gloved hands on my cheek. I returned the smile and moved my face more into his intoxicating touch. I sighed happily, my hands falling to my sides. I closed my eyes and I felt Felix's lips on mine. I sighed again and tried to move more into Felix, but his hand was stopping me from moving. When he pulled away I frowned,

“Felix...” I whined. I didn't want to stop kissing him, ever. But I guess one day I really will never be able to kiss him again. I sighed internally at the thought,

“If I don't stop now, I won’t be able to hold myself back.” I nodded and laughed in realisation. How could I have been so stupid? I could now feel the connection between the two of us. I pulled away from Felix, grabbing his hand and dragging him into the closet next to where their mothers were. This was the room where we are planning on casting the spell, but it can be put on hold for a few more minutes.

I turned to face Felix and I pulled him close to me. I quickly pecked him on the lips before running off and jumping up so I was sitting on the table. I signalled for Felix to come closer to me and that's exactly what he did. I smiled as I wrapped my arms around his neck while one of his hands sat on my hip and the other holding the back of my neck,

“Felix.” I was so happy, and because I was so happy, I didn't have a brain to mouth filter any more. Felix groaned in response and moved even closer to me if that were possible. I sighed tightening my grip on his neck, weaving one of my hands into his hair. The hand he had on my neck moved down to my ribs and settling underneath my... well my ribs, let’s just stick with that.

We ripped apart from each other at the sound of the door opening. I pushed Felix away from me and looked at the person walking in. It was Andy and Sam. I sighed in frustration at the pair of them walking in. I jumped off the table and stood next to Felix,

“What's up boys?” Sam looked pissed, and Andy looked like he didn't understand what was even going on,

“Jake still isn't here and we're running out of time.” I sighed and pulled my phone out of my pocket and dialled Phoebe's number and passed the phone to Felix,

“I can’t be fucked. You can talk to her. It’s your problem anyway not mine,” Felix nodded and took the phone without a fuss. When Phoebe talked Felix was quick to talk,

“Phoebe, Jake still isn't here and we can’t get a hold of him, we need you to find him for us,” I heard Phoebe sigh through the phone.

“First you ask me to find something magical, and now you want me to find Jake?” Felix nodded and then answered,

“Yes. And be quick. We're running out of time,” and with that he hung up not letting Phoebe getting another word in. I smiled as his odd way of communication and took my phone back before turning to Andy knowing he will most likely have the answer to my question,

“Andy, how are they doing?” Andy looked confused,

“How are who doing?” I sighed and rolled my eyes walking over to him and smashing my fist into his arm.

“Your mothers you dip shit!” Andy pulled away afte screaming in pain like a girl. For fucks sake I didn’t even his him that hard. I took a step back and Andy told me what I wanted to know.

“They are slowly declining. So far, the doctors can’t think of anything to do to slow what is going on down. Jake needs to hurry up, but Felix, are you sure the spell will work?” I turned to Felix and nodded. He smiled at me and nodded at Andy who still looked terrified as fuck. Andy and Jake both left leaving me and Felix alone again.

“We better set up the room for when Phoebe arrives with Jake, what do you say?” I asked Felix. He nodded and we started to clear off the table so we would be able to cast the spell. It’s odd now that the boys know magic exists, they just don't know that Felix and I can cast magic... well so can Sam, but sometimes I think that he actually forgets that he has magic, unless of course he is possessed, because that's what he is claiming happened when he 'destroyed' the talisman. I was still pissed at him for that, but that was in the past and I need to move on from Sam's stupid actions.

I sighed and sat down in the chair we had just moved out of the corner. My back was beginning to hurt again and I had a major headache growing. I winced as I sat down and Felix noticed in a heartbeat. He rushed to my side and got on his knees so he could look at me better,

“Blake, what happened?” I waved away his worries, or at least tried,

“I'm fine Felix, just my back, and a headache. There's nothing we can do about it for now. Just... go wait for Jake.” Felix shook his head,

“No way am I leaving you alone again Blake. Because whenever I take my eyes off of you for just two seconds, you're even more hurt then before.” the heart-warming talk was over when Andy and Sam came bounding in again. Felix stood up and lashed around to face the boys,

“What's going on? Is Jake and Phoebe here yet?” they nodded as Jake came running in with the biggest smile on his face. Felix looked a little cranky,

“Where were you?!” Jake laughed it off, and held up a small Bremin Bandicoots pin,

“What. I got it!” Felix rolled his eyes,

“Let’s get started,” everyone nodded.

Felix's P.O.V

We all gathered around the table. Blake didn't want to but both Phoebe and I forced her to. I desperately wanted to know what was going on with Blake. She has been all over the place lately and it’s been worrying me. I just wish she would tell me instead she has been all secretive and sick.

I sighed, shaking the thought from my head and moving to finish forming the circle. Everyone turned to me for more instructions. I smiled weakly before turning to Phoebe.

“Do you have what we need?” She nodded and smiled weakly back,

“This tablet used to belong to my sister Alice. I've never used it before now.” Jake smiled and patted her on the shoulder,

“That's good. Now we all have something from our families. Well... almost,” Jake looked at Blake and instantly looked away again. Blake rolled her eyes and sighed.

“Let’s just get on with it guys. We don't have much time,” I nodded and looked at the boys,

“Okay, now we need to say why each thing is special, then place it on the tablet,” Andy made this weird confused face,

“Is that even a real spell?” Blake scoffed,

“Of course it is. Just because you don't know anything about magic, doesn't mean Felix doesn't either. Now just get on with the spell.” I smiled at her and listened as the boys said what was special about each item, when it was my turn. I told them about how my mother never looked happy after Oscar's accident unless she was in the garden. What I didn't say, was that because my room was out the back, I was able to look out the window and see my mother happy while at work. I sighed, here goes nothing,

“Earth, Water, Air, Fire. Upon this tablet, I envoke thee. Your strength, your power to heal. While this tablet remains at hand, our mothers shall be safe throughout this land.” once I had finished the spell. Everyone looked at me happily. I smiled back too and faced Blake, when everything turned dark. The last thing I heard was Sam saying,

“He's fainting, someone get him.”

Blake's P.O.V

I covered my mouth with my hands to hold back scream as I watched Felix fall to the ground. I dropped to my knees next to him, grabbing his shoulders and shaking them. I could feel my tears of fear running down my face.

“Felix. Wake up, please quick!” I was panicking so much I didn't even realise Felix had woken up already.

“Blake, what's going on?” I heard a faint voice from belong me and I saw Felix opening his eyes and staring weakly at me. I could still see the worry etched onto his face. I let out a sighed of relief and pulled Felix up so I could hug him,

“Thank god. Felix you fainted, I just went straight to panic mode.” I had now calmed down and was hold Felix close to me. Sam and Jake came over and pulled Felix up.

“Come on Dude. We need to check on our mothers,” Felix's eyes suddenly widened and we all ran out and into the passageway that allows us to see into their mothers rooms. I sighed as my heart constricted at the realisation that I have no mother any more.

I walked over to Felix who was still being held by Sam and Jake. He was mostly relying on Sam I nudged Jake silently asking him to move. Jake nodded, moving away as I took his place. I wrapped my arm around Felix as he watched Kathy as she woke up. I smiled and leaned more into him, trying not to cry. Felix somehow knew I was upset and he didn't even have to look at me to know, and that made me happy.

“We better go.” we all turned to look at Phoebe and nodded. Sam, Felix and I all walked slowly while Jake couldn't contain his happiness and was bouncing all over the place. I smiled at his excitement. When we exited the hospital and started walking to Phoebe's van Sam asked Felix,

“How are you doing Magic Dude?” it was meant to sound nice, but Sam was too happy to care. Felix sighed,

“I feel like a truck ran me over,” I giggled lightly as we piled into the van from Felix's response.

On the drive back to Phoebe's, no one said anything because they were too excited to be able to know what to talk about. Felix soon fell asleep and we decided it was best to not wake him.

When we arrived back at the shop we decided it was best for Sam and Jake to carry him in., so that's what they did. While Jake and Sam carried Felix in Andy carried his bag in which I thought was extremely odd, but really nice.

Sam and Jake place Felix on the couch he has been sleeping on since the other night, I frowned at how beat they all looked, Felix the most. Andy dumped Felix's bag next to the couch and ran off to his bunk and his under the blankets.

We all agreed it would be best for all of us to go to sleep. I climbed in next to Felix and snuggled up to him.

When I awoke, Felix was still asleep but Sam and Jake were up and about doing odd little things. I was confused by this but I didn’t question it. I got up from the couch making sure Felix was still covered, before walking off and into the kitchen where Phoebe was with a toaster toasting some bread.

“Can I take some to Felix?” Phoebe jumped and covered her heart. She turned around to face me and laughed lightly,

“You scared the daylights out of me. It was for him anyway, he needs to wake up.” I sighed and nodded. I buttered the now toasted toast and walked back into the back room with Phoebe right behind me. I walked over to Felix, sitting the toast down on a table next to the couch before sitting on the side and shaking Felix lightly,

“Felix. You need to wake up. You need to eat,” Felix began stirring to I shook him a little more,

“What do you want Sam? Is there another attack?” I giggled at his talking,

“Felix. It's me Blake,” as the words left my mouth Felix's eyes shot open and he looked at me. I smiled brightly at him,

“Sit up Felix you need to eat,” Felix nodded and with my help he sat up. I passed him the buttered toast and he took it gratefully, giving me a peck on the lips. I smiled as he took a bite.

I stood up from the couch, but now I was wishing I didn't because Felix went straight for his bag. He opened it and pulled out his phone and that was it. He looked up at us all,

“Have any of you seen my diary?” we all shook our heads when suddenly Andy comes out from under his blankets holding a lamp and Felix's book,

“You mean your book of shadows. How could you?” he walked over and stood next to Sam, Jake and Phoebe. Sam moved immediately and sat next to Felix,

“Hey what are you doing? He saved the day yesterday,” Andy scoffed,

“After he put us in danger in the first place,” Sam was now confused, he got up and looked into Felix's book where the unmaking spell was open to. Felix sighed,

“I'm really, really sorry.” Jake spoke up next,

“What for?” Andy smiled, loving the fact that he finally had the answers,

“You know how we're here because of a magical event? Felix is that event,” shit has hit the roof,

“I'm really, really sorry,” great now we're screwed...

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