Nowhere Boys and Their Nowhere Girl

Blake Wesley is a goth, but a goth with a big secret. She's a witch. But is that all she is?
After being saved by someone she desperately needs, what happens when they all disappear, from this world... The other she left with, are living in a shack, fighting demons and stealing. While Blake is living the life, she always wanted.
But when it's time for the boys to come home, what happens when Blake doesn't want to go home?


17. Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Back to back, sadly we can’t see eye to eye

Blake’s P.O.V

To say I was pissed at Sam, it was an understatement… I was beyond furious. At first, you could tell we were never friends, and the second we were grouped together, I still knew everything would be perfect BFF’s. But it never stopped me from trying to see eye to eye with him.

As I walked with Felix along the road to Phoebe’s I was glaring at Sam as he walked further ahead than any of us. I felt Felix tense and wince, this confused me. I turned to face him and saw his face scrunched up in pain,

“Felix… what’s wrong?” I suddenly forgot what was going on with Sam. I stopped walking, grabbing Felix by both his arms effectively stopping him too. Felix looked at me slightly annoyed,

“How are you not in pain?” I frowned, feigning confusion,

“What do you mean? Why would I be in pain?” Felix growled at me,

“Blake, you got thrown against a tree just yesterday. Your back is bruised as fuck, but you aren’t in pain or complaining. So don’t you dare say that nothing happened yesterday.” I frowned,

“Felix, why are you so mad? I don’t know what you’re talking about…” Felix cut me off before I could say anymore,

“Like hell you don’t,” I growled right back at him, pushing myself into his chest poking him with one finger as to challenge him,

“You want to know what’s going on with me?” Felix shrunk back slightly at me advance but nodded strongly. I sighed and backed off away from him, turning around,

“You don’t always get what you want. You can’t always learn what you want to know. You can’t have the perfect life with everything you want,” I turned back to face Felix with my tears running down my face,

“You really want to know?” Felix nodded slowly forgetting his strong advance, walking close to me,

“Blake is something wrong?” I nodded vigorously, still crying,

“Of course something is wrong Felix, something is always wrong with us and everything here. This just… I will tell you everything later but for now, we need some time alone. So just be glad I am telling you this time instead of running off. Okay, so after we go to Phoebes, we will have some time alone okay?” Felix nodded slowly,

“Sure whatever, that’s not what I really want to do but I guess I will put up with it for you,” I smiled and pulled him into my arms,

“Thank you for understanding Felix,” Felix didn’t return my hug, he only pushed me away,

“Don’t be. Because I don’t understand a single thing,” and with that he walked off leaving me standing there as he went to catch up with the other three.

I sighed and quickly headed off taking the shortcut to Arcane Lane. I don’t think any of the boys knew about it seeing as they were going the long way. But I was glad for that.

When I got to Phoebes, I pushed open the door and made my way in locking the door behind me. I pushed away from the door and went straight for the back room, looking for Phoebe. When I couldn’t find her, I just forgot about it and went straight to the back room where Alice’s book of shadows was missing! Oh my god, I forgot, Felix took it to school so he could study it,

“Phoebe are you here?!” when I heard a mumble coming from somewhere, I chose to follow it. I wasn’t a hundred percent sure it was Phoebe, but I was sure it was. The boys shouldn’t be anywhere near her yet. I decided to call out again,

“Phoebe! Where are you?” I heard a groan and something drop,

“I’m in the bloody kitchen,” I rolled my eyes and ran to where she was. When I entered the room I was shocked with what I saw. It looked like a bomb of flour went off in here. I squealed when I saw Phoebe pop up from behind a counter, all covered in flour herself… what the elle? I rolled my eyes,

“Phoebe, what did you do in here?” Phoebe shrugged,

“I don’t really know. All I know is that I had the sudden urge to bake, and I ended up in here doing something… I don’t really know what I was doing.” I nodded slowly,

“Do you want me to help clean up?” Phoebe nodded eagerly,

“Would you thank you so much,” I smiled and shrugged, then looked at Phoebe,

“But you might want to get cleaned up first,” phoebe instantly looked at herself and almost screamed,

“Oh god you’re right, I will be back in ten,” I barked out a laugh but instantly stopped,

“Wait, Phoebe. Do you know how to deactivate the healing spell we cast?” Phoebe nodded,

“Yeah why?” I shrugged,

“I don’t really want to say, but can you please tell me, I need to reverse it ASAP,” Phoebe nodded slowly,

“All you do is open the locket above a burning black candle, until it goes out. If you do it right, it shouldn’t take too long,” I nodded taking it in,

“Okay, great thanks, I’ll clean up in here while you go shower, it shouldn’t take too long,” Phoebe nodded before leaving the room. I quickly looked around and gasped at the state of the room.

There were eggs all over the floor, flour on the roof and all the walls… and that was just the start of it… remind me to never let phoebe bake or cook again. I sighed instantly knowing I was going to have to use magic to clean it all up. Um, I don’t actually know any leaning spells so I’m just going to have improve,

“Umm… urr, dirt, dirt go away, come again another day?” as soon as the words left my mouth, it surprisingly worked. Everything was suddenly gone and clean. I smiled at the job well done and ran off to the back room where I quickly grabbed a black candle, lighting it and sitting it on the table in front of me.

I pulled the necklace from my neck, hovering it above the burning flame and waiting before opening it. I didn’t know how quickly the pain was going to come back, but I also knew it wasn’t going to take long at all. I sighed just opening the locket and getting it over with.

The second the lock opened, I was hit with a flood of pain. I resisted the urge to scream as my back felt like someone was punching it in with nail and hammers. The second it dulled I was hit with a new wave of pain around my neck and it felt like I was choking, but it also felt like someone was trying to force their arm down my throat.

I knew this pain was going to be bad, but I guess I didn’t understand it was going to be this bad. Next I felt my head begin to throb like I was being bashed off the head with bats. I winced and almost collapsed. The second the flame of the candle went out, I dropped to the ground clutching my sides in pain as if someone was trying to rip me apart.

My legs felt like jelly and I couldn’t stand. So I just laid there in pain. I had gone into a bubble of pain, and I stayed there. I sighed as I faintly heard the sounds of a shower being turned off. So with all my strength, I called out to Phoebe,

“Phoebe!” I think she heard it, because he came straight into the room with her eyes wide. When she saw me on the ground, she freaked and ran over to me,

“Oh my gods, Blake are you okay?” I nodded slightly, and then went against it before shaking my head saying no. Phoebe sighed,

“I had a feeling you were going to cast the spell now, but I was praying you weren’t. I should have told you what would happen. All the physical pain you have felt in your life will come flooding to you at one time. But I guess you guessed that the second it happened?” I shook my head,

“No. All I could think about was all the pain happening,” we both sighed as Phoebe sat me down on the bottom bunk. She kept me sitting up with a blanket covering me before leaving the room. When she came back holding two pills and a glass of water, she gave them to me and I quickly downed them, before going into my bubble and not coming out.

Over the next few days I just sat there. I knew Phoebe tried to talk to me but got nothing out of me, and I knew the boys tried to… well not Sam. The one time he tried, I suddenly saw red and wanted to kill him. So that’s what I almost did, it took all three of the other boys to drag me off of him.

In truth I never really counted the days I was in my bubble. But one day I slipped out of my bubble long enough to overhear the boys and Phoebe. Jake was talking,

“Hey, is today mother’s day?” what? What day is it? I got up from the bed and walked over to Felix’s bag where his semi charged phone lay. I pulled it out and saw today was actually Sunday. Hmm,

“… Well what’s the use?” I furrowed my brows at they were discussing. I walked down the hall connecting the back room to the shop, to see Felix sitting on a stool next to Phoebe, while Andy and Sam feather dusted the racks around the shop. I knew I was silent, but it didn’t stop Felix from sensing me. Felix pivoted around to face me,

“Blake…” this caused everyone to stop what they were doing and turn to face me. Felix stood up from his seat next to phoebe and started his way to me. I cringed thinking he was going to hit me, but when I felt his arms wrap around me I relaxed into him,

“Blake, are you okay?” I shook my head pulling away from the hug and pulling up my dirty shirt. I turned to my back was facing everyone and when they saw the bruises from me hitting the tree, I heard different things.

I heard Sam let out a small cry and cover his mouth to prevent any more from escaping. Andy just said ‘Ew’ and went back to his work. While Phoebe tried not to spew… was it that bad? I pulled my shirt back down and winced as Felix didn’t move, nor make a sound. I slowly turned to face him. When I came to see him, I saw his face scrunched up in pain,

“How does that not hurt?” I frowned,

“It does. It hurts a lot, so much I was wanna die so I don’t have to feel it anymore,” Felix winced and whimpered,

“Don’t say something like that Blake; you know I can’t handle it,” I sighed,

“Felix… I had done a spell so I didn’t have to feel the pain anymore. But I uncast it for you,” this confused Felix,

“Blake, why would you do something like that? I never asked you to do it,” I shrugged, wincing at the pain still in my back,

“You inferred it,” Felix went to argue with me, but when he realised I was right he gave up,

“I’m sorry,” I sighed,

“It doesn’t matter anymore. What’s done is done,” Felix sighed pulling me into a hug.

I didn’t move I couldn’t be bothered. When Felix pulled away he turned to face the remaining two boys and Phoebe,

“Come on, we better go find Jake before the demon comes back,” everyone nodded and headed to the door. I walked behind Felix as we left, when he finally realised I was behind him, he turned to face me,

“Blake, where do you think you are going?” I sighed and crossed my arms,

“I’m going with you to find Jake…” that was my final statement and Felix sighed,

“Just don’t get hurt okay?” I nodded and smiled. I leaned up making sure not to wince as I went up and pecked Felix’s lips before grabbing his hand and walking out the door dragging him behind me.

We all walked in silence as we walked into the busier part of town. I knew no one actually wanted to walk like this, but none of us really knew what to talk about. I was still pissed at Sam for what he tried to do. But after he destroyed the talisman, I felt slightly better, lighter, like I didn’t have to worry about something as much. I turned to Felix,

“What are we going to do after we find Jake? Does anyone even know where he is?” this got the attention of Sam and Andy. Andy spoke up first,

“What about his mums?” everyone shrugged and Sam almost laughed, 

“Anyone know where Bates lives?” everyone shook their heads and continued walking, when we came to the annual Bremin Mother’s Day fun run. I watched Sam’s face fall as he saw his ‘Mum’. In truth she wasn’t his real mother but I guess he didn’t care,

“Mum,” I rolled my eyes, when the smell of food abused my senses. My stomach instantly growled catching the attention of the three boys in front of me. I shrugged and pointed to the food stand that the boys hadn’t noticed yet… seriously? Sam groaned,

“My mum makes the best sausages,” pfft, yeah right. Andy scoffed,

“No, my mum does,” Felix then laughed,

“My mums are horrible… but I eat them anyway,” I laughed and leaned into him, wrapping one of my arms around his torso while one of his arms rested on my shoulders lightly, making sure to not put too much pressure on me.

Felix turned to look at Sam as he was just standing there looking at his mum with sad eyes. I frowned, so desperately wanting to say that she wasn’t his real mother, but I don’t think he would have cared much anyway. Felix gasped,

“Sam, do you have any money left over from skate busking?” I frowned and furrowed my brows confused as hell… what is ‘skate busking’? I was brought out of my bubble when Sam nodded and suddenly started getting money out of his pocket. He only had $7.50, which was enough for three people. I shrugged and brushed it off,

“It’s fine…” I was going to say more but Felix cut me off,

“I’ll go halves with her,” I frowned,

“Felix you don’t have to do that you know. I’m fine with not eating right now, just go get your food and talk to your mum,” Felix shook his head,

“You are sharing with me whether you like it or not okay?” I nodded at his order and walked with him so we were standing in front of Kathy, who had her usual smile upon her face,

“Hi Kathy how are you?” her smile widened the second she saw me and Felix,

“Hi Guys, what can I get you?” Felix spoke up for before anything else could be said,

“Just one thanks mu… Mrs Ferne,” good save. Kathy nodded and quickly made a sausage in bread and passed it to Felix,

“You know Felix… you should stay for a weekend one time. That’s of course if it’s okay with your aunt,” Felix nodded excitedly,

“Yeah that would be great,” and handed over the money into Kathy’s hand. Suddenly, it felt like everything was in slow motion. Kathy suddenly paled and started to fall. I gasped and ran around the table to grab her and sit her in the chair behind her. I turned to see the same thing happening to Andy and Sam’s mothers.

Sam was sitting his mum down when suddenly he was pushed away by Pete, Vince and Sammy. I walked away from Kathy and back over to Felix because the medicals were finally here,

“What’s going on?” Felix shrugged,

“I don’t know. But whatever it is. It happening to all off them,” I nodded and gasped when a sudden rash appeared on all three women. I grabbed Felix and pulled us away not wanting to be near it,

“What is it?” Felix shook his head terrified,

“I don’t know,” I gasped suddenly,

“You don’t think its y…” but I was cut off by Sam and Andy running over to us, freaking out,

“Felix. What’s happening to them?” Felix shrugged,

“I don’t know. But whatever it is, it’s happening to all of them,” I moved closer to Felix as more people started to crowd around the ‘sick’ people. Sam was being weird,

“The food?” Felix shook his head,

“Demon attack, we need to get to Phoebe,” we all nodded agreeing with Felix,

“Let’s go boys,” I said and we started on our way back to Arcane Lane.

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