Nowhere Boys and Their Nowhere Girl

Blake Wesley is a goth, but a goth with a big secret. She's a witch. But is that all she is?
After being saved by someone she desperately needs, what happens when they all disappear, from this world... The other she left with, are living in a shack, fighting demons and stealing. While Blake is living the life, she always wanted.
But when it's time for the boys to come home, what happens when Blake doesn't want to go home?


16. Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Attacked by Demon Mia, now it’s really personal

Sam’s P.O.V

*Dream state*

I walked back into the lounge from my kitchen. Mia and I were having our annual movie night. We were watching some scary movie with something like a werewolf in it. When I was in the kitchen, I put on a pair of fake hands that were the same as the one in the film. I snuck up behind Mia grabbing her shoulders,

“Ahhh Mia,” but she didn’t react… huh? I shook her again,

“Mia?” I looked up to see the film had stopped and the screen started glowing with differing colours on it. I was confused, but when a symbol showed up on the screen, spinning around like it was on a cord,

“I know that thing,” I heard faint screeching,
“Bring it to me. I can help you,” what? I jumped over the couch to get a closer look at the screen wanting to make sure it was what I thought it was.

I heard a whooshing sound and I whipped around to see Mia no longer sitting on the couch. My eyes widened, Mia?

“Bring it to me, and you will go home,” I turned back to the TV,

“I know that symbol,” it was the talisman that sat around Felix’s neck.

Next thing I know, I was awake on the floor of the store room in Phoebe’s shop. I jumped, suddenly filled with energy. I turned my head to find Felix. He was sprawled out across the couch with his arms around Blake. I resisted the urge to growl at him and tell him to take his hands off my sister, but I had something bigger to do.

I moved into a squatting position and crawled over to where Felix and Blake lay. When I was close enough I hoped up on my knees and slowly reached for the talisman, making sure not to touch Felix or Blake. I had just picked it up when Felix woke with a shock. Huh?

Blake’s P.O.V

I felt something jump underneath me and it caused me to wake up. I lightly hit Felix knowing it was him I was laying on. But I don’t think Felix realised I even hit him; he was too busy looking at Sam like he was an alien. Huh, what is going on between these two? Felix looked both creeped out and annoyed at Sam,
“Morning,” was all that came out of Sam’s mouth as he dropped the talisman. I rolled my eyes,
“Were you just watching me sleep?” I looked at Felix funny. He says the weirdest things sometimes. Sam looked at Felix’s chest where the talisman lay shaking his head,
“No,” before backing away slightly so Felix and I could sit up. Felix was up first,

“We have defiantly been spending way too much time together,” I nodded sitting up with Felix. I rubbed my head trying to get rid of the head ache forming. Where the hell is this coming from? I saw out of the corner of my eye, Phoebe walk into the room carrying a cup of tea in one hand and Alice’s book of shadows under the other arm,

“Good, because that’s when you’re strongest, and the demon knows that too. Somewhere in here, is the spell my sister cast. Find her, for all our sakes.” Felix nodded taking the book which was now in her hand being offered to Felix. But this made Felix kinda cranky too,
“How will I know which one it is?” I rolled my eyes nudging him,
“Be nice,” Felix rolled his eyes right back at me. But Phoebe ignored it,
“You’ll feel it. A true witch can feel magic residue.” It was true. No one actually knew how it worked, but the fact that it did changed everything,

“You’re a true witch?” I jumped at the sound of Andy’s voice. I turned to see both him and Jake now awake, Jake getting his shoes on,

“So she says,” Felix muttered as a return to Andy’s odd question. Didn’t he know about Felix being a true witch? I sat looking through the book at the same pace as Felix. I shuddered when he came to spell which he hesitated on as well, the Unmaking spell that brought us here.

“See something?” both me and Felix lashed our heads up to look at Phoebe. Felix shook his head,

“No. umm maybe I should take this with me and study it alone… no distractions,” this almost pissed Phoebe off. She stalked over to him,

“The book stays with me… always.” I think she was going to say more but a knock at the door cut her off. Phoebe sighed before walking to get the door. Who the hell would be here at this hour?

I followed Phoebe out remaining a few paces behind her. She turned to see me and nodded glad that she had someone to back her in case something went wrong. There was another knock at the door, when we were about a few paces from it. Pretend to be normal that won’t seem like we thought the person behind the door was some bona-fied hell bent on murder demon.

I went over to the counter hiding behind it, if the person was normal I would pretend to come up from the counter after looking for something, I watched as Phoebe slowed down as she got nearer to the door,
“Who is it?” after a few more seconds she gave up on being slow and just walked normally to the door, turning the lock and opening it to see Sgt Riles… seriously. We got all freaked out over him? I sighed still remaining in my hiding place,

“Ah, Sgt Riles, what a lovely surprise,” I knew she was just trying to me nice, something she has never been good at,
“Phoebe,” he acknowledged her before walking past her and into the shop. I scoffed, so rude. Can he never just be a normal person? Phoebe closed the door as he asked,

“Where are your nephews?” when the door was shut, Phoebe just shrugged and said,

“Ah, I don’t know. Um, they’re out, just you know… running and… throwing stuff, whatever it is that teenage boys do,” Gary narrowed his eyes

“They should be at school. You know, being such a devoted guardian,” Phoebe had a look of recognition on her face,

“School, that’s exactly where they are. What do you want them for?” I cut them off by walking from behind the counter, pretending I was coming from the back room,

“Phoebe, I’m off otherwise I’ll be late for school.” I purposely made it loud enough for the boys to hear. I watched as Gary and Phoebe turned to face me. My step faltered as I saw Gary,
“Oh, Sgt Riles. I didn’t know you were here, sorry.” Gary just nodded and frowned,

“Just what are you doing here Miss…” he didn’t know my name woops,

“Wesley. Blake Wesley,” I put my hand out for him to shake. He took it kindly,

“What are you doing here Miss Wesley?” I frowned,

“I came over here last night so I could talk to Phoebe about some things, and ended up staying up late and having to sleep over with her nephews why? Is something wrong?” Gary shook his head at me,

“No there isn’t anything for you to worry about,” I nodded and smiled coolly,

“Well, I gotta head home and get ready for school before I am late so good bye.” I quickly hugged Phoebe before walking out the door and to the back door, quickly opening it to see the boys about to come out it.

I rolled my eyes before silently telling them to come with me. I need them clean before school.

As we walked Felix grabbed my hand and started to walk ahead with me. I smiled and blushed at the sudden show of affection. Felix doesn’t normally do stuff like that. I started to skip and drag him along,

“Come on Boys, or we’ll be late and really fucking dirty. So before school, we are making a pit stop at my place.” The boys knew it was best not to argue so they just went along with where I was taking them.

I smiled when we came to my house and Oscar was leaving. I let go of Felix’s hand and pushed him over to Oscar. I then turned to the other boys and made them follow me into my house.

I pushed open the door, which I didn’t lock the night before and turned to face the boys while I was holding the door open. Once they were all in I closed the door, causing them to face me. I smirked,

“Okay boys. Shower time. Someone go hop in the shower, if you don’t pick now I am pick for you,” Andy was the first to run off and into the bathroom. I smiled and looked at the two boys remaining in front of me,

“Let’s eat,” I declared. Jake ran straight for my kitchen nodding his head off, while Sam nodded weakly and followed. What is up with him today? He’s acting really weird… well weirder than normal.

I followed both the boys into the kitchen to find Sam sitting at the small table and Jake going through all my cupboards and not finding anything. I rolled my eyes and walked over to the fridge, pulling it open and pulling out bacon, some cheese and tomatoes. I knew Jake loved BLT’s but I didn’t have and L for it. I guess he’ll just have to suck it up.

“ANDY HURRY UP AND GET OUT OF THE SHOWER!” I quickly yelled as I got a frying pan out. I turned to Jake,

“I need you to cut up the tomatoes and the cheese super quickly, can you?” Jake nodded and went straight to doing what I asked. Andy came out of the bathroom with his hair wet. I nodded,

“Sam you’re next,” Sam nodded and stood up,

“Yeah, whatever,” I rolled my eyes. What an ass, but I pushed it out of my mind and went on cooking the bacon in front of me. I heard the front door open and jingling. I knew in an instant it was Felix’s chains that were jingling.

I abandoned the bacon that was in front of me and ran straight for the front door. As soon as I saw Felix I ran straight into his arm wrapping my legs around his waist putting my lips on his. I felt him smile into the kiss and pull me closer. I wrapped my arms around his neck, weaving one of my hands into his hair, pulling on it lightly.

Felix moaned in the back of his throat, and I smirked pulling myself from him. I tried to walk away but the grip he had on my waist was too tight. I whined wanting to get back to the food now. Felix suddenly nuzzled my neck, and I instantly relaxed,

“Just where do you think you’re going?” I whined again,

“Felix I want food!” but he wouldn’t have it. I frowned and suddenly yelled,

“SAM GET OUT OF THE BLOODY SHOWER!” this caused Felix to jump and let go of me. I took this chance to run and bang on the door,

“HURRY UP DUDE MY BOYFRIEND NEEDS A SHOWER BADLY!” as soon as I said that Felix had his arms around me again tickling me. I screamed out laughing harder than ever,

“NO FELIX STOP… PLEASE… AHHH... STOP IT!” but he didn’t stop, so I just kept on laughing even harder,

“JAKE HELP ME… GET FELIX TO STOP… TICKLING ME!” was all I managed to get out. But it was enough for Jake to come running into the room with some BLT minus the L hanging out of his mouth. I wanted to laugh at him but I was still too busy laughing at the fact I was getting the fuck tickled out of me.

I looked away from Jake and to Felix trying to wiggle my way out of his arms and over to Jake, or at least that’s what I was hoping for. I had turn back to Jake to see him smirking, all food gone and now was replaced with a scary Jake. I wasn’t scared but when he started to tickle me, I knew I was screwed.

I screamed out louder than before, giggling now trying to get two boys off of me,

“Shut the fuck up!” we all suddenly stopped to see Sam extremely pissed. But now I was pissed,

“Jake, Felix, either one get in the shower now. Or we are going to be really late,” Jake nodded and went to the bathroom seeing as he has already eaten. I pushed Felix to the kitchen and all that was left was me and Sam in the hallway.

“What’s the matter with you lately Sam?” he shrugged,

“I wanna go home,” I frowned,

“Sam, haven’t you ever thought that this is home?” he shook his head,

“I have an evil twin living in my house, dating my girlfriend. Doing everything I was doing, and stealing everything I have. I want to go home,” I frowned,

“Mia’s not an object Sam. She was never yours. She loved you, hell yes that was obvious, but you never truly loved her till you lost her,” this cause Sam to frown and get pissed,

“What the hell do you mean by that Blake?” I growled,

“Mia loved you and you treated her like shit. She gave you an anniversary gift. And you forgot the fucking date! Now you’re stuck here. And all you can think about is yourself. What about her? Time is still moving there and all she can think about… wait, how about you tell me?” Sam frowned before walking out of the house.

I frowned before walking into the kitchen where Jake now sat again finally all clean. Felix was sitting there frowning one minute, next I was wrapped in his arm crying my eyes out. Why did Sam have to be such an asshole? He was my brother for god sakes, and I was meant to be getting along with him? I have never been friends with Sam, and I guess we never will be.

As I sobbed Andy and Jake quickly left for school, which is where I was hoping Sam was going. That’s when I felt it… my eyes widened and I pushed Felix away with super human strength sending him flying into the wall. I put my hand over my mouth as I ran to the bathroom, letting everything in my stomach go.

I felt hands patting my back helping me to get everything up. I smiled and stood up turning to see Jake,

“Are you okay?” I nodded, smiling weakly,

“I’ve been better but, I guess this is the best I can be for now. I don’t really know what to do about Sam sorry guys,” Jake frowned and looked at me funnily,

“What is there to be sorry about? You tried to snap him out of whatever haze he was in, it just didn’t work.” I nodded sadly; I don’t think he really knew what I was talking about. I tried to smile,

“Well, I think we might need to go to school.” Jake nodded, and I suddenly remember Felix… SHIT.

I ran straight out of the bathroom and into the kitchen where Andy was placing an ice pack on Felix’s head. I winced and ran over to Felix, grabbing his arms pulling him into me,

“Holy crap I am so sorry I didn’t mean to push you so hard. I never knew I could do something like that, I only meant to push you away so I could vomit but I… I…” I didn’t know what to say so all I could do is frown. I felt Felix pull me back into his arms and I froze… huh?

“Felix?” I heard him say shush,

“Don’t worry about it Blake. I’m not hurt I was worried about you,” I frowned and pulled away from Felix, sitting on his lap,

“Why were you worried about me? It was you; you should have been worrying about. You could have been seriously hurt. You hit the wall really hard,” Felix shook his head,

“Blake, you are all I worry and think about. Don’t worry about me,” I frowned,

“Felix I can’t do that. You are all I can think about, that’s what it’s meant to be like.” Felix nodded and stood up,

“Come on guys, we need to get to school and see Bates before we are in some big trouble.” Andy and Jake’s eyes widened in realisation and the pair of them were out the front door in an instant. I laughed and realized I was being held up in the air by Felix and only Felix, I wasn’t holding on at all.

I squealed and clung to Felix scared he was going to drop me. I burrowed my head into his neck with my arms around his shoulders. I felt Felix chuckle at my reaction, causing me to growl and jump from Felix’s warm arms. I instantly missed his warmth wanting it back so I wrapped on of my arms around his waist.

Felix knew what I was doing and placed his arm on my shoulders pulling me close. I smiled using my spare hand to grab his cheek pulling him close for a small kiss. I felt him smile, not moving our lips we stood like that, both smiling, until…


“Sadly, we really need to find Sam.” Felix growled,

“Why? All he does is cause more trouble,” I nudged Felix,

“You’re one to talk.” This caused Felix to laugh,

“Yeah, whatever lets go,” I nodded and we walked out. I pulled away so I could pull the door shut super quickly before we started our way down the street to school.

We all walked together keeping an eye out for Sam, but still making jokes and having fun. We found Sam sitting out front of school waiting for us I assumed. I rolled my eyes as he stood up and fell in line with us not saying anything. What is going on with him?

I stopped walking, stopping Felix with me. The other three didn’t notice we stopped. I smiled while Felix looked confused. I turned him so he was full facing me this seemed to confuse the rest of the fuck out of him,

“Something’s wrong with Sam...” was all I said. Felix rolled his eyes,

“Yeah, I know… he wants to go home. I frowned and shook my head,

“I don’t mean that.” This caused Felix to frown,

“Then what do you mean by it?” I sighed, it seems like everyone is pissed nowadays.

“I mean I think the demon is doing something to him…” Felix tried to talk but I cut him off,

“… Felix I get it sounds stupid, but he wasn’t too sad when you got back to your shack right?” Felix nodded his head, catching on to what I was saying,

“Yeah he was sad, but he seemed fine. But as we were leaving because the cops were there, Sam stopped and said he thought someone was talking to him. But the thing… is none of us were talking in fear of getting caught.” I nodded taking it in,

“Felix this has to be the demon. It has to be playing with his mind. Don’t trust him, okay?” Felix nodded and smiled. I smiled back and stood up on my toes for a quick kiss. Our lips only just touched before we pulled away. I pushed him away laughing,

“Now go hang with Oscar, imma go find Mia.” Felix nodded and smiled walking off. As soon as I couldn’t see him, I went in search of Mia, and it didn’t take me long to find her. But she wasn’t he first one I saw, it was Sam and Jake.

I looked over to where Mia was standing… with Sammy, under the break up tree. I never really understood why it was called that, but every couple in our school that had broken up, broke up under that tree. I sighed standing so I was behind Sam and Jake, I nudged Jake letting him know I was there, but I didn’t want Sam to know. I couldn’t trust him,

“Sam, don’t you think that this is home?” Sam frowned,

“Jake what do you mean? This…” pointing over to Mia and Sammy,

“… Is the only good thing that has happened here. Don’t you want to go home Jake?” Jake almost growled,

“Of course I do. I want to go home and show my mum I can be a better person,” Sam laughed,

“Yeah well so do I. I wanna prove to Mia I can be a better boyfriend. I gotta go see if she is okay,” both Jake and I rolled our eyes as Sam walked off in the direction of Mia. Jake then turned to face me,

“Don’t worry about him Jake. He just being an ass like normal,” Jake nodded,

“Yeah… but he was my best friend back in our world I just… don’t know what we are now.” I smiled sadly,

“You are a better person Jake. Don’t think for a second that you’re the bad one in that friendship,” and with that I wrapped my arms around Jake pulling him into a hug. I felt Jakes heart stop. He hadn’t been hugged since we got here. I know that, pretty much only Felix, Andy and I have been hugged, and now Jake too.

We pulled away and I sat my hands on his arms,

“Jake, Sarah already loves you. You don’t have to prove anything she knows you love her,” Jake nodded,

“I hope you’re right, but I’m going to prove it anyway.” I smiled at his persistence,

“Just as long as you can get home to prove it,” Jake nodded,

“Yeah, just as long as we get home,” I nodded slowly too scared to tell him,

“Hey Jake… what do you think is…” but I was cut off by Mike walking slowly up to Jake, with one of his unicorns in hand. I smiled poking Jake and pointing for him to turn around. Jake turned and saw Mike. Mike smiled shyly,

“Hi Jake… I just wanted to give you this,” and held out the unicorn in his hand. Jake took it in his hand wearily,

“Thanks, but I can’t…” Mike shook his head,

“Yes you can. I want to thank you. No one has ever stood up to them for me and you’re the first, so I wanted to thank you,” Jake still looked hesitant but accepted it and smiled,

“Are you sure?” Mike nodded,

“Yeah, I have another one,” Jake nodded and smiled,

“Thanks. And don’t worry about it, I used to be just like those guys,” Mike nodded and started to walk off. I smiled at Jake,

“That was really nice of you,” this confused Jake a little,

“What do you mean?”

“I mean no one ever stood up for Mike, in this world and ours, but mostly in our world it was because you were the only bullying him, but you have changed, and as long as you don’t become that person again. I’m happy,” this made Jake smile,

“Thanks Blake, but the four of us, not counting you, need to go and see Bates cause of yesterday,” my eyes widened and I nodded,

“Right, I forgot about that. I’ll wait outside the classroom for you guys. But first I need to see Mia,” Jake nodded,

“Of course, but if you see Sam, tell him to go to Bate’s classroom.” I nodded,

“Yeah sure, just make sure you guys don’t get into too much more trouble.” Jake barked out a laugh and walked off, unconsciously holding Mike’s unicorn close to him. I smiled at the new Jake in front of me.

I walked off from the place where I was talking with Jake and went to the main all where Mia’s locker was. As I walked, everyone started disappearing into classrooms early for some reason.

When I was near Mia’s locker, I saw her being confronted by Sam… I growled but kept my cool,

“Sam, you need to see Bates… now,” Sam rolled his eyes and walked off not saying another word. I scoffed and walked up to Mia,

“Are you okay?” Mia shook her head,

“I really loved Sammy, but he didn’t feel the same I couldn’t stay like that anymore,” I nodded and pulled her into me hugging her as she cried on my shoulder. I patted her back as she let it all out.

When she pulled away her eyes were red, but she still looked pretty, like she did every day, just her eyes were puffy and red. I smiled weakly at her hoping it would cheer her up, she let out a little laugh, but it was mostly forced. I frowned,

“You don’t deserve to feel like this. And I know it sounds stupid to say this, but you should give Sam a chance, I know it sounds stupid but once…” Mia cut me off,

“That’s also kinda why I broke up with Sammy,” I furrowed my brows, then it hit me…

“You like Sam?!” the second the words left my lips her hands were on my mouth preventing me from saying anything more. I nodded and she pulled her hands away,

“Are you for real?” she nodded,

“Yeah slightly, but only a little bit. I don’t really know why, but he reminds me of Sammy, but nicer a little bit, and he…” I kinda dazed out of what she was saying for a bit. Of course he was like Sammy, technically they are meant to be the same person,

“… Don’t you think?” I came back,

“Sorry what?” Mia sighed,

“I mean, love. You feel it with that Goth boy, Felix.” My eyes widened,

“Is it that obvious?” she nodded and I blushed looking away,

“Is it only me that is that obvious?” Mia shook her head,

“The way he stares at you, I don’t know if its love or lust. I just wish I had something like that,” I frowned. If she likes Sam and he is leaving in a few days, what’s going to happen when he leaves? But I couldn’t say anything about that,

“Your right, but I gotta go. I promised I’d meet the boys outside of Bates’ classroom after their meeting,” Mia nodded and tried to smile. I shook my head before pulling her into one quick hug before leaving the hallway and making my way to Bates’ classroom.

As I walked I thought about the boys leaving, if my spell works they shouldn’t remember me, but Sam did something. What was it? Uhh, that makes life hard, whatever I need to get to class.

Books! Woops, I took a quick detour to my locker and grabbed out a book and a 4-way coloured pen before making my way to Bates’ office, just in time to see Sam come speeding out not giving a damn. I walked over to the door to see Jake making his way out to follow Sam. At least he is still a good friend. That hasn’t changed about Jake. I smiled at him as he left.

As I walked into the room Felix and Andy were trying to convince Bates that they really did want to be part of this world. I smirked knowing Bates won’t get why they said ‘This world’. As I walked in Felix stiffened, while Andy was staring at Bates, and Bates staring right back at Andy.

I rolled my eyes walking more into the room where the tension was growing between Andy and Bates, when finally Andy backed down. Bates had a smug smirk growing before he removed it and said,

“If one more thing happens and you are involved, the four of you will be scraping gum off the bottom of desks for the next month,” the two remaining boys nodded before standing up.

Felix ran straight for me pulling me into his arms. I returned the favour before pulling away considering we were in front of a teacher. When Felix moved to stand on my side so I could see Bates, what I saw was really weird. Bates face looked like he was about to scream out in joy,

“So the pair of you are dating I take it?” urr… WHAT THE FUCK? DUDE YOU JUST DO NOT ASK YOUR STUDENTS SOMETHING LIKE THAT! Okay… internal rambling done. My face flushed and I burrowed my head into Felix’s chest, not wanting to look at Bates. I heard a laugh come from across the room,

“So I’ll take that as a yes?” I felt Felix’s body move as he nodded his head saying yes. I pulled away from Felix praying my face was back to normal. I took a step away from Felix and stood alone. But that didn’t last long as Felix pulled my wrist so I was next to him again. I felt him slide his fingers so that they were weaved in my mine,

“Mr. Bates I was just coming to see the boys so we could start class whenever everyone else gets here,” Bates nodded suddenly remembering he was teaching a class in a few minutes,

“Right, well… just take your seats everyone should be here soon. We nodded and scurried off. Felix and I sat at the back of the classroom on the side of the door. I leaned my head on Felix’s shoulder and closed my eyes.

I suddenly jumped up the second the bell went off and everyone came flooding into the room. I watched as Sam and Jake came in… but no Mia. Where is she? Mia was never one to ditch so this scared me.

As class started Mia still hadn’t shown up. But when there was about five minutes left of class, Mia walked in. But she didn’t look like she did earlier. I frowned… what’s going on? I sighed as I watched her sit right next to Sam. He noticed and stiffened flipping his book over and was about to start to right notes when Mia grabbed his hand and started moving it.

That’s when things got hazy. As much as I tried, I couldn’t see anything. After the bell went, I could see again. What the hell is going on? My eyes widened and I growled. I heard Felix yelp. I jumped and turned to see Felix, who was still standing next to me,

“Oh my god Felix I didn’t know you were there,” He nodded and smiled weakly,

“Yeah, I kind of guessed that,” I frowned and remember what I was thinking about two seconds ago,

“Crap… Felix, Mia is possessed by the demon. And she’s going after Sam. That’s why he’s been acting weird. The demon has been giving Sam messages because he is the one who wants to get home the most, he is the weakest. Shit, we have to help him,” Felix shook his head disagreeing me. I was outraged,

“Felix we have to do something!” Felix nodded what? Now I’m confused. I went to open my mouth and say something but Felix cut me off,

“Blake, if we do anything. It could harm Sam or any of us, most importantly you or me. We need to act like we don’t know anything until the times comes and it attacks us okay?” I nodded my head going into Felix’s arms,

“He’s doing it on purpose,” I started to sob while Felix held me close. As he patted my head he asked,

“Who is doing what on purpose?” I sobbed even harder,

“My dad the demon he is using the people I love to hurt me. Roland, Mia who is going to be next Phoebe?! I just can’t handle it anymore Felix. I just want this week to be over,” I pulled away from Felix so I could see his reaction to what I said. He was frowning,

“Why didn’t you tell me that you knew the demon or Roland so well that you see him as family?” I frowned,

“Felix, Roland is my family. He was with my mother and they had a son together. I don’t really understand it myself, but we accidentally sent my brother ----- to another place and now he is stuck there trying to find Alice and a way home but…” Felix cut me off before he could say anymore,

“You know where Alice is? Do you know how to get her back?” I shook my head,

“No and no. She is using a talisman to talk with -----, and I haven’t had a real conversation with her before. But look none of that matters, we have to stop Mia before she does something bad to Sam,” Felix’s eyes widened when he realized how far off topic we were,

“You’re right; I have to meet Oscar now in the abandoned classroom now. Do you want to come with me?” I smiled,

“Yeah, I would love to join you and Oscar,” Felix smiled right back at me, grabbing my hand as we started to the abandoned classrooms at the back of the school. So we walked hand in hand to the rooms.

When we arrived I followed Felix as it seemed like he knew where we were going. When he finally stopped, we were at a door which when you looked inside, it looked like a normal classroom with all the tables in order. Hmm, I wonder why no one uses it. But the only thing other than tables and chairs that were inside was Oscar, sitting at a table looking around like it was the first time he had been in there, but I don’t think it was.

Felix slowly opened the door with a grin on his face. I smiled and slowly walked in after him, Oscar had turned around now to see Felix and me,

“Oh hey guys. I didn’t know you were coming Blake,” I smiled,

“Yeah, well Felix just offered me so I took the chance to come and see you. But I saw you last night so I guess it hasn’t been too long,” Oscar nodded and laughed,

“Yeah, I guess you’re right. But please, come in and sit down,” I smiled happy to be spending time with these two boys.

Felix’s P.O.V

I sat down in the seat slowly wincing silently from this morning when Blake threw me into the wall. It was completely accidental and she felt so bad after it happened, but that didn’t stop it from hurting. Blake took the seat next to me, opposite the spare seat that was next to Oscar, while he sat opposite me. I knew what he wanted to talk about after last night, so I pulled out my book of shadows and sat it on the desk in between us,

“So do you really have your own spells?” I nodded. I quickly ripped off the talisman,

“But Oscar, this is what does all the magic,” he nodded and stared at it as it sat on the desk in between us. I watched as Blake watched us with a smile on her face, when suddenly the door opened. It was Sam… crap,

“Hey Oscar… Ellen was looking for you. She said she wanted to interview you for her new blog ‘Aliens among us’,” I sighed knowing Oscar was going to believe this. His eyes widened and he stood up grabbing his bag,

“Amazeballs, everyone will finally know the truth,” before running out of the room. I slowly moved my hand to grab my book and shove it in my bag. That was just something I couldn’t let Sam, or Andy or Jake, get a hold of. If one of them were to, I would pretty much be screwed more than I am. I watched cautiously as Sam made his way to where Blake and I were sitting,

“Look, man I just wanted to apologise…” umm, what?

“About what Sam?” I really wanted to know. Sam sighed,

“This,” and went to grab the talisman, but I grabbed it before him letting him only grab my hand and string. He growled and suddenly turned to face the door where Mia was standing… whoa she looked really sick,

“They have all failed Sam. But you can do it, destroy the talisman and you will go home.” What? I loosened my grip at my confusion, and this allowed Sam to rip it from my hands and he quickly ran out the door.

I went to run after him but was topped by the creepy possessed girl standing in front of me. I went to try and go through her, but she grabbed me around the collar of my shirt and threw me across a few rows of tables, making me smash into the ground,

“FELIX!” I heard Blake scream my name before running over to me to see if I was alright. I shook her off me before standing up. I groaned and almost went back down but Blake had a good grip on me. Before I could do anything, Blake had stepped forward and was yelling at Mia,

“Get out of her. First you possess Roland, and now Mia. You really made this personal you stupid fucking demon, now get out of her body!” Mia shook her head,

“Order must be restored,” Blake growled and screamed at the demon more,

“I DON’T FUCKING CARE NOW FUCK OFFF BEFORE I GO TO HELL AND HUNT YOUR FUCKING ASS DOWN AND KILL IT!” the demon laughed before stepping away from the doorway and was about to come down the aisle, when three familiar faces showed up. When I saw Sam I growled,

“Nice of you to show up,” the traitor rolled his eyes at me,

“She’s possessed,” I scoffed,

“Gee, you don’t say!” I was about ready to kill Sam. But while the demon as distracted; I took the chance to run off out of the room and away from everyone. I couldn’t deal with Sam right now.

As I ran I wasn’t thinking of where I was going and ended up in the auto work shop classrooms. I tried all the doors and when I came across an open one, I yanked it open grabbing the first thing I could find which was a fire extinguisher.

I heard someone coming so I quickly ducked down behind a curtain and sat down on a chair ready to hit anyone who came near me. As the door slowly slid open, I got ready to attack when I heard something that calmed me instantly,

“Felix, it’s just me Blake.” I let out a sigh of relief, poking my head out from the curtain I was hiding behind, grabbing her arm, and pulling her so she was behind the curtain with me. I put my hand over her mouth telling her to be quiet as more footsteps approached. Blake’s eyes widened and she pulled my hand from her mouth and found what looked like a hammer, and readying herself to use it,

“Felix? Are you in here?” I sighed as I heard the voice of Sam…

“How do we even know he’s in here?” Andy of course… always trying to be the smart ass, I rolled my eyes as the curtain was pulled open by none other than Sam,

“Gee nice. Why didn’t you come out?” I resisted the urge to roll my eyes again,

“Well you are not my most trust friend right now…” Sam sighed,

“Sorry,” I was going to say something but I was cut off by Blake,

“Nice, but right now is not the time for that. Mia is coming this way and we have no way of getting away from her,” Jake nodded and started talking,

“We need a game plan…” and with that we devised plan to trap Mia in this room and bolt.

*5 minutes later*

The five of us sat in a car waiting for Mia to show up. And as I thought those words, Mia slammed open the door and started to search the curtain where I was previously hiding. While her back was turned, we crawled silently out of the car and over to the roller door. We tried to lift it, but it wasn’t budging. Shit… she now knows we are here,

“Under! Under!” Jake was screaming and started crawling backwards. Andy followed then Blake. I was half way under when I felt something grab my leg. SHIT she had me! Then I heard four words that just made me want to die,

“Get dacked or die!” I heard Sam screaming it on the other side of the roller door, and I knew it was what I had to do. I undid my belt and jeans, shimmying out of them and standing up and running over to the main door where Andy, Jake and Blake were waiting for Sam. He came out carrying my pants and a chain. He threw my pants at me disgusted,

“I don’t know what’s worse, almost getting killed, or seeing you in your undies,” I rolled my eyes quickly throwing my pants back on, before looking at the boys,

“Arcane Lane?” they all nodded,

“You read my mind,” I wasn’t paying attention to who said it, but that didn’t matter as Jake and Sam stayed behind a few minutes because Sam wanted to make sure Mia was okay. I winced as I ran all the way to Arcane Lane. But it was worth it to be alive.

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