Nowhere Boys and Their Nowhere Girl

Blake Wesley is a goth, but a goth with a big secret. She's a witch. But is that all she is?
After being saved by someone she desperately needs, what happens when they all disappear, from this world... The other she left with, are living in a shack, fighting demons and stealing. While Blake is living the life, she always wanted.
But when it's time for the boys to come home, what happens when Blake doesn't want to go home?


14. Chapter 14

Chapter 14: BACK TO THE RANGES?!?!

Blake’s P.O.V

WHAT?! I stood out front of my house staring at the letter in my hand waiting for it to disappear and be a joke. I waited and waited… holy shit it was real. I re-read the letter,

‘Dear Miss Wesley,

                          I am writing to you to tell you about a trip to the Bremin ranges the day you are reading this. We apologise for the lateness of this letter, we wish for your signing at the bottom to allow us to know that you are consented to go. This trip was postponed earlier this year, so this is a lucky chance to see Bremin’s natural foresting.

                          I hope to see you on this trip.

Sincerely Brian Bates, Teacher.

                                                                        Sign here: __________________________’

Really, I think I might go crazy, one trip was enough. But two, really, I do not need this right now. I have to figure out how to get ----- home, ever since last night it’s all I have been doing, Thinking of ways to bring him home, because Roland really needs to see his son really bad.

I think that he must be from this world, because he didn’t seem to know anything about me bar what ‘Dad’ has told him. And now because of some stupid mumbo jumbo bullshit la de da, what I have told him.

I rolled my eyes, seriously? I have to do the stupid trip again… but I’ve already done it once… oh wait, never mind I actually ended up spending the night sleeping in the rain with four boys, three of which are extremely weird… I sighed walking into the house to find a pen to sign my form.

When I finally found a pen, I quickly signed the form folding it and shoving it into my bag. My stomach suddenly growled… what the hell? I’m never hungry in the morning; it must be from dinner last night.

Oh well, if I get ready quickly I’ll have time to make some sandwiches. I nodded sticking to that plan. I ran into my bathroom turning the shower on and jumping straight in and not caring about the temperature. I quickly washed myself, before quickly jumping back out.

I ran into my room drying myself off before throwing on some clothes. I pulled up my yellow skinny jeans, buttoning them before pulling on a pair of studded black high tops; I pulled on my BVB tank top and threw a hot pink hoodie with cat ears on top.

I ran back into the bathroom putting on some eyeliner before running into my kitchen and quickly making some red sprinkled sandwiches. I made six just in case the boys might want one, leaving two for myself.

I shoved them into my bag before throwing my bag over my shoulder, grabbing my keys and running out the door.

I already knew I was running late so I knew I would have to run. I sighed and bolted off down the street. I was cranky because I lost my glitch again. But I guess you could say that was a good thing. I was better fitter, just in case I’m around when the demon attacks the boys, because I really can’t keep up with them.

I did the few twists and turns it took to get to the school and I got there just in time, I saw Bates standing in front of the bus looking around. I watched as he gave up and went to climb into the bus… crap he’s leaving,

“MR. BATES!” god I hope he heard me. I watched as he stopped his movement, climbing back off the bus and looking around again to see me. I smiled and panted when I came to a stop,

“Whoa that was close…” I was panting still making it hard for me to talk a lot. Bates looked at me funny,

“Do you have your form Blake?” I put my and up saying give me a minute. After that I took in one big breath and let it out, thus allowing my breathing to level out. I reached into my bag searching for the piece of paper.

Once I had finally found it after standing there like a douche bag for a few minutes. I passed it to Bates and he quickly looked at it, before allowing me access to the bus,
“Has something changed with you Blake?” I smiled and nodded. I guess he’s a teacher for a reason. He knows his students,

“Yeah, there’s a lot different today Bates, so be ready,” I smirked and climbed onto the bus, leaving Bates standing there with a confused look on his face. I laughed under my breath at this. I shook my head as I walked onto the bus and stood in the front of the isle.

The second I stopped moving so I could look for a seat, everyone was suddenly staring at me. I smiled brightly, cocking my head really confuse for some god damn reason,

“What are you all staring at? Do I have something on me?” I quickly did a full body analysis. I didn’t have anything on my clothes… were they staring at my face? No they were looking at all of me, weird. I sighed as I quickly ran and took the seat open next to Felix,

“Hey Mister,” I smiled brightly at him, confusing him. The smile coming off my face as my brows furrowed. My shoulders sagged as I cocked my head at Felix. What’s wrong with him? I tapped him on the shoulder to get his attention,
“What’s the matter Felix?” I was really worried. He looked at me, before furrowing his own brows,
“I don’t know. I guess because the other three think…” he leaned in close to me so he could whisper in my ear,

“… Think they have finally found the way home,” I gasped. But that means they know about me and Felix being witches… wait, how?

“What do you mean? Is their way home rational or irrational?” Felix sighed before glaring at Andy,

“According to Andy it’s rational. He doesn’t think there is such thing as magic,” I let out a breath of relief. This caused Felix to become confused,
“What was that sound for?” I resisted the urge to roll my eyes at his stupidity,
“Felix, I can’t have anyone knowing I’m a… witch,” I sighed, I need to tell him. I need to tell him the lie I have planned,
“Felix, after the trip I have something to tell you,” this caused Felix to roll his eyes,

“We won’t be here after the trip. Andy has found the way ‘Home’. But we don’t know if it is going to work or not,” I frowned,
“It won’t. It’s not time to leave yet. Not for a please just get out of this stupid mood,” but he was being stubborn. I frowned and pouted turning away from him, and turning my attention to Bates as he made an announcement,

“Everyone, welcome to the Year Ten science excursion, it is going to be a walk in the park, quite literally. I have already pre-selected your groups, so don't bother about trying to group yourselves, and don't even think that you’re going to be with your friends,” I turned to see everyone on the buses reactions.

There were moans and groans of annoyance all around the bus. But there was nothing coming from Jake, Sam and Felix, whereas Andy looked like he was about to blow up someone he really hates… creepy,
“It’s an occurrence of repeating events. The patterns repeating itself,” Ahh, this must be with his wormhole theory. I smiled looking at Jake, who was evidentially sitting behind me.

I pivoted my body so I was facing Jake properly. I sat waiting for him to do the same because he was facing the isle. I rolled my eyes and nudged him,
“Oi, Boof head,” he turned to look me,
“Who are you?” I rolled my eyes,

“Jake, how many times do I have to tell you to look?” this caught Jakes attention as he looked into my eyes,
“Blake?” his eyes widened, I smiled. He is finally learning,
“Took you long enough. What gave it away?” I played with him. He smiled at me. It was one of the first proper smiles I have ever seen from him,
“So… are yo…” I was going to ask him a question but he ut me off,
“How come you look so normal?” um… that’s odd,

“Urr. I don’t know. I guess because I am wearing fluoro clothes. But this jumper is really hot,” and as I said that I pulled my jumper off, setting it on Felix’s head, quickly turning to him,
“You don’t mind holding onto that for me do you?” I wasn’t really giving him a choice since he was being an arse. As I turned back to Jake, I asked him the question I have been meaning to ask him for a while,
“Are you hungry Jake?” his eyes lit up like a five year old in a candy store. He nodded so fast I thought his head was going to go flying off. I giggled at him going into my bad pulling out one of the sandwiches I made earlier,
“Sorry if it sucks. I was in a rush,” he shrugged ripping the sandwich out of my hands. I growled,
“Oi. What do you say?” Jake had a sad look on his face… well kind of; it was kinda hard considering his cheeks were full of bread. I giggled again at the face,

“Thank you Blake. You are the bomb,” I smiled brightly at him,
“Well thank you very much. You are also the bomb Jake,” smiling brightly at him, laughing with him. I went back into my bag pulling out four more.

I turned to Felix putting one on his lap. I pulled my jacket away from him, sitting it on the space between us. I don’t know what’s going on with him. Did I do something to upset him? Maybe I don’t know Felix as well as I thought. I frowned turning away from him.

I turned back to the isle to see Andy and Sam staring intently at me. The smile was instantly back on my face as I passed the two nagging boys their sandwiches, watching as they ripped them open and hoeing down on them. I did the same, but I looked a hell of a lot better than they did.

After the food was gone, I walked over to where Mia and Sammy were sitting together,
“Sammy, can you please move for a few minutes? I won’t ask you twice…” and he moved instantly,

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to come across as rude. But how are you? We haven’t talked in a while,” Mia smiled instantly when she realised I wasn’t going to terrorise her. I giggled at the inside joke. This caused Mia to look at me funnily,

“What’s so funny Blake?” I laughed even harder, shaking my head to try and stop,
“Nothing. It’s just, when I sat down. You looked terrified, like was going to hurt you or something,” this cause Mia to think. When she realised what I was saying was true she turned soooo pink, thus causing me to laugh even harder.

Mia hit me lightly on the arm trying to get me to stop. I stopped instantly and started act like it actually hurt. What made it all better was that Mia actually fell for it. When she was close, I did a little roar, scaring her. I smiled and laughed as she jumped almost falling out of her seat.

I got up from the seat I was now parked in because I felt eyes on my back; I turned to see nearly everyone in the bus that was sitting behind me, staring at my birthmark. Eh I don’t care anymore. I turned to Mia,

“Kay, I’m gonna let Sammy come back. Oh also make sure you remember what I said the other day,” she nodded and I went back to my seat, allowing Sammy to return to his.

As soon as I was back in my seat, I jumped right into teaching a really old and childish game to Andy. It was the clapping game of tic-tac-toe. I wasn’t hocked when I found out Andy had never played it. I hate to say it, but his family was full of crazy people.

After a few rounds I was getting tired and told Jake to take over since Andy was really enjoying it. As soon as I sat back and relaxed into my seat a little, I felt a hand cover my shoulder. Felix… I turned to face him,
“Cover it,” was all he said before throwing my jumper at me. What the hell is wrong with him? Has he just suddenly decided to become arsehole of the year? Grr,
“Felix what the hell is going on with you today?”

I fully turned to face him now, setting my jumper back where it was. This just caused him to ignore me. Okay, this is too much. I felt myself hyperventilating, my stomach twisting and turning, giving me the feeling my stomach was in my throat… CRAP!

“BATES STOP THE BUS QUICK!” I bolted up out of my seat and out the open doors, I leaned over the side of the road on my hands and knees, feeling all the food I ate in the last twelve hours come up in one of the worst forms ever… vomit.

I sat there for a minute or two, just dry heaving, whilst crying. The tears burned my eyes like the vomit burned my throat. Once I knew I was done, I sat up, wiping my tears away with my hand, and then wiping my mouth on a tissue in my pocket.

I threw it over the cliffy edge of the road where we were sitting idly, waiting for me to get back on the bus. I sighed and climbed back on. Bates was standing at the entrance, a worried look on his face,
“Blake, are you okay?” I nodded and swallowed,

“YEah, peachy keen,” smiling weakly at him before going to take my former seat, pulling out a chewy out of my bag to allow me to get rid of the flavour in my mouth. I pulled my hoodie back on and settling into the uncomfortable seat. I couldn’t get comfortable when suddenly someone said something,
“Felix move,” it was Sam. What was he doing? I felt Felix shift next to me,
“No,” what the hell is wrong with him today? I felt Sam tense up on the other side of me,
“Felix, move into my seat. Please,” I could tell he didn’t want to, but Felix begrudgingly got up from his seat shoving past me and Sam, scoffing. I felt like crying again.

Sam moved slowly and gently so he could sit in Felix’s now available seat. I opened my eyes to see what he wanted. I was shocked when I saw him sitting there with his arms partially open, allowing me to go in and hug him. I accepted graciously hugging him tightly, sobbing slightly, but the gift of my hoodies were that they hid my face from any prying eyes.

Sam sat there patting and rubbing my back. He stroked my hair gently, seeing as I left it out today. I clung to him like a koala bear, with my arms around his neck, my head resting on his chest,

“Blake, you know you can’t hide anything from your twin right?” I sat upright straight away,
“Sam. How did you know?” he sighed,

“I don’t know. I feel like I have always known. A voice whispering in my ear telling me little things about you, like whom you were, and what you were, where you lived small things. But I think I knew who they were from,” I nodded getting the feeling we were on the same wavelength,

“Mum,” we both said it. And I almost came apart again,

“Sam, you know what happened don’t you?” he shook his head, shrugging at me. I sighed, great, I think I have to tell him our mother is dead,
“Sam, Mum died yesterday. For real no matter what everywhere. There is no bringing her back. As much as I fucking want to, I can’t. No one can, so now we can…” I was cut off by the Bus pulling up in the same place as last time, and Bates telling everyone to get off.

We all followed his words without argue. For one I wasn’t last to hop off the bus, I just went with the flow. Once everyone was off, Bates stood up on a seat, with two tubs full of the orienteering gear that we need to use. When Bates started to call out names, I heard I was with Felix, but no one else… just him weird, I just assumed that we would all be together again.

But I spoke too soon, like usual. I watched as my four boys ran off screaming warrior cries out as they ran away from us all. Bates was blowing in locator whistle screaming at the boys to come back, but they just weren’t having it.

I laughed. I just stood there letting out a full blown laughter, while everyone else looked somewhat composed. I rolled my eyes and started off in the direction the boys left. I didn’t get very far before Bates grabbed my arm, pulling my around to face him,
“Blake where are you going?” I rolled my eyes,
“To go and get my friends back for you,” Bates looked worried, but I don’t know who for,
“Blake, I cannot allow you to out there in the condition you are in,” I rolled my eyes,

“Mr. Bates, I’m fine. Just something happened on the bus that made me feel bad. Plus, it will take you all day to find them. Whereas I can find them in less than three hours, trust me. Plus, you can’t leave them all alone while you go searching for four silly boys. Just don’t be too hard on them for me when we get back will ya?” Bates nodded carefully,
“Be safe out there Blake,” I nodded and started off.

I walked at a slightly faster pace then what I normally do. I need to get to the boys quickly, just in case there is an attack. I hope not since it was only just last night it last attacked.

I remember sitting at dinner last night and having Jake and Andy walk around cleaning up after everyone. Jake looked really sick, but throughout the night he slowly started looking better. I wondered what happened.

As I walked I slowed down after I was no longer in the view of Bates and everyone else. I don’t know what has come over me today. I feel better… happier and healthier. I don’t know what brought it on, but I really don’t care. Maybe I should but, because I was sick earlier. Yeah that doesn’t have anything to do with my health; it has to do with Felix rejecting me on the bus.

I pushed that a side and set my head on find the boys. Are they planning on falling off the cliff again? They must be considering that was the one of two ways to get there, but if you think about it; we didn’t get to think much of the normal way of going to that place.

I never told anyone, but I found that place scary. There was a powerful magical energy there, I didn’t trust it. I think Felix could feel it too, but I’m not sure, he didn’t looked fussed about it.

I sighed and continued my walk to the boys. When I came to a cliff edge and all I could see ahead was more path and trees, I knew this was the last place we stood before we went of the path and to the cliff we fell off. Perfect, I’m really close now. I smiled walking off the path and heading threw the bushes that looked like they had just been trampled excitedly.

Yes, I finally found them. Hopefully they aren’t too far away now. I smiled and started running, god I’ve done and awful lot of running today. When I came to the cliff I frowned… how am I supposed to get down? I closed my eyes and tried to glitch. When I opened them, I was still in the same spot, crap. I guess I have to fall, fun…

I took a deep breath in and let my foot move closer to the edge, ready to go. But I couldn’t do it. I was going to back out when I heard it, a yell screaming out for help, piercing the silence of the forest. It was Sam and Jake, shit. And that was all it took for me to jump off the ledge.

The second my body hit the ground, I didn’t stop to fuss, as I was straight up and running in the direction of the yell. I ran as fast as I could, not seeing anyone. Crap, how far away are they? But I guess I spoke too soon as I fell over something and hearing groaning coming from what I tripped over… huh? I turned back and saw netting; Sam and Jake were under it. What the hell? Roland must have made it or something. I crawled over to the two boys trapped under the net,
“Sam, Jake. What happened?” I saw the boys stop struggling the second I talked. Hey both grinned in an instant. Sam was the first one to talk, like normal,

“We don’t know. We figured out where we were, because it looked familiar, so Jake and I got excited and we ran, and we got caught in this net. Now get us out of here!” I laughed, Sam you’re hopeless.

I pushed myself up off my hands so I could use them to pull the netting. Then something hit me,

“Urr, guys?” the two of them looked at me and stopped moving,

“What?” they asked in sync,

“Where’s Andy and Felix?” this shocked the two in front of me. They never thought about them… urr okay,

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!” I screamed when I heard someone else scream. I stood up looking around, to see Andy and Felix falling over each other. My body relaxed and I growled,
“And where have you two been?” Andy looked straight to me, while Felix refused to look at me. Arsehole, what is wrong with him today, he was fine last night. I couldn’t be bothered with dealing with it right now.

I walked over helping Andy and Felix stand up. Immediately letting go of them as soon as they were stable, then walking back over to Sam and Jake who were still under the net, and again trying to pull it off them.

Andy had suddenly stiffened. I widened my eyes at this, sensing something was wrong. I didn’t stop pulling on the net. I had to get these two out before something happened. But I spoke too soon,

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!” this wasn’t a scream of fear, but a warrior cry… what? I screamed as something jumped onto me. I opened my eyes to see Felix had jumped on me and pushed me out of the way of getting hit by Roland’s Nulla nulla. Wait… Felix just saved me? Asshole,

“Felix you asshole, I would of rather be hit than saved by someone who hates me. Now get off me,” and I pushed him off quickly standing up to stare at Roland, who was talking to Sam, Jake and Andy about them all being back here.

I stood up walking over to the net; placing myself next to Roland and helping him pull the net off of Sam and Jake. I didn’t look at him, I didn’t really know what to say,
“I’m sorry,” I stopped moving. Huh? Was he talking to me?

“Roland, what are you talking about?” he sighed. The net was now mostly off the boys leaving only their legs tangled,

“About almost hitting you, I hope you know I didn’t know it was you,” I nodded,

“Yeah it was an accident… Roland?” he wasn’t listening anymore. He was standing there twitching with a glazed look on his face… what the hell is going on? Andy was the first to ask,
“Roland. What are you doing?” as soon as those words were said, Roland stopped twitching and was staring at me… what the hell? His eyes had turned blood red while his face had become pale and glazed. As he stared at me, it felt like he was staring right into my soul.

I gulped and backed away slightly, really truly scared. This was my father, my real one. Inside the father I love. I screamed at it,

“GET OUT OF HIM!” I could hear it chuckling inside my head. He knew I knew what it was. A demon that didn’t care about anyone or anything. Andy was staring at Roland funnily,
“Roland. What’s going on?” I rolled my eyes,
“He’s possessed Andy, now run!” and moved away from Roland and over to Felix,

“Fucking use the Talisman already,” I saw him moving around with his hands on the grass,
“I don’t know where it is,” WHAT?! He lost Alice’s Talisman, Oh Phoebe is gonna kill him when she finds out, that’s if Roland doesn’t kill us first,

“Well find it,” and ran away from his, trying to get Roland’s attention back onto me,
“Oi, demon. Over here! I’m the one you want,” and it listened to this. I stood my ground as ‘Roland’ advanced on me. Jake and Sam were now out of the net,

“Help Felix find the Talisman!” just as Roland grabbed a hold of my jumper, throwing me into the nearest tree. I screamed as my back hit the tree with a sickening crack, sounding throughout the near silent air,
“BLAKE!” I heard Sam scream out my name. I winced standing up,
“I’m fine, just look for the Talisman!” I yelled out, limping back to It, punching It in the face. It was pissed now; It retaliated by grabbing me around the throat, and this time throwing my straight up into the air. My throat ripped open as I screamed louder than ever,
“FELIX!” was the word that left my throat and the demon was now going after him. I closed my eyes as I started to fall. I waited for an impact that never came.

My body stopped mere centimetres above the ground, before dropping lightly allowing me to not become hurt. I let out a sigh of relief before slowly getting up. I turned straight to Sam to see him wink at me before running off. He can already do magic? But he wasn’t raised with it… was he?

I shook the thought out of my head long enough to see Andy pick up the Talisman, while Felix was being choked by It. I panicked and ran over as fast as I could in the state I was in, and jumped on It’s back. This caused It to become confuse and let go of Felix. Good, and now not so good. It had now turned around to face. I was on the ground slowly crawling backwards whilst it followed me, I heard Andy yell out to Felix,
“SAY THE SPELL!” I nodded,
“Felix quickly!” he nodded and started to say as much as he could as quickly as he could. The demon had choked him and he was still getting his breath back,

“Divinity of the… Elements… I summon thee… Earth… Water… Air… Fire...” he stopped for a quick bit, I bit my lip,

“Felix hurry!” still backing away from It,

“Earth… Water…” the demon stopped walking towards me and now towards Andy who was showing off the Talisman. I let out a breath of relief now that he wasn’t after me, but I started to panic again when I saw It advancing on Andy, and Andy wasn’t backing down… WHAT THE HELL? I ran over to Felix helping Sam to get him to stand up.

I knew I had to stay away from the Talisman right now. I don’t know about Sam since he was good, but I think he might need to, just to be safe I think. I felt like screaming as Felix finished the spell expelling the Demon for Roland. I smiled and straight out hugged Felix as hard as I could,

“Thanks you, thank you, thank you, thank you,” I was pretty much screaming while he was just sitting there… wait, he hates me. I stopped pulling away from him; he didn’t want me hugging him. I walked away from Felix and over to Roland who was confused and spinning in circles wondering what was going on. His eyes stopped on Felix,

“What happened to him?” Sam sighed,
“You did,” I think this scared Roland more than confuse him. He calmed down enough to tell us something,

“I don’t… I told this place was evil. You have to leave, I have to leave,” and he started walking away, but Sam said No. This confused Roland and all the other boys. But not I, Sam was hell bent on leaving today. Oh crap… Sam went over and sat down on a log. I sighed sitting next to him,
“Sam, you know this won’t go with Bates. He is flipping out; we need to go back to the bus, not home,” but he wasn’t having it,

“No. you think after all that just happened, I’m just going to give up. No, I’m staying here. And you can either stay or go,” Jake and Andy sighed, sitting down next to Sam and I. Felix reluctantly got up and walked so he was standing in front of us, Roland now gone. I turned to the boys to see them dirty and Andy holding Roland’s Nulla nulla. What? When did he pick that up?

I turned to face Felix; he was still refusing to look at me. I moved slightly, feeling sick again. I gasped as pain shot up my back.

I felt Sam stiffen and turn to grab the back of my hoodie and shirt, pulling it up to reveal my lower back, completely coloured. There were shades of blue, black, and yellow. I swallowed getting up and running over to bush and bringing up bile. Nothing but bile, there was nothing in my stomach other than bile.

I stood up walking back to my seat in between Sam and Jake. Andy was sitting on the other side of Sam, while Felix was on the other side of Jake. I fixed my shirt back up and leaned my head on Sam’s shoulder. We just sat there waiting for something, anything to happen. Sam spoke,

“We need to start a fire, like last time. Felix give me your lighter,” Felix shook his head, but gave it over reluctantly,

“There will be no fire making,” Crap Bates. I forgot about him. We all looked up from the ground to see Roland standing about a metre behind Bates. Andy was cranky,

“Roland, how could you?” I rolled my eyes. Roland frowned at Andy,
“You got me Nulla nulla,” Andy sighed handing it over standing up knowing there was no use in fighting with Bates. Not today anyway, we were all too worn out. I stood up pulling Sa with me. I winced as doing so causing me to let go of Sam’s hand, making him fall back onto the log we were sitting on.

Sam jumped straight back up himself grabbing my arms stopping me from moving. Whatever he did just now stopped my pain instantly. But I knew it was only temporary, so we had to get moving. Jake and Felix hopped up, Felix seeming too excited that they were now not going home. But Sam was really sad, he doesn’t like it here. I grabbed his hand forcing him to look at me,

“I’m really sorry Sam. But now is not the time to be getting pissed,” Sam shrugged out of my hand and walked off behind Bates. I sighed, slowing down. I turned to see Felix walking at the back looking at me like he was ready to murder me. I stopped and waited for him to be level with me before grabbing him, forcing him to look me in the eyes,
“What. The. Hell. Is. Wrong. With. You?” he sighed,
“Why don’t you go and ask your boyfriend?” I gasped and slapped him. I knew he was referring to Sam. His hand went straight to hold his pink cheek,

“That’s what I am doing you fuck tard. I don’t know what I did wrong to make you pissed at me. But you need to pull your head out of your ass before we can talk. Look, I don’t know what Oscar told you last night at dinner. But if he said something you didn’t like, then tell me so I can fix it. Please Felix,” he looked away from me. I felt like crying,

“Why didn’t you tell me about your Mum dying here a few days ago?” I sighed and felt a bit better,

“Felix. She didn’t die a few days ago here,” Felix was confused,

“But Oscar said,” I shook my head,

“I asked him to say that. In truth, my mum died everywhere, yesterday. I know because her last words to me were for me to call her Mum. I never did call her that, I thought she hated it, and me so I never talked properly to her. No one ever really knew the truth about the two of us. And soon no one will be able to…” I wiped away the tears which had started to fall down my face,

“Is there anything else you wanted to know?” Felix nodded, not wanting to ask it but he and I both knew he had to ask it,

“What’s going on between you and Sam?” I frowned… how do I explain this?

“Well, to be blunt… he is my brother, Twins to be exact. At times it’s kinda hard to explain, and I don’t fully understand it and I never will I guess, can’t ask Dad cause he’s trying to kill us. So yea…” Felix cut me off before I could try and cover my mistake,
“Your Dad?” I nodded and rolled my eyes,

“I don’t want him to be. He is my Biological father. But Roland is more of a father to me than my real one. Plus he really loved my mother. But he doesn’t even know who she is…” I trailed off as I saw something in the tree.

I quickly walked away from Felix and to the tree. I pulled it out of the tree, the bones on it dry, with the leaves dead. It smelled strongly of differing herbs. Alice… I turned to Felix,
“Do you know what this is?” he shook his head,

“No. But it is not the first time I have seen it,” I cocked my head,
“When?” Felix sighed, pulling me along pocketing one of them,
“When we first fall off the cliff. You walk for about five minutes and start seeing them. In both worlds, do you know what it is?” I shook my head lying,

“No. but I think I have a vague idea of who they belong to,” Felix nodded,
“Alice,” I nodded, walking along to catch up with Sam, Jake, Andy and Bates. We all walked in silence until we got back to the bus where a bunch of rowdy, loud bus full of teenagers sat.

All the boys walked in first, and getting themselves pummelled with paper balls and other misalanious things. We took our seats, depressed. But I didn’t care, Felix wasn’t mad at me anymore as I sat there with my head on his shoulder; our hands locked lying in between us.

I sat up at the sound of Trent laughing… that is not good.  Both Felix and I turned around to face the back of the bus to see Trent stealing a unicorn off of Mike and throwing it down the isle of the bus. It landed next to Jake’s feet.

What was he going to do? Was he gonna be an ass to Mike and side with Trent again. I knew Jake had been hanging out with Trent and Dylan again. So was he going to revert back into an asshole again? I watched as Jake picked up the Unicorn, and slowly walk up to the back of the bus. Trent was laughing his ass off,
“Oi, Jake. Pass it here,” Jake shook his head giving it to Mike. I smiled and so did Mike. I watched as Jake sat back down in his seat. The second he did so, I ball was bounced onto Mike’s head and rolled down the aisle.

I watched as Jake’s eyes turned earth brown, and walked up the isle with the ball in hand, throwing it to Trent. Holy crap he was pissed,

“Do it again and I’ll bounce this thing off your head got it?” Trent nodded, shrinking into his seat, fearing Jake. He was right to do so I resisted the urge to laugh at the way Trent reacted to Jake.

Now I was truly happy, no more demon for a while and no more going home to a place that I fear. Now we can stay together a while longer, happier for a while longer, safer for a while longer.

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