Nowhere Boys and Their Nowhere Girl

Blake Wesley is a goth, but a goth with a big secret. She's a witch. But is that all she is?
After being saved by someone she desperately needs, what happens when they all disappear, from this world... The other she left with, are living in a shack, fighting demons and stealing. While Blake is living the life, she always wanted.
But when it's time for the boys to come home, what happens when Blake doesn't want to go home?


13. Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Goodbyes, vision and dinner with the Fernes… and Sam.

Blake’s P.O.V

…‘Blakey girl. I know you won’t like this… but I’m dying. Instead of using the rest of my magic to heal myself, I’ve been using it to help you… you need it sweetie. My time is done, being human was hard. I could never use my magic. And so it faded away, and then I got sick. Blakey it wasn’t a human sickness… Mortiuus cursed me when I left with you; I knew I was on borrowed time. But I never knew the outcome. The one thing I regret was being a bitch to you all these years… but I was angry. I was angry at Mortiuus. He forced me to leave Roland and -----, he made me emotionless, a shell. Hoping it would force you to go to the dark side. There was nothing I could do to fight the curse or Mortiuus. But you cast the spell. You can be yourself for just a little bit longer. But Blakey girl… there is one thing I want you to do for me…’ I perked up at that slightly,

“What is it Tahlila?” I closed my eyes to hold back the tears that threatened to fall,

‘Call me Mum one last time… and live for me… live for Fe…’ What?

“Mum? Hello… Mummy, please don’t go… I need you… I can’t live for you… you need to live for you, please come back… at least let me say goodbye. GOD MUM PLEASE… YOU CANT…. LEAVE ME… ----- NEEDS YOU… TO TRY AND FIND HIM… I want to come home… god mummy please… just let me come home… hold me… while I cry… while I die… you weren’t meant to die… I’ll kill him Mum… PLEASE just come back, so you can see me kill him, and avenge you… I don’t care if what I do to kill him is evil… you are the only person I could trust. Properly, I know it seemed like I didn’t, but I thought you hated me. COME BACK YOU SELFISH BITCH! YOU CAN’T LEAVE ME ALONE! MUMMY COMe back, if you love me you won’t leave me right? MUM!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOO!!!” and I couldn’t hold it in anymore.

The tears fell as the emotional barriers around me came crashing down. Regret, pain, anger, loss, love and hate all came crashing into me… no matter what happens, I will find a way to kill Mortiuus. Even if it isn’t me who kills him, he will die for what he has done.

And with that, I cried my way to sleep and into a vision…

I opened my eyes to see myself back at the same place where I saw my ‘Fate’ vision. There was Felix standing tied to the tree, trying to escape while Bates, Gary and Oscar, who were all possessed by the demon. Crap…

I looked down on myself to see I was in spirit form, good. All I have to do is watch; I don’t really want to do anything right now. I looked back over to Felix, who was yelling at the demon/s,

“Will my friends go home? They have nothing to do with this,” the demon laughed, and three of them spoke at the same time saying the same thing,

“You think this is just you…” Felix growled,

“But it is just me. They have nothing to do with anything,” it was the demon/s turn/s to growl,

“It was never just you. Blake, Alice and you… you have all messed up… order must be restored Felix, there is no changing it,” Felix sighed,
“Will my friends go home?” the Demon shook its head,

“Order must be restored,” and they all turned to look at the sky, which was now opening up in the same tornado we had chase us when we got out of the ditch thingy… but this time it wasn’t chasing anyone. It was just sitting there a bit away.

Things were starting to get boring when the others showed up… by that I mean Roland, Phoebe, Andy, Sam, Jake, and the future me. Fun; let’s see if this vision is different to the other one. The other me stayed back the whole time, just like last time. But wait, this vision is already different to the other one; Roland is here… okay, so things may be different.

I watched as the demon swapped Oscar for Roland. Damn, I watched as Oscar fell to the ground clutching his head, crying out. Damn it, I just wanted to run over and hold him and make him stop crying. I sighed as I watched Felix try and convince Oscar to stand up. Oscar just looked at Felix with sad eyes and stayed on the ground.

I stood up from the spot I had chosen earlier and walked over to Oscar, sitting down next to him. I know he can’t see me, but this is one of the only times I can be around everyone, doing whatever I want and they can’t see me.

I was trying not to cry, I didn’t want to see Oscar in pain like this. It was horrible. He was too young to be in such pain like this. I truly don’t know which one was worse, seeing him in a wheel chair, or seeing in pain like this. I felt a single tear run down my face. I kneeled down and stood next to Oscar,

“Oscar… please get up for Felix, you need to keep on fighting for him. He’s your brother so don’t fight me now. I know you can’t hear me but I need you to do this, so they can go home…” I didn’t know what to say anymore. But there was no use considering he can’t hear me. I saw his head turn to look though me,

“Blake? But how? You’re over there,” and turned to look where the future Blake was standing, trying to get to Felix past the possessed people… he can see me?

“Oscar… Can you see me? I mean where I am now… talking to you? Can you see me?” he turned back to me and nodded,

“Yeah, but how?” I shrugged,

“I don’t kn… wait, the spell we cast today… I mean a few days ago, the one when I collapsed, you know what I mean?” he nodded and his eyes widened,

“The spell connected your spirit to mine and you can now see me in my visions, but it doesn’t make sense considering that you are the future Oscar and not the same one that I know… but you are… I think? God I hate time travel or anything like it… but still, it doesn’t matter right now, we can discuss it later. But you need to get up right now and help Felix,” he nodded and did as I asked. I stepped away and back into the shadows, following my other self you was now approaching Felix who is still tried up to the tree.

 Felix turned to face the Blake standing in front of him. He tried to smile but he was too scared for the smile to be real,

“Blake, untie me quick,” Blake shook her head,

“I can’t do it Felix. I’m so sorry, this wasn’t meant to happen. There is something else I must do and have you hate me for it, but if all goes well…” Blake was hesitating. She wasn’t sure if it was going to work. God I hope it does,

“… You won’t remember a single thing about me. And you won’t remember that we were ever together. Good bye Felix,” and with that Blake pulled the gun out of her pocket, slowly raising it. It was pointed ready to shoot, at herself. I know I shouldn’t say this but…

“Come on Blake… you’re my only hope. You don’t have to do this, we can go home. Help us!” Blake sighed,

“Felix, that’s what I’m doing,” and pulled the trigger dropping to the ground disappearing, I heard Sam scream in pain.  Lashed my head around to see Sam shoving his way past the demons and running to Blake’s… my future body.

I watched as Sam got on his knees holding my body, pulling it close to him as it started to fade away. I could already tell he was forgetting me. Until he snapped out of it. Pulling my body away from himself he started saying words, talking to my body,

“Stay with me my dear sister.

I call upon the elements, Water, fire, Earth and Air,

I call thee to keep her with me and staying strong…” WHAT SAM WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! He’s making it so he won’t forget me, but how did he know? I sighed as the scene around me disappeared. I closed my eyes and when I re-opened them, I was staring at the familiar ceiling of my bedroom.

I sat up, my back hurting from lying in the same position for so long. I pulled my legs off of my bed and sat them on the floor. I leaned forward putting my head in my hands crying. I cried harder than I have ever cried before. And I didn’t even know why I was crying.

After a while, I pulled my head out of my hands and looked around my room. I sighed, wiping my eyes. I turned my head to face my bedside table where my phone resides. I leaned over picking it up. I looked at the time, 4:38pm. Hmm, I still have time to get ready and get to the restaurant.

I stood up from my bed, legs wobbling a little from not being used. I walked away from my bed walking down the stairs and into the bathroom. I was a zombie, walking slowly, half walking, half dragging my body to the bathroom.

When I got there I stripped off and looked at myself in the mirror. My pale skin paler than ever, bringing out my violet eyes which were turning a dull dark purple which then drew my attention to the dark, nearing black rings under the both of my eyes. I sighed as I looked at my body. I wished to tear my eyes away but something was stopping me.

I turned my body so my back was facing the mirror. I was looking away now but something was compelling me to look back. I twisted my head till I was facing the mirror. I closed my eyes as tightly as I could, as a single tear, came running down my face. I opened my eyes and stared at it. The mark on my left shoulder. The ugliest thing in the world, and its killing me and my family. Hurting everyone I love, and killing myself.

I closed my eyes as I was broken from the trance it had me in. I turned away and started the shower. I hopped straight in even though it was still cold. I jumped at the temperature and moved away from the water. I stood away until it warmed up.

Once under, I quickly washed all over and hopped back out with my hair wet and clean. I grabbed my towel straight away, not bothering to look at the mirror. I really need to cover that thing up.

I sighed and walked out of the bathroom, upstairs into my room. I ran over to my dresser and pulled out a dress, sighing I slipped it on over my underwear and walked over to bed where my boots were sitting, slipping them on and standing up again.

I was dressed now so I didn’t care about the mirror. I opened a cupboard and pulled out my make-up bag. I pulled my eye shadow, foundation and lipstick out. My foundation was white, and I wore it to make me paler. I then put on my eye shadow which was just plain black but made my eyes seem brighter and happier. More lively, make people suspect less.

I then put on some lipstick, which made my lips a bright pink colour. I smiled my fake practiced smile and it looked real. Good, now I can go. I walked back into my room, walking over to a cupboard and pulled out a bright red chest jacket.

I let out a breath I didn’t realise I was holding and walked out of my room and house, with only my phone and keys. I walked next door to see the Fernes walking over to their car. I smiled and ran over to them before they got in,

“Hey Mr and Mrs Ferne. Hey Oscy, I was just wondering if I could catch a ride with you guys, I don’t have other mode of transport?” Mr Ferne looked confused… ohhhhh, he doesn’t know who I am, we have never met. I blushed and slapped my forehead,

“Oh, I’m soooo stupid. Mr Ferne, my name is Blake, I live next door and I’m friends with Oscy. Sorry, I forgot we’ve never met,” I smiled brightly holding my hand for him to shake.

He looked at me wearily, slowly reaching over grabbing my hand and shaking it. After a few seconds I pulled my hand away and it fell back to sit next to my body. Oscar walked over to me and smiled,

“You okay?” I smiled back weakly; I knew what he was talking about, Tahlila,

“No, I’m not. She’s dead, and I will be too soon, I won’t be able to ever see her again but I… I’ll make sure my father pays for what he did to her. No one deserves to die like that, slowly tortured, knowing that you won’t be able to do everything you really want and to know that you are going to die. So maybe I can trick someone into doing it for me…”

“No,” Oscar had cut me off,

“Oscar? What can’t I do?” Oscar was a bit mad now.

“Trick someone. Doing that is just unnatural. And someone could get hurt,” I growled,

“We’ll have this conversation later,” my face softened,

“Sorry Oscar, I’m getting worse and my dark side is getting harder to control still.” He smiled at me,

“It’s okay Blake. You’re forgiven,” I smiled weakly back at him. But turned it into a full blown smile. I turned around to face Felix… Oscar’s parents, well both… but here only Oscar… uh never mind. I turned to the adults and smiled,
“Sorry about that. My mum died a while ago and Oscar has been trying to help me through it all,” Mrs Ferne gasped and covered he mouth with her hand. I sighed and looked away,

“Sorry… but can we please just go?” Mrs Ferne pulled her hand away from her mouth. Her now blank aside from the small frown sitting in the corner of her mouth. Great, now she feels bad for me,

“Blake, are you sure you should be going out? I mean, you just lost a family member, shouldn’t you be mourning with your family?” I turned to look at Mr Ferne confused, he knows my name? I just told him my name before… duh,

“No, sorry Sir, I do…” he cut me off before I could finish,

“Call me Ken, Blake. Sir sound too official. And that is something I defiantly ain’t,” I smiled and nodded,

“Sorry Ken. But I don’t have any family. Well I do, but I don’t stay in contact with them. I have a brother, but he somewhere I can’t go and find him to find the person I would actually call my dad, and tell him… but yeah, other than that I have no one. But don’t worry, it’s easy. I’ll pull through, plus I have Oscar here to help me. But, that is not what is the matter,” Ken and Kathy looked at me confused. Ken was the first to come out of his confusion,

“What do you mean Blake?” I laughed,

“I mean, don’t we have a dinner to get to?” Oscar laughed at how stupid he was. Kathy and Ken joined in when they realised what I was going on about. I joined in last laughing lightly. Once we had gathered ourselves, Ken clapped his hands together, still smiling,

“Okay, let’s go!” We all piled into the car and drove off.

On the semi short drive into town, Oscar and I discussed aliens the whole way laughing when we went over the whole bee incident. I had asked him when Kathy said when he came home with all the bee stings. Well, technically it was when Kathy came home. Because we were both home first, kinda. I was asleep on his couch with a patch on the back of my head.

He had said she asked about the stranger on the couch, not believing we were friends. I laughed and asked Kathy about it. She said,

“Well what was I supposed to say? Oscar had been making so many guy friends; I didn’t think there would be any ‘girlfriends’,” by then Ken was confused as hell. Of course he didn’t know what was going on. He had only just met me today, but I had already met Kathy back that day.

I found out that Oscar told Kathy that he was attacked by alien bees had Felix cast a magic spell to fight them off and it worked because he was an alien with magic powers. I had to stop myself from laughing. Kathy was still in the conversation and said that her reaction to his words were,

“Oscar, there is no such thing as aliens of magic. So don’t you dare lie!” then she moved on to talk about the random girl asleep on her couch.

By the time we had gotten to that part of the conversation we had arrived at Lily Lau’s Chinese. Oh fun, now I get to deal with Andy’s psycho granny… where the hell did that come from? I’ve never met the woman. Weird, oh well, at least I get to see Felix again.

The last time I saw him we were at school and he decided to go on a ‘witch hunt’… the boys, excluding Felix think that she is the reason they are here. While Felix knows that’s not true, but he does think that she is the reason they have a bona fide, hell-bent on murder demon after them.

I wonder if they found out anything today, I haven’t heard anything from Phoebe, and I don’t know if she has tried calling me or anything. A bit annoying but whatever, I’ll go see her after dinner.

As we walked into the restaurant, we were sat down at a table with two extra seats… weird, and I thought only Felix and I were extras. Eh whatever. I turned back to Oscar and asked him,

“Oscy, is there anything you want to know about… you know what?” his eyes widened,

“Do you think we can talk about it here?” I nodded,

“For a bit but when Felix gets here we can’t. He isn’t allowed to know you can do magic yet. Okay?” Oscar nodded and smiled,

“Yeah sure, that’s easy,” I smiled back at him,

“Kay, what do you want to know?” Oscar pondered this question for a bit,

“What going on between you and Felix?” urr…

“That’s not about magic, why did you ask that?” Oscar’s eyes looked to the door,

“Because he just walked in and is staring at you like you’re a piece of meat… and is now walking over here with Mister Full of Gas,” I burst out laughing,

“Where did you come up with that?” he turned back to me and smiled,
“When we were in the shack fighting off the bees, he farted and I had to swing a talisman in the stench so Felix could do his spell,” I laughed even harder,

“Oh god that is so gross. What is it with you guys? You are always so weird and doing stupid things…” I was going to say more but I was cut off by arms going around my waist and a pair of burning hot lips on top of mine.

I smiled wrapping my arms around Felix’s neck, pulling him closer, nibbling on his lower lip. I pulled away,

“Okay sorry, excuse us we will be back in a few minutes,” I quickly said that to everyone at the table grabbing Felix by the shirt and dragging him outside. He was really confused,

“Blake what are you doing?” I giggled and turned to him laughing a little bit more at his face. Oh my man,

“Felix, just shut up and hurry,” by the time I said that, we were at the door and walking out of it, around the corner and into the alley,
“Blake, tell me what the hell are you do…” I cut him off by shoving him up against the wall and pushing my lips onto his.

He responded immediately, moving one hand to the back of my head and the other moved down to my ass. I yelped as he squeezed it, allowing him access to my mouth. I moaned as his tongue touched mine in a battle for dominance.

He groaned turning us around so I was against the wall. I was losing the battle with our tongues so I decided to play dirty… very dirty. I moved my hands away from his neck, to which they had unconsciously made their way there while we were snogging. Moving them to the bottom of his shirt, sliding both of my cold hands up so they were near his shoulders.

I felt him shivering at my touch… good. And with that, I dug my nails into his skin dragging them down. I heard him moan and arch his back into my nails, pushing himself closer to me,
“Blake… holy crap Blake we gotta stop,” he was right. I pulled my hands away from him, panting heavily,

I leaned back against the wall trying to catch my breath. Jesus Christ, it’s getting harder every time. This must be the whole mating thingy Mum and Phoebe was talking about.

I think I do need to stay away from Felix. If every time I see him this feeling is stronger. I don’t think I’d be able to stop myself. He was just so perfect. With his black hair and mousy brown roots coming through, His beautiful brown eyes staring at my chest right now… really?

“Felix, my eyes are up here,” as soon as the words had left my lips his eyes were staring into mine. He smiled cheekily and laughed,

“Sorry. But, they are kinda irresistible,” I blushed deeply. But covered it up by rolling my eyes,

“Come on, we need to go inside. Dinner is probably out by now.” He nodded, and walked behind me. He was walking so close to me, I could feel his breath on the back if my neck.

When we finally got inside he had calmed down and was walking a normal distance away from me, but was also now level with me and holding my hand. I smiled lightly squeezing his hand, slightly dragging him to the table.

I wanted to let go of his hand so I could get to the table quicker because all I wanted was the food which was being brought out. Which was weird, normally I never want food, and now it’s all I want. Funky?

When we got back to the table everyone had already started eating. I smiled, everyone looked really happy; they look like a family… I felt my throat constrict at the thought of my mother. I turned to Felix to see him looking at me funny,

“Sorry, excuse me a minute. I need to go to the bathroom,” Felix frowned and walked over to the table. I saw Oscar ask Felix where I was, Felix pointed to where I was, allowing Oscar to see my face. Oscar frowned and mouthed to me,

“Are you okay?” I shook my head, biting my lip to hold back my tears. I pulled a small smile as Felix asked Oscar about what was going on. Oscar looked back to me for approval. I nodded and Oscar proceeded to tell Felix about mum.

I walked off when I saw Felix trying to give me the pity look. I frowned and walked into the bathroom. I walked over to the mirror staring at my make-up covered face, I almost screamed at my reflection. I start to scream silently pacing around the confined room. I walked over to a wall and straight out punched it.

I almost screamed out in pain at the feeling of the dry wall breaking my skin on my knuckles. I turned and started to run a tap, placing my hand under allowing the water to cool my hand. I looked at my fake face and sighed giving up.

I started to run the tap full blast, cupping the water in my hands and splashing it on my face; I quickly grabbed some paper towel drying my face, removing my fake one at the same time. I looked at myself in the mirror, now I look normal. I smiled and went to walk out of the room when I felt a breeze on my back,
“Don’t go out there yet,” I froze smiling,

“-----, your back,” I turned to look at him… in the tear,

“Well, sort of. But why can’t I go out there?” he sighed the hood covering him now removed,

“Because of the talisman, I know what you are. You are both my sister and a demon. But you are more my sister than anything else and the reason you can’t go out there is because the darkness is out there, possessing a human body for the first time in years,” I nodded,

“The darkness, you mean my father?” ----- nodded, and frowned,
“Alice told me that because you are the dark side of the twin set between you and another sibling…” I nodded, Sam. Wow, I forgot ----- doesn’t know about Sam. I gestured for him to continue,

“… Well because of that, you cause the talisman to become weaker when the bearer is trying to expel the demon,” what,

“-----, that doesn’t make sense. I was there for one of the attacks. It was perfectly fine. I don’t understand what you mean?” ----- sighed,

“I don’t really know, Alice is gone for now and the tear just suddenly opened… did you have anything to do with it?” could I? I shook my head,

“Impossible, I don’t possess those kinds of powers. But maybe you do, because you have a blood connection with me but only a similar experience with the boys. And so you keep on being shown to me. Maybe because I’m the one that put you there, so mayb…”

“WAIT, you’re the one that put me here?” I frowned,
“It was an accident, I somehow time travelled cast a spell that shouldn’t have worked but it did and so blah blah blah, I show up at your camp with dad and the tear opened pulling you inside. I don’t really get it, but I think I might be able to get you home,” ----- shook his head,
“No. Alice said she could get me home,” I frowned, Alice… she may be powerful, but she is selfish,
“----- you can’t trust her. She is selfish and will leave you there if it means saving her own behind. Whatever you do, explore. Learn as much as you can as quickly as you can…” the tear was starting to close, meaning communications are running out of time,

“… Look ----- don’t trust Alice. She may be my friend, but she will leave you high and dry if something goes wrong. I will find a way to bring you home, no matter what okay?” he nodded,
“Sure. And one last thing,” I stared at the small fraction of him I could still see. I smiled having a feeling what he was going to say,

“Don’t send too many more people to new places. Just focus on getting everyone home now,” I smiled brightly,
“Okay ----- I love you bro!” and it was the last thing travelling either way via that tear now. But I felt better, ----- was going find and wasn’t scared about where he was… but I really need to do some research into where he is, because that is where Alice is, and Phoebe really needs her back.

I turned to look back at the mirror seeing a new better looking me. I smiled before walked out with a skip in my step, with a smile on my face, with an unfrozen heart in my chest.

With that, I sat down in my seat between Oscar and Felix, smirking,
“So boys… what’s next?” the three of us smiled, while Sam looked at us confused. I smiled at him,
“Don’t worry Sam. You will find out soon enough,” and devoured my dinner, laughing and smiling for the longest amount of time. More than I can ever remember feeling this way for.

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