Nowhere Boys and Their Nowhere Girl

Blake Wesley is a goth, but a goth with a big secret. She's a witch. But is that all she is?
After being saved by someone she desperately needs, what happens when they all disappear, from this world... The other she left with, are living in a shack, fighting demons and stealing. While Blake is living the life, she always wanted.
But when it's time for the boys to come home, what happens when Blake doesn't want to go home?


12. Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Awkward explaining, casting new spells and ‘Goodbye’ :’(

Felix’s P.O.V

*Flashback 4 months ago*

I was walking down the street alone, something I did a lot nowadays, ever since I put Oscar in a wheelchair. I sighed, turning my music up louder. I lifted my head up to take a look around, when I saw a sign. It read ‘Arcane Lane, for all you mystical needs.

*Crystals, Magic, Jewellery, Tarot Readings, Books, Reiki, Gifts, Meditation…’ and so on. Magic eeh? And so I decided to check it out. I kept on walking for a bit when I came to some stairs on my left. I went down them and went into the shop and the bottom.

The door jingled as I walked in. I was looking about when a woman came in from the back; making the beads she had hanging in the door way clang together alerting me of her entry. I turned to face her properly. She looked at me and sighed,

“We don’t do vampire books,” I sighed right back at her,

“I don’t want vampire books. I want to learn about magic,” she sighed not looking up from her desk,
“Sure you do… over there,” pointing to the area of the room I was already heading to. When I got there, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a person walk out of the back room to stand next to the shop owner. They started talking to the owner,

“Phoebe, I need to start heading home before Tahlila will have my head,” ‘Phoebe’ nodded,

“Okay, but Blake… just call her your mum. Because Tahlila was your mum first before she was anything else,” Blake nodded and started to walk off until she saw me. She stopped and stared me for a bit… well at least I think she was staring at me. Blake quickly ducked back over to Phoebe,
“Phoebe, that boy over there Felix. Watch him… he is real,” and she ran out of the shop before Phoebe could answer. The woman scoffed and busied herself again. I want back to look at the books. They were fake…

“This is kids’ stuff,” not taking my eyes from the books,

“What’s back there? Point to the room Blake and her came from, Phoebe sighed,
“That’s a sealed section… adults only,” I sighed,

“Look… I’m serious, my brother had an accident,” Phoebes sighed again,
“Oh I’ve heard it before kid. That’s not how magic works… you don’t mend a broken arm with a spell,” I went to argue back,
“But…” but I was cut off by the door opening and Mia walking in… really?

“Hi, umm, do sell things to me jewellery?” Phoebe turned to face her,
“What kind of jewellery?” the smile never came off Mia’s face, yuck,

“Bracelets and stuff,” Phoebe awed, but I could tell she didn’t want to,

“Aw, that’s nice,” I could tell she was being sarcastic, and lead her to another part of the shop. I took this as an opportunity to sneak in the back. When I came to the back room, I saw a shrine to someone. But I also saw a massive old book sitting on the desk in there.

I smiled walking over to it. I started to page through it, just skimming the pages, until I was interrupted,
“What are you doing in here?” I pulled away from the book to see Phoebe standing in the doorway. Crap… I was trapped,

“I was… just looking,” and started to make my way out of the room, while Phoebe made her way towards me. Shit,
“I said this room was private,”
“Yeah but…” I had no clue what I could say or do…

“What did you see in this book?” I shook my head,

“Nothing…” she almost laughed,

“Do you want to know, what I do to trespassers?” and pulled up a voodoo doll and a needle, I gulped… shit scared.

All she did was jab the needle through and I was out of there. I ran as fast as I could around all of the things in the room and the shop. As soon as I was out of the shop, I was down the stairs, back to the street I was originally going along. With Phoebe following behind me, still holding the voodoo doll… and that’s when I knew, if I wanted to help Oscar, I’ll have to learn myself…


Blake’s P.O.V

Wow… how is Felix going to get out of this one?

“Something happened dude, we all saw it,” Sam was the first to get over his new shock. I rolled my eyes at the stupid statement, Jake just remained confused,

“What is that thing?” I coughed discreetly. This is soooo annoying. Felix sighed,

“It’s a Talisman. Like a good luck charm, I got it from Phoebe when the attacks started,” Sam had a thought pop into his head,

“Do you think she has something to do with us being here?” we all shrugged, but Andy got an annoyed look on his face. The sort of one he gets when someone is trying to prove him wrong,

“But how is she connected to a wormhole?” I rolled my eyes; seriously, you’re still on the wormhole theory? Sam smart-assed him and said,

“Well maybe it’s your wormhole theory that’s the problem,” Felix was now angry,

“Well she’s up to something… I need to see her book of shadows,” Jake was now really confused… if he wasn’t already,

“Her what?” Felix sighed again, I guess having to convince three people that magic exists is harder than it may seem,

“It’s where witches keep all their knowledge and power. If she is behind the attacks the spells will be in there somewhere,”

“And if she’s the one that brought us here?” Jake was slowly getting a grip on it all,

“That spell will be in the book too.” Sam was being very demanding with this all;
“Then we need to get it… and make her bring us back,” we all nodded and headed off the passageway.

When we arrived outside, we saw Mr Bate being filmed by Mia, while he was being ‘Interviewed’ By Ellen, I only got to hear part of what he was saying;
“…Veryone has been accounted for. And I can assure you that Bremin high will be open again tomorrow,” The camera went back to Ellen,

“This is Ellen O’Donnell, from ‘Wot the Elle’ that’s www.wot.the.elle...” She was cut off by Bates talking to us,

“I hope this doesn’t influence your opinion of Bremin High kids,” Sam rolled his eyes and held in a laugh,

“It only confirms it Mr Bates!” We all laughed and almost missed what Bates was saying,
“Oh and watch out for dog poo, it’s everywhere!” and so right as Bates says that, Oscar ends up walking straight into the dog poo… eww. I said it in my head but Oscar said it out loud. Felix and I both stopped to talk to him, When Oscar saw Felix and me he smiled and started to talk,

“Oh, I forgot to tell you with all the excitement, But we’re having dinner at a Chinese restaurant tonight, and mum wanted me to invite you,” he was saying it to Felix, OH well. I probably won’t eat anything tonight anyway, Felix smiled,

“That would be great, I’d love to,” Oscar smiled back at him,

“Cool. I’ll tell her. Bye!” and started to walk off. I stepped in,

“Okay boys… this is where I part with you today, and I will see you later. Bye!” I walked up to Felix giving him a quick hug before running to catch up. As I was leaving I overheard the boys complaining about food. I rolled my eyes and ran to find Oscar.

When I saw him I screamed out his name. Wow, it’s a good thing he doesn’t listen to music. He lashed around, at first in fear thinking I was Trent or Dylan, but when he saw it was just me, he calmed down and stilled walking. When I caught up to him, I pulled him into a side hug,

“Hey dudey,” I smiled down at him. He groaned and pulled himself out of the hug,

“Blake, don’t call me that of I might start giving you a bad nickname,” I rolled my eyes;

“As if you can come up with something anything good. Because I am the nickname master!” both I and Oscar burst out laughing at my stupidity.

By the time we calmed down, I spoke up, asking Oscar the one thing I have been wanting to ask him since lunch,

“Hey Oscar… is it okay if you come help me with something, it really big and I need your help and only your help. So I can’t ask anyone else or it won’t work?” we stopped walking and he turned to face me,

“What do you need help with?” I sighed,

I can’t really explain here, but I can explain when we get back to my house. Do you trust me?” he smiled and nodded. I smiled even wider, going over to him wrapping my arms around him, picking him up awkwardly because of his bag, and spinning him around, screaming,

“THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!” I kept on going for a few minutes excited. When I calmed down and pulled away, Oscar looked at me oddly,

“Blake… What’s the big deal?” I shrugged,

“I don’t really want to explain right now but I can when we get back to my place. You might not believe what I have to say. You can forget all about it after, it’s your choice. But please, if you do me this favour, I will never ask you to do something for me ever again. Please?” Oscar looked at me weirdly,

“Blake, I already said yes. And I trust you. I know you won’t do anything to hurt me,” I smiled, and held myself back from hugging him again. I think I may squish him to death before the end of the day if I keep hugging him,

“Thank you Oscar. So can we hurry up and get back to my house so it can be over and done with?” he nodded and we started speed walking towards my house. I couldn’t stop smiling the whole time. I can finally be around Felix without wanting to kill him every five seconds.

When we arrived back at my house, I turned to face Oscar,

“Okay, so how about, I go get everything ready and you can go get changed or something, but your bag back. But be round by about four and I should have everything ready by then,” I smiled at him and he nodded,

“Sure… I will be round soon,” I nodded,

“Kay. Just please try to keep an open mind about this later,” Oscar nodded back at me. We went our separate ways, going into our homes. I was jittery with nerves. I can finally be normal… well, except the whole magic and demon thing… Whatever, I need to spend this time alone to prepare for the spell.

I walked up my path and pushed my door straight open. There’s no use in locking it as no one actually breaks into people’s houses in Bremin. I closed the door as I made my way into the house. Hmm… so I needed wolfs bane, mandrake root, my chalice and an iron bowl, and also Oscar, but I already have him, so I guess that doesn’t count.

I rolled my eyes at my stupidity and moved on. I walked up to my room and went about looking for all the things I needed for my spell. Most of the things I needed were really easy to find, but I still couldn’t find my chalice.

Hmm… If I were a chalice, where would I be? I stood there, in the middle of my room, looking like an idiot. Alice? Where the hell did you put my chalice? No… she wouldn’t. I bolted out of my room faster than a cheetah, straight into the kitchen, pulling my keys from my pocket, looking for the tiniest key ever.

When I finally found it, I shoved it into the lock on the cupboard I was standing in front of. I wasn’t actually sure if this was going to work, but I am praying it does. I closed my eyes and slowly started turning my hand left. Nothing stopped me… I ripped open my eyes, staring at the key that was now three quarters of the way turned. And it only needs to go that far. I ripped the key out of the lock, pulling open the door to the cabinet. I peered in and saw a row full of unidentifiable things, and the row below it… held my chalice. I smiled and ran off with the chalice in my hand, I went to go straight for my room, but was stopped by knocking at my front door.

I stopped and turned on my feet to face the door. I slowly walked over to it… so what if I am paranoid, not my fault. The person on the other side of the door knocked again and gave out a little yell,

“BLAKE! IT’S ME OSCAR!” I sighed in relief as it was only Oscar. I went over pulling the door open, smiling,

“Hey Oscar, sorry… if I knew it was you I would of opened the door sooner,” moving to the side to let him in, gesturing the hand that was still holding the chalice. Oscar stared at it, but didn’t question anything,

“So Blake, what is it you need me to do?” I swallowed the puke that was coming up my throat, I nodded,

“Okay, so you know the other day when you help Felix out with the talisman?” he nodded excitedly,

“Yeah that was so cool; all of the alien bees just disappeared…” I nodded and tapped my foot impatiently. Oscar got the gist pretty quickly, and ceased his talking,

“Yeah, well I need you to help me to do something like that. But the outcome is something you won’t really see, because it is a more behind the scenes spell.” Oscar nodded,

“Okay Blake… lead the way!” I smiled. God I wish this kid was my brother sometimes. And I have a brother, two actually. But one of them doesn’t know, and the other is now stuck in another dimension thanks to me and Felix…

I sighed as I lead Oscar to the small staircase that lead to my room. I motioned for him to go first. Oscar looked at me funny until he finally got at what I was signalling to. As he started his way up, I sighed again and slapped my forehead, climbing up the ladder that Oscar had disappeared up.

When I got to the top, I almost bumped into Oscar, who was standing right in front of the stairs. I rolled my eyes, this one… is worse than his brother. I waved my hands in front of Oscar face, pulling him out of his trance,

“Okay, so Oscar, there are a few things I will need you to do… first, hold this chalice in both hands, and kneel on the pillow that is on the floor…” I slowly and gently passed him the chalice and watched as he carefully moved to sit on the pillow. I nodded and went over to sit opposite him, where my book was.

“Okay, so now I have to say the spell while we complete the circle. When I finishing saying the first line put the mandrake root which is the brown blackish stuff into the chalice, then, you will have to take your hands off of the chalice. But only for a split second, any longer and it will go wrong. When you do that, the mandrake root will start to bubble, you can then spit into it and throw in the wolfs bane… yes I said spit, get over it,” I could tell Oscar was weirded out at the thought of doing this spell now that I have explained it to him. I could tell he wanted to ask me a question…

“Just hurry up and ask me Oscar. I know you need to get ready for your dinner tonight with Felix,” Oscar was amazed… didn’t he know I was good at reading people? Oh yeah, that’s Felix. I rolled my eyes at my stupidity and gestured for Oscar to talk away,

“What’s this ‘Spell’ for exactly?” hmm, I thought he would ask something stupider… I better ask Tahlila if I can tell him anything. I put my hand up to Oscar, telling him to hold on,

“Just one sec Oscar… May I tell him?” I was talking to Tahlila,

‘Yes, you may… but don’t say too much. It can be used against you. Make sure to tell him ‘If anyone asks about stuff like this. Or if there is more of this going on, stay on the Alien thing and make people believe it… the world isn’t quite ready for magic just yet’. When you tell him that, change the subject as soon as possible, you don’t want to dwell on the subject of magic too much.’ I nodded and cut off the connection,

“Okay… so Oscar, this spell is to make me… umm how do I make this not sound weird… urr, let’s just say invisible. Because I need to hide from someone. I was originally hiding from them, and I didn’t something without knowing and I became visible again. Look… this is all I can tell you about right now, so if anyone asks about magic aside from Jake, Sam, Andy, Felix and I. Don’t say anything about this… it could get people killed. So if anyone asks about stuff like this. Or if there is more going on, stay on the alien thing and make people believe it… the world isn’t quite ready for magic just yet… can you do that for me?” Oscar nodded,

“Yeah sure. Just as long as I can understand everything in the end. So do you want to do this spell or what?” I smiled and nodded,

“Yep, so you know what to do?” he nodded,

“Yeah, after you say the first line, throw the brown black stuff in and spit… right?” I frowned,

“Almost, first you have to throw in the mandrake root, than you take you take your hands off for a split second, than place them back on. After you will wait till the mandrake is bubbling in the chalice, than spit and put in the wolfs bane. I will then say the rest of the spell and it’s all done. I don’t have to worry about killing Fe… I don’t have to worry about anyone trying to hurt me, and me hurting someone else,” I beamed at Oscar hoping he didn’t pick up my little stuff up. He nodded and weakly smiled.

I know he picked up on my little spill, but chose to not question it. Which I was thankful for. Oscar knew he had to change the subject because right now I don’t have the courage to,

“So… are we going to do this ‘spell’ or what?” I smiled and nodded,

“Yep… you ready?” he smiled right back at me,

“As I can ever be… I think?” I smiled at Oscar’s silliness,

“Okay, put your hands on the chalice and I will start the chant. After I finished the first line, I will nod and that’s when you put in the mandrake root. You cool?” Oscar nodded and he placed his hands on the chalice. I took a deep breath and let it out;
“Darker than night, Darker than sight. Black as black can be…” I nodded and watched as Oscar took only one hand off for now, grabbing some of the ‘Brown, blackish stuff’, tossing it into the chalice. He put his hand back on the chalice, before ripping both off and placing them back on like they never left the chalice in the first place. I saw it starting to bubble and Oscar spit and put in the wolfs bane. The room started to get brighter slowly as the potion was working, I knew this was the time to finish the spell. I looked back to my book and continued reading from it,

“Shadows die as daughters hide. Darkness with in, burn in this light. I call to the spirits to help me hide,” perfect… now all I have to do is wait till the light is gone and finish it. I looked to Oscar who was asking with his head if he could pull his hands off yet. I shook my head telling him to wait.

I saw the light starting to dim… okay, now’s the time. I put one finger up at Oscar to tell him just another minute, and I think he got the message,

“Darker than night, darker than sight. Black as black can be,” I said it one last time. Just as I finished, the light was now out. I smiled and went straight to see if Mum was still there. I stood up with Oscar from the uncomfortable position on the floor. As soon as both my feet were on the floor, I wasn’t. Because everything went black, again…

Oscar’s P.O.V

As Blake and I stood up, I watched as she went straight back down. Her head smashing against the hardwood floors of her room. SHIT! I ran over to the unconscious girl, grabbing her head. I put my hand straight to the back of her head, checking to see if she cracked her head open again.

This girl was hopeless when it came to getting herself injured. Just a few days ago she was almost hit by a bus. She came out of it unharmed, but when her rescuer pulled her and Ellen… away, she had her head cracked open then.

I pulled my hand away and saw no blood. I let out the breath I didn’t realise I was holding in. While I’m here and she’s unconscious, I better check up on her other bump. I pulled her into a slight sitting position, moving her hair out of the way to get a good look.

Once I had moved her hair, I saw that the bandage I put on the other day was still there… did she completely forget about it or something? I sighed at her laziness and pulled the bandage away… what the hell?

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath in. Okay… I must be seeing things… but… Blake isn’t exactly normal… I frowned and opened my eyes to look at her injury… or lack of.

I ran my fingers along the placed that I stitched. There was a small line, about a quarter of the size of the original mark. Wow, she must have some form of healing magic in her. Amazballs!

Whoa… okay, need to help the now knocked out girl sitting in my lap. I laid her back down and put her head in front of my knees. What can I do to try and wake her up? Hmm, slap her? No that’s just mean… I wonder what woke her up last time she was asleep around me?

I sat there in my own little world, thinking as hard as I could to try and figure out what to do. I was starting to get annoyed at the sound of the words and thoughts I had running through my head… words… talking, she said it was the pain and the sound of Mum and I talking that woke her up. But what do I say?

‘Oh just say anything. It will work,’ WHOA WHAT THE HELL?! I shook my head and did as the woman in my head said,

“Blake? Can you hear me? I need you to wake up. Now is not the time to sleep… you can sleep tonight after you come have dinner with Felix and my family. My Mum wants to get to know you; you guys didn’t get to talk properly the other day. Plus Felix is going to be there. It can be like a date, except there will be other people there at the table… with you… at the same time… okay BLAKE JUST WAKE UP!” and it worked. Thank god!

Blake started to move about in front of me. I smiled and shook her shoulder lightly. She tried to push my hand away with a weak arm, and mumbled something I couldn’t quite hear. I chuckled and nudged her again, moving to ear… I whispered something that should… might… hopefully does the trick,

“Blake wake up. You have a date,” I pulled away as quickly as I could as the once sleeping girl shot up and almost screamed. I let out a little scream in fright at the fact that what I said woke her up so quickly.

I pounced away from Blake, and muttered a few choice words under my voice. As my heart was beating a mile a minute. I closed and my eyes and set myself to level my breathing to the state it was before she collapsed.

When I finally opened my eyes, I saw Blake staring at me intently. I cocked my head at her,

“What?” Blake blinked and shook her head as if she was pulling herself out of a daze,

“Nothing… it’s just. When you woke me up… you said I have a date to get to. What did you mean by that because it confused the fuck out of me?” I made an ‘Oh’ shape with my mouth at my stupidity…

“Urrr… I didn’t ask you earlier because I forgot. I was going to tell you when I got here because Mum reminded me to ask you when I get home, but I wanted to know if you would like to come to dinner with my family and Felix… so I said you have a date with Felix because it sort of is… he’s just not paying for anything… and my family and I will be there, so yeah… but it woke you up and that’s all I cared about… I think you fainted, there was no warning. You were fine until you stood up… what happened while you were unconscious?” Blake shook her head half laughing at me, and half laughing at herself… weird.

When she finally stopped laughing, she stood up and walked over to her bed. What is she doing? I got up and stood next to her as she reached under her bed and pulled out a little black book that looked almost identical to the one still sitting back on the table in the middle of the room. The only difference between them… was this cover was plain black, whereas the other had the letters ‘BofS’ in the top right corner in metallic gold curved writing.

She sat down on the bed and gestured for me to follow her. But I stood there like an awkward penguin. Blake glared at me and so I quickly sat down next to her not wanting to get in trouble. Her glare instantly turned back into a smile and she start to flip through the pages in the book.

After she paged through the book for a few seconds, she passed it over to me. I quickly took it into my hands still confused…

“Blake how is an old diary entry supposed to help me understand what you saw less than five minutes ago?” She rolled her eyes at me,

“Just read it… it might seem a bit weird, but what you are about to read is exactly what happened… I know because I have both dreamed it and now lived it. You see Oscar… I have a gift… well that’s what it is according to some people. For me, it’s actually a curse. It’s my gift… and my curse. According to some people, I can use it to change so many things… things I am not meant to change…” She stopped to sigh and run her hands down her face, throwing herself back on the bed. I turned my body to face her,

“Blake… you don’t have to explain this if you don’t want to. I’m still trying to process the fact that there is such thing as magic, and that I can’t tell anyone…” I trailed off as the voice from before came back into my head,

‘She needs to do this Oscar… she… you are the only one she can talk to right now. You mustn’t hate her… but the one thing she must tell you is the truth about her… and by that I mean all of it. Just tell her that, she won’t be as scared… you are meant to be the one to keep her safe. That is your job in the Wiccan world. Your job for everyone, who needs and deserves help,’ I nodded. Blake looked at me oddly. It was my turn to sigh,

“You have to tell me everything about you…” okay… I sounded like a creeper just now. Blake cocked her head and looked at me like I was meant to be in the loony bin… but she was talking to no one just ten minutes ago. I sighed again,

“I heard a voice telling me to tell you to tell me everything… man that sounded weird,” Blake smiled,

“Only if you were talking to someone who isn’t me. That voice you’re hearing. It’s in the back of your head, like an annoying little voice yeah?” I nodded slowly. How the hell did she know that?

I stared at her like she was crazy… did something happen to her that gave her telepathic powers like Felix and those crazy bees? I was pulled out of my little thought bubble at the sound of Blake laughing… umm, what?

“Oscar calm down. What’s happening is you’re hearing my mum. You are talking to Tahlila Coraline Wesley, say hi!” and smiled and started to giggle again rolling on her bed… WHAT THE HELL!”

Blake’s P.O.V

I lay on my bed watching Oscar who was still trying to process the fact that my mother is now in his head.

 I slowly sat up ceasing my laughter. I stared at Oscar who was staring at the wall behind me… urr;
“Oscy… you cool?” he slowly nodded, and turned to look at me,

“Blake?” I cocked my head, he sounded scared,

“Oscar what is it?” I moved closer to him,

“I need you to tell me everything… now, because when you do, Tahlila said she will go back into your head and out of mine. And quite frankly I don’t want her in my head… it’s too weird considering I don’t know a single thing about her aside from the fact that her name is Tahlila and she’s your mum.” I laughed but stopped after seeing how scared he was…

“Oscar, I just want you to know now, that my past, and my future, may be much scarier than having Tahlila in your head. Plus I get the feeling that you won’t want to talk to me after we’re done here…” I trailed off not really in the mood to talk. Oscar nodded,

“Blake, you are one of my first real friends… there is no way I could ever hate you,” I sighed, Oh Oscar…

“Oscy… the thing is, you might now hate me. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be scared of Me.” he nodded,

“Okay. I don’t care. I’m ready…” I sighed again,

“Okay, so first things first. Actually, I’ll just give it to you in dot points and you and ask questions after if you still want to talk to me,” he nodded and I started…

*10 minutes later*

“Okay, so basically, you’re half demon half witch and you’re destined to kill Felix, even though he is your soul mate. But then Sam is meant to kill you after that. But instead of killing Felix you are just going to kill yourself so Sam doesn’t have to become a murderer and so you don’t have to kill Felix, but killing yourself will erase yourself from their memories so they won’t feel the pain of you gone?” I shook my head, but also nodded,

“Sort of. When I kill myself, they will feel me a tiny little bit, but it will be like that nagging feeling. Like you’ve forgotten something, like homework or something. Then again, it might not work on everyone. I don’t think it will work on Sam because I will be tapping into his untapped magic, from his ‘Other’ side. But the thing is… I don’t think he knows he’s a halfa, or any way, shape or form related to me. I think he might get hunches sometimes but I don’t think he will act upon them,” Oscar nodded taking it all in.

Wow, that went better than I thought it would. So it turns out Oscar doesn’t hate me, or seem remotely scared at all. Unless he is just a really good actor…

“And I don’t think it will work on anyone in this world. I think what happens is my dead body, become like… hmm, invisible. Oh wait… have you seen Doctor Who?” he nodded vigorously,

“Heck yeah, what season?” I laughed at his nerdish attitude,

“I think it would classify as all of them, but it is mostly explained in Season Three, with Martha and Jack. They use the TARDIS keys to create like a perception filter against The Master but it doesn’t really work on him… do you know what I mean?” I nodded,

“Yeah I get it. So it will be like, we know your there, sort of. But we can’t see you,” I nodded and smiled,

“Yeah, exactly. It’s sort of like that, my body will be frozen. I’ll be right between life and death, closer to death. But no one can pull me out of it. So my body won’t be all bones and chunks of flesh. I will basically look like I do now, just… I’ll be…” I couldn’t say it.

Even though I know it has to happen, I could say it a couple of days ago. I can’t say it now. It’s not that far away now. In just a couple of days, I will be erased from this world, and my old one. Even Tahlila won’t remember me, unless she finds some weird way around it. Which is impossible because I checked a hundred times, right? I can’t be brought back, and I can’t be remembered by anyone in my old world,

‘Blake, please don’t be scared my sweet little girl,’ I raised my head from the low position,

“Mum? You’re back!” I felt her happiness flowing into me. I smiled as much as I could in such a sad situation. I looked over to where Oscar was to see him leaving, giving me and Tahlila privately,

“Oscar!” I quickly called him before he left. He stopped and turned to look at me,

“What is it?” I smiled at him. He was so kind, he doesn’t deserve to be bullied,

“What time’s dinner?” he smiled back at me,

“Hahahahaha, dinner will be at six. At the really good Chinese place, umm…” I rolled my eyes,

“Lily Lau’s?” Oscar made a face of realization,

“Yeah, that place. Okay bye, have fun talking with Tahlila!” and that was all he said as he left my room and my house.

I lie back down on my bed, head on my pillows and my arms sitting behind my head. Wow what a life… sixteen years of hell… well considering I actually am from hell… that doesn’t help at all,

“Tahlila, what am I going to do?” I heard Mum sigh,

‘I don’t know my dear one. I don’t even want to think about one of my children dying…’ my eyes welled up with unwanted and unshed tears,

“Mum, I’m dying so my friends can go home and be happy again. I know Felix is happy here because Oscar can walk. But all of Sam’s ‘Family’ hates him and he has been replaced. Jake’s mum is living a good life married to Bates of all people. But she’s happy; he doesn’t want to see her having to work so hard every day just to get by. Plus Gary his Dad, he’s now an officer of the law and is going okay by himself. Andy has become a completely new person, and although his family might not like him, and called the cops on him. He doesn’t have it that bad, plus Ellen is kind of stalking him in some weird way, don’t why she would like someone like him, but… I’m not Ellen so I don’t know. But still, the only reason Sam doesn’t get on with his family here, is because he has been replaced… and how come that happened? I don’t really get it since he doesn’t exist here or have real family in the old world… how is it, he’s been replaced?” I closed my eyes relaxing into my bed,

‘I… what do you mean Sam’s been replaced?” I sighed,

“I mean, there is a double… his name is Sammy and the similarities between him and Sam, it is not funny… like at all,” all I heard was silence. I started to freak out,

“Mum? What’s going on? Do you know something?” I heard her gasp…

‘Blake, Sammy isn’t a real person… he is a magical manifestation to fill in for Sam in this world, because neither of you exist. It is all completely different because there was meant to be someone in that family. I chose them in our world because, Dee, Sam’s ‘Mum’ had had a miscarriage and was heartbroken. So I altered he memory so the family thought she still had a child named Sam. But the spell I did went into over drive in that world… because it was prophesised that the two of you will be teleported into another dimension. So the spell prepared for it without it actually meaning to happen,” I opened my eyes, face filled with confusion,

“So because you cast a spell to hide Sam, you accidentally over cast it, causing it to travel dimensions and create another Sam, or in this case Sammy. So Mum… what is Sammy exactly?” I could tell Tahlila was confused,

‘I don’t really know Blakey girl… in theory he is another Sam, a double of Sam. In reality, he is just Sam’s replacement. But again… in theory, his is another vessel of light… but in this case, there are now two vessels of light in that world… but I guess with your father there with another fore, it will balance it out because of you…” WHAT!?

“Mum… you just said that him…. Oh bloody hell. Tahlila what’s my father’s name? It will be much easier to have a conversation about him if I knew his name… and I know you know. Because otherwise it would have been a very awkward relationship for the two of you…” I hear Tahlila sigh,

‘I better tell you shouldn’t I?’ I nodded, and she sighed again,

‘Very well. Your father’s name was… well you might find it stupid, but it was Mortiuus…’ I didn’t say anything. That’s not English and it is definitely not a normal name,

“Mortiuus… that’s Latin for ‘Dead’ isn’t it?” I heard Tahlila breathe out a ‘Yes’. Whoa… is she getting weaker, but how?

“Mum what’s going on?” I could barely hear her, something was not right…

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