Nowhere Boys and Their Nowhere Girl

Blake Wesley is a goth, but a goth with a big secret. She's a witch. But is that all she is?
After being saved by someone she desperately needs, what happens when they all disappear, from this world... The other she left with, are living in a shack, fighting demons and stealing. While Blake is living the life, she always wanted.
But when it's time for the boys to come home, what happens when Blake doesn't want to go home?


11. Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Nowhere boys in school and dogs… CRAP?!

Blake’s P.O.V

I walked straight to room 105 science, yay… NOT, the door was open so I walked straight in. The only person in the room was Mr Bates; he must still be the teacher for this class. I walked straight up to him,

“Hi Mr Bates, I’m Blake Wesley, I’m new,” he turned to look at me, and smiled,

“Well hi Blake, I’m Mr Bates, but you already know that, you are one of the new students I that are in this class, so um, take a seat and have fun learning.” He didn’t know what to say, hmm. I smiled and walked off taking a seat in the back right side corner; I dumped my bag in the seat next to me and was left alone with my thoughts.

There was more than one new kid. But who else can it be, the boys don’t start till later this week so… oh whatever, it doesn’t really matter, new smew. I slouched down in my seat pulling my hood over my head, almost falling asleep. I sat up when I heard the ruckus of new kids coming inside. I didn’t pull my hood off, so I could watch all the others walk in.

Most of them were staring at me again; I brushed them off looking at the door. I saw Mia walk in with Sammy, she was laughing at something he said, but it was forced, they went and sat down on the other side of the room, not even giving me a glance. I scoffed, and rolled my eyes looking away from them again. I closed my eyes until I heard the second bell signalling class has now started.

As the door started to slide closed, I pale gloved hand popped out stopping it, it caught my attention. As I stared at the door with most of the class and Mr Bates, the door slid back open and in walked four very familiar boys. What the hell? Phoebe you lied to me again… grr. Mr Bates welcomed the boys with open arms,

“Boys, feel free to introduce yourselves,” Felix nodded,

“Hi, I’m Felix and these are my cousins, Andy, Jake and Sam. And we are here for an exchange… while our parents are away… for work, and we are staying with our Aunty Phoebe…” the class started laughing and Trent stood up,

“As in the witch lady? Ohh, she’s gonna turn us into frogs. Ohh!” I growled,

“TRENT YOU STUPID MOTHER FUCKER SHUT UP!” Trent lashed around to the source of my voice, paling as he saw me,

“Umm, um, sorry miss,” I smirked,

“Good, now stay quiet Trent,” he nodded sitting back down. I saw Felix smirk, Mr Bates looked confused,

“Well, okay boys, go take a seat, where ever and make yourselves comfortable.” I rolled my eyes as I saw Felix heading straight for me. Technically I did have a spare seat next to me, but it had my bag and jacket on it. When Felix was in front of my desk, he smiled and asked,

“Is this seat taken miss?” I smirked, then frowned, putting on a sad face but evil face,

“Well, it will be as soon as you sit your ass down in it because it isn’t happening quick enough so you might want to hurry up before I withdraw my offer,” he smiled moving my bag in between us and sitting the jacket across his lap, crossing over his legs. Um okay?

“Felix, what’s with the weird sitting position?” he rolled his eyes,

“Seeing you dressed like that gets me a bit excited and your smell is so intoxicating I really really need to kiss you or something like that,” he smirked as I blushed. He started to laugh at me and I hit him in the arm,

“What are you laughing at?” this caused the gothic boy to laugh even harder, but it was a completely silent laugh if that was possible? Whatever. When the boy stopped laughing he finally spoke up,

“I was laughing at how innocent you are sometimes. Because two days ago you weren’t like this, and now it truly looks like you have never talked or done anything naughty before. But I am proof of that actually happening.” I rolled my eyes at his cockiness. I moved my eyes to the board, not paying attention to it, but also not paying attention the boy sitting next to me.

I sighed wanting class to move quicker. I felt Felix staring at me the whole class, and I had finally had enough,

“What’s the matter Felix? You can’t stop staring at me and it’s starting to get annoying!” this caused the boy to snap out of his daydream while staring at me. Felix frowned and looked away,

“Did I do something wrong the other day?” I cocked my head and frowned at him,

“Do something wrong? What do you mean?” he sighed and looked toward the front,

“I meant that you left me standing in the woods freaking out the other day, and you have barely said three words to me all day. Look Blake, so you flipped out once or twice, I’m not going to hate you for it, you know you can tell me anything right?” I nodded slowly. He was right, I could tell him anything, and I was just too darn scared to tell him one thing. But it was the most important thing in the world. This world and the old one, the safer one, the one I was meant to stay in, the one where my mum lied to me to keep me safe.

I should hate her for it…

“Blake, the bell went, do you want to go talk somewhere in private?” I shook my head pulling on my jacket and picking up my bag, throwing it over my shoulder, walking out of the room without another word.

 I went straight for the oak tree, not waiting for anyone, not listening to anyone. When I got there, I climbed straight up, all the way to the top. It felt good climbing again. The feeling of pushing myself up a little bit, allowing me to defy gravity for a few short seconds, the feeling of the wood touching the little bit of skin that wasn’t covered by the gloves.

When I got to the top, I laid down on the branches like I did at break. I had a whole 50 minutes to myself; I can do anything I want. But there is nothing I want, except to forget. Forget I have powers, forget Felix, forget Jake, and forget Andy, Forget Sam, my brother, the brother that is meant to kill me, right after I kill Felix, the one man that I was meant to live my life with because a stupid goddess paired up together.

Some stupid fucked up goddess just thought it would be funny to pair me and the boy I am madly in love with, just so I could kill him in the end. I felt the tears falling down my face, I sat up, pushing my back against the tree, pulling my knees up to my chest burying my face in my hands, sitting them on my knees.

How could I be so stupid? Thinking that I could have a chance at a normal life, I mean, what actually is normal? Why did I ever think that I could have love? That I could have friends? Or even a family? No one can ever truly care about me, because all I am is a walking talking time fucking bomb. And I am going to fucking blow in a few days; maybe I should just lay low for a bit. Not go out in public, avoid Felix and Phoebe. I can lock myself in my room in the attic. I can turn all the lights off, make it seem like I’ve gone away, maybe I can take blad… yeah maybe not that. But I could if I wanted to; it should make me feel better,

“Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid, how could I be so fucking stupid? God, this is horrible, why was I ever born? I need to see it, the blood, pouring down my wrist. As I sit there watching the blood flow, no Blake, shut up, don’t think like that out loud. You can risk anyone hearing you, especially now that the populars know you hang out here. UHHHH!” damn it, why must my life be so horrible? Why can’t it be normal just for once?

‘But what is normal darling?’ I gasped as I heard my mother voice again.

“Mummy?” I gulped hoping it was actually her,

‘Yes Blake, it is me Tahlila, your mother.’  I gasped, NO WAY!

“Prove it. Why did we move to Bremin? The reason you told me?” I heard my mother sigh,

‘The reason I told you was a lie, I said we moved here because your powers were becoming too known. This is actually kind of true, but still. The real reason, which I think you will know by now, was because your father had found us, and threatened our family, Sam was safe, and no one could find him. And you know the reason I kept you with me,’ I nodded,

“Yeah, it’s cause I’m evil as fuck and I’m meant to kill Felix, who names means lucky, How the hell is he lucky?” my mother was silent, I groaned,

“Sorry mum, I’m going off track. But it’s true,” it was my mother’s turn to moan,

‘Blake shut the hell up!’ I nodded,

‘Okay, so right now our current problem is the fact that your dad has found you. We will have to cast another spell that will cut him off from you, but it also may cut off my connection to you,’ I nodded following along with her words.

‘It will be a spell in you book of shadows. In the very back, it’s called ‘Invisibility’ the purpose of the spell is to cloak you from your father.’

“Okay, this isn’t at all a big deal. Just spell that has always freaked me out, and I’m about to use it to hide me from my bonyfied, hell bent on murder demon father. Uhhh, no big deal! Ummm, what do I need for the spell, you didn’t put it in the book?” I heard Tahlila hum,

‘You will need mandrake root, wolfs bane, a chalice, an iron bowl, and spirit,’ urr. Crap.

“As in my spirit or someone else’s?” I heard mum sigh,

‘You can just use Oscar, his spirit is strong. Stronger than most. The spell won’t affect him at all, but it may be best not to tell him what’s going on. He’s not ready to know everything about magic just yet. Give a few days and he will know. Just tell him little by little every day.’ I nodded,

“Sure, but mum. When will I cast the spell? Because I really need to see Felix, but I don’t want to feel like killing him every ten minutes!” I felt horrible for not being able to be around Felix, he is so alone right now, because I left him, all he has is Oscar. I mean, the other boys don’t care about him, he has his family, but he can’t be with them all the time. He had me for a bit. Then I had to go and want to kill him!

‘Tonight, bring Oscar around after school. It a full moon and the last thing you will need for the spell, but beware, the demon after the boys can attack them twice today because of the full moon. Normally it would take the demon a while to get its energy back, but tonight won’t stop it attacking again,’ I nodded,

“Okay, so I have to keep the boys safe for even longer tonight. Should I cast the spell first or does it have to be done tonight?”

‘Hmm, whenever, just as long as it is today, or you will have to wait till the next moon cycle, which won’t be for another month.’ I nodded.

“Can you guide me through the spell later; I still need to go to school?” and deal with Felix, wait… I don’t have to deal with him; I can be with him again, maybe?

“Mum, if we cast the spell, will it get rid of any influences my father had but on me?” Tahlila didn’t say anything,

“Mum? Hello? MUM!” I didn’t hear anything. Uhh, to find a lost witch, that must be what she is using to find me. I’ll cast it to her,

“Urrr, come on. How does it go? Umm, jeez I hate pressure.” My hands were shaking I was freaking out so much,

“Umm, Dear Mu… no too short, Dearest Mother, yes umm…” I was quiet for a bit, I scrambled through my mind, BINGO!

“Dearest mother, I can't hear you, let me hear your voice, tell me where you are. PERFECT, now I just need to say that in Latin. Urr, Mater carissima, non audivit vos, fac me audire vocem tuam, dicito mihi ubi sitis. YES!” I closed my eyes, saying it again, with my mother’s face in my mind. Everything was silent in my head, until I heard gasping. In my head and in real life,

“Mum?” I whispered?

‘Yes, Blake… oh gods… thank you.’ I nodded and didn’t reply,

“Who’s there?” The gasping was back louder this time,

“How the fuck do you climb this tree Blake? It’s fucking impossible!” FELIX?


“Yeah, who else could it be? You’re not cheating on me are you?” what the hell is that boy thinking? I am one of the only people that have the real stamina to be able to climb up here. Not even the jocks can do it. I looked down to see Felix only half way up the tree. I rolled my eyes and started to climb down towards Felix,

“Felix stop climbing, I’m coming down,” I heard a faint ‘Okay’. I could tell he was tired from climbing, of course he is, and he doesn’t do this very often. After Oscar’s accident, he only climbed a tree two or three more times. Once for old times’ sake, and the other two, well, not for very good reasons. The reasons were why Felix knew Ellen, but that’s not why they were bad reasons.


Blake’s P.O.V

I laid in my back yard, relaxing in the cool sweet shade of the tree in my backyard. I had had my hood pulled over my face in case anyone was to come by and was to see me lying here. I was thinking about next door.

The Fernes… I heard one of them was in an accident, Olli or Oscar or something like that. He and his brother Felix, who was in my year level, were climbing a tree at the park around the corner, they did it a lot but Oscar never went very high. Sometimes I went there too. I sat on the swings and watched the two brothers laugh and muck about.

But then it came. I hadn’t gotten to the park yet, and I heard the sound of branches breaking and snapping under the weight of someone. It intrigued me, which was a sound I was unfamiliar with. I ran around the corner to see a flash of movement, with a scream coming from it. He fell from a tree I was familiar with; the Fernes tree… no one else ever climbed that tree, just those two boys. Felix and Oscar… it was their place, their sanctuary, and after Oscar fell. It became something else…

Then about a week after the accident Felix went back to the tree, but he looked different. He was wearing a baggy white tee with a black bird on it, with a big black jacket over the top. He was wearing black boots over his black skinny jeans, and he had dyed his brownish/red hair black with a bit of red sticking out of the back… he’d turned Goth… I sat watching him from another tree. I gasped when I saw him climbing up the same tree as normal, but for once, and the first time I had ever seen it… he had tears running down his face.

I couldn’t believe it, he was crying. And I had never seen it before. He looked so sad, so heart broken. I wanted to run over to him but I knew I couldn’t, I wasn’t allowed to make friends. I learned my lesson after she banned me from seeing Phoebe; it still didn’t stop me though. Phoebe got hell for it but she didn’t care, but I did. I didn’t want her to have to deal with my shit.

I looked around for Felix but he had already disappeared up the tree and I couldn’t see him any more, but I could hear him screaming his head off. I gasped… what is he planning on doing? I started to make my way down the tree but I took two steps and looked up to see someone else climbing up the tree… what? I was a glimpse of black fishnet tights and purple and brown hair nearing the girl’s waist… I knew there was only one person in Bremin with such long hair. But it was only brown… weird.

Her name was Ellen O’Donnell from across the street. She was a normal girl and was really nice, she was sort of popular but she wasn’t in the top class, or part of the outcasts. She was just… normal, so why is she hanging out with Felix, he was near the outcasts area, but he wasn’t part of it. I heard Felix saying something about ‘If he jumped the world would be a better place’. I didn’t believe him, and I think Ellen didn’t either.

I watched as they both climbed down from the tree, Ellen with a bit of help from Felix, but they made it down safely. And that was the start of their wonderful friend ship.

*End of Flashback*

When I came to be level with Felix, I smiled,

“Guess what Felix,” the boys cocked his head at me confused,

“What Blake?” I smirked,

“Guess,” Felix sighed, and leaned closed to me, pulling me towards him at the same time. It was hard to keep the smirk on my face when I knew what he was going to do,

“Let me guess after this,” and pulled me onto him, lying back on the branches I was laying on at lunch. My smirked left my face as my lips crashed onto Felix’s. We both moaned at the contact. My hands dashed from my sides straight to Felix’s face and hair, one hand holding his chin, and the other running through his hair twice, then grabbing some and pulling it. Felix lashed his head back with my hand. This caused the smirk to return to my face, my mouth moved from Felix’s lips, down his neck, to the place where his shoulder and neck meet. A moan escaped Felix’s mouth, Felix’s mouth followed the path mine took, but on me. He moved my jacket out of the way so he could bite and suck on the same place. I moaned again, pulling my mouth from Felix, putting both of my hands in his hair. Holding him in place,

“Felix,” I breathed. I pulled him away giving him one more kiss on the lips,

“Guess,” Felix smirked; I frowned, pulling my hands from his hair, to sit on his chest, slightly rubbing,

“How about, you tell me or you don’t get any more kisses,” I whined,

“But that’s not fair, what I was going to tell you was going to let me stay near you again,”

“What do you mean Blake?” I rolled my eyes,

“I mean I can fix everything up and I can be with you again. Everything can be right again, normal. Happy,” and I smiled at Felix, and Felix happily returned it,

“I love you Blake,” I grinned even harder,

“I love you too Felix. Now go annoy your brother, I need some alone time,” Felix frowned, “But I wanna be with you,” I frowned back at him,

“Now is not the time Felix. And Oscar wants to be around you more than you think. You’re pretty awesome to him, and well… to me to. Now give me another kiss,” I leaned it, pecking Felix’s lips, pulling back.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Felix’s hands move, I followed the both of them not very discreetly. One of them came to caress my face and the other went to hold the back of my neck, pulling me back towards him, I rolled my eyes,
“Felix stop, I really need to be alone, we can talk later, please?” I looked pleadingly into Felix’s eyes. He sighed and took his hands away from me,

“Fine. Now can you get off me so I can get down?” I frowned, resisting a growl,

“Felix, I’m not turning you down. I just need to be alone so I can talk to someone I haven’t had a real conversation with in a long time, and I really miss them. So don’t you dare get up yourself because I don’t want to spend time with you, but when I didn’t want to spend time the first time, IT WAS BECAUSE  WAS RESISTING THE URGE TO KILL YOU FELIX, AND I AM NOT TALKING METAPHORICALLY. SO I CAN PUSH YOU OUT OF THIS TREE SUPER PISSED OFF AT YOU, OR YOU CAN APOLOGISE and leave…” I felt my eyes well up. Felix remained silent, and I rolled my eyes,

“Fuck this shit,” I quickly mumbled under my breath, and started to pull away from Felix, starting my way back up the tree. I heard sounds coming from Felix but I ignored them,

‘Don’t be mad at him Blake, you just told him something really big, and you sounded really pissed while you were saying it. So get your pissed off bitchy ass back down there to your mate and apologise, or when I get you back you will cop it, got it?’ I nodded,

“Yeah, wow. I really am a bitch aren’t I?” I was asking it both my mother and Felix, who was still in hearing range,

“You’re not a bitch Blake; you were just trying to protect me. but I don’t care if you were trying to kill me, I will always love you so come back down here so I can say sorry to your face, otherwise I’ll feel like I’m saying it to myself,” I smiled, feeling a tear now run down my face. I climbed back down to Felix sitting a bit away from him. There was no part of our body touching,

“Don’t be sorry Felix, you didn’t do anything wrong, I fucked up again and I shouldn’t of yelled. I’m the one who should be saying sorry. So here it is… Sorry Felix, I didn’t mean to blow up at you and I really shouldn’t have. I’ll do anything to make it up to you,” I saw Felix smirk,

“Good, now come here,” I manoeuvred my way over so I was next to Felix. He pulled me onto his lap so I was straddling him. It shocked me; I launched my hands out onto his chest to stop myself from falling forward,

“Felix? What’s gotten into you?” He shoved his head into the crook of my neck and started nuzzling me. I giggled at the feeling,

“Blake, I don’t know what it is, but right now, I want you more than anything. Please don’t hate me and please don’t leave me. Ever,” I nodded, and gulped praying he doesn’t tell I’m nervous, or lying,

“I won’t ever leave you Felix,” I lied smoothly,

“Not willingly anyway,” I said that last bit quiet enough so that Felix didn’t hear me. I pushed him away,

“Go and annoy your brother,

‘Oh stop being so lovey dovey and get rid of him already!’  I growled,

“SHUT UP ALREADY!” AH crap, Felix looked at me like I was crazy,

“I didn’t say anything Blake,” I sighed,

“I wasn’t saying it to you,” Felix cocked his head,

“Then who were you saying it to?” I sighed again,

“It might sound crazy, but I was talking to my mother, and she knows who I am,” Felix’s eye widened. I could tell he was freaking out,

“How is that… possible?” I sighed,

“She started contacting me a couple of days ago; at first I thought she was trying to hurt me, but then I talked to her, and she is really trying to help me. She’s the reason why I will be able to be around you again. I know more things than I did a few days ago, and some of it is thanks to her, and the rest of it is thanks to Phoebe,” I smiled while Felix frowned,

“Name?” I cocked my head as my smiled faded from my face,

“Huh?” Felix sighed,

“What’s her name?” Oh, I could tell that I had a dumb look on my face,

“Tahlila, Tahlila Wesley. It’s a pretty name isn’t it? You can’t get her gender mixed up if you can’t see her face, can ya?” Felix laughed and shook his head,

“No I guess you can’t. But I am glad your name is Blake, It suits you perfectly. If she were to name you differently… well let’s just say I would still call you Blake,” I smiled,

“Okay, call me whatever you want, but I need to talk with mum and you need to go. Go hang out with Oscar, he misses you but he just doesn’t realise it as much as he thinks. Same with your family. Now go before I push you out of the tree. And I am not joking,” I put on a serious face on and Felix tried to move from under me but couldn’t as my weight was on him… oh that’s not a good thing. I hope he doesn’t notice how fat I am… I quickly crawled off of him and started back up the tree,
“I love you Blake,” I smiled and stopped climbing and turned to face him,

“I know that Felix. I love you too,” blowing the boy a kiss before letting him out of the tree.

When I knew he was gone, I asked the question I had been meaning to ask,

“Mum… what the hell happened before?” I heard my mum sigh,

‘Your father found out I was contacting you and tried to cut me off from you, but you called me the second time and he doesn’t have the ability to overpower you and your spells. So he can’t cut us off this time. But he does have the ability to influence your spells and powers. So the quicker we cast the spell, the sooner you don’t have to worry about killing your mate,” I smiled as she said mate;
“You know?” I could hear the smile in her voice as she talked,

‘Yeah, it was easy to tell from the moment you two just had, I heard it all. Even the argument. But it was good to tell him, he needed to know, but you need to tell him the whole story someday. And it will be best to tell him soon, as you know you won’t be around for much longer…’ I sighed, yeah I wasn’t gonna be around much longer, but I would rather not talk about it for as long as possible,

“Yeah, I know what you mean Mum. But I don’t really want to talk about it, ask me in a few days and might be able to talk about it. I’m sorry Mum, but I assume you know what my ‘Destiny’ is?” I heard Tahlila cough,

‘Yes sweetie. I know about how the moon goddess put you and Felix together, even though he has done some bad this and it has to be restored. I don’t want my daughter to be a killer like m…’ Tahlila cut herself off, I knew something was wrong. I knew what she was going to say, but there’s now something wrong…

“Mum? TAHLILA!? Answer me! What’s happening?”

‘It’s the demon; it’s here, in the school. You have to go warm them,’ what?

“Tahlila how do you know?” I heard her sigh,

‘I can sense the possessed being in your presence. It is not close to you but is not very far away, it is…’ she stopped talking for a bit. I think she was looking from the main part of the demon,

‘… On the other side of the school. It is not after you. It is after the boys. But Blake… I need to make sure you know… this demon, you know it’s your father right?’ I nodded,

“Yeah I know, Phoebe explained it to me. But I have a question for you. Have you been in my head the whole time I have been here or have you only been able to contact me for a little bit?” I heard Tahlila hum,

‘Umm… I have only been able to talk to you properly today, but I only got in for a little bit the other day. The day you flipped out. Sorry for the fright I gave you darling.’

“Eh, it’s okay. But I will have to cut this conversation short because… I need to go help my family. So can we talk after class?”

‘Sure sweetie, just remember to get Oscar after school. And I believe you have the ingredients in your house somewhere. So have fun, and don’t let the boys get killed.’ I smiled,

“God you’re weirder than me mum. Okay Bye!” and I cut her from my head before she got another chance to answer back.

I climbed down swiftly and quickly from the tree. When I got to the lower branches, I jumped onto the ground. I scanned the area and I saw a large group of people all standing around yelling at something, I listened as hard as I could and I heard the faint cheering of encouraging a fight.

I sprinted across the oval into the group to see Sam, picking up a piece of paper and running off yelling Mia’s name. Of course that boy is still going after Mia in this world; I assumed he would have given up knowing that he had no chance with her here.

I rolled my eyes and turned my attention to the fight that was still occurring, I saw two very unfamiliar boys fighting with Sammy in the lead, who had his hands twisted in Jake shirt, and Jake had done the same to Sammy. I heard more distant yelling but it was coming from an adult. I lashed around to see Mr Bates stalking in the direction of Jake and Sammy,

“WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?!” screamed Bates, as the entire surrounding student crowd dispersed. Sammy and Jake pulled away from each other, Sammy pointed in the direction that Sam had run off, and I assume he was running after Mia or something,

“He a psycho, he broke into my house…” Bates tried to shut him up but he just kept on talking,

“… He’s a thief. You ha…” Jake cut him off,

“Oh shut up,” Sammy growled at him, but Bates cut both of them off, speaking to Jake first,

“I am sorry, but we do not condone fighting in school grounds Jacob,” Jake scoffed. I don’t know if it was at the incorrect name or if it was what Bates said,

“I don’t know what Mum sees in you,” Bates looked confused,

“What was that Jake? Never mind, both of you, front office now,” Sammy rolled his eyes but stopped fighting when he saw there was no way of getting out of it.

I was too infatuated in the conversation Bates was having with the boys I didn’t even notice I was the last one still standing where the fight was. I shrugged and sprinted off in the direction of Sam and Mia.

I kept on running till I saw them. I quickly ducked back around the building corner I had run by; I could still hear their conversation,

“What so coming up to me all the time, that’s for my sake?” Sam sighed; wow he looked truly hurt and sad,

“I’m sorry, your right. I’ll leave you alone,” and started to walk off, but stopped quickly turning around, holding out the piece of paper he picked up off of the ground back at the fight,

“This really is for you,” he kept on holding it out until Mia took it. When she did Sam ran off straight away head who knows where.

Once I knew he was truly gone, I walked out; Mia was still standing in the same spot when Sam stopped her before, staring at the piece of paper,

“You should give him a shot,” Mia jumped and let out a small scream. She lashed around pissed, but calmed down when she saw it was me,

“Oh Blake, you scared me, Hi.” I smiled,

“Hi, but you really should listen to him,” Mia looked confused,

“To who Sammy?” I shook my head and face-palmed,

“No, Sam. He may seem like a douche, but he does have a pure heart somewhere underneath him. And because it is hidden so deeply, his brain and dick over powers it and he can only think of himself. Makes me think of someone else I know,” I gestured to Mia to take a guess but she just shrugged,

“Who?” I rolled my eyes,

“You’re dating the dickhead so why don’t you tell me Mia?” Mia sighed,

“I get what you mean; lately… things just haven’t been feeling right between me and Sammy. Tomorrow is our one year anniversary, but I don’t think he even knows the date. I mean, at the beginning of the relationship, everything was nice and romantic…” I cut her off super quickly,

“How about we sit down, this might take a while?” she nodded and we walked over to the nearest bench. I gestured for her to continue,

“… Okay, so it was really nice. And then one day, I asked him if he could teach me how to skate, because it looked really fun… but he said no. so I asked him why, and he said a bunch of shit like how he didn’t have the time, that was only about three or four months ago. And so I guess everything just went downhill from there. I really don’t know what to do, but I love Sammy, but…” I sighed,

“But you’re feeling for Sam are growing and you can’t control them. You always try to keep your feeling on a tight leash, but that never turns out good for anyone. I did that for most of my childhood because my mother took me away from my brother and the man I thought was my father, who has been the only real father figure in my life, but wasn’t really. I hated her for it, and I never forgave her. Up until today I hated her for it. And today I have come to realise it was to protect me, so let your feelings go. Give yourself a day or two to think it out. But whatever you do, don’t regret your choices. Trust me, I know. Now go get one with your awesome life, and use my advice to help you move forward,” I smiled brightly at Mia who was now staring at the picture in her lap.

I nodded know that my work was now done and started off heading to the main office to talk to Jake,

“Thanks,” I stopped walking when I heard a voice that most people probably wouldn’t pick up on; I turned around to face Mia,

“Who are you thanking? Me or Sam?” Mia’s head lashed up,

“Crap, I didn’t think you were still here,” I smirked,

“Oh, I’m everywhere Mia, be scared,” I launched towards her, making a joke, and I made her squeal and stand up. Covering her heart with her hand, she walked over to me, pulling her hand away from her chest and hit me with it,

“OWW! Bitch you crazy? That really freaking hurt,” it was Mia’s turn to laugh at me, I rolled my eyes, putting a hand up to me arm, trying to rub the pain away,

“Don’t laugh that hurt. That was meaner than me,” Mia slowly ceased her laughing, and looked at me,

“Sorry, let’s just call it revenge. So if you scared me again, I will get you back again okay?” I nodded and walked off. I stopped before I was even fifty metres away. I turned around to see Mia still standing where I left her;
“OH MIA?!” her head lashed up;

I kept on running. I didn’t actually know where I was running to till I got there. I ended up at the school library; I walked in not really wanting to cause a scene. I was still in the door way when I the light flickered… not good. I stood very still and trained my ears to listen for something. That’s when I heard it, barking. It was mostly faint, but there was one close, and the others were getting louder by the second.

I gulped nervous as fuck, and that’s when I saw it, Ellen was leaning in to kiss Andy who was going to kiss her back. Uh, Ellen is a bit of a slut in this world. I was pulled out of my bubble by growling, I looked at Andy and Ellen feet to see a shaggy black and white dog.

I would have called it a cute dog if it wasn’t for the crazy amount of drool coming from its mouth and red eyes… I gulped again. Andy did some weird hand thingy and scared the dog away. Ellen said something about that being her dog that was missing for a week. Wow, the demon must have been planning this for a while. Yes I am still going to call it demon, even though I know it’s my dad. But he has never been my dad; he never raised me and has been trying to get me to kill Felix for the last few days. So there is no way I am calling him my dad.

Shit, that’s right; I need to get out of here. I looked around to see nearly everyone in the library was gone and that there was another dog standing at me feet. Crap… I slowly took a step back and the dog growled following me,

“Nice doggy, please just let me run, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” and I turned around running away from the dog like a bat outta hell, still screaming. I could tell I wasn’t the only one screaming, but mine was by far the loudest. I was running through the maze I call my school, still screaming when I heard it,

“BLAKE!” Felix! I smiled and yelled back,

“FELIX! KEEP ON TALKING!” he kept on talking like I asked but I couldn’t understand what he was saying. I ducked my head over my shoulder to see if I had lost the dog, but what I wasn’t expecting was to see the dog leaping at me,

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” all I could do was scream; I didn’t have time to react as the dog pounced onto me taking my arm in its mouth. This time, I screamed in pain and not fear. I didn’t bother doing anything more. I just laid there; maybe the dog will kill me. That can change my destiny cant it? I closed my eyes, and heard yelping and growling, two different types of growling. My eyes ripped open when I felt hands try and pull me up, I turned my head to see Oscar, whoa. Freaky flashback, I felt like what happened with the bus all over again.

I turned my head to see Felix standing between the dog and me and Oscar. I could see in the reflection of the picture on the wall his eyes were glowing red and orange… the two main colours of fire. I struggled to stand up, even with Oscar help it was still hard, but I made it. I started to walk to Felix but stopped when I heard him speak,

“No one and nothing touches my Mate. And if they do, they will pay, I swear to the god above I will make you pay,” I gulped and started to sweat. Felix talking like that scared me but also turned me on. NO, stop, now is not the time to think like that,

“Felix, I’m fine now we need to go,” Oscar shook his head,

“But you’re not fine Blake, you just had a dog rip into your arm, and you can barely stand,” I growled and lashed my head to Oscar who was still holding me up,
“Oscar, now is not the time to play doctor, we need to find the others so we can get rid the these stupid dogs I will get him to run, but I may be a bit slow, so we may need to lock me in a room so the dogs can’t get me so god forbid you help me or we are all dead, got it?” Oscar nodded and shut up. I turned my head back to Felix, not even bothering with the pain in my body now. I walked over to him and put my hand on his shoulder, moving my head to his shoulder, standing on my tippy toes to do so. I blew and whispered in his ear,
“Felix we need to run or we are dead anyway, please just listen to me straight away for once. We need to leave or we can’t do anything,” I saw him nod and his eyes returned to normal. His body dropped a bit. Hm weird, he must be a different person when he his magic has taken over.

Felix turned around slightly,

“Blake, when I say ‘run’ run, got it?” I nodded, woops; he can’t really see my face,

“Yeah, sure. But I won’t be able to move too fast, I can barely walk as it is. So I will try,” I saw Oscar and Felix nod,

“Okay. One. Two. Three. RUN!” and we all turned on our feet and bolted away from the dog, we looked back to see the dog was a good distance away. We came to an intersection and we ran into Andy. The four of us were freaking out, Andy spoke first,

“Have you seen Ellen? ELLEN!” Felix shook his head,

“She doesn’t matter, have you seen the others?” Andy shook his head and screamed out Ellen’s name again. He stopped when Felix pushed him, grabbing a hold of my hand and pulled me away with the other two following.

I looked down at my arm to see the blood pouring out of it, hmm, free cutting. Yay… I stopped running when Felix pulled me to a stop. We had come into contact with Sam and Jake. Sam had gone and gotten Jake after the dog attacked him and Mia… good; she went to talk to him. Felix started to flip out again, crap. I looked back to see there were four dogs not too far away.

The six of us all started for the nearest exit. When we got there the doors wouldn’t budge, Sam was the first to speak,

“GO BACK GO BACK!” we all nodded and followed his orders. We all turned on our heels to turn back around. We were running so fast, that Oscar crashed into the wall, with Felix right behind him, and me right behind Felix.

We all pulled away and we stood up, all in a bunch. There were four dogs, standing a few metres away from us, red eyes and drool becoming puddles at their feet. Andy ‘Bravely’ steps forward,

“Watch this,” and started to do the same thing as in the library. It didn’t look like it was working this time; Jake scoffed and rolled his eyes,

“What is he doing?” I nodded and murmured in agreement squeezed on Felix’s hand… I looked at Oscar. He didn’t look too scared, but I don’t think he was doing very well with the killer dogs just a few metres away,

“Andy get back!” he nodded and took a step back. Oscar was now even more scared. I don’t want him to get hurt, if he does… it all because of us. Damn it. The one thing Felix wanted was for Oscar to not be hurt, and now if we fail right now, he will be. Then something clicked in both mine and Oscar head, but we didn’t say what to do exactly, but we both said it at the same time,
“FELIX DO SOMETHING!” he nodded and ripped the Talisman from around his neck, holding it out in his now free left hand as I let go of him to grip Oscar,

“Divinity of the elements, I summon thee, air fire water and earth, aid at me quest, I call you forth.” A bright glowing light shone throughout the room, blinding us all. I closed my eyes till the light dulled.

I opened my eyes to see all the dogs turning to their normal forms, the yipped and turned around running away from us. Wow, we’re safe. Felix turned around, and I decided to sit down. Oscar had an amazed look on his face;
“AMAZBALLS!” I smiled at his enthusiasm. Everything was okay, aside from the looks on Andy, Sam and Jake’s faces. I think Sam as the first to overcome his shock,

“Felix? What the hell was that?” umm… awkward. Felix didn’t really know what to say,

“Umm…” crap, how are we going to explain this? This… is awkward… chapter 11

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