Nowhere Boys and Their Nowhere Girl

Blake Wesley is a goth, but a goth with a big secret. She's a witch. But is that all she is?
After being saved by someone she desperately needs, what happens when they all disappear, from this world... The other she left with, are living in a shack, fighting demons and stealing. While Blake is living the life, she always wanted.
But when it's time for the boys to come home, what happens when Blake doesn't want to go home?


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The spell

Blake’s P.O.V

“Mm,” I finally came round from my sleep; it was actually surprisingly comfortable, more comfortable than my bed. Wait, that means I’m not in my bed. I sat straight up, but I couldn't get all the way because something was holding my down, I turned my body to see Felix lying next to me, with his arms wrapped around my waist, weird... I don't remember going to sleep like this, I know I went to sleep next to Felix, but we weren't lying like this. I know I was, lying next to him, but he didn't have his arms around me. I didn't want to wake him, so I laid back down into his warm arms and tried to fall asleep again, but was interrupted but slurping, what, the, fuck? This time all of us woke up, I opened my eyes again to see Felix staring at my face, I blushed,

“What?” he shook his head and sat the both of us up. We looked over to see Sam, eating pawpaw cream... gross, Andy spoke up first,

“Sam, what you’re doing?” Sam blinked,

“Eating pawpaw, it a fruit right?” Andy was really grossed out,

“It’s for itchy crotch,” When Sam heard that he started choking and coughing on his own spit, I started laughing at him,

“Jeez Sam, how could you be so stupid, why would you eat pawpaw?” he stopped choking long enough to say,

“Well, its pawpaw, why wouldn't I eat it, I was literally starving to death,” Andy nerd-ed up and said,

“Do you even know what literally means?” Sam nodded,

“Come on guys…” Jake hesitated as he began talking to the guys, “and girl... we better be getting back home,” and me I guess. At least someone here was being smart, nice one Jake. We all agreed and stood up to leave. I grabbed my bag from where I buried it and gave everyone another sandwich each; poop; now I was all out of sandwiches. And they were my favourite. Now I'm sad, Sam ate his so quickly it looked like he never had one. I gave him a bar and pushed him onwards, I walked next to Felix, who was walking at the back, and we kept walking till we came to a path clearing,

“Hmm, maybe if we follow this it will take us home, how about it guys?” they were all about to say something, when the sky opened up, but it didn't rain, a tornado came down, and it was heading straight for us. Jake freaked first,

“RUN, EVERYONE RUN!” we all agreed and ran for our freaking lives, we ended up going back through trees and bushes, getting even more lost than we were.

“FASTER NERDS, FASTER!” man even though we were being attacked he still treated us like, well, dirt. But for some reason, we did what he said anyway.

*24 hours earlier*

Blake’s P.O.V

“BLAKE, YOU FUCKING LAZY BITCH GET YOUR ASS OUT OF YOUR BED, YOU’RE GOING TO BE LATE FOR YOUR TRIP TO THE BREMIN RANGES! I SIGNED YOUR FORM AND IT IS COMPULSERY TO GO, NOW GET READY. CAUSE IF YOU’RE NOT READY IN TWENTY MINUTES YOUR WALKING YOU LITTLE BITCH!” Wow, my mum is more of the bitch. That was a lovely way to wake up your only daughter… AND the whole street, I sat up, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes,

“Okay mum, I'll be down soon,” I moaned, falling back on to my bed. Normally I would retaliate to her, but I didn't sleep well last night, I had a dream. Well it wasn't exactly a dream, more of a vision. You see, I'm not completely normal. I'm what people would call a seer or more commonly, a witch. I normally have my visions while I'm asleep. They aren't very common, and don't have very much effect on me in my sleeping form, but this dream was so vivid and it nearly drained me, while I was asleep, how stupid is that?

I finally got up off of my bed, I slowly moved to the bathroom, I turned the shower on and stripped down, hopping in, the cold water shocking me awake like it does every morning. I heard music coming from next door; it was rock music, sounded home written. Hm… But there was only one person in Bremin that would write music like that. Felix, he was my age and going on the trip to the Ranges as well. I think…

I don't actually know Felix and I don't think he actually knows I exist, I don't think any one does, well they do, they've just never actually seen me. I heard the music cut off and realized that Felix was in shit and I was going to be late if I didn't hop out anytime soon.

I cut off the water and wrapped a towel around my body; I went straight over to the mirror and started doing my make-up. I did some black eye shadow, black eyeliner around my bright Violet eyes, and dark blue lipstick.

The make-up didn't really matter, but that's because no one actually going to see my face. I ran back into my room, chucking on my BOTDF band tee making sure it covered my ‘birth mark’, ripped black skinnies, my fingerless purple leather gloves, my red, white and black suspenders, and my oversized hoodie, along with my knee high studded boots, and chains, I grabbed my dark purple shoulder bag, shoving in my eyeliner, lipstick, phone charger, moody purple beanie with little ears on it, and fifty bucks, just cause I could. I pulled my black with white streaked hair into a ponytail, with the white bangs hang around my face, I pulled my hood up.

Deeming I was okay to leave the house, I bounced into the kitchen and grabbed a couple of handfuls of granola bars and made ten red sprinkle sandwiches, it was like fairy bread, only with red sprinkles and two pieces put together.

I shoved them in my bag and ran into the lounge to see if my mum was still here, nope, didn't think she would be. I'm really slow after a vision. I ran out the door grabbing my keys on the way out shoving them in my bag with a couple of empty black books and my dream diary. Well they’re not really dreams, just visions. But that's what other people think. As I walked out, I stood at the step until Felix left to meet up with his girlfriend, Ellen. Well… at least I think she was his girlfriend, they have always seemed really close so I just guessed. But seeing as they are ‘Goths’ they are ‘Never’ meant to be in a relationship.

I walked behind Felix and Ellen, but not so close that it made it seem like I was following him. I pulled my phone and earphones out, and started blasting Blood on the Dance Floor. While the song was changing, I saw Felix and Ellen look behind at me and heard Ellen say,

“Who is that person? They've been following us for ages?” Felix laughed and said,

“I don't know, probably a no one,” wow he was right, I am a no one. No one knows me.

I have unusual violet eyes, black hair with white streaks through it… but I always hid it with my hoods, and I was 5'9. So it was kinda understandable that you can’t actually tell that I was a guy or a girl. I was moderately pale, but that's because I rarely go out in the sun. But that doesn't matter; it’s all about to change.

I started to write a note, it was mostly scribbles but still readable by the other person. I started to speed up my walking, shoving past Felix and Ellen, I started to cross the road, but the thing is, I didn't look up, when I did, I was straight in front of a 4WD. I couldn't move, I was frozen, I didn't want to believe that I was staring down a car, but I was, I couldn't believe it. But I could believe even more what happened next.

My body was hit, but not by the car, but by a person coming in from the side. They had pulled me away from the road, I lost my balance and I pulled my rescuer down with me, the person landing on top of me. I opened my eyes to end up staring into Felix's chocolate brown ones. But could only happen if my ho...od fell... back. Crap, he can see my face; no one’s ever seen my face, well other than me and my family. I never had any friends for anyone to actually see me without my hood on.

“What the fuck are you staring at Felix, jeez didn't your father tell you it’s rude to do so? But thanks for saving my life; I didn't know what I would have done without you. Now will you get off of me, before I hurt you?” he actually snapped out of his trance when I said that, he shook his head, I had to be a bitch because he was staring at me creepily…

“Yeah, sure, sorry. I mean you’re welcome. Who are you?” finally getting off of me. I pulled my hood back over my face,

“Blake Wesley,” While he was distracted I slipped the note into his bag. “Anyway, thanks for saving my life Felix, even thought that wasn't on my agenda, but if we don't move now. We will all, miss the bus and fail school. You know, we kinda don't need that? So see ya,” with that I stood up, dusted myself off and ran for my life. Crap crap crapitty crap, Felix was the first human being to see my face, great way to start my day... NOT.

Felix's P.O.V

Whoa, who the hell was that chick, I've never seen her before, but I do recognize the voice. It was so smooth and perfect. I kinda just sat there on the curb, thinking about her face. It was flawless, she had no acne, her make-up was wonderful, all of the dark colours brought out her violet eyes, and they were a darker violet then I’ve ever seen. Pale skin. She was perfection.

WAIT, WHAT THE FUCK? Why am I thinking of someone like that, I have a girlfriend, and she’s coming over here looking ever pissed? Crap, how the hell am I going to say to Ellen, 'Hey I felt like almost getting killed so I saved a random person from getting hit by a car and didn't bother giving you a rat’s ass' yeah OK maybe not...

“What the hell do you think you’re doing? You could of gotten killed!” she glared at me, she may be small, but she can be really scary. And it is the scariest thing I ever seen.

“Sorry Ellen,” I sighed and helped pull me up off of the curb, I dusted myself off and we continued heading to school. The whole time I couldn't get Blake out of my head.

Blake’s P.O.V

As I ran into school unnoticed, wow, a crazy girl all dressed in black, runs into the school like a mad man, and no one, at all sees... stupid Neanderthals. I headed off in the direction of the bus as Felix and Ellen walked into the school gates. I turned away, god I really need to stop thinking about Felix, what’s wrong with me? Oh yeah, I only you know, had a vision about him and some other students. Not at all related.

I walked up to Mr Bates as everyone was climbing onto the bus, I gave him my form, I went to climb on the bus, but Bates grabbed my arm,

“Wesley, hood off please,” I shook my head,

“Then at least talk?” I shook my head again. He sighed and let me climb onto the bus. I went and took a seat right in the middle. I pulled my hood further down my face, attempting to hide more of it as Felix and Ellen climbed aboard. I instantly plugged my earphones in again and blasted Asking Alexandria, after everyone was on, Bates came on and made an announcement,

“Everyone, welcome to the Year Ten science excursion, it is going to be a walk in the park, quite literally. I have already pre-selected your groups, so don't bother about trying to group yourselves, and don't even think that you’re going to be with your friends,” basically everyone in the bus groaned, I silently laughed at them all, stupid Neanderthals. They really thought they would be able to go in their groups. I am surrounded by complete idiots.

I sat there on the bus in complete silence, just like always. When we stopped, I made sure I was the last one off the bus. I didn't like being in front of people, it’s just something I hate and cannot stand doing.

When we were all off of the bus, I turned off my music and waited for Bates to call my name, when everyone else was said, I moved to my group, which contained, Andy Lau, the Chinese nerd, Sam Conte, uptight skater, Jake Riles, bullying jock, Felix Ferne, the 'freak' and me.

“Let’s go, I don't want to be last,” Jake said first, of course you don't, cause then your reputation would go down the drain. Dick. Sam nodded and agreed,

“Yeah, come on guys, let’s go,” Felix looked at me and said,

“Blake isn't a...” he didn't get to finish his sentence because I cut him off by shoving my hand over his mouth. I leaned up to his ear and whispered,

“No one knows I'm a girl, so shut up or god forbid I will do something way scarier than Ellen, Kay?” he nodded truly scared, “Also check your bag, you may need it,” I pulled away and shoved Felix in front of me, he started walking but kept on looking back at me. I glared at him every time, but because he couldn't see my eyes so it didn't really matter. Not even before the first point, Jake was telling us to hurry up, but the only reason we were being slow was because of Andy's backpack. Sam and Jake who were ahead, came back to do some more complaining to, only this time it was to our faces. Andy took all of the food and a... poncho out of his bag and we started moving again. We all kept on walking until Jake complained that his 'mate' Trent was in front of us,

“My football coach says, 'When you’re going through hell, keep going',” Andy rolled his eyes,

“That was Winston Churchill,” then Felix spoke up,

“Well Goths say, 'when you’re going through hell, stop, because you've arrived.’ Anyway, there a shortcut right here,” Andy questioned him while Jake made a smart-ass comment,

“Oh, nice one Dracula!” and started off in the direction Felix pointed. I stopped walking to see Sam staring at something across the path. I narrowed my eyes in closely. Phoebe?! What is she doing here? I looked into her eyes… they didn’t look right.

I looked away and walked up to Sam tapping his shoulder, getting his attention. I threw my head in the direction of the other three. Sam nodded and heading off after the others. Only giving Phoebe one last glance. I don’t think he knows who she is, well, only as the witch lady…

“DUDE COME ON!” I lashed around to see Sam facing me. I nodded and walked after them. I saw Sam run in front of Andy and Felix to get ahead to be with Jake. I guess it’d good they’re friends; Andy, Felix and I are all alone on this walk… All Jake and Sam both wanted to do is win, while Felix was lagging behind still, I sped up to him and said in a normal voice,

“Did you look in your bag yet?” he shook his head, “Well you better do it soon, also make sure you don't have a very good grip on the map, something’s need to happen, and they will only happen at a certain point in time. So when the wind picks up, let go okay?” he turned to look at me,

“Why? Why, who, how do you know so much. You look like a Goth, but talk in code or another language like a nerd. Why are you so cryptic? And how the hell do you know so much?” I shrugged,

“You'll have to wait to find out most of these answers,” he groaned,

“Why can't you tell me now?” I laughed, properly, the other three turned to look at me.

“What?” all of the boys looked shocked, except Felix. I guess he was waiting for this to come, Sam spoke up,

“Wait, Blake you’re a girl?” I nodded,

“Why is that so hard for everyone to believe, just because I'm a girl, doesn't make anything different,”

“Wait, I've been calling you a guy all this time? Damn it, how could I not tell that you were a girl?” Sam basically screamed at me, jeez, crazy much? He is worse than a fucking banshee!

“Please, it's not really that hard, all you had to do was look at the jeans, because I don't think a guy would be able to fit into these things, unless they had like girl legs, then they might fit but just cause you can't see my face or hear my voice most of the time and not be able to see my body, doesn't mean I’m a guy, your all bloody Neanderthals, except maybe Felix, cause he actually knew I was a girl. BUT my gender doesn't really matter right now because we are meant to be trying to win a 'race', but now that you all know who I am, I guess I can take this stupid hoodie off,” as unzipped the jumper, I saw all of the boys staring at me. I shook my head and said,

“What?” they all snapped out of it and went on walking. Jake groaned when we reached a dead end, I turned to look at Felix and I saw he slightly released his grip on the paper but it wasn't enough, I nudged him and he let go of the paper fully and the wind picked it up, sending it over the edge, all of the boys freaked out and went tumbling down the cliff side trying to get to it. I watched as if flew back up to the top while the boys were stuck at the bottom, I didn't want to be stuck at the top by myself and I didn't really want to get messy, so next thing I know, I'm standing up at the bottom of the cliff, no dirt on me at all.

Oh, in the past, I may have forgotten to mention, I have the ability to glitch, it means I have the ability to be one place one second, and another the next. All the boys looked up to see me standing there without a single scratch on my body, when they finally stopped staring they stood up and dusted themselves off, while I just stood there smiling at them. Of course Jake took the lead again,

“Come on we've got to find a way out of here,” everyone nodded in agreement, I rolled my eyes, they're not going to find a way out of here. Well, not until tomorrow that is, but that's just because of a certain someone.

We kept on walking, we've been walking for hours and it wasn't funny, the storm was getting bigger and by the looks of it there was no way of getting out. Well for them there isn't. For me there is, but I need to be here for some reason, the boys were getting restless, and loud. We decided to camp down for the night, we found a shelter of some sort and started a fire, basically we used Felix's lighter. It was finally night time and Andy was complaining about how he wouldn't be so cold if he had a poncho, Stupid Jake, and stupid Andy. I turned to look at Sam who was saying he could eat anything right now, whatever, I had my food in my bag, I hadn't touched them at all and grabbed out two granola bars for us all, Sam was the first to notice and almost screamed out,


“...” was all that came out of the others and me. I grabbed a sandwich out for all of us each. We all ate slowly, savouring the food and making it go as long as possible, just because I only brought us enough food to last us 3 days, even less with Sam’s eating. It might not even last us that long.

I turned to look at Felix and I nudged him, he looked at me and I diverted my eyes to his bag. He must have understood what I meant and went to his bag.

Felix's P.O.V

Blake kept on telling me to go into my bag, but there shouldn't be anything weird in there, right? When I opened my bag, I saw a note in there, I pulled it out and it read

'Felix, when you read this, get your phone out when it rains and play your spell, don't question this letter, just do as I say, otherwise it will be too different, make it look like you were going through your bag to look for your phone, the realize it's in your pocket, throw the paper away, when no one’s looking. DO IT NOW!


Crap, I better do as the letter says, otherwise I'll be in some shit, and I 'looked' for my phone and did as she asked. When the others were arguing I threw the letter into the fire. I saw Blake nod out of the corner of my eye, I didn't want to know how she knew I turned one of my 'spells' into a song, so my little diary was actually my book of shadows, but I'm not a real witch, I just do everything Goths do. I pulled my phone out of my pocket as it started to rain and asked,

“Well this is gloomy, who wants to hear some music to cheer them up?” the guys just shrugged and Blake just smiled, it was kinda scary, but perfect at the same time, her teeth were completely white, contrasting against her blue lips, and they were all straight and in order, it made it look like she had braces, but if the rest of her is perfection then she mustn't of had braces. I turned away from her blushing, weird... but I turned my music on,










WALK UPON THIS EARTH AGAIN!' I was mouthing along to the lyrics, and by the looks of it, so was Blake. But how could she know my song? But my question is how did she know it was a spell in the first place? The song turned off, and the rain washed out some of the fire, us all now being thrown into both darkness, and coldness. Andy commented,

“That was supposed to cheerful?” both me and Blake made a face at him. He jumped back a bit, but I think it was cause of Blake’s face, she can look pretty scary sometimes, and I've only known her a day.

The rain had started coming down harder and had now put out our fire,

“Let's call it a night guys, there's nothing we can do until tomorrow,” Sam declared, finally something smart actually came out of his mouth. We all agreed and lay down, Blake laid down right next to me, she was actually surprisingly warm, and she didn't even have her jumper on or anything.

Just before I was asleep I felt Blake sit up and throw something onto my lap. I sat up and saw it was her jacket. I nodded my head silently thanking her; I watched as she shoved her bag in a little hole, hmm, must be to hide it from animals that mean Sam, dirty little pig. Then she lay back down next to me spreading the jacket over the both of us. She put her head up to my ear and whispered a few words before lying back down and going to sleep.

Whoa was all I could say. I never thought those few words would change my world. She just seemed so normal; I never actually could think that she was part Wiccan. How could she be part witch if she’s never actually shown any real powers? Well, she did manage to get down the cliff without getting dirty or falling. And she did make the wind happen when she nudged me, but I don't think that was her. I think it was just a dream time story spell. But maybe this is actual magic. I give up, it doesn't matter, and we’ll be home tomorrow. But I really don't want now to end, because after this, I may never see Blake again, I may not know her very well, but she must trust me enough to tell me her secret. And believe it or not, I feel like I love her. And on that thought, I fall asleep.

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