Enemy or Lover

Zach was a bad boy, he was also JJ's enemy. What happens when Zach starts her school? When events keep bringing them together, will their hatred turn into something else, like love?


9. They Come Back?

" you ready to do that favour for me?" He nodded, and then I crashed my lips to his, and the world disappeared. My whole body tingled, our lips moved perfectly together. I never wanted to let go of Zach.

We walked to detention, hand in hand. I really didn't want to make things awkward, but it had to be done,"So, were you just saying I was your girlfriend, or do you want me to be your girlfriend?" He looked at me, "I would like you to be my girlfriend but not yet, I want to do this properly, so let's go on a date tonight." " Ok." Zach's taking me on a date tonight! When Zach turned away I did a mini happy dance, but Zach saw. "What are you doing?" He asked. "A mini happy dance!" I laughed. "Why?" He asked. " Because I get to go on a date with youuuuuu!" I coped while pinching his cheeks. He started blushing. "Aww, your blushing!" He tried to hide face. I turned his head to face me. "Your so cute when you blush." I told him and then I kissed him. I couldn't stop doing it for some reason. I just loved it.

I came home and saw Anna, I was still mad at her. " What are you so smiley about?" She asked. " Something." I said. "Are you still mad at me?" She said. "Yes." I replied. She looked guilty."I'm sorry, for... Everything." "Sorry doesn't cut it." I snapped and went upstairs to get ready for my date.

I decided on a short, red dress. It was flowy and not to tight. I wore black boots. I put on my gold locket I had since I was born. I let my curly hair stay loose just above my waist. When Zach saw me his eyes travelled my body. "You look amazing" He told me, I could feel myself blushing. "Let's go, angel." I loved when he called me angel.

We arrived at a very fancy restaurant, which was probably very expensive. We sat down at a table and ordered. After that, we talked and laughed, never having an awkward silence. We were playing twenty questions, Zach asked," can I ask you a personal question?" "Sure." "What happened to your... Parents?" I never told anyone what happened only Jake knew. "They aren't my parents, and they never will be." I said angrily. "Sorry, I shouldn't have asked." "No, I want to tell you. I was five and Jake was seven..."


I was asleep, until I heard sounds in my house. I got up and opened my bedroom door, and saw my mommy packing her clothes in a suitcase. "Mommy, where are you going?" I asked, I didn't want her to go. " I'm going away with daddy for a while, but someday we will come back for you and your brother." I thought someday is probably next week. I heard banging on the door downstairs. "Honey, listen to me. The people banging on the door are bad men. Don't tell them anything about me and your daddy. Okay? Take this," she gave me a gold locket. "This way you will always have us with you. No matter what happens, we will always love you. We're sorry." I didn't understand why she was sorry. She got her bags and climbed out the window with my father, not looking back. Then the bad men came...

-flashback over-

I didn't realise I was holding my locket until Zach looked at it. "I'm so sorry." He whispered. "It's fine it's not your fault that they did that." I told him. "What did the men do?" I shuddered remembering the horrible things they did to us. "They abused, starved and almost killed us, but the police found them. They took us to our grandmothers house. Then she died and we got the house." Zach cupped my face and kissed me softly. "Nothing like that will ever happen to you again." I smiled. "Are you ready to go?" He asked. "Yeah." I replied, as we walked out I was stopped by two people, they looked familiar. "It's you! She has the locket." The woman told the man beside her. "Sorry, do I know you?" I asked. They looked sad, " we're your parents."

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