Enemy or Lover

Zach was a bad boy, he was also JJ's enemy. What happens when Zach starts her school? When events keep bringing them together, will their hatred turn into something else, like love?


10. The Perfect Date... Almost

"It's you! She has the locket." The woman told the man beside her. "Sorry, do I know you?" I asked. They looked sad, " we're your parents."

This can't be happening. I was speechless, and trust me, it wasn't because of happiness. I turned to walk away, when my arm was grabbed. "Honey, please talk to us, we can explain. We saw you wearing the locket and we followed you tonight." I glared at them. "I don't care." "You wouldn't be wearing the locket if you didn't care." I ripped it from my neck. "Happy now? Let's go Zach." My 'parents' looked appalled. "I know you hate us, but listen, his family is the reason we ran." "You mean, his family kidnapped me and Jake?" I asked interested. They both nodded. "What a pile of crap." I told them and walked away. "Let's go." I told Zach. "So what did they say?" Zach asked, he mustn't have heard them. "They said you family is the reason they ran..." His face paled. "Is it true?" I asked. "It might be..." He replied. "Please don't hate me." He whispered. I cupped his face. " I will never hate you because of your family." I kissed him softly. He kissed me back hungrily. He pulled away. "I have somewhere to take you." I nodded. We came to a building, "why are we here?" He smirked," you still like the bad guys?" I nodded unsure of what would happen. "Then I guess you could say we're being bad."

We broke in. Well, Zach did the breaking in part, I just followed him. "I said I liked bad guys, that doesn't mean I want to be arrested!" He laughed, " don't worry there's never any security around." He assured. "So you've done this before?" I asked , already knowing the answer. "Maybe," he smirked. We walked up a lot of stairs. I was panting. "Are we there yet?" I whined, I sounded like a four year old. "Yes." We walked outside, we were on the roof. He pulled out a blanket and put it down. "Wow, all we need is a picnic basket," I joked. "I forgot, sorry," he apologised. I chuckled. "It was a joke," he laughed. We both sat down on the blanket. "Thanks for bringing me here, even if you broke in." I told him. "Your welcome, and you'll get used to the breaking in part." He said. "What?" I screeched. He just laughed. He lay down, and patted the spot next to him. I lay down with my head on his arm, and we both gazed at the stars. "This is nice." He said, he spoke to soon. "You kids should not be up here." I looked up at the face of the security that wasn't supposed to be here.

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