Enemy or Lover

Zach was a bad boy, he was also JJ's enemy. What happens when Zach starts her school? When events keep bringing them together, will their hatred turn into something else, like love?


4. Revenge Is Sweet

I ran upstairs to find a bathroom, and went into a bedroom to find to people having sex. I was about to run out when I saw a face, Matt.

I was frozen in my place. The girl sat up, and I saw the face of Brittany. Matt started," JJ, plea-" " Save it, we're done!" I shouted. I ran down the stairs, Matt followed me. At the bottom he grabbed my arm," JJ, I'm sorry, babyyyy" he slurred he was so drunk, he probably won't remember this. " Does anyone have a pen?" I shouted. No one answered, so I went to the kitchen and looked around, and found a permanent marker, perfect. I got Matt's arm and wrote, fuck you! . I didn't write who it was from, so I could ask tomorrow. While I was writing this he had passed out on the table, this gave me an idea...

After I had taken his clothes of, ripped them and hid them, so he couldn't wear them, I drew a moustache , and devil horns. I went up to the bathroom and found a razor, I went back downstairs and shave his eyebrows off. What can I say? I get the best revenge, but there was more to come.

I wanted to go home by the time I was finished, so I looked for Leah and Sam, and couldn't find either of them, so I sat outside by myself, surprisingly it wasn't cold, but I was still cold, and the fact that I was crying didn't help. " you okay?" I heard a voice say, I turned around to find Zach standing there, I replied, " No" "What happened?" " Matt cheated." " oh, yeah" Did he know? "Did you know?" He nodded. " Why didn't you tell me?" I was furious. " would you have believed me?" He had a point. " What did you do when you found out?" Zach asked. I felt myself grinning, and laughing. " that sounds like an evil laugh, I'm guessing you got revenge, what did you do?" Zach laughed. "You'll see in the morning when he wakes up, in your kitchen." Zach chuckled. " so why are you out here alone?" " I couldn't find my friends and they drove me here, and I want to go home. " I answered. " I can give you a ride, if you want?" " You want to help me?" I questioned him. "I guess so." He wants to help me, this is a first. I was reaching in my bag for my phone, when he said," what are you doing?" " Getting my phone so I can record you," He laughed, " let's just get out of here." We started walking to his car, when I shivered. " are you cold? Here." He took of his jacket and put it around me. " thanks, how come I didn't know you could be soft?" We got in his car, he glared at me, " I'm not soft." I laughed," whatever you say, Zach." After a while, the car came to a stop, we both got out. He walked me to my door. " so, umm, thanks." I murmured. " sorry, what was that? I didn't hear you?" Zach said, while holding his ear. " I said thank you!" I laughed. " where's my phone, I need to record this?" He mocked. " Ha ha, very funny." I chuckled. " bye, Zach" "Bye, angel" I walked inside, I guess 'angel' was his new pet name for me. I went upstairs, changed and got my diary, I hadn't wrote in it for months. I opened it at the last page I wrote in and saw three words, Zach was here :) I can't believe it, Zach had read my diary.

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