Enemy or Lover

Zach was a bad boy, he was also JJ's enemy. What happens when Zach starts her school? When events keep bringing them together, will their hatred turn into something else, like love?


2. Partnered With Him

He is so dead. Thank goodness Sam leant me her black leather jacket to cover up the stain " you go here?" I was still angry, why didn't Anna tell me? I looked at him with his dark hair and green eyes, he was gorgeous, but don't let that fool you, he is evil under that sexy look of his." Yeah I do, and it looks like my day got a whole lot better." He smirked that famous sexy smirk of his, wait why do I keep calling him sexy? " I hate you."I told him. He leaned in and whispered huskily," I don't believe you." I could feel his breath, for some reason I shivered, I felt nervous, what's happening to me? He was suddenly pushed back by Matt," What do you think your doing? That's my girlfriend-" before he could say more I grabbed his arm," it's ok, he wasn't doing anything." I reassured him. " So this is Matt? Long time no see." Zach smirked, did he ever stop? Zach knew about Matt because he overheard me on the phone once to the girls, and don't worry he was only at my house because he was with Anna. Matt's face paled. What was that about? "Zach." He glared at him as if to say, don't you dare. I'm seriously confused, " what's going on?" I asked. Zach started to say something but Matt cut him off, " nothing, I just know him that's all" what is up with him? He grabbed my arm and steered us away from Zach. I pulled my arm out of his grasp, " what's the deal with you and Zach?" "I know him, and he's dangerous, and also a player so stay away from him." I nodded there was something he wasn't telling me, the bell rang so I headed to my first class. I sat down and the teacher entered, "hello class, my name is Mr Brown and I will be your teacher for the year." There was a knock on the door, a younger pupil came in and gave Mr Brown a note, "is there a Miss Jones in this class? Ja-" I cut him off," that's me." I raised my hand lazily. That was close! " you have to go to the office." I got my bags and stood up, I looked around the room, some people were impressed, probably thinking she's in trouble already? Awesome! Others just rolled their eyes.

When I got to the office, I saw the secretary Miss Alan, " Go on through, dear," I went into the principals office, only to see the one and only Zach. "What are you-" "Please sit down Miss Jones." Mr Thomson instructed. I huffed and sat down. "This is-" " I know, Zach Smith" I interrupted him, he did it to me. " Please don't interrupt me, J-" He almost said my name, I wish people would quit doing that! " you did it to me, I'm just repaying the favour," I smirked. Zach looked shocked, he didn't know I was like this at school. "Miss Jones, last year I almost expelled you, but being the nice person I am-" I scoffed. " I let it slide, but this year I won't tolerate it." He warned. "Is that all you wanted? Can I go now?" I asked. " I'm glad you asked, seeing as you are on the welcoming committee-" Curse Leah and Sam for making me sign up! "- I want you to show our new pupil around, I take it you know him?" "Sadly," I replied. " Anyway he is in all your classes, so show him around then go to class." I can't believe it I have the worst luck ever! I stood up, so did Zach, " Bye, and have a good-" I slammed the door before he could finish. I started walking down the corridor, when Zach whispered in my ear, " who knew you where such a bad girl?" He made me shiver yet again. I turned to face him just to find that we were very close to each other. "What are you doing?" He moved back, " I.. Umm, nothing." I looked at him, was he blushing? " Are you blushing?" I teased. He blushed even further," No!" I laughed. " let's just get on with this," he said.

I took him on the tour and we went to our next class, English. I had this with Zach and Matt, I really had to find out what was going on with them. I sat down beside Matt, he kissed me. I saw Zach turn away. As if he was watching something painful. I felt a bit sorry for him since he was alone until a girl sat beside him who happened to be Brittany. I hate her, almost as much as Zach. She was flirting with him so much. Why did I care? The teacher entered, " hello students, I'm Miss Clare, now this term we will be studying romance novels. Here is the first one," she gave us all copies of The Notebook. "While we are reading this you and a partner will write your own stories about romance." I glanced at Matt hoping to be his partner. Miss Clare saw this and said," and no, you won't be able to pick your own partners. She turned to me holding a hat," all the girls will pick boys names out of the hat, you first" I put my hand in and picked out a piece of paper. " So who will you be working with?" She took the paper from my hand and read, " Zach Smith."

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