Enemy or Lover

Zach was a bad boy, he was also JJ's enemy. What happens when Zach starts her school? When events keep bringing them together, will their hatred turn into something else, like love?


1. I See My Enemy

It's my first day of my last year at school, with an amazing boyfriend and two best friends, what could go wrong?

I should probably introduce myself, my name is JJ, that's not my real name, it's my initials. See, when I was in primary school I got teased because of my name so I changed myself. I changed my clothes, my personality and my name. I have brown and blonde hair, which is curly and hazel eyes with green in them. For my first day I decided to wear a white blouse with a black skater skirt and black boots. I applied the finishing touches to my makeup and walked downstairs. I was greeted by my brother Jake and his girlfriend, Anna." Hey are you excited for your first day? You look nice by the way!" Asked Anna, she was so kind, she was another one of my best friends. " Yeah, I'm excited to be done with school." I replied, she laughed," I would be too if I went to your school." There was something behind her words but I dropped it. I was especially excited to see my best friends and my boyfriend, I hadn't seen them because they had been on holiday with their families. My brother gave me a lift to school, "Have fun," he said. I laughed, "Fat chance!" I waved goodbye and walked in. I got to my locker and saw my best friends, they rushed over," Hi! We haven't saw you all summer! I've missed you so much!" That was Leah. She has blonde hair and brown eyes. " You look great!" That was Sam. She has dark brown hair and blue eyes." So guess what? I heard there's a new guy, and he's gorgeous!" Leah was the gossip in our group, "Did you say gorgeous?" Sam was the one who loved the boys. Me? I guess I was the leader, the strong, tough one and sometimes the rebel one... Suddenly a pair of hands covered my eyes, I was wondering who this was until I heard," Guess who?" I turned around and kissed my boyfriend on the lips,"Matt!" "Hey baby, I've missed you so much!" "I missed you more." I told him. " I missed you most." I kissed him again. "I have to go to my locker I'll see you later," "Bye baby." We all walked away, Leah and Sam were telling me how cute me and Matt looked together until it was interrupted, by someone spilling a red juice on my white shirt! I heard a sarcastic "oops" before I lost it, " Are you INSANE? This will never come out!" I looked up and saw the face of my enemy. "What are you doing here?" I asked. " I go here now, didn't Anna tell you?" He smirked at me. I can't believe it, Zach Smith was at my school.

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