Enemy or Lover

Zach was a bad boy, he was also JJ's enemy. What happens when Zach starts her school? When events keep bringing them together, will their hatred turn into something else, like love?


3. How Could He?

Why me? Of all the people why does it happen to me? I have to do it to keep my grades up, but why Zach? Oh that's not even the worst part! Guess who Matt's with? Brittany! My day couldn't get any worse! Zach was of course smirking at this! But why was it so damn sexy? I need these thoughts out of my head. We spent the hour reading the book until the bell rang which meant break. I rushed outside, I didn't even say goodbye to Matt, I just wanted to be alone. I went to a shed at school, it was the janitors but he stopped using it, so I was the only one who knew about it. I never told anyone, not even Matt knew. I left after a while, only to find Zach, smoking alone. "Hey" he saw me! "Hi" "want some?" He offered me a smoke. I shook my head, " I don't want to die of lung cancer, so no thanks." He smiled and put it out. " So why are you here?" He asked. " I guess I just wanted to be alone. You?" I replied " I wanted a smoke" his phone rang "hello? Oh yeah it's me... I'm outside" the person kept talking but he hung up, " who was it?" I asked. " Brittany" he said. I wanted to gag. He must have saw my expression, " what's wrong?" How do I put this nicely? Wait, I can't. "She's a bitch." "And?" " you got her number!" "So? It's not as if you care." He was right, why did I care? " I... I don't" I told him. He leaned toward me, " are your sure?"

I walked away, and went to my next class, which I had with Zach. He was staring at me but any time I looked at him, he looked away. The rest of the day went like that.

When I got home Anna was there, " Hey! How was your first day?" I glared at her and stormed upstairs. She knocked on my door, " what's wrong?" I opened the door, " what's wrong is your horrible brother is at my school, and you knew and didn't tell me! Now do me a favour, and GO AWAY!" I slammed the door in her face. I felt bad but she did this to herself. I didn't answer her for the rest of the day.

The next day I saw Sam and Leah, the first thing they said was, "Spill" so I told them, that I knew Zach and hated him, and that something was going on with him and Matt. " so why do you hate him?" "Well..."


I was pleasantly sleeping , when water was thrown all over me and I sat up so quickly I hit my head of something, or someone" ouch!" I looked at this handsome stranger, and saw the bucket in his hands, I stood up and looked into his eyes, " wow I didn't know you would be this hot..." I leant in close as if to kiss him and got the bucket and threw the rest of the water over him. " Are you kidding me!" He yelled. " You threw it over me!" I protested. " Who even are you? Are you a crazy psychopath who's going to rape me?" I shouted, I was worried right now. Before he could answer I screamed. Jake came rushing in," what's going on?" I pointed at this mysterious boy. Jake still looked confused,"so what's the problem?" I moved toward Jake and hissed, " he's a crazy psychopath who wants to rape me!" Jake laughed" did he tell you this?" "No... Why else would he be in my room?" " well I'm Anna's brother." He interrupted " oh... Did you have a reason to wake me?" I asked "no, your brother told me to introduce myself." He smirked. " did you make breakfast?" I asked again getting angrier " no, why?" I grabbed the bucket went to the bathroom and filled it, I went and threw it over him and said, " that's for waking me for no reason," I slapped him on the face, " and that's for not making breakfast to make up for it." I went to the bathroom and heard jake say, " she's very sensitive about being woken up... Oh and food" I heard the guy murmur, " hot and feisty" he called into the bathroom, " I'm Zach by the way!" I murmured, " he's sexy, has a sexy name and has to be annoying!" He called again," I heard that!" I blushed.

-Flashback over-

There was a lot more he did but I didn't tell them. I heard Leah," aww, that's so romantic! I mean, how could he?" She said this when she saw my expression. I looked at Sam wanting to know her view, " I think it was hot, you really should've kissed him when you had the chance, I know I would have." I started regretting that too as soon as I told them, then I thought of Matt and how I shouldn't have thought such things. " anyway we should go to his party." Sam said, I replied, " what party?" "Matt's going, I thought you knew?" I didn't, why didn't he tell me?" Well then he will be on for a surprise." I told her.

The girls came round to help me pick a dress, we found a blue one that was the perfect size, it showed my curves and my bum, in a nice way. The girls did my hair and make up. My hair was straight and the makeup was great. So we headed out. Sam drove us in her car. The house was massive, I mean the mansion. Wow. We walked in and everyone was dancing, I told the girls I was going to look for Matt. They said ok and started dancing. I wondered why he didn't tell me? I was deep in thought until I bumped into someone, and guess who it was? Zach. " hey I didn't know you were coming!" Yeah, me neither, I thought."Come dance!" " Sorry but I'm not dancing with you." I replied " just one dance?" I must be crazy, but I nodded. He grabbed my hand and I can't deny the tingles I was feeling. We danced for what felt like forever, and I was actually having fun! A slow song came on and I didn't pull away. I put my arms around his neck, and he put his arms around my waist. I rested my head against his shoulder for a while. He whispered in my ear,"you look beautiful." I looked up and he was leaning in, so was I but then I remembered Matt. I pulled away," I'm sorry... I can't " I ran upstairs to find a bathroom, and went into a bedroom to find two people having sex. I was about to run out when I saw a face, Matt.

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